Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review *SPOILERS*

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

For me, the most anticipated tv moment in my life has been the Gilmore Girls reboot.  I was late to the game on the original series and only began watching it on Netflix the beginning of this year… But once I entered Stars Hollow, I never wanted to leave.  I fan-girled.  Hard.  Now that I’ve watched the entire reboot and have had a few days to sit on my many, many emotions, I felt it was time to take to the blog and pour out my heart.

*Warning: if you have never seen Gilmore Girls before, don’t read this post because you may want to watch it in the future.  If you have seen the show, but not the reboot, watch all four seasons before reading this post.  After you watched it, come back and let’s chat.

And please, PLEASE don’t watch the reboot before you watch the entire series.  You’ll ruin it for yourself, I promise.

Also, this is just my opinion.  I realize that not everyone will agree with all (or maybe even any) of my thoughts. That’s the great part about good television, we all get something different out of it.

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

Gilmore Girls a year in the life review black off the shoulder dress leopard heels outfit angela lanter hello gorgeous

I’ve tried my best to stay away from the millions of reviews all over the internet.  I wanted to give my own opinion with no outside reviews ringing in my ears.  But as soon as this post is up, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be reading a ton of reviews to hear other thoughts and opinions.

When we started the first episode, “Winter” (literally about 90 seconds after it was available online!) my first reaction was head-to-toe goosebumps.  Those goosebumps lasted a solid 5 minutes.  The black screen with magical wind chimes then audio that walked us down memory lane was almost too much for me to take.  I loved it.  It was everything I could hope for the series opening after almost a decade long break.  My heart basically exploded inside my chest.  Then “I smell snow” turning into SNOWFLAKES on the screen, sleigh bells and my favorite part…  The “La, La, La” track.  All of a sudden, we’re back.  It’s the gazebo in the middle of the town square and there’s Lorelai and her best friend, coffee.  Rory enters the scene and they have the best exchange, Gilmore style.  We’re back in Stars Hollow and everything is right in our tv world.

I could go through and do a play by play through the entire series, which is exactly what I’d love to do.  But, let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that.  So I’m going to do a character and scenario breakdown.

I have a lot of happy feelings about the reboot, but more overwhelming, I have A LOT of disappointment.  We’ll dive into my reasons for both, don’t worry.  Let’s take it character by character, shall we?

Lorelai: I really hated that she and Luke weren’t already married.  I think that was a major fail on behalf of the writers.  She declares that it’s “always been Luke” but somehow doesn’t even discuss the idea of marriage after 9 years?  It just never comes up?  I don’t buy it.  I think this was cheap attempt to keep us guessing about will they or won’t they, and I wasn’t pleased.  At all.  On the flip side, one thing I was pleasantly surprised about was Lorelai asking Emily for the money to buy/expand the inn.  I feel like she had gotten to a place with her mother that she could do that, and a great way to honor her father.  There are probably fans out there who felt this was so out of character, but for me, considering the death of Richard, I think this was appropriate.  I always dont’ buy that in the past 9 years, Lorelai’s biological clock didn’t start ticking.  But all of a sudden, she’s hearing fire alarms telling her it’s time to have another kid.  If my calculations are correct, she’s now 48 years old.  I have a hard time believing that she didn’t have these thoughts and feelings one her birthday landmarks of 40 and 45.  Just saying.

Rory:  Biggest let down of them all.  The Rory we grew up with was not the Rory we were re-introduced to.  Her storyline was unbelievable, literally.  Rory was the perfect student at Chilton and Yale.  She was the most organized and well thought-out young woman imaginable.  I don’t see how we leave the series on her choosing her career over her love for Logan…  But that turned into no career at all.  Rory wasn’t the type of person to not have roots, to sleep on couches and to not have a paycheck.  Yet, that is the Rory that we’re presented.  Were the writers proving Mitchum Huntzberger right when he told Rory she had no talent?  I don’t agree.  I think she had the smarts and drive, but we see nothing to prove it now.

The most disappointing of all was the “no strings attached” affair she had with Logan.  Again, not believable. Yea, Yea, I know some of you are out there saying “Well people change Angela!”…I know, I get it…but really?! Her character did a complete 180, retaining what seems like NONE of her traits, values, characteristics and qualities that made her who she was as a person in the original series. It all felt way too forced and contrived for the sake of the show, while ignoring the character who she once was.I know, I know…  She had an affair with Dean when he was married to Lindsay in the original, but in Rory’s defense, she believed that their marriage was over.  This Rory not only knows that Logan is engaged, but there is no talk at all of him changing his circumstances to be with Rory.  Rory was never the, “Take him however you can get him” type.  She’s not “the other woman.”  In fact, it makes me angry to characterize an incredibly intelligent woman as a side chick.  I also didn’t believe the light “talk” Lorelai gave her when she found out about Logan.  Lorelai historically didn’t have it in her personality to let something that major go.  She didn’t stand for Rory to be mistreated or used in the past, and instilled those values in her.

Emily:  I loved her storyline.  I think a lot of people probably have a hard time with the major changes we see in her.  I don’t and here’s why: The story arc when Emily left Richard.  She went absolutely wild.  For instance, almost buying a private jet.  When Emily goes through an emotional experience, she acts out.  She experienced the biggest loss of her life, so I think the major character changes we saw in her were in line historically, and made complete sense.

Luke:  Other than the marriage thing, I felt he was the same Luke we left 9 years ago.  I loved his “declaration” moment with Lorelai.  I loved how bent out of shape he got repeatedly with Taylor and Kirk.  It was the same, rough around the edges but perfect Luke.

Sookie:  We get it, Melissa McCarthy is a major star now.   They could only get her for one scene with her busy schedule, I’m sure.  There’s not much to remark on her except we still don’t know the name of her third baby, unless I missed it?  Davie, Martha and ??

Michele:  How did we never meet his husband?  His zingers were just as great as ever though.  My favorite Michele moment was when Sookie returned, their exchange about the granola.  It was fun, just like the good ole’ days.

Lane:  There’s not much to say because we didn’t really see much of Lane.  But she did look exactly the same!

Mrs. Kim:  There just wasn’t enough.  She was one of my favorite characters and we didn’t see her anywhere near as much as we should have.

Mr. Kim:  WHATTTT!?!?  There’s a Mr. Kim!  I didn’t know what to do with myself when this realization hit me.

Taylor:  He was the same nut as always.

Kirk:  Brilliant.  Every single scene he had was brilliant.  His character is probably my favorite.

Paris:  We didn’t get enough of her in my opinion.  Paris is such a great character.  Her moments in “Spring” made me remember why I loved her all over again.  So much intensity, but so much comedy.  Her character has always been written the best.  I never saw her going into that field professionally, but honestly, it makes sense.  I just wish we’d gotten closure on the marriage fall-out with Doyle.

The Town Crew:  Babette, Miss Patty & Gypsy.  All were wonderful.  Miss Patty looks amazing!

Dean:  I always loved Dean.  There was such an innocence about him.  When we were speculating who Rory would be with for the remake, I never really considered Dean as a possibility.  I always saw him as settled down with kids, no Rory in sight.

Jess:  I held out hope that Rory would be with Jess for the new series.  I love this character.  I love that they always seemed to have this connection.  The moment he was reintroduced, I hope he would be the end result.  I love that they have similar interests and his support for Rory.  I was so disappointed at the lack of development with his story line.

Logan:  I’ve never been a Logan fan.  There were moments where I felt he was promising, but I always preferred Dean or Jess over him.  He was too “All or nothing” and, quite frankly, self absorbed for my taste.  What doesn’t make sense about him, is 9 years ago we see him breaking away from the Huntzberger name.  Becoming his own man.  But it’s very clear in the new series that he’s engaged to an heiress which reeks of his father.  It also appears that he’s back working for the family, but I don’t think that was ever concrete.  I’m basing that assumption off of charging his lunch with Rory to the family account.  Logan seems so crazy in love with Rory, so supportive, so involved with her life…  To the point that he’s risking accepting her phone calls with his fiancé lying asleep next to him.  Yet, he’s going through with the marriage for what?  To please his family?  To keep up appearances?  How did the independent, self sufficient Logan we saw 9 years ago become the clone of his father?  And even more, how stupid was his fiancé to not catch on?

UPDATE:  I just saw a Facebook Live with Logan (Matt Czuchry) and he stated that Amy (the creator) informed him that Logan had spent the past 9 year entrenched in the family business and he has grown to love it.  So after the show ended, we now know, Logan went back to work for his father.  Based on this interview, it sounds as though the writer is saying that Logan went back to work for his father immediately.

Now that I’ve hit all the characters I wanted to, let’s talking about scenes.

The musical:  Or should I say the biggest waste of my life to date?  Holy freaking hot mess.  It was just so unnecessary, drawn out and  SO YAWN FEST!  What in the world were they thinking?  This added absolutely nothing to the show.  It was terrible and it just seemed like fluffy filler.

The wedding:  Another let down.  We get to see the hype, the decor but not the wedding with all of our favorite people in one place.  Such a major disappointment.  And the worst part was who they had at the private wedding ceremony.  Where was Jess?  I don’t believe that Luke wouldn’t have called him.  Why Lane and not Emily?  You know Emily was staying somewhere nearby with the wedding being the next morning.  Plus, if she got wind, her war with Lorelai would ignite all over again. We had Michele but not her best friend Sookie?  Because she was back by this time right?  I mean, I know, Melissa McCarthy’s scheduling….  But I feel like that was too important to not have her there when technically she is like 4 houses down from the gazebo!

The fight between Emily & Lorelai:  I know Lorelai has foot-in-mouth-syndrome when it comes to her mother.  The story she told after her father’s funeral was unbelievable, even for Lorelai.  It made her out to be a truly insensitive person, which we well know isn’t the case.  This was the writer’s attempt to spark a feud, but that was badly done.  Lorelai loved her father, I don’t believe it was characteristic to tell those two stories, even for her.

Return of Life & Death Brigade:  So unrealistic.  We spent the first several minutes believing we were watching a dream sequence.  Stars Hollow would never have fog machines or weird lighting.  It was so fake, so unbelievably mystical.  It didn’t make sense.  So out of place.  So overwhelming unreal.  I hated it.  It was shot horribly in my opinion.  Not to mention, the last we saw of these three dudes, Rory was not a fan of them…  Unless I’m remembering that incorrectly.  But, I’m pretty sure I’m not.

The last four words:  Going into this, I believed the last four words were either, “It’s another Gilmore Girl” or “Will You Marry Me?”  Instead, we got the biggest cliffhanger possible.  I get it, I get it…  The story has come full circle.  But what a horrible way to get it there.  With no mention of who the father was.  Again, totally unlike Rory to be irresponsible even in a moment of passion.  She’s too level headed.

As for who the father is, it’s not the Wookie one night stand, that was too long ago.  I don’t believe it to be Peter, Paul, or whatever her forgettable boyfriend’s name was.  I also don’t think it was Logan.  Isn’t that too obvious?  It’s so very clearly not Dean.  I think that the longing last look we see from Jess, staring at Rory through the window, was strategic. I feel like there’s more to that look, and definitely more to that story. I know we never had proof that they were ever together, but we also don’t have proof that they weren’t.  Maybe I’m being hopeful, but in my head, the Jess scenario makes the most sense.

Honorable Mentions:  I loved the cameos from Lauren Graham’s Parenthood co-stars, especially the scene that included both of her on screen daughters…  So cool!  Carole King’s appearance and her moment playing the piano was great.  I also loved the throwback moments that only true fans would get, like the Cornstarch moment.  Be still my heart.

Look, I’m very happy to have had the chance to visit Stars Hollow and our favorite tv characters.  What I’m not happy about is how let down I feel by it.  I woke up the morning after finishing the series and had this icky feeling I couldn’t shake.  It was just the disappointment of it all.

I identify with Rory so much because of the high school dating experiences.  So much of what she experienced, is what we’ve all experienced.  Although I’ve grown so much as a person the past 9 years, I’m still the same person with the same core values.  I think that’s why I’m so critical of the changes we see in her.

Alright, it’s your turn.  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and theories.  I’m dying to hear from y’all on this!

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  1. Allison
    / 5:52 PM

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Everything I felt about the revival you summed up perfectly.

    I also have to add that I didn’t buy Sookies story line. I couldn’t see her leaving the Dragonfly. I also don’t believe that Rory would have forgotten about having a boyfriend for an entire year plus.

    After spending six hours watching this, I’d almost wish I didn’t. I’m not sure if there was such a build up to the premiere of the revival or what, but I was beyond disappointed. I thought that the revivial was supposed to be a closure and answer questions, yet it provided nothing but open ended scenarios. Are they trying to keep us in sespense that there will be more Gilmore Girls? If there is I hope they do a much better job of bringing back the characters we fell in love with.

    I will say Paris Gellers (Chilton scences in particular) were on point and were my favorite.

    • / 6:07 PM

      I didn’t like Sookie’s storyline AT ALL! The Dragonfly kitchen was her baby!
      There are certain scenes that I will go back and re-watch, like the opening of the new show.
      I’m not sure that we’ll get more. Th writer, Amy, has said in multiple interviews that she always planned those four words to be the final four words of the show. Of course I hope that there’s more coming for us…
      Paris’s scenes were amazing!

      • Joy Margulies
        / 7:24 PM

        Angela, I’m an older GG fan and none of my friends watch it as far as I know, so no one to discuss it with. I saved it and watched it over a couple of weeks , finishing yesterday.
        I still watch repeats of the later (old) episodes, and was
        so excited to watch the new ones.
        So disappointing, I agree with almost all your points, both positive and negative. Rory and Lorelei both changed so much, especially Rory.
        I’ll go back to watching the repeats of the old episodes!

      • Emily M.
        / 8:54 PM

        I totally agree with everything that you said. ❤️❤️

      • Emily M.
        / 8:56 PM

        I totally agree with everything that you said. ❤️❤️ I love the Gilmore Girls show I am watching for the forth time it’s so good

  2. Samantha Ehlermann
    / 5:57 PM

    Angela- I watched Gilmore girls when it was still airing live week to week. This seriously was one of my favorite shows growing up. I practically jumped up and down hearing the news about the reboot. After watching the four episodes (in the same day lol) I was left with the same feeling- MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! Reading your very well written critique was deja by to very similar criticisms I had mentioned to my own friends. One of the major things I loved about the show was Rory’s character and her strong drive and willingness to learn and succeed. I think they did her character a complete disservice. I was so disappointed in where I thought she would be 9 years later and who I thought she would be. The other major conflict I had was Lorelai and Luke’s wedding. It was such a major story line with the proposal back when Rory dropped out of Yale and all the way until April entered Luke’s life. Something was always getting in the way and they were finally getting their happily ever after and we got to see the preparation and then we didn’t see ANY of it. I was so disappointed and also thought the guests to their own private wedding were unrealistic. I get that Rory is her most important person but they built it up to being such a big ordeal and they just skipped right over it. Overall, I think your critique was dead on and I really enjoyed reading my exact thoughts on your blog! I wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday and new year!!!

    • / 6:10 PM

      Thanks for your comment, Samantha! Its so cool to hear from an OGG (original Gilmore Girl)! I love to hear your insight being that you’ve been a fan since day one! The wedding and the wedding guests made NO SENSE!!!

      • Maria
        / 8:47 PM

        Hi! I have been a Gilmore girls fan since the show first started live and would follow it every week religiously. I cried and laughed like a baby so much throughout the years. And as the years have passed I have rewatched the show a good five times. (Yes. I’m a die hard fan). Also I think this show stuck with me so much because it has followed my age group as they have aired it. I am now 31 years old.
        Now for the reason im actually here. To give my five cents. I can agree and disagree with some of your points. I literally jumped up and down on my bed when I heard they were going to bring it back. It was like Christmas morning for me. Considering how long I have been on this binge. To the point that I found the places which inspired stars hollow and have traveled there to get a little piece of stars hollow in real life.

        First off I’m a Logan fan. I have always thought that out of everyone that they complement each other perfectly. She embodies what he is missing from his life and he does the same for her.

        Throughout your review I noticed a pattern that repeated itself and I felt it as well. You mentioned that we didn’t get to see a lot from many of the characters. This is true. You have to keep in mind though that I think it was because they tried to sum up a storyline while at the same time getting everyone’s presence in there in just four episodes! This is a show that if you remember back always moved very slow. Which I liked and personally missed! In the original gg a storyline would last for over 5 episodes at a time and sometimes ever through seasons! When Rory had the fight with her mother about leaving college?! God that felt like years! Because it was! That fight i think lasted easily two seasons! And back then you had to WAIT a whole year to get to each season! Now this fight lasted like 20minutes. Everything felt rushed. And we all know when we rush something it will never feel natural. I think all the “mistakes” goes back to that fact. That it was rushed to fit so much into just four episodes. When we were used to NINE seasons of their storyline developing. It’s bound to feel extremely different. You’ll miss characters, and things will feel incomplete.

        On the whole who’s the baby daddy theory I have my own feelings. They hinted that Rory was clearly thinking of Logan when Lorelai was talking about finding the one person who it will “fit”. If you rewind that tape to the last night Logan and her spent together they mentioned something along the lines of “how well they fit with each other” (the convo in bar while sipping champagne). I think the window scene was just to show that jess still had feelings for her. If we all know Rory (if something really did happen between her and jess she would not have come out of the house in that manner and colloquially showed him the first three chapters of her book in front of Luke) ON THE OTHER HAND (cause I like to play devils advocate and see both sides) it would make some sense that the authors made the show go full circle by tying in the same story line where it all started. Logan is to Chris as jess is to Luke. Whoa my head is spinning! Which brings me to the genius idea that these authors had to make Rory be the author of this whole show!!!!!!? What?! Was I the only one blindsided and in plain awe to see this play out this way!! She is the writer to her own story. It’s like rewinding time!

        In a nut shell. I thought they were exquisite with the storyline and tasteful with the show. Only critique I had was that it felt rushed. I think if they would have been able to elaborate on this same storyline and brought in participation from the characters some more, it would have been perfection. With more time and more episodes we would have been able to get that same dedication to the separate lives and individual story plots of all the other characters. Instead they only gave us a taste and had to cram everything in to four episodes!! You can’t do that to a show like Gilmore girls! There’s too much content!

        Okay. I spoke my peace. I do hope they bring back more. I have a sad feeling but it’s more because I feel like I was teased and then left high and dry!

      • Bernice Morgenlander
        / 7:45 PM

        I am commenting in 2019. I love the Gilmore Girls. The conflict between Lorelei and Emily continued in new movie, but they seemed to work things out particularly when Lorelei called her mom when she are on her Willard escapade and told Emily about the pretzel that Lorelei’s father gave her in anticipation of her hurt feelings about breaking up with a boy in school. I cried and cried. I watched the it again recently on my trip to LA California and back to NY. I also feel confused about Rory announcing to Lorelei that she is pregnant. It leaves you dangling. Jess is a contender, maybe Logan.

        • Bernice Morgenlander
          / 7:49 PM

          I love the Gilmore Girls. I still watch it to this day.

          • Bernice Morgenlander
            / 7:52 PM

            I already left a comment.

  3. Brittany Blackburn
    / 5:57 PM

    This post is spot on, Angela! I was extremely disappointed too; it’s like they were trying to hard. Each season did get better though. (After the revival, we put on the original while we finished Christmas decorating!)

    I absolutely loved that the song playing before/during Luke & Lorelai’s wedding was the same song they danced to during Liz & TJ’s wedding! Be still my heart.

    Wonderful insight about the last four words. I don’t believe there’s going to be future episodes, everything’s come full circle. I personally thought Logan was the father because he’s Rory’s Christopher, but after your insight, I’m loving Jess!

    • / 6:14 PM

      Thanks Brittany! I HATED Summer. I felt so depressed after watching it!
      The music choice was great!
      You could be right about Logan, I’m just not sure if they’d make it that obvious?

      • Anne
        / 8:41 PM

        I have to agree about Logan being Rory’s Christopher. That’s why she went to Christopher’s office that morning and asked weird questions about whether he would have wanted to be more involved, had he been allowed. It was closure for Rory, I think. Hopefully she will end up with Jess who seems to have turned out ok. Wish they had developed his character and their relationship a little more. I didn’t feel the chemistry that I used to feel when they were together. And what is it, exactly, that Jess does now??

        • / 10:59 PM

          I could be wrong but in the original Jesse seemed to me like he was Rory’s Christopher… Always on the go. But Logan makes sense, too! Gosh, Angela, your review was spot on! Though I’m still happy I got to see them all back together in Stars Hollow. No matter how big of Hollywood stars some of them are now… Or how much the writers altered their characteristic! #shameless

          P.S. I literally just finished watching the last season so I can run and read your review because I knew you’ve written one! Although I gotta say you got me fooled because watching your Snapchat stories I thought you loved everything about the reboot. 😉

  4. Neha
    / 6:01 PM

    I have mixed feelings about the short 4 episode series! I wish there had mire episodes just cause there may have been more time to spread things out. Everything seemed rushed and crammed together. I felt like they tried to bring everyone back from the orignal and just crammed them into a scene somehow. I think if they had more than 4 episodes, it wouldnt feel the way that i do. Dont get me wrong though, i did love that they did a reboot and that every big character made an appearance but i just wished the story line wasnt rushed! Now! Whose the baby daddy!? Logan? Wookie? ? I hope theres more!! They cant leave us hanging like that!

    • / 6:15 PM

      I really hope they do more, but I just don’t know… They are doing a ton of press around it, so maybe they’re putting their feelers out to see if they should…

  5. Leah Nielsen
    / 6:03 PM

    With the major cliffhanger, I feel like there has to be another “year in the life” eventually… what do you think?

    • / 6:16 PM

      I really hope so! I’ve read that the creator always intended to end the show on those four words, so I’m not sure that we will see more. My fingers are crossed for more though!

  6. Ashlyn Helmrich
    / 6:03 PM

    Love and agree with everything you just said! Loved Emily in this. I was also very upset about the musical portion of the show and thought it was such a waste of time especially since there were only 4 episodes and they were already crunched for time 🙁 For the last 4 words I actually never made the connection that maybe Jess could be the father but I would love if that were the case. I feel like Logan as the father is way too obvious also, but at the same time I feel like he might be just because of the way they showed Christopher. I feel like Rory is walking in Lorelai’s footsteps except a little later in life. Logan and Christopher are very similar and the fact that now Christopher gave in to his family and is now working for them making tons of money kind of sounds like Logan’s situation. Also in the scene Rory was questioning him asking if he felt it was the right thing that Lorelai raised her on her own without him and it seemed like she was asking him to determine if that was the right thing for her to do for her baby. Also I think Jess is who Rory is supposed to end up with just like Luke was for Lorelai, but if Logan is the father, then she will always have something for him just like Lorelai and Christopher all throughout Gilmore Girls.

    • / 6:23 PM

      Girl! I never even made that connection with the Rory/Christopher scene!! This is why I love chatting with fellow fans!! Mind = blown.
      You are the second person to say in the past few minutes that Logan is her Christopher and Jess is her Luke. Maybe you’re right! AHHHHHH!!!

  7. Marina Momotok
    / 6:04 PM

    Ok so I think me and you share the same values!!! I literally agree with everything you said. I wish they would have kept the show more original. I feel like it was too modernized. Nowadays more people date forever without getting married or have “no strings attached” relationships but that’s just not who Lorelai and Rory are. The Rory character was a HUGE disappointment for me, I feel like they lowered her character so much. It’s like I was watching a different person.? The affair especially really surprised me! I would have thought she’d be far in her career by now with a steady job because that’s just the person she always way. I had high hopes for her and Jessi when he was watching her thru the window but then the ending of the fall happened so now with the pregnancy who knows.
    I did like the fact that Emily softened up her heart towards others. It seems like her letting all of those people live in her house is a way for her not to be lonely after the death of Richard but still a nice gesture.
    Overall I still love the original series a thousand times better!

    • / 6:27 PM

      I know! Rory esteemed to be Christiane Amanpour but instead was writing the memoir of a drunken partier… How does that even happen?! She had core values that we knew as an audience for 7 years, I just don’t think you lose all of those values while still keeping everything else basically the same.
      I loved the Emily storyline. I agree, the original series was so much better!

  8. Dianna Hudson
    / 6:05 PM

    Oh my gosh. This is so spot on. I agree with everything!!! But I think Logan is actually the father because if they’re trying to kind of remake Lorelai’s history, Logan could totally be her Christopher. He’s unpredictable and impulsive like Christopher. Jess is loving but a little more rough like Luke. I’m still sad though about the way they demolished sensible Rory. I miss the young girl from Chilton who was so responsible and creative. We all have struggles and dead ends but she always had the pluck to keep going and keep creating.

    • / 6:30 PM

      I’m hearing the theory of Logan being her Christopher and Jess being her Luke a lot… You may just be right! I’m not sure that I expect the father to be that obvious. Hopefully there will be more so we can find out!
      You’re right, Rory has the drive to make it through anything!

    • Maria
      / 9:02 PM

      Guys. I think everyone is so disappointed in Rory’s character but I’m personally not. Okay maybe they exaggerated the weakening of her persona a little too much but not that far off! I think it followed her character pretty well. Remember she always had weak moments of failure and dissapointments where she would give up and run away and get lost and start doing weak minded things with her life. And the affair? She had one exactly the same with dean! And back then she was a kid! At least now she’s a grown woman. She’s always had those weak moments (it’s the Christopher AND lorelai in her). Also! A journalists life is mostly that! Living in couches and trying to make ends meet. And in the old show she always alluded to that being the possibility of the direction her life would go to. Only thing I didn’t hear about and would have liked was her passion to go travel and “get involved” in stories around the world. And do exciting traveling journalistic things. I mean. She would have still been poor and homeless but at least her leaving Logan would have been followed through with a purpose.

  9. / 6:08 PM

    I was so excited about the revival because I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan! But I agree Rory’s character totally disappointed me! Another thing that disappointed me was how Lorelai reacted when Rory told her about the book!

    The Rory boy situation in my opinion is like this : Logan is her Christopher, Jess is her Luke and Dean will just always be her first love. I would prefer her to end up with Jess.

    Regarding the final four words my thoughts are BS! Of all the things they could’ve ended the revival with that it was they chose?! With such a huge cliffhanger they expect us to not want to know more!

    Overall I was glad I got to visit Stars Hallow again! But am a bit disappointed in the turns they made!

    • / 6:32 PM

      YES!! I was upset by the book reaction too!!! Matt argued that one with me. He understood why Lorelai felt that way, so I thought maybe I was being too sensitive about it. I’m so glad I;m not the only one who felt that way!

      I so hope she ends up with Jess. He’s absolutely the best choice!

  10. / 6:10 PM

    Girl. Literally you took all my thoughts and put them into words I have long been able to do!!! I feel let down by it as well! Especially Rory’s character. I saw a Facebook live panel a few days ago and Alexis Bledel seemed so disappointed by Rory as well! She said she pictured Rory being so successful in journalism during the end of the old series and the new. And talked about how it was so out of character. I also am hoping Rory and Jess slept together and they didn’t show it. BUT I’ve seen reviews saying Jess is Rory’s Luke and Logan is Rory’s Christopher. Praying we get more episodes!!!!

    • / 6:33 PM

      Her lack of success is just not who Rory is. I’m not saying she should be a big shot, but she should AT LEAST have a stable career! She’s too smart for the choices they made for her!

  11. / 6:10 PM

    Haha wow. Can’t even spell my own name on an IPhone…

    • / 6:34 PM

      Haha! I was trying to make sense of your name, but just figured it was a screen name. 🙂

  12. Jillian
    / 6:10 PM

    Thank you this post, I really enjoyed reading the review and I definitely agree!! I feel like all the episodes were just filler to get to (what I thought was the best one) the last episode, Fall. I felt like all of the cameos were so brief that it was basically just the writers trying to frantically bring back anyone they could but there was no real substance to their scenes.

    I found it so upsetting, just like you, that Rory was such a dud in her adult life. She was always full of such hope and promise and even the way that the original serious ended with her going on the Obama campaign, I thought that maybe she would have been swept up by that world.

    The Paris moments were classic and Jess will forever have a special place in my heart, but my absolute favorite was Kirk’s experiemental film! I could not stop laughing! Also, just like you mentioned I definitely got the chills when they mentioned the corn starch ugh my heart.

    Gilmore Girls is honestly my favorite show of all time and I even wore a “Rory’s going to Yale” shirt (that looks like the ones Kirk made in the original season that my parents got me when I went to college) while watching all 4 episodes. As disappointed as I was at times, I still felt such joy watching it after all these years and I sure hope that the cliffhanger means there will be more in the future! I seriously could go on forever about my thoughts towards the reboot but I think that would take up 12 billion comments 🙂

  13. Sarah Peden
    / 6:10 PM

    Wow you were pretty spot on Angela. I was so happy to go back to their little town, but in the end I felt a bit disappointed. The ending just about killed me. You can’t just leave it there telling me Rory is pregnant, broke, and alone. The Rory we loved from the original series is way too put together to let that happen. I’m not saying put together people are immune to making mistakes or having their lives fall apart, but this is just not like the Rory we know. I just don’t know what the writers were thinking when they wrote her story line. Overall I kinda hope they do some more episodes to give more closure because these episodes did not give that.
    P.S. I’m currently rewatching the old episides to put a better taste in my mouth.

  14. Heather Garrick
    / 6:12 PM

    So much of this is spot on with how I felt after finishing the new series. I was definitely most disappointed with Rory and her storyline. The only Rory would never show up to an interview or a meeting unprepared and expect the job to be handed to her. I also don’t understand why the wedding didn’t include Jess and Emily? Overall though I would love to see some more episodes and follow up to the last four words of the series!

  15. / 6:16 PM

    I told you on instagram I was going to come tell you my thoughts, and here I am! I loved SO much of what you said here. The break down of every character was so on point- but I am sad you didn’t touch on Rory’s random boyfriend nobody could remember? I was so confused about any of that and unsure where it fit into anything. It is so unlike Rory to drag a man along that she cannot even remember is in a room..? Super weird!!

    I 100% agree with you that Luke was amazing- I got every single vibe from him that I got back in the old days. Ive heard a lot of people saying they didn’t feel the chemistry between Lorelai and Luke however I disagree, I felt that they were pretty typical of who they have always been. Im also with you on the fact that it is SUCH a fluke that in 9 years Luke didn’t mention wanting to get married? He moved into the house but they didn’t discuss marriage all of this time, lame!!!!!

    Rory– I agree, she was a disappointment. (BUT-she looked AMAZING!) The only thing I can think that they could possibly have been trying to do was make her relatable to that generation? I am 25 and I can see where Amy is coming from wanting to show that no matter how successful Rory was back then it is still a tough world out there and it is hard to be successful. However I also agree with you; Even if Rory wasn’t the successful journalist she aspired to be…why was she staying on couches and in random places? She was in Stars Hallow, why not stay home? All of that was confusing to me as well. I can’t imagine at 32 Rory still wouldn’t have some of those things figured out. It also annoyed me that she was totally casual about having this affair with Logan that they didn’t discuss anything, and she simply shared his home with his fiancé and Rory and it was totally cool with her- while she lied to everyone she knew about it! Again…weird!!!

    I LOVED the Parenthood references, sooooo much because that show is probably my favorite series ever made. (and I also just read somewhere that her and “Adam Braverman” are dating in real life? (GUSHING) I also thought it was cute they included one of her ex boyfriends from Parenthood as well. I thought that whole Wild and hiking thing was a little funky, but I loved when she recalled that story of Richard and called Emily to tell her about it, that was a special and significant moment for both of them. I personally enjoyed their wedding, I thought it was cute and quirky and very Lorelai and Luke. Random, yes but fitting.

    The ending…. I also feel…empty. After hyping up so much catching up with our fave cast that is the way you leave it off for us?! I personally was hoping to get an update as well as closure in where my favorite girls were headed and instead I was left with more questions than I had prior to the sequel. Although its doubtful, I hope they make more of these little 4 episode bits, I overall thought it was very fun to catch up and would love to get the chance to see more of these new plot lines unfold. Like, will she have a GIRL?! Who is the dad? Will she live with her mom and Luke? ahhhh..endless questions- even more than before! But like you said, I am happy to have had a walk down memory lane and LOVED having you to chat about all of our feelings with! (And may or may not be hoping maybe one day we will get a 90210 reunion too!! hehe) I love your honesty and fun, open platform to discuss all this girly goodness!!!



  16. / 6:19 PM

    Angela! LITERALLY my thoughts exactly. Especially the ending!! SUCH a let down. And out of character. I’m hoping you’re right about that!!

    Loved this post!

    Kelly Hoover
    http://www.theglamorousteacher. com

  17. Kylie
    / 6:20 PM

    Your thoughts completely mirrored my own, from the initial excitement when the first scene of Winter began to the Stars Hollow musical (seriously, what was that??) to the disappointment of the final four words. It seemed like none of the characters had really grown or changed over the past 9 years, and while I wasn’t hoping the reboot would show us unrecognizably different characters, I was hoping that they would have matured and changed somewhat during the past decade. Everyone seems stuck in the same storylines as where the original show left off. All in all, it was fun to return to Stars Hollow but more disappointing than I was anticipating. I enjoyed reading your review, it highlighted everything that stood out to me while I was watching it!

    Also- that dress is gorgeous!!

  18. Laura
    / 6:21 PM

    YES. I 100% despised Rory’s storyline, why would they essentially ruin everything we love about her? They sold her so short. Rory is not an unprepared, talentless, one night stand girl, a mistress or unemployed. SO much disappointment. Overall I was extremely underwhelmed with the story. It felt forced and fake and not that mesmerizing witty banter and comraderie of the Gilmore Girls of the past. My one favorite part of the plot line was Rory deciding to write a book about what she knows; her and Lorelai. It was very reminiscent of Little Women and I thought it was good character development. I don’t hate the last four words, but I hate the storyline that got Rory there.

  19. / 6:35 PM

    I love your off the shoulder dress Angela!

  20. Amanda S
    / 6:36 PM

    I LOVED it! Yes, it was corny and unbelievable at times, but it was the closure (okay not at all) we needed. I find it hard to believe that Rory was not successful. I kept wondering how she had money to fly across the world all the time if she didn’t have a job. I was slightly confused exactly where she was at times. I loved that she was with Logan again, and then upset that he had a fiancé. I can’t see her being the other woman. No strings attached-yes, but not the other woman.
    I loved the dream-like sequence with the Life-and-Death Brigade! It was perfect. I *might* have cried when she was telling Logan good-bye. It felt so final. I knew she was okay with relationship ending. Or so it seemed. Maybe she didn’t know she was pregnant yet.
    Luke was even better in the reboot! He seemed happier! Excited they finally said ” I do”. I, too, wish we had been privy to the actual wedding. Where were all the people? Kirk did good!
    Lorelei definitely went through a rough patch after her father died. I loved getting to see her Parenthood co-stars! I totally cheered.
    Emily probably had the greatest transformation.
    I agree that the musical was a tad bit too long. I love Sutton Foster. She can do no wrong. It really didn’t make sense though.
    I wanted more Sookie, Paris, and Jess. I never thought about that look through the window. Team Jess over here! The good guy has to win, right?
    I now want more. You can’t just end it with those four words. I totally called those four words, too. It was still shocking. All-in-all I might rewatch it.

  21. / 6:45 PM

    Like you, I was counting down the days til the reboot! And honestly it was good while watching it (except for the Summer episode, it was a complete waste of time). But I could careless for more episodes. I was so dissapointed in Rory and her choices. And everything else you written I completely agree with. Except I do think the baby is Logans only because that would make for more drama for the story and also sounds like Rory’s “new” life, if that makes sense.
    It was nice to see everyones life now but it really wasnt everything I hoped for 🙁

  22. Gianna M
    / 6:47 PM

    I completely agree with your review! I watched the original show every week when it was on air and it is definitely one of my all time favorites. As much as it pains me to say, I too was disappointed with the reboot, Summer especially left me feeling sad. My biggest issue was little time with the Jess storyline and how he wasn’t at the wedding, that just didn’t seem realistic to me. I absolutely loved Luke’s speech to Lorelai but was surprised that they hadn’t had those conversations some other time in the past nine years. The last four words were obviously a huge cliffhanger and I hope we get to see more, but I think it’s all history repeating itself. I personally believe Logan is the father but Jess is who Rory is meant to be with, Logan is the Christopher in Rory’s life & Jess is the Luke. The scene with Rory and her father hinted that she wanted to be sure that he felt he had done the right thing by letting Lorelai raise Rory on her own so that she feels confident in her own decision to do the same with her child. I think it will be the same situation as with Lorelai and Christopher. Another issue I had was why Logan wouldn’t just break off his engagement and be with Rory. Maybe it is because he wants to please his father and continue on with the family business, but that just seemed silly to me. Oh, that musical…not sure what they were thinking with that but I couldn’t wait until it was over! At least Luke and Lorelai finally got married. ? Hopefully we get to see more because I truly love those characters and would love to see more of the Jess/Rory storyline!

    • Maria
      / 9:14 PM

      Ugh! I kept getting the vibe that it was because he was constantly waiting for Rory to tell him she was ready. Because she was the one who turned him down as we saw last. And apparently that never changed. She’s always looking and waiting for her life to meet a goal. A goal she hadn’t met apparently by the time this season started. I think he moved on with his life and stopped “waiting for her?”

      • Maria
        / 9:14 PM

        Which is funny now that I think about it because Christopher wasn’t always waiting for lorelai to “be ready”

        • Maria
          / 9:15 PM

          Was* I’m sorry. I’m typing fast!

  23. Jillian
    / 6:55 PM

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said above. I literally laughed out loud reading your comments regarding the musical…completely unnecessary and a waste of time. At least show bits and parts but the entire thing? I also think the whole Wild part was useless and completely out of character for Lorelai…to go for months without coffee or junk food? I get that she was at a crossroads and needed to find herself but there were so many other ways the writers could have gone and had the same result. I won’t lie that I sobbed as a baby when she called Emily and shared the story about her father. It couldn’t that have come from anywhere?

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Rory. The Rory we grew up with would never be living out of a suitcase, consciously sleeping with a married man, having one night stands, being without a steady career or entering into a book deal without a legal contract. She also would have never asked for Mitchum’s help with her career. The fact that Lorelai didn’t really mind any of this is also absurd considering how she acted when Rory slept with Dean and when Rory dropped out of Yale.

    The only thing I’m not sure about is the baby. Ideally I would love it to be Jess but given the whole full circle theory it makes sense that it would be Logan, although obvious. Like her mother, Rory is in love with a rich trust fund boy and gets pregnant in deciding to raise the baby on her own. I think that’s why they threw in the scene at the end with Christopher.

    If this revival was really the end of the series, (I really hope it isn’t!) I hope in some alternate universe after sometime Rory and Jess end up together. Jess loving Rory’s child like it was his own and the two of them fining the same path as Luke and Lorelai. Jess was always perfect for Rory, he just needed to grow up. Unfortunately when he did in the series it was when Rory was head over heels for Logan.

  24. Lisa
    / 7:07 PM

    Hi Angela,
    I 100% agree with you. I watched Gilmore Girls weekly when it originally aired. I have so much love for the characters. That’s probably why I feel so disappointed about the new episodes. Like you the only storyline I truly enjoyed was the one of Emily. I still can’t believe what the writers have done to Rory. Rory was the never the type of girl that would have a one night stand or be with an engaged man. I feel like the writers tried too hard to turn her into somebody she is not. Also it made no sense that her career was going so horribly. Even though journalism is a tough career choice there are so many career opportunities Rory should have had after she had been on the campaign trail with Obama at the end of last season. Very unrealistic. I kinda wish they hadn’t revived the show and just left it as it was.

  25. / 7:16 PM

    Oh man you nailed it with this! I was so excited for the year in the life and now I really feel I need a Gilmore support group. 🙂 Left with so many feelings… is this the best they could do… did they even know the characters they were writing for… don’t get me started on the musical. My friend sent me this link of girl who wrote and alternate ending that made way more sense and it’s pretty good. I’m choosing to see this as the ending so that I can leave not feeling punched in the gut. Lol… but really! Such a good review! I could seriously have hour long discussions over this. lol

  26. Ana-Claire Graham
    / 7:19 PM

    I hate saying this but I was extremely disappointed in the reboot but at the same time begging for more. You nailed everything on the head and I also think there was something else going on between Jess and Rory that we as the Audience didn’t get to witness. But if we are wrong and Logan isn’t the father then that perfectly explains Rory’s conversation with Christopher. Personally I think she views them both in the same light, wealthy and over privileged, and questions whether or not Logan would be a good father (I think he has great potential and was great for Rory back in the day but I definitely don’t like this whole casual relationship they have going on while he is ENGAGED… not Rory). But all in all I think Jess will be Rory’s Luke, strong and dependable and please Lord let them get married before they are both nearly 50 and then decide they want children.

  27. Kaitlin Miller
    / 7:29 PM

    I completely agree with your points! I’ve been a fan of the original series since it came out way back when and I cannot believe what a disappointment this revival turned out to be. I loved Emily and Luke’s characters and seeing everyone again, but at the same time, Rory and Lorelei seemed to be way out of character. Rory’s character made no sense at all! They completely ruined this intelligent, driven and witty person into someone who has no job, no stable relationship (unless you count Paul), is sleeping around with Logan who is engaged and that Wookie character and is basically nothing like she was in the original series. Nothing about Rory made sense in this revival. And I cannot believe that Lorelei and Luke would have no character development in the 9 years since the series, like no marriage, no kids, and no difference at all? Also the mind numbingly boring musical numbers! Why? Just why. With all the time that has past between the original series and the revival, there was so much potential wasted by useless fillers. I think Logan is most likely the father, it is obvious, but there’s no denying that he is the most like Christopher to fulfill this lame circle of life reference. I always thought the show was about how Rory had the potential to rise above it all, go to college, be a journalist, and conquer the world to do everything that her mother wasn’t able to do. But none of that ended up happening, instead, she ended up a single mother just like Lorelei and failing in her career. How is that a better ending, because it comes “full circle”? Because it’s not. I almost wish I could take back seeing the revival because that was six hours of my life I will never get back.

    • Maria
      / 9:18 PM

      Omg. Your take on it just made me super sad. I didn’t think of it this way. ?

  28. Yaritza
    / 7:36 PM

    I actually did fall asleep during the musical!! LOL A complete waste of time and waste of perfect space for actual story lines!! I also forwarded that weird brigade scene ? LOL I didn’t get it! Why did they cram everything into such long episodes?? Wish they would have taken their time to do the original show and characters justice! I LOVED Emily’s story. I loved the fact that her house was full of people all of the time and I loved that she moved to the beach. Overall, it was great to be in Stars Hollow again! ?

  29. Julianne
    / 7:59 PM

    Yes!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS. What happened to Rory? and Lorelei would NOT have been cool with her sleeping with Logan when hes engaged – or when she has a boyfriend (as unforgettable as he was). And that musical – terrible!! I was in total shock, like I felt embarrassed for the show because of it. The Emily part was fantastic, though. If anything good came out of it, it was that.

    I also woke up with that icky feeling the next day. I’m just so disappointed.

  30. Sherry
    / 8:01 PM

    From what Logan said in his live facebook stream i think there will be more! I grew up watching Gilmore Girls with my mom week to week, I was the same age as Rory and my mom very close to Lorelie. We both could not believe the changes that they had made to Rory! I agree with you Angela 100%!! They need to give us closure, there is just NO way they can end it like that.

    And Kirk by far stole the show!!!!

  31. / 8:02 PM

    I agree with basically everything you said! BUT I’m a Logan & Rory fan. I know, most people are team Jess but I’m team Logan (although I don’t agree with him & Rory in the revival. Didn’t fit at all!) I hope they film more episodes because I have so many unresolved feelings now!!!

    • Maria
      / 9:19 PM

      Yay!! Logan and Rory fan!!!

  32. Jianna
    / 8:03 PM

    I agree with you on SO many things!! I thought I was the only one who was bored and HATED the musical. I couldn’t follow along and didn’t understand it. And yes! I was so angry how they made Rory a totally different person!! A one night stand? That was so random! It’s not like her at all. The ending was horrible. It really doesn’t make any sense for her to be pregnant and especially for her to be pregnant when she has no career and no husband. It’s so not her style. I do disagree on one thing though! I was in love with Logan in the original series!! In the revival I loved him until I found out he planned on marrying some random French chick and didn’t plan on breaking it off even though it’s so obvious he loves Rory. It broke my heart that he was like that because he was one of my favorites. Overall, I was more disappointed than anything which is very upsetting because I’ve been a Gilmore Girls fan for a while now.

    • / 8:20 PM

      I felt the exact same way!! Loved Logan so much in the original but was so sad that he was still going to marry that French girl when he & Rory are clearly still in love with eachother! Happy to see another Logan fan 🙂

      • Maria
        / 9:22 PM

        Logan fan all the way! & do feel though that the ball was left in Rory’s court when the original show ended. He did his part. He showed weakness and asked her to be with him and she shut him down. Clearly breaking his heart (and mine!!!) so this whole season felt as though he wanted her to make the move ( because let’s face it, it’s her turn to make the move) but she never does! This whole season just felt rushed!

  33. Kristi Schwartz
    / 8:21 PM

    It’s funny because some parts I agree with you and others I’m on a completely different page. I have been a long time Gilmore Girls fan so I assume like you when there was first word about the reboot I about peed my pants in excitement! But some parts I did find disappointing.
    First I totally agree about the Logan storyline. But it’s funny because I was totally Team Logan during the series. I thought he was good for her to let loose a bit and she was good for him because he had to grow up a lot with her. But I hated that they were having an affair. You’re totally right that isn’t like Rory at all…I didn’t like it the first time with Dean and it is so much worse with Logan. And the sad thing is he seemed to have zero remorse about the whole thing and wasn’t about to leave her.
    I also loved the Emily storyline and all her wild crazy ways. I also absolutely loved when Lorelei called her to tell the story of her and Richard. Just amazing.
    I also agree the wedding wasn’t what I excited and sweet but not the Luke and Lorelei wedding we’ve been waiting so long to see.
    And lastly, the whole whose baby is it… this is my thought process. I think it’s Logans baby but I think Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke. At least I hope that’s the case because I turned Team Jess during this reboot.
    Ok I will stop because I could go on all day. I personally thought it was great but maybe that is because I knew it wasn’t going to be perfect and I think that’s ok. The best part is the fact that absolutely everybody came back….other than Chad Michael Murray….but I’m over it. Gilmore girls is making the Olsen Twins look pretty dumb. Hahahaha Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed reading them!

  34. Nikki
    / 8:46 PM

    Hi Angela!

    I loved reading your take on everything that happened in the revival, even though I definitely have some disagreements (team Logan all the way!) I totally thought summer was a waste of time, and I was disappointed that I was left feeling like they wasted a season that could’ve been so much better!

    I kind of like the struggle Rory is going through (I imagine her going through it more straight out of college as opposed to in her thirties) because I feel like throughout the original series, everything somehow always managed to workout for Rory and I liked that, in the revival, she was very up in the air and was forced to figure out what SHE wanted and how SHE was going to get there.

    Overall, I’m glad that I got to see where Amy wanted to take the series, but I feel like it also left me with more questions as opposed to answers.

    P.S. I’ve been a GG, coffee addict, and Stars Hollow regular forever and I’m so glad you finally decided to join us!!!!

  35. Ashley Rucker
    / 9:28 PM

    Wow. Wow. Wow. You took the words right out of my mouth! I have been waiting on your review for it because I have yet to find a true heartfelt review from someone who deeply analyzes each character, scene, actor portrayal, story line, etc. I could not agree more on Jess {hopefully} being the father. First of all, I could also not cringe more at the ending of it all. So. Unlike. Rory. There was absolutely no way that they would have made a point for Jess do a dramatic pause looking in the window at Rory directly after Luke mentioned what he mentioned. (If they did, then how torturous?) BUT, I just simply believe it was strategic! The whole time they have Rory and Logan having the flingy hookups I feel they are setting us up to think of him more as the potential father, and of course throwing in there her one night stand and the often forgotten boyfriend (another giant left-fielder for Rory’s character.) The way that they rebooted Jess’s character was way more sentimental than the others. Although I also love Dean, I feel like they made a clean cut of him not being in the mix, being how he explained his up-to-date life with children. Jess. Ugh, Jess. It has to be him. I could also be totally off and just wishful thinking as a super fan of the series, but, as you mentioned, there has just always been this connection between her and Jess. It’s like a soul connection.

    I do have to mention Logan. Logan had his moment, but I think what got me was those smiling eyes and his awe-struck look every time he even glanced at Rory (minus the here-and-there arguments), I found myself thinking, he really loves that girl. I think he still does! But she is so much better than the flings! I think they’ll always have that random, slightly wild-spirited connection, but I feel like the Logan-Rory ship sailed when he forced her to choose between her career path and marrying him.

    The wedding: (go ahead and picture me ripping my hair out and screaming at the top of my lungs) WHERE WAS JESS AND SOOKIE AND SIMPLY JUST WHAT?!?!? I think the spur of the moment thing was so Luke and Lorelei but goodness, the character layout was terrible and how could they NOT show the wedding. Like???? Unimpressed.

    The musical: ?????? No.

    Sookie: COME. ON. She needed to be thrown in more than one choppy scene. It didn’t even have to be long.

    Anyway, I could write a book! I literally couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for taking my thoughts and putting them into words!

  36. Yvee
    / 9:47 PM

    I totally agree with this review 100%!! So disappointed, especially with Rory’s character. The Rory we know and love would never string along a guy for over two years- not only having an affair, but also one nights stands while she just “forgets” to break up with this poor guy!
    The only thing I would have to disagree with is Rory’s baby daddy. Like you, I WISH Rory would end up with Jess and for him to be the father of her child. However, the scene between Rory and her dad was just too out of place and awkward. She may have been there as research for her book, but she was asking him if he felt Lorelei did the right thing by raising Rory alone and at that point, Rory would have known she was pregnant. Logan and Christopher have so much in common- working for the family business, self centered, irresponsible, unable to break away from the influence of their overbearing family, etc. Rory was there looking for confirmation that she should raise this child without the father being around. So it seems Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is Rory’s Luke. Full circle like you said.

  37. Shalee
    / 10:11 PM

    Girl I’ve never agreed with anyone more than right now….

    Let’s just start off with the fact that L&L aren’t married… no way they wouldn’t have even thought about it before now… not to mention the crazy idea of trying to have a kid at almost 50 when they both have daughters… they would know by now if they wanted more kids…

    Wedding was a joke… seriously thought the same thing about the people who attended… desperately missed Jess and Emily!

    I HATEEEE did I say HATE? The person Rory has become… I could NEVER see her doing that. Yes she cheated on boyfriends and slept with Dean when he was married but she was a child and honestly felt in her heart she was doing the right thing. I Rory I know would never do that to another woman and be totally okay with it…

    As for Logan I just don’t buy it. I haven’t even really been a fan of him but he wanted to marry her. He loved and still loves her. I just don’t see him settling down with someone he doesn’t want to be with. I know when he’s first introduced in the series that’s how he is but not towards the end. I just don’t believe he would be living off daddy… don’t care what anyone says…

    Definitely not enough Dean but it stayed true to the wholesome perfect image of a first love.

    Loveeeeeeeeee Kirk even more now than before!

    More in love with Jess than I even thought possible! I love that after all this time he is still encouraging Rory to do what she is meant to. He truly knows her so well.

    Sookie storyline annoyed me because come on we all know Melissa couldn’t be in every season but they also didn’t have to make stupid excuses for why she was gone. I absolutely LOVED her one scene though!

    Michelle always a favorite of mine! Didn’t need the clarification that he was fat though…. they definitely should have included his husband!

    LOVED Paris! She’s my favorite! The character is just fantastic!

    Missed actually seeing Tristan instead of just some random blonde dude! Would have loved an actual Chad Michael Murray scene!

    Totally agree with you about Luke being Luke! He’s tried and true to who he is! I loved it!

    Not a fan of April Nardini and was just as annoyed with her in the reboot.

    Absolutely heartbreaking about Richard but I definitely thing they needed to capitilize on his death for this to work.

    Even with all its negatives I absolutely loved stepping back into Stars Hollow with my family of crazies! I’m so critical because the characters mean so much to my heart!

    PS: JESS BETTER BE THE DADDY OF THIS BABY! Idk if we will ever know but that’s what my heart says! I just know he’s the right one for her… the Wookie and Logan are definitely not right. Jess understands her and loves her and I just need it to be him! That last longing look…. what I would do to get that look from him….

    I think I covered everything! Whooooo I feel winded!

  38. Maura Gripp
    / 10:16 PM

    I love Gilmore Girls and some of the characters were spot on and some of the characters felt off. There should have been a lot more changes it was like time had stood still for nine years. Kirk was hilarious and I loved him and Petals and how he treated the pig like a dog. I have always loved Jess and have always wanted him and Rory together. I am also determined to meet Milo one day. I know Matt worked with Scott and I was hoping you could share stories about that and whether Matt ever got pranked by him because Scott is a big practical joker.

  39. / 11:33 PM

    Definitely a let down seeing Rory’s character be developed like that, but then if she was still as successful as she used to be, then we wouldn’t have much to discuss here. I gotta say though, when she’s been struggling to find a job and she decided to write a piece on the lines in NYC, I was convinced she’s going to nail it and finally get out of her rut! Only to be disappointed and see her sleep with the Wookie guy… What?! Thoughts?


  40. Carlee
    / 12:26 AM

    Thank you so much for posting I agree with so much. As a fan of the original series, my mom & I would watch it together, some parts were great I mean Paris and Doyle reprisals I squealed. I also felt like the musical was a huge waste a way to showcase other people from projects since Gilmore Girls the series. I really missed a Real Tristan, Madeline, and Louise Cameos, and how did we never see Marty! This was not Rory I thought she was going through something but the lack of resolution disproved that. I have always gone back and forth on Logan. I almost feel we were better off without a revival.

  41. Angela
    / 1:08 AM

    From one Angela to another. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I loved reading your take on it. I’ve had friends who have watched it and were raving about it and I am sitting here thinking, ‘Did we just want the same thing?’ I watched Winter and Spring right away, but after Spring I had to take a break because I felt cheated and disappointed. I have never had a point in the series that I didn’t like Rory. This version of Rory was not appealing at all. She wasn’t someone I was rooting for and striving to see where she would go next. She was like a shadow of the person she used to be.

    A friend of mine just posted an hour ago that they loved the musical and it took a lot of urge to be like, ‘what is wrong with you?’ Really we could have discussed them doing it but never go through all that process for something that we didn’t need to see. To replace it with questions that we were wondering about. Like why weren’t the infamous couple married yet? Who sent that letter to Emily? How has Rory gotten to this point in her life? What has Jess been up to? Really we could have dived into Jess more instead of the musical aspect of it.

    The things with Tristan (even though I miss the real Tristan) Why couldn’t we have gotten a Rory/Tristan moment? Him calling her Mary. I mean come on could have given us something other than he hanging on some girl. Guess not much had changed for him after military school.

    I was just left with so many questions and from the sit down interviews it looks like we’re not going to get any answers anytime soon. Maybe another nine years right? I really was hyped for this revival and now I’m just left unsatisfied. It feels like a disappointment and it’s not closed chapter for us. It just leaves you feeling unwanted that they couldn’t do justice by the fans.

    Maybe they should take notes from the Veronica Mars and Fuller House reboots.

    Anyways, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  42. Caitlin Parker
    / 4:48 AM

    I love this. Everything you have written here is exactly my opinion on the series. I absolutely loved Emily’a storyline but not really anyone else’s. It felt as though nothing really happened in the first 3 episodes… I was extremely disappointed & hope there is one more season that will show everything between Rory & Jess. Thank you so much for writing this & showing me that I wasn’t the only one who felt exactly this way about the revival.

  43. / 5:02 AM

    I wholeheartedly agree with almost everything you’ve said here! However, being a Logan fan I really love the idea that he is her Richard and will leave Odette for Rory the way Richard left his fiancée for Emily!

    I do think Jess is good for Rory, but I think they should just stay friends because they have such an amazing connection, but he is better for her as her friend and confidante. (Although, he would be my next choice after Logan!)

    The musical really annoyed me, as weirdly “stars hollow like” as it was, it was clearly a filler and wasted a lot of time- it made me cringe and I had to forward through it.

    Love this review (massive fan of your Instagram as well), I really enjoy the way you write and how matter-of-fact you were about the revival! As partially disappointed as I am, I think I love Gilmore Girls so much that I just loved it overall anyway!

  44. / 6:31 AM

    I love your hair, it is so beautiful.

    My favourite tv shows are Gilmore-girls, little house on the prairie and star-crossed and 90210 beverly hills.
    I think it is cool that you also like Gilmore girls 🙂

  45. Veronica Delgado
    / 7:37 AM

    I read this and it was as if we had had sat snd watched the series together ! Rory is only one year older than me and I started watching back in 2003 .. I grew up with her and love Gilmore Girls and you describe it ! However, my thoughts are 100% to the tee as yours ? Loved getting to go back to Stars Hollow but really disappointed. So much that I even went back to season 1 the Pilot and watched a few minutes to get that icky feeling out lol ! Thank you for this review!

  46. / 9:56 AM

    I must say I totally agree with your review! I was less than impressed with the revival. And oh my gosh, that musical. What a waste of time. Why???

    I am Team Jess too so I totally love the theory that he’s the dad. If their plan was to leave us wanting more than they did that well. But if there’s more it needs to be better written and more true to the characters!

  47. Anonymous
    / 10:01 AM

    I have to 100% agree with you. I was so disappointed in the reboot. Although there were things I loved, I was mostly disappointed. Oh, by the way, I musical scene? I couldn’t watch it. Few minutes in and I knew it was gonna be a waste of time so I fast-forwarded the entire part. Also, I hated that Rory didn’t have a steady man in her life. I’m not saying she had to but all the affair with Logan while having a boyfriend (which she forgets about at all times) was pointless. Also, was it just me or did Rory seem a little awkward through out the entire thing. She didn’t seem to have the quick and quirky remarks like she usually does, although her entire character was just completely off. A few of my favorites was Luke, Michele, Taylor, and of course Kirk! I think these characters were the ones that held up to my expectations. FINAL FOUR WORDS: Major Fail.

  48. Brianna
    / 10:47 AM

    I’m writing a comment like you asked me to do on instagram 🙂
    I think that Logan’s the dad because she had just been intimate with him. I don’t think it was Jess as she treated him more like a brother/friend (much to my chagrin as I’d hoped they would end up together), or Paul, as he wasn’t even in the last couple episodes. And I think her asking Christopher about his involvement or lack thereof, was her imagining how Logan would react. I think Logan is her Christopher and Jess is her Luke. I really didn’t like how they ended it either, and like I said on Instagram, my review is the same as yours!

  49. Amanda
    / 1:00 PM

    I am Team Jess ALL. THE. WAY.
    I 100% agree with you on everything. Rory’s character sucks.

  50. / 2:12 PM

    YESSSSS to all of this! Loved your insight on this!! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused by the Life & Death Brigade out of place dream sequence scene. I’m not certain who the writer, who created Stars Hollow, thought any of that would fit at all! Oh, and that musical! Talk about a total time waste!

  51. / 4:07 AM

    I watched from the Pilot episode and loved Gilmore girls, so was so excited to get the reboot. Had the date pencilled in my diary!.
    I did love being back in Stars Hollow and Jess had got even hotter, but yes I was disappointed with the wedding , the whole town had wanted Luke and Loreli together so it would have been lovely to see them all there celebrating their wedding. Totally agree on the kid front too, I was thinking that yes she would be in her late 40’s now , so surely the baby thing would have come up earlier??? it made me feel a bit old that Rory was the same age now as Loreli when we first met her all those years ago in season 1 eek! . I thought Logan must be the dad , but actually what you said about Jess could be true unless Kogan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke. Loved Emily”s character though . At least we can visit the original season to revisit ?Xoxo

  52. / 10:25 AM

    Gilmore Girls holds a special place in my heart. My mom and I watched it together when it originally aired. Back then I was a couple years younger than Rory in Season 1 and now I’m a couple years younger than Lorelai was back in Season 1. So crazy! I have a lot of mixed emotions about the revival…

    Lorelai: I agree that it’s odd that Luke and Lorelai weren’t married yet (especially with her old engagement ring sitting around the house!). The original writers left after Season 6, and they didn’t get to write the Season 7 they had imagined. I think Lorelei being single and debating a baby now is another example of the original writers using their old ideas from what would have been their Season 7…unfortunately just 10 years later.

    Rory: I see your points on Rory. I really related to Rory growing up as I was a studious book nerd who loved a good serious relationship. However, I think Rory grew up in two worlds unfortunately – Lorelei and Stars Hollow pull her toward her innocent side and Logan and that wealthy world (including her grandparents and their friends) draw her to a more wild side. Chilton and Yale (worlds of money/power) started the downward spiral slowly. Once Rory met Logan, she changed a lot faster. She slowly got absorbed into the world of money/power and all the negatives that came along with that. While I think she used to be this sweet, innocent, hard working girl, her time living at her grandparents’ house and her relationship with Logan changed her into someone that loves the gossip, wealth, parties, scandals, and reckless adventure as well.

    Emily: I absolutely loved Emily’s storyline. She was completely in love with Richard, so her meltdown and “new life” made complete sense to me. The scene of her talking about whale hunting as a docent was hysterical!

    Luke: I agree that Luke was the same good ol’ guy! I loved his awkward interactions with Emily and when he declared his love for Lorelai.

    Sookie: Sookie’s scene was pointless. It just seemed thrown in there to get her into the revival. If she couldn’t have made the wedding scene, I think I would’ve preferred that Sookie and Jackson had moved away somewhere and Sookie’s scenes been phone chats with Lorelei throughout the different seasons.

    Paris: Other than her outfits, I wasn’t a fan of Paris in the revival. I didn’t like that she was separated from Doyle and her profession seemed off too. The Tristan scene seemed completely random as well. Why was he at Chilton’s alumni event when he didn’t even graduate from there?! Why bring him back without Chad Michael Murray?!

    Dean: The Dean scene was perfection. I love that he is happy with a wife and kids as he always seemed like a simple guy. The cornstarch lines melted my heart!

    Jess: I love that Jess and Rory are friends, but I think that there is something more there – especially after the look from the window! I read a comment somewhere about how mature Jess of today is the Jess high school Rory wanted/needed, but that now she is too into this wealthy world of Logan and her grandparents to be interested in a relationship with Jess. Unfortunately, I think that’s true. I don’t know if I want these two together though. I like them better as friends especially now that they are technically cousins!

    Logan: I’ve never been a Logan fan either. I mean he sure is great to look at, but I’ve never understood what either of them see in each other. Their relationship always felt forced. Sure, he helped her in stressful situations, but that was mostly just because he had money (like when he let her borrow his car and driver so she could get to Stars Hollow in the original series). He also showered her with expensive gifts like the Birkin she didn’t even want. I think his most thoughtful act was the coffee cart he rented to follow her around. Today’s Logan was just like he was back in the day, but worse because he was stringing Rory along. The fact that he was fine with her basically being his mistress was terrible! Like father, like son…

    The musical: I hated the musical too. I loved the guest appearance by Sutton Foster (watch Younger on TV Land if you don’t already), but she could’ve performed her solo kickstarting Lorelei’s adventure without the weird musical…

    The wedding: I thought the wedding was odd too. Of alllll the scenes to have the entire cast (or at least the most important of the show) – this was it! Where was everyone?! Emily is going to be so upset! I did like Lorelei’s thank you text to Kirk though. They have a sweet but odd friendship.

    The fight between Emily & Lorelai: This was cringe worthy! I turned to my boyfriend and asked “What just happened?! Why did she keep talking?” I wish the writers had just had her stay asleep or something. Emily would’ve been just as upset about something like that.

    Return of Life & Death Brigade: My boyfriend and I thought this was a dream too until it continued into the morning scene at the B&B. My least favorite part of this whole scene was that they trashed Doseys and threw all the money around. It was never brought up after, but Rory loves Stars Hollow and I can’t believe she would do something like that!

    The last four words: If they don’t do another Year In The Life then this will be so disappointing! The Wookie? Logan? Jess? Paul? A character we haven’t met yet? Maybe Rory has decided to use Paris’ company to get pregnant on her own? I hope we find out! Again, the writers said that they wanted Rory to get pregnant at 22 – this is another story made for Season 7 that was pushed back 10 years…

    While I wasn’t a fan of all of the scenes or even all of the characters, I’m so glad they made a revival. I just hope they don’t wait another ten years to give us more! Now I must go re-watch the four seasons again!

    IG: @alexandra.brant

  53. Lori Jones
    / 1:51 PM

    Such a great post! I completely agree with you. I’m very disappointed, but hopeful that we’ll get more.. hopefully soon.. with some answers!! I don’t like how they portrayed Rory. Her “relationship” with Logan was odd and so out of character for her. 10 year ago, she would have never been okay with him having a fiance. I am also rooting for Rory and Jess. I rooted for him from day one! All in all, this revival was not what I had anticipated.

  54. Victoria alexander
    / 2:12 PM

    I had a love/hate feeling for it. I loved the beginning of winter because it felt like the show I know and loved but I was waiting all these years for things to be more resolved like Rory’s life and I hoped loreali and Luke would already be married or had a kid in all that time the show was off. I hated lane and jess barely had any air time they were my favorites! i also HATED what they did to Rory’s character it was like not even the same person. I also loved fall because Sookie and dean had such cute scenes and the pre wedding was beautiful. I just wish there was a scene were we saw where they ended up years later like Rory actually being a mother instead of telling us she’s pregnant and left on a cliffhanger. But I’m just happy they did it all I will always love the original series

  55. Abbey
    / 2:17 PM

    Angela! You nailed this. I have waiting to finish all four so I could read your thoughts. My sisters and I just finished and I immediately read this out to them. We were all shouting “yes” “totally” “same” the whole way through. I completely agree with all of this and hadn’t even thought of some of it myself.
    This is gonna be long:

    I agree with what you wrote about Rory, neither she or her storylines were believable or true to the Rory we know and love. Her affair with Logan was my least favourite part – I have to admit I always loved them together in the series and so kind of enjoyed that they had scenes together but as soon as I remembered he was engaged I felt so angry! I majorly went off Dean after he cheated on his wife and just like you never considered that he and Rory would be together but I liked the scene with him in and liked the closure it brought to his character. And as for Jess! I loved him when they were together (and before) but was annoyed with the how he left and by the time he showed up again having written his book and got his life together Rory was with Logan and I fully supported her in that. I hadn’t had time to think fully about who the father could be by the time I read your thoughts and think you are right…or do I just want you to be right? I thought Jess was great in the revival and the look through the window was definitely a loaded one. At first I thought it was loaded with him wanting something to happen but now I’m thinking it was loaded with feelings after what did happen!

    Lorelai hadn’t changed as much but did still make some decisions I don’t think she would have made in the series. I don’t think it is as unbelievable that her and Luke aren’t married though. Getting married has always been what Emily wanted her to do and Lorelai always tries her best to not do what her mother wants. Although I do agree and it is unlikely Lorelai wouldn’t have thought about having children at any point before in 9 years. I liked the tribute to Wild having watched the film recently but felt that it took unesscary time out. (Just like the musical! Biggest waste of my time as well. In fact don’t even get me started. I felt the same about the life and death brigade.) I also didn’t like the way the feud with Emily was set up. I felt like they had moved past the long feuding by the end of season 7 and hated the Lorelai said what she did about Richard.

    However, I LOVED Emily throughout the revival and was so touched by the tribute to Edward. I liked the way that Emily realised she was a different person now, with a differentand that that was okay.

    At this time I also feel it necessary to say that I adored Luke and agree that he remained the most true to his character. I have nothing else to say about him really : )

    As for the last four words: I had thought about it a lot before watching A year in the life but honestly had no idea what they were going to be. I was for sure not expecting them to be what they were, however there were some hints at it. The scene where Rory saw Chris was the most obvisous one (though I didn’t realise until after) and Lorelai also said something about “life going full circle” at one point too. Which is of course why ASP wrote that to be the closing of the show. They have come full circle. I do feel very unsatisfied by the ending and think I would rather have left it how it was at the end of season 7 than at the end of the revival. I throughly enjoyed being back in Stars Hallow though. We worked out it’s been 6 years since we finished the series. We borrowed each season on DVD from friends of ours; how retro is that!?!

    Thank you very much for this pierce Angela, I loved and agreed with it very much. When I started watching the show no one had heard of it and now so many people watch it and I love that.
    I hope you and Matt had a lovely Christmas and have a brilliant New Year!
    Abbey xxx

  56. Ariel
    / 10:04 AM

    I was just exploring your blog and came across this so I’m totally late to the game here, but I agree with you 100% on everything you said EXCEPT the Jess being the father theory. I think Logan is the father, but that longing look is because Jess still has major feelings for her. I think Logan is Christopher and Jess is Luke, and in my dream world they do end up together and Jess is to Rory’s baby what Luke is to her and they are paralleling Lorelai’s story. I think this is supported by her weird conversation with her father towards the end. (This also didn’t make much sense to me, why is their relationship so cold at this point? It wasn’t explained at all)

    The only possible explanation I can think of to have Rory’s charter take such a 180 is that they always wanted to end the show like this, but that was taken away when they decided to leave so they had to get it back there somehow. I’m not sure when it was that it was decided they were leaving but could it be plausible that the stealing the boat storyline was supposed to be the precursor to this, and since they were leaving the kind of ties in up in a bow instead for the new writers? Idk, but it’s the only thing I can think of.

    Also, while I always thought Michele should be gay, they actually say different in the original story, so thats still a plot hole even though it’s how it should’ve always been haha!

    • Ariel
      / 10:07 AM

      Oh PS: I think Lorelei HATES change. We see that consistently with her old car and not wanting to move. I think they wanted to make that obvious that Lorelei has managed to keep everything exactly the same. But I agree, I hated that they weren’t married and it makes no sense that marriage and children wouldn’t have come up.

  57. Lauren R
    / 3:03 AM

    So I read your SatC post and had to come & read this one (how did I miss it?). I totally agree with you on almost everything! Especially about Rory. She is so different and it was unbelievable to see her so lost and flaky – not who she is at all! And I agree with all of your other disappointment (the musical was terrible!). The only thing I disagree with is who you think the father is. In my mind, even though I don’t love Logan and wish it were not the case, he is the father. The main reason I think this is because of Rory’s conversation with her dad. She asks for his advice because she’s in the exact same scenario that Lorelai was in – pregnant with a rich man’s baby but not sure how to proceed with that. Her father is paralleled in Logan, Lorelai in her, and Jess will be the Luke character in this young child’s life. I agree, not what I HOPED would be the case but I just don’t realistically see it any other way. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Great review overall! I felt the exact same as you for pretty much all of it. Sigh. Wish it could have been better but it still felt like having coffee with an old friend.

  58. Shannon
    / 3:54 AM

    I came across this after reading a blip they were in conversations for more episodes, couldn’t find any firm confirmation. I agree with all except for Rory and Logan.

    At first I also felt Rory was misrepresented, but then I realized she wasn’t. Although what you said about her in the OG series is correct everyone overlooked the fact that she didn’t handle criticism well at all, ever. She was too used to being praised and her M.O. all too often when criticized was to run away or have a meltdown or freak out. Also, she was a bit whiney. In the real world, criticism happens a lot even if not always justified so while the length of time may be an exaggeration, I think it’s exactly what could have happened, that she really struggled with having an actual boss and her immature reactions wouldn’t get her far!

    I also think that Logan going into the family business after Rory dumped him is reasonable and I think he would marry Rory in a heartbeat if she’d say yes. It’s not her settling for crumbs, it’s him settling for crumbs. Until we saw the fiancé, I actually thought she was fictional and that he made up (or had already dumped) because Rory felt safe having a relationship with him if she thought he wasn’t really available.

    I hated Jess and Dean and have always been team Logan…for all the reasons here

    But, seriously Sookie! If she was only going to be back for one scene it definitely should have been wedding related.

  59. Maria
    / 1:03 PM

    I’m way late to this but I agree with you! It felt forced to me. I don’t blame the actors or even the writers, producers etc. I’m sure they did the best they could with the time frame they had. I wasn’t a fan of the year in the life, and personally I wouldn’t have done it if I couldn’t have really had it the way I wanted it. It felt like they settled and it was disappointing. But do still enjoy rewatching the seasons of GG 🙂

  60. Kerrysa
    / 1:19 PM

    I absolutely love Gilmore Girls and the reboot. I agree
    With a lot of things you thought about it. However I still loved it. Through our the series I have had moments where I loved Rory with Dean, Jess and Logan. But if Rory had to end up with any of them it would either be with Jess or Dean. Like you said there is something about Logan that isn’t right. They definitely could have done better with Rory having some sort of career whether it was in journalism, writing or maybe even a teacher.
    Lorelai has and will always be one of my favorites. She definitely grew so much in the whole series. The scenes she had with Emily were so sweet even though I know they had their disagreements. She definitely should have been at Lorelai and Luke’s wedding. We all know she was always rooting for them. Even when it seemed like she wasn’t. I wish we could have had more Lorelai and Sookie scenes even with Melissa’s busy schedule it would have been nice for her to be in the reboot more.
    I think we need more episodes to get more questions answered, plus who doesn’t want to visit stars hallow again?

  61. Peggy
    / 1:31 AM

    Ok I’m new to the series. I started watching in Jan 2022, binged the whole series/ reboot and immediately started it over! This time, I’m listening to Scott Patterson’s ( Luke) podcast as he watches it for the first time. I could talk your ear off on THAT subject! 🤣 That’s how I found this , when you two were on the podcast. Anyhoo… My biggest problem with the reboot was the wasted time. The stupid musical, the L&D brigade. Stupid. We could have seen so much more. I agree that they completely changed Rory. 🤬🤬🤬 I understand the whole Sookie and Dean actors were busy, but while they had them there they should have done more scenes. I think that Logan is the daddy. I loved Logan. Season 1-4 I was Team Dean but Logan turned out to be my favorite. All in all, I was just happy to know Lorelei and Luke lived happily ever after. I mean, if she ever decides she doesn’t want him….. she can send him to me! 🥳😜
    I love this series so much! I’m almost finished with my 2nd time around and I know I’ll watch it another zillion times again! Much love from Texas!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 1:48 PM

      Awwwww! I’m so so glad you liked the series!!!

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