Girl Talk Tuesday: Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Girl Talk Tuesday: Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.

As a little girl, I was so excited to go shopping for my classroom valentines and sweet treats.

As a teenager, I loved getting flowers at school.  I felt so adult.

As an adult, I still love the holiday (Hallmark or not).  Why not celebrate a day dedicated to love.

Let’s be real.  Us girls, we need romance.  That’s why so many of us girls love Valentine’s Day.  It’s an excuse to require a little romance from our men.

Depending on the season of life you’re currently in, a fancy date night may not be in the cards for you.  And that’s okay.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to squeeze in a little date night with your significant other regardless of your cashflow.  Here are some great ideas that anyone can make happen this Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Some require a babysitter and a couple don’t.


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  • Spa day.  Ideally this would be at an exquisite day spa.  But it doesn’t have to be.  You could host this at home after the littles are in bed and with very little money spent.  Give each other massages.  Buy some sheet masks.  Laugh at how crazy you look in masks.  Drink champagne and eat chocolate covered strawberries.  Give each other full body scrubs…  And my bet is the evening will turn steamy real fast. ?
  • Go for a drive in the country.  Get and afternoon sitter, grab your man and some picnic type food.  Hit the road and head to the country.  Enjoy the sights and find a quiet spot to stop and have lunch together.
  • Take a cooking class.  This one has been on my to-do list forever.  I’m my most creative when I’m in the kitchen.  I’ve always wanted to take a class to learn a unique dish with Matt in tow.
  • Hiking.  Another free day date idea.  Matt and I have always enjoyed an afternoon spent hiking.  It’s so rewarding to get to the top of the mountain and share the views together.  We’ve had some of our best conversations on hiking trails.
  • Dinner and a movie at home.  The only thing that makes this different than any other random Tuesday night is that you make it feel special.  Make your spouse’s favorite food.  Break out the wedding china you’ve got sitting at the top of your cabinets.  Decorate your table with fresh flowers, candy hearts and lit candles.  Play soft music.  Turn off your phones.  Connect with each other.  Have your favorite desserts and watch your favorite romantic movie.  Maybe even throw in a slow dance in your kitchen.  Make the evening slow and personal.

See what I mean?  You don’t need a fancy night out to create a Valentine’s Day to remember.  You just need a kid-free, technology-free chunk of time to reconnect and celebrate the person you fell in love with.  Share with me below your favorite Valentine’s Day memory.


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