13 Postpartum Body Changes – Three Month Update 150 150 Angela Lanter

13 Postpartum Body Changes – Three Month Update

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

three month postpartum update angela lanter hello gorgeous

Dress: Matron Saint [c/o]  |  Heels: Sam Edelman [c/o]  |  Earrings: Baublebar [c/o]  |  Handbag: Gucci

I shot these photos for a New Years Eve look, but never got around to posting them because little lady made her big debut before NYE even rolled around!  If you’re looking for a date night look, this fitted black dress, statement earrings and sparkly shoe combo is a winner, pregnant or not.

As I look back through my pregnancy photos, it’s incredible to see what my body went through.  God created us women to be walking miracles and I’m so proud to be a woman.

If you listen to our podcast, Hello Baby, we chat a lot about life with baby, but I wanted to dedicate today’s blog post to me, after baby.  I want to highlight my body changes and how I’ve been feeling.  So, as usual, I’m keeping it real for y’all…  You know how I roll, lol!  A lot of what my body has gone through after baby has been a surprise to me.  After going through this process with several girlfriends at the same time, I realized that each mama had her own series of symptoms she experienced.  We women truly are unique in every aspect of life.  So if you’re expecting your first little one, just know that you may or may not experience all of these body changes below.

13 Postpartum Body Changes – My Three Month Update

  1. Hair loss:  I haven’t noticed the dreaded three month hair loss yet…  I have been taking as many precautions as possible to prevent it including vitamins, hair products and even washing my hair less often than normal.
  2. Eyelash Loss:  This came as a surprise to me.  My lashes look pretty darn pathetic, which is why I started getting lash extensions recently.  It’s not recommended to use lash growth serums while pregnant or nursing, so extensions it is!
  3. Weight Loss:  I gained a total of 34 lbs. during my pregnancy and now have about 8 lbs. left to lose.  I’ve heard that you hold onto 5-10 lbs. while breastfeeding and those final pounds come off once you stop nursing.  Chime in below with your postpartum weight loss experiences.
  4. Skin:  My skin looks the best that it’s looked since I was on birth control.  I’ve had virtually no pimples and only a single blackhead here or there.  The one thing I have developed postpartum was a nifty form of dermatitis, which has pretty much cleared up with some nursing-friendly topical treatments prescribed by my dermatologist.
  5. Moles:  I’m one moley girl and pregnancy only added to that problem for me.  Some of the moles I already had stretched and stayed that way but the worst part was all of the new moles I developed.  The new moles are primarily skin tags which (thankfully) are easy to have removed.
  6. Nails:  Probably a result of the post-natal vitamins and surging hormones, but my nails are growing much faster than usual.
  7. Night SweatsNo one, not a single woman in my life, prepared me for the night sweats that occurred immediately after birth.  It took weeks before the sweats finally stopped, but they helped remove a lot of the water I was retaining throughout my pregnancy.
  8. Digestive:  The pregnancy gas disappeared after birth, but along came a new problem to fear: constipation.  I was given medication as soon as I was able to have fluids in the hospital to prevent constipation and I’m so thankful I obeyed those instructions.  I’ve found that most foods containing fiber are the foods that cause gas in babies, so constipation continues to be a concern even three months in.  I combat that by continuing to take Natural Calm at bedtime.
  9. Vagina:  Being the naive first-timer that I am, I assumed that I wouldn’t have the postpartum bleeding since I had a c-section… Wrong!  You have a 6 week-long period whether you deliver vaginally or via cesarean.  So, yes, you do need a boatload of maxi pads (no tampons allowed) and the handy-dandy squirt bottle for each and every bathroom trip you make.
  10. Boobs:  We have an entire podcast episode dedicated to my breastfeeding journey coming soon, that’s how much I have to talk about on this topic.  I’ve experience bleeding nipples, engorgement, cluster feedings and so much more.  My boobs now dictate my day…  When they’re too full, they hurt really bad and either I need to nurse or pump.  Breastfeeding is hard.  It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done, but it’s hard.  Still, I love doing it.  I love knowing that I’m able to provide my baby with everything that her little body needs.
  11. Sleep:  Ah what I’d give for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.  MacKenlee is sleeping like a champ, it’s me that’s the problem.  I have to pump late at night or my full breasts wake me up.  Then I wake up multiple times throughout the night to check on baby girl and make sure she’s ok.  I keep hoping that one day soon I’ll be able to sleep peacefully.
  12. Pain:  Unfortunately, I have nerve damage from the spinal block that I still haven’t recovered from.  I now suffer from low back numbness and right leg pain daily.  This is highly unusual, so of course it would happen to me, lol.  I’m getting regular deep tissue massages and chiropractor care in hopes of a full recovery.
  13. Emotions:  I could (and maybe should) write a book about the emotional roller coaster you take a ride on after birth.  I stupidly thought I was above the postpartum blues…  Wrong again, Ang.  I cried for no reason the day I came home from the hospital.  Scratch that, I sobbed for no reason.  I sat on my swing with a two week old baby while my husband slept after working all night long and cried from loneliness.  I teared up every time I remembered that I no longer had my sweet baby in my belly.  I looked at my newborn baby and felt so out of my mind with worry that I didn’t have any idea what I was doing…  In hindsight, all of the crazy emotions I encountered these past three months were way less dramatic than I felt the were at the time I was living them.  Everything is heightened when your hormones are raging.  I felt like my emotions finally leveled off at about the 6 week mark, and I started to emotionally resemble myself again.

Leave your postpartum symptoms and stories below so I know I’m not alone in all of this!

Photography by Kara Coleen.

What To Wear On Easter Sunday 150 150 Angela Lanter

What To Wear On Easter Sunday

Easter Dress Inspiration Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

What To Wear On Easter Sunday

Under $60Pink Bell Sleeves | Pink Floral Chiffon | White Chiffon Wrap | Lilac Ruffle Wrap

Under $100Bubble Sleeves (ON SALE!) | Yellow Midi | Lace Shift | Lace Midi

Over $100Eyelet Flutter (ON SALE!) | Cold Shoulder | Crochet Overlay | Lilly Pulitzer Shift

The Easter Bunny is right around the corner!  Every year I’ve always purchased a new dress for Easter Sunday.  When I was a little girl, that tradition always included a new hat and sometimes even gloves.  As a little Pentecostal church girl, Easter Sunday dresses were a big deal.  Now, I’ll pass that tradition on to my own sweet baby girl.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dress for myself and thought I’d share some that caught my eye at different price points.  I ordered one of these dresses for myself.  Leave a comment below with your guess on which one I bought!

I haven’t yet found the perfect dress or outfit for MacKenlee and I’ve been looking everywhere.  If you have any good suggestions about where I should be shopping for her, let me know in the comments.  I’ve already tried H&M, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Janie and Jack, Baby Gap and Zara Baby to name a few…

ASOS maternity sweater third trimester Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous


11 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe 150 150 Angela Lanter

11 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe


11 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

11 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

One of the first concerns Matt and I had when we started to plan for Miss MacKenlee’s arrival was safety.  Of course, I wanted her nursery to be pretty, so we needed to find ways to marry safety and style.  We partnered with Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen Program ( to help educate other parents and parents-to-be about how to keep your babies safe.  Check out the Make Safe Happen App for new safe sleep, safe nursery content and tips.

If you listen to Hello Bump Podcast, then you’ve been on this baby product and nursery journey with us.  You also know that Matt is a true researcher, so he spent a ton of time studying baby safety.  After doing our homework, we started to put our research to good use and took steps to make our home more baby-friendly.  We created the video below to show you some of the ways we made our little one’s nursery safe along with our list of practical tips that all new parents need to know.

11 Ways to Keep Your Baby and Nursery Safe

  1. Outlet Plugs.  I thought we’d start with the most obvious safety tip first: covering your electrical outlets.  This way nothing can be shoved into the outlets.
    11 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous
  2. Knob Covers.  Doorknobs, cabinet pulls, oven knobs and faucets all need to be locked for baby’s safety.  And don’t forget to check your windows and install stops.
  3. Keep the Crib Empty.  Remove all blankets, toys, stuffed animals and even bumpers to keep your little one safe while sleeping.  You want to make sure to use a firm mattress, fitted sheet and sleep sacks/swaddles for the safest sleeping environment.  Get more tips for safe sleeping in this video.
  4. No Cords on Windows.  Be sure that your window treatments don’t have hanging or looped cords that are reachable to prevent accidents.
  5. Secure all electrical cords.  Use zip ties to secure cords to furniture so there are no loose wires.
  6. Anchor Furniture.  As your baby grows, they naturally want to climb.  Keep them safe by anchoring any shelves, dressers, changing tables, etc. to the wall.11 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous
  7. Baby Monitor.  Setting up a baby monitor in the nursery eases your nerves since you can see what your little one is doing at any given moment.
  8. Use the Safety Straps.  Regardless of your baby’s size, always use the safety strap on your changing table and keep one hand on your baby to prevent any rolling incidents.
  9. Keep Changing Table Clear.  Once baby starts to grab and grasp items, keep the changing table clear of any products or caps they may grab and put in their mouth.
  10. Move Crib Away from Windows.  Remember, babies like to climb, so keep their bed away from any windows.
  11. Keep Your Windows Closed.  Never leave your little one unattended in a room with an open window.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nationwide . The opinions and text are all mine.

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