Master Bathroom Reveal and Organization Details

150 150 Angela Lanter

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: ASOS [c/o]  |  Heels: Charles David  |  Lipstick: MAC “Yash” (ON SALE!)

When we bought our house, one of my favorite rooms was the white marble bathroom.  I’ve always dreamed of a bright, white bathroom and I’m so thrilled to have that now.  I knew I needed to make the most of the drawer space I had in the bathroom, while keeping it as functional as possible.  The best way I found to do that is by using drawer organizers.  I chatted about the process originally in this blog post.

Organization can get pricey fast, so here’s my routine to keeping the prices down:

  • First shop at Homegoods and T.J. Maxx for your organization essentials such as acrylic trays, drawers and drawer dividers.
  • Second, shop online at places such as Amazon, Target and Wayfair for the pieces you weren’t able to find in store.
  • Last resort: The Container Store.  They have everything you need for a perfectly organized space…  But it’s the most pricey option.

Under my bathroom sink, I used multiple types and sizes of plastic baskets and acrylic trays to keep the space organized and functional.  Below is my organization process based on product type.

Hair Products:

I grouped together the hair products I don’t use on an everyday basis in a bigger basket towards the back left.  The hair products that I reach for daily are grouped together in a basket in the front left for easy access.

For my curling iron, I use the Classica & Lillie Curler Caddie to keep it neat and easy to reach.  I secured it to the inside of my cabinet door but it’s made to suction perfectly on your vanity mirror. It suctioned perfectly to my cabinet door, but didn’t on my tile. It can also be used to store your straightening iron. Because it’s made of silicone, it won’t melt and prevents burns to your surfaces.  Save $2 on the pink or blue Curler Caddies with this link, but hurry…  There’s only limited quantities available!

As for my hairbrushes and hair clips, I used acrylic trays to keep them separate, but still easily accessible.  I try to clean my hairbrushes out after every use because I can’t stand having hair in my drawers… GAG!  I also learned how to wash my hairbrushes to keep them clean and nice longer from Mawmaw.  If you’d like me to do a post about how I clean my hairbrushes, combs or even hair extensions, leave a comment below and let me know.


I divided up my skincare based on usage.  I keep my every day and night products in my drawer that I organize with trays from Homegoods.  I use a silverware organizer to keep my cotton round pads in a neat pile that I can grab easily to apply my toner and the two smaller trays to separate my eye products.

My face masks and speciality skincare products are stored in the trays under the sink and in the grey basket in the open shelves.

Q-tips, soap bars (we use Dove) and cotton balls are all stored in the glass jars on the counter top.  Because they’re all white, they make for a pretty display while still being functional.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bathroom light fixture for over the bathtub.  Once I put the finishing touches on the bathroom, I’ll show the room in it’s entirety.

Photography by Kara Coleen.


I’m giving away three Curler Caddies to thee Gorgeous Girls.  All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter (if you’re not already signed up, sign up by entering your email address here!) and leave a comment below on this blog post letting me know that you’re signed up and which color Curler Caddie you want: Blush Pink or Spa Blue.  Winners will be chosen on Friday, December 8th.

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous


The Gift Guide: For Your Mom

150 150 Angela Lanter

The Gift Guide: For Your Mom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Gift Ideas for Mom

  1. Pour Moi Beauty Gift Set:  Pour Moi makes a skincare solution for the climate you live in…  SO brilliant!  Use this serum morning and night to stay hydrated based on where you live or where you’re traveling to.
  2. Moroccan Oil Set:  I’ve been a fan of Moroccan Oil for years.  These products leave your hair feeling and smelling amazing.
  3. Vanity Mirror:  My favorite mirror I’ve ever used is the Riki Love Riki mirror from Glamcor.  While I was filming Halloween tutorials in October, I shattered my beloved mirror along with all of my hopes and dreams…  Just kidding.  Well, sort of.  My beloved mirror is on the pricey side, but this one is a steal at only $45.
  4. Ugg Boots:  I bought my mom a pair of cozy Ugg boots last Christmas to help keep her tootsies warm during the cold, snowy Ohio winters.
  5. Cozy Sweater:  On a recent shopping trip, I picked up this soft sweater for myself, so I know it’d make a wonderful gift.  It’s under $50 and comes in 5 different colors.
  6. Luxe Candles:  A wonderfully scented candle is a no-fail gift.  These jar candles are always stocked in my candle cabinet.
  7. Warm Slippers:  I’ve been a slipper fan my entire life.  Matt bought me Ugg slippers several years ago and they’re still a wintertime favorite of mine.  This pair happens to currently be on sale for 40% off.
  8. Quality Hair Dryer:  Great quality hair dryers make a big difference in dry time.  If you have a mom that styles her hair every. single. morning. (like my mom does!) then this is a fantastic gift idea.
  9. Towel Warmer:  I stole this from my own birthday/Christmas wish list.  There’s no cozier feeling than getting out of a hot bath or shower and wrapping up in a warm towel.  A towel warmer is cost effective way to bring the luxurious spa feeling to your own bathroom.
  10. Soft Throw:  I’m cozied up by the fire typing this blog post while wrapped up in this very throw blanket.  I keep a basket of throws available in my family room at all times (see this blog post) but this is my favorite blanket in the basket.
  11. Luxurious Bathrobe:  You could easily call me a robe snob.  I have specific things I look for in a bathrobe and this one passed the test.  I purchased this robe while in Vancouver last winter and it’s become my go-to robe.  It’s buttery soft and amazing quality.  It’s under $100 and comes in so many colors.
  12. Silk Pillowcase:  Matt bought me this pillowcase for Christmas last year and he loved it so much we immediately had to buy him one too.  There are so many beauty benefits for your skin and hair from silk pillowcases, so what mom wouldn’t love the gift of even better beauty sleep?
  13. Rejuvenating Eye Mask:  Another sleep essential in my house is this eye mask.  Matt bought me this mask last Christmas as well and I won’t sleep without it.  It’s currently on sale and, in my humble opinion, it’s worth every single penny.
  14. Butter Slipper Socks:  I received these socks as a birthday gift several years ago and they continue to be a favorite of mine.  They’re so soft, come in seven different colors and are $8 each or 3 pairs for $19.  These make awesome stocking stuffers!
  15. Stylish Luggage:  The perfect gift for a mom that’s on the go.  I just got this set in rose gold and it’s so pretty in person!  There are four different colors to choose from and the price point is fantastic for three different sized bags with spinner wheels (which are a must!)

Shop These Gift Ideas:

My Love Language: Receiving Gifts

150 150 Angela Lanter

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #JaredTimelessMoments campaign, sponsored by Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, “Love Languages,” then girl…  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.  One of my favorite books is, “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman.  This book explains that we all communicate love in five different languages.  Some of us have one primary language, and others (ahem, moi) are a tad complicated and have more than one primary language.

Essentially, a love language is the way that you speak and understand love.  A person typically demonstrates love to others the way that they themselves want to be loved.  The love languages are: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to focus in on the love language of receiving gifts.  If your love language is gift giving, then you love to not only receive but to give.  Chances are that you know someone (maybe even you) whose primary love language is gift giving.  If it’s not that obvious what that person’s characteristics may look like, let me give some examples.  Know anyone who is a fabulous gift giver?  Someone who puts a lot of time and thought into the perfect present, whether homemade or store bought.  These individuals pride themselves in being great gift-givers.  That’s how I know that this is one of my primary love languages, because I love to give gifts.  I enjoy taking time to come up with the perfect present that will be remembered.  Maybe that’s why I love Christmas so much, I get to speak my favorite love language to those most important to me.

The year I started my first job, I have a vivid memory of wanting to spend my Christmas paycheck on a very special holiday gift for my mom.  My mom has always been a jewelry lover, so I knew a special piece of jewelry would be the perfect gift.  I remember going shopping and finding the perfect necklace for her.  I was so proud to be able to buy my first grown-up Christmas gift with my own, hard earned money.  That year, Christmas morning was so exciting for me because I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she opened my gift.

A beautiful gift that my mom would love this Christmas is this stunning diamond solitaire necklace and these diamond solitaire earrings from Jared the Galleria Of Jewelry.  I love this set in rose gold, but both pieces also are available in yellow and white gold as well.  This necklace and earring set would make a fantastic holiday gift because of the classic design and round cut diamonds.  I love the bezel setting because it’s so on trend and it will always be in style in my opinion.  I chose this set for my mom because they are such timeless pieces that easily transition from casual to dressy.  My mom loves wearing jewelry in her everyday life, but she looks for pieces that take her from a day at the office to a dressier evening event.

Jewelry has always been a special way to show the people in my life what they mean to me.  I think it’s because jewelry pieces can be worn every day and oftentimes serve as a reminder of the gift-giver each time the recipient sees it.  Jared the Galleria Of Jewelry is the perfect place to find that special gift for the most important people in your life.  They have a wide selection of jewelry options so you’re sure to find the perfect present in your price range.  Jared the Galleria Of Jewelry has so many beautiful options this Christmas season to be sure that your gift is remembered for many years to come.

Jared is hosting a fun giveaway just in time for the holidays!  Participants will have a chance to win one of FOUR #JaredTimelessMoments prizes, from now – December 8th, featuring your choice of jewelry from Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry valued up to $400.  Enter the sweepstakes below for your chance to win!

Also, there’s another chance to win something awesome from Jared: come join the #JaredTimelessMoments Twitter party!  The Twitter party will be December 5, 2017 from 8:00-9:00 EST and hosted by @SarahScoop.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your love language is.  If you also speak the gift language, then leave a comment with either the best gift you’ve received or given.  I’d love to hear your Christmas morning stories!

Jared the Galleria Of Jewelry – Just Because Sweepstakes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry. The opinions and text are all mine.


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