June Q&A – Girl Talk Tuesday

June Q&A – Girl Talk Tuesday


june q&a – girl talk tuesday


Time for another Q&A!  Let me know below in the comments…  Do you want to see one of these posts for Girl Talk Tuesday every month or every other month?




Work life balance, struggling with a toddler and work and me time! -@emmarudsitsrawbone

Is balance even real??  No, but for real…  It seems like balance is what we’re all seeking, but it looks so different for every person.  I am very blessed to have my mom helping with Kenny, the house and my business.  Honestly, it’s her help that keeps me as close to balance as possible.  I have yet to carve out a real schedule, which is what I think we all need in order to feel some sort of balance in our lives and home.  But, one day I’ll hopefully get there!


What are the benefits to multi-masking? -@jennlen_

Multi-masking is applying more than one type of face mask at once.  The purpose is to target different skin issues and treat them specifically.  This is especially helpful if you have combination skin.  Here is an example of my typical multi-masking session.  I’m treating my under eyes for dark circles and fine lines, my t-zone for pore minimization and hydration for my cheeks.


Do you use any products that work really well with cystic acne? -j3n_duff

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for cystic acne…

1- I use copaiba essential oil topically for inflammation. (Message me if you want more info!)

2- I dry those spots out with a great charcoal mask.  I like to spot treat overnight.

3- Cleanse with products containing salicylic acid.


What products do you use to target breakouts? -@jgarner1987

Salicylic acid is wonderful for treating acne!  I’ve been hearing GREAT things about this concealer that covers acne and treats at the same time!


What do you love about Ohio vs. Nashville and vice versa? -@reesieb83

Ohio is wonderful to go and spend time with our friends and family, but it’s not where we want to live full time.  I could go without ever seeing snow again in my life and be TOTALLY fine with that.  You gotta remember, the area I grew up in is literally called, “The Snow Belt.”  Nashville is our favorite place to be because we love the weather, the people and the city.


What’s your favorite plant to grow? -@des_jeffreys

For indoor, it’s my wandering Jew.  I love that I can easily trim the plant and start new plants from the trimmings!

For outdoors, I love my elephant ears on my porch, but green beans have been really fun to grow too.


Hubs and I always try to keep things, “Spicy”. Fun date night ideas? -@esloan82

I have a couple date night idea blog posts you should check out if you haven’t already!


Where is your headband from that you wear with face masks? -@rachelmergo

They are spa headbands and I love them!  You can find them here.


Do you have a favorite eyeshadow palette? -@shadowhunter_clace_js

Yes!  I la-la-LOVE the mini nude palette by Natasha Denona.  Check out how I use it in this video.


What kind of highlights do you have? They look so natural and amazing. -@chels4man

According to my hair stylist, Kait Marie: “It’s a mix of babylights and balayage..”


What is your most used designer handbag? -@sarahmoualem

It’s a toss-up between my Gucci crossbody Disco bag because it’s smaller and easily fits my cell phone and wallet OR my LV Graceful bag because it’s larger and makes a fab mom bag.  The Graceful is more used than my Neverfull because I added the crossbody strap.


What mask do you use for under your eyes? -@araselisantana

These are my favorite collagen eye masks and these are my favorite for brightening dark circles.


I get a lot of acne around my jawline and chin from wearing a mask.  What can I do? -@rimap_

I had a bout with Maskne last month and it turns out it was from not regularly cleaning my face mask.  All that makeup, dirt and debris was causing constant breakouts where my mask hit.  I now know that I have to keep my masks clean or else I can expect some unwelcome company.


What are your thoughts on the COVID situation within the US? -@sgauds

My answer will be different to this question depending on the day.  We’ve been SUPER cautious throughout the pandemic.  When we were in Ohio, I didn’t see any of my friends and only a small handful of family members.  It’s such a weird time and I want to protect my family as best as I can, while also not living in fear.  It’s really difficult finding a balance.


Where do you want to go to holiday? -@teagirl_97_

30A is my favorite place on earth!!  Now we’re only a car ride away.  Read my 30A Travel Guide here.  We’re heading there really soon.?


I’m getting ready to move! Best moving tips/tricks/advice?  I’m already overwhelmed! -@daniellestevens

Oh girl…  Been there, done that.  Many times.  Organization is key for a move that won’t make you crazy.  The more organized you are when packing, the easier it will be to unpack.


Best way to transform your life to a happier one? -@kalebsmommy15

WHEW!  This is a deep one.  For me, I’m happiest and feel most fulfilled when my relationship with God is top priority.


What is the best drugstore face wash? -@madisondeadrick

I really love this facial wash from La Roche-Posay.  It does a great job of cleansing while also hydrating the skin.


How is Ahsoka now? -@emma_rocks_with_you

Soka is doing SO well!  She stayed in Ohio with my mom and she’s getting heat therapy twice a week and acupuncture as needed.  She’s almost back to normal.  We’re monitoring her symptoms carefully because we don’t want her to re-injure her back.


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1440 1800 Angela Lanter
  • Yes please! Q&a every month! I LOVE those pics of you and Kenny! Stunning! ?

  • Great Q and A’s!! ?

  • Every Tuesday would be awesome. You know quickly things change. Thank you for the shoutout. I’m glad I can go shop for things online since that’s my only way of shopping nowadays.

  • Love these!! Monthly for sure.

  • Ashton mclane

    Gosh I just love me some Girl Talk Tuesday!!!

  • Elizabeth

    How did you clean your oven door? What product did you use? I’m soooo needing you do this, but I’m nervous, so I haven’t done it! I couldn’t tell if the Force of Nature is what you used.

  • Stephanie Loverde

    What do you recommend to use for old acne scars/craters? What is the best kind of moisturizer to use for wrinkles starting to form especially around the mouth?

    • Angela Lanter

      Have you tried a chemical peel? Or microneedling?

      • Stephanie Loverde

        I have, I usually go to massage envy but they are so expensive and they say you have to get a lot of them to actually make a difference. And no one seems to want to do them in the summer. I don’t understand why that’s a big deal because they used to say that about using Retin-A acne cream but nothing ever happened except for more peeling. Do you know any companies that do good ones for a cheap price?

  • Mindy Diegel

    I love a good Q& A!!

  • Stephanie Loverde

    Monthly please! Would love to hear some work/life balance tips because coming from you who is surely one of the busiest people around they would be very useful tips! How do you divide time between Matt, family time, friends, and yourself and work?

  • Thank you for sharing! I struggle with acne & even more now that I wear a mask all day. Ya girl needs help ?

    • Angela Lanter

      Make sure you’re cleaning your mask regularly!

  • love the Q &A , thanks for sharng all the multi masking, you talk a lot about it on insta as well but is good to see it typed out and the links

  • love the Q &A , thanks for sharing all the multi masking tips, you talk a lot about it on insta as well but is good to see it typed out and the links

  • I love the idea of a Q&A every month yes please!!!! and the photos are gorgeous and super cute!!

  • I love reading these Q&A’s and getting to know you better 🙂

  • Brittany Blackburn

    I love these types of Girl Talk posts every month!

  • Kelly Cabana

    Love your Q&A! Yes! Please make monthly!

  • Emily Jean

    Monthly Q&A is great! Maybe you could post an Instagram asking for questions! I’m not sure the where the best place is to post questions. Sorry this is a delayed response, life got crazy!

    How do you keep your rugs clean with a dog and child? I love the white one but am nervous to get it with our pup.

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