GTT: Real Life Quarantine Ideas

GTT: Real Life Quarantine Ideas

Happy day #3876 of Quarantine.

For so many of us, the days are all a blur.  We don’t know what day of the week it is.  We’re basically living a real life version of Groundhog Day.

Then, for others, (me) this all feels pretty similar to our normal life.  I work from home.  In the same home that my toddler stays in, full time.  Other than the ability to pick up and run to the grocery store or Target whenever I want, nothing feels dramatically different for us.


GTT: Real Life Quarantine Ideas


Being that this is my normal life, I’m probably an excellent source for ideas on how to spend your new at-home-all-the-time time.  Personally, Matt and I love being home.  That’s probably because we look at this time as sacred.  A privilege really.  I can hear your response as you loudly roll your eyes and yell, “WHAT”?!  Think about it…  We pick up and move to a new city every time Matt films a project, so whenever we have the ability to spend any length of time actually at our home, it feels pretty special.

So for those who are so sick of staying home, let’s look at it this way: you have a unique opportunity to do so many things.  Like what?  Here’s a full list of ideas for you.


quaratine ideas


    • Do all of the home projects that you’ve been putting off.  Our DIY wall project was easy to do and made a HUGE impact on the room.  Watch this video to see how big of a difference this project made!
    • Organize all the things.  Did you know that I have an entire category here on Hello Gorgeous dedicated to organization?  Check out all of my ideas here.
    • Spring clean.  I love to put my headphones in and go into full-on cleaning mode.  It’s such a fun way for me to spend an afternoon.  I received quite a few requests for cleaning videos on my YouTube channel, so stay tuned for that!
    • Learn a new skill or hobby.  Find a passion project and use this time to learn everything you can about it!
      • Learn how to hand crochet.  Check out my tutorial here.
      • Learn how to take better photosNikon is giving away $250 worth of free classes online here.
      • Learn how to cook a new dish.  I have a ton of recipes to choose from here.
      • Learn how to meditate.
      • Learn a new language.  I want to pick up where I left off on my high school Spanish.
      • Learn a new art skill.  There are so many fun ways to express yourself artistically.  YouTube provides access to thousands of tutorials for creating your own artwork.
      • Start a garden.  I’m a novice gardener myself but I’m loving everything I’m learning on this journey.  Check out my latest vlog about starting my new vertical tower garden here.  You can order everything you need to start your garden online.How to Start a Vertical Garden
      • Start journaling.  I loved bullet journaling last year.  This year, I switched over to Plum Paper planner, which has lost the journaling aspect and honestly, I miss it.  But I do really love my new planner.
      • Refinish furniture.  I’m going to share a post on this very soon!
      • Scrapbook.
      • Virtually redecorate a room on a budget.  I did this with our playroom in LA and loved the way it turned out!
      • Learn music.  Have a guitar or other instrument collecting dust?  Learn to play on YouTube!
      • Learn how to do your own nails at home. HOW TO: DIY Gel Manicure AT HOME
    • Get into better shape.  If you are home all day, you have more time than ever to create a workout schedule.  Again, YouTube has a ton of great resources for virtually any type of exercise you may be interested in.

GTT: Real Life Quarantine Ideas GTT: Real Life Quarantine Ideas GTT: Real Life Quarantine Ideas

Most of all… slow DOWN.  Soak up these precious moments at home.  Take a nap.  Take a walk in your neighborhood (if allowed!)  Walk your dog.  Take a bath.  Give yourself a facial.  Get dressed up for the heck of it.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  Listen to music…  Make new playlists on Spotify.  Read your Bible.  Bake homemade bread…

But most importantly, stay home.  Stay healthy.  Learn to enjoy the little things in life once again.

Leave your ideas and suggestions for ways to spend your newly acquired time at home in the comments below.  I’ll be sharing a post on how we’re filling Kenny girl’s time next!

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  • Julie McCarter

    Great post!! Now is the best time to get going on all the things we have been putting off! So many good ideas! Love this! ???

    • A Lanter

      It’s so true! It’s the perfect time! What all are you going to work on?

  • Shayna Staggs

    Thank you for all the ideas❤ I’m loving your blog ?

  • I’ve been in a doing small remodels here and there that I’ve wanted to do since we bought our house but just didn’t have the time! Thanks for your help picking out my bathroom floors though they are looking great!

    • A Lanter

      YAY! That’s awesome! Be sure to send me a picture when you’re done!

  • Heather Bartlett in the house!!!!

  • Teri Tinnell

    I love opening my email and finding one from you! You are such a bright light and you’re beautiful inside and out! I love sharing your blog! Thanks for making this quarantine nightmare so much better sharing all your wonderful ideas and tips!

    • A Lanter

      AWWWWW! You are so so sweet! Thanks for being one of my GGs!!

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Love this inspiration!

  • Rosalinda Ahmead

    Your amazing Angela! When I scroll through my emails and see your name it brightens up my day knowing you will post something meaningful ❤️ Your the best

    • A Lanter

      Awww! Thank you for those sweet words! I’m glad you’re one of my GGs!

  • Thank you:)

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