Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 4 & 5

Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 4 & 5

Hopefully, you have been joining us on this pregnancy journey via Hello Bump Podcast!  Last week we chatted about episodes 2 and 3.  I recapped the feelings I experienced in weeks 6, 7 and 8 of my first trimester.

This week we covered week 9 in episode 4 and week 10 in episode 5.  For those of you with iPhones, you can easily download and listen to our shows using the Podcasts app via iTunes.  If you have an Android, we are also available on the Stitcher app.  And if you don’t have either, you can listen to the episodes directly from my blog posts.

Episode 4: Week 9 “Vaginal Cannon and Tasting Breastmilk” has me exploring body image and my own sex drive during pregnancy.  I don’t think I can get much more personal with y’all at this point…  Oh but I will in the very near future, just you wait.  LOL!  In this episode, we also talk about Matt’s blood work results and his gene mutations.  After going through this process, it leaves me wondering if everyone does this Counsyl testing and if it just gives parents reason for unnecessary concern?  I know it’s great for recognizing true genetic issues, but when it’s not something potentially life threatening, is it worth the fear we experience waiting for the genetic counselor to determine our risks?

Another topic from week 9 that still plagues me to this very day is the illusive “Listeria” threat.  I’ve seen several women whose doctors have said that they’ve never in their career treated a patient for listeria.  It makes me also wonder if we’re overly cautious about the foods we eat?  Can you tell that this mama just REALLY wants a hot dog right now?!

Episode 5: Week 10 “The Name Game” has us chatting about all the different methods for guessing the gender.  I want to know…  Have any of you had luck or found one theory over the other to be more effective?  I’ve seen a lot of believers in the Ramzi Theory, the heart rate count and the forehead slope.  Wondering what y’all think about these!

The task of naming our baby has been the most daunting to date.  Here’s the problem: no matter what name you choose, there will always be someone in your life who doesn’t like it for one reason or another.  As of now, we don’t plan on releasing the baby’s name until after the birth.  We receive enough feedback from family and close friends, so we don’t need to invite additional feedback on the name into our lives, ya know?  I honestly think that keeping the name a secret until the birth is the smartest way to go, that way you don’t have any opinion’s weighting in.  I believe that your child is God’s very personal gift to you.  He only tasks the parents with the privilege of selecting a name, yet so many people feel that it is their right to give opinions about it.  Naming your baby is a very personal, very special thing, so I think you should keep it that way.

This past weekend, Matt felt like I really popped.  So now that I have a true bump, I’m struggling to dress myself.  NOTHING FITS ME, Y’ALL.  I know, I know…  This is normal and totally a part of it.  But again, I’m just being totally human and fessing up to how I’ve been feeling this week.  I did some new maternity pieces in today so I’m excited to have some new things to style the bump with!

Here’s a couple of looks I’ve put together this week:

Angela Lanter maternity casual outfit pregnancy 18 weeks pregnant hello gorgeous

J. Crew Chambray Shirt  //  Striped Tee (similar)  //  Paige Ankle Skinny Jeans  //  Black Strappy Heels (similar)

Angela Lanter maternity casual outfit pregnancy 18 weeks pregnant hello gorgeous

C&C California Tee Shirt Dress (similar)  //  BP. Plaid Cotton Shirt  //  Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Pregnancy Podcast | Week 9 | “Vaginal Cannon and Tasting Breastmilk” has me exploring body image and my own sex drive during pregnancy. I don’t think I can get much more personal with y’all at this point… Oh but I will in the very near future, just you wait. LOL! In this episode, we also talk about Matt’s blood work results and his gene mutations.
Pregnancy Podcast | Week 10 | The Name Game | The task of naming our baby has been the most daunting to date. Here’s the problem: no matter what name you choose, there will always be someone in your life who doesn’t like it for one reason or another. I honestly think that keeping the name a secret until the birth is the smartest way to go, that way you don’t have any opinion’s weighting in. I believe that your child is God’s very personal gift to you.
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  • Isn’t God in control of forming your baby? I have a genetic mutation as you call it. Both my parents carry the gene. They have a 1in 4 chance of having a baby with our condition. They didn’t know when I was born. They knew when my brother was 20 weeks but refused a termination because we are Christians. I have a very rare form of dwarfism. I have a high IQ, 3 university degrees, I teach in a K-10 school. I drive a car, travel overseas to speak at teacher conferences and I live life following Jesus.

    I have been following you for many years now because I love your kindness, honesty and the way you show women how to highlight their beauty with makeup.

    Please be sensitive when using terms like genetic mutations. God doesn’t make mistakes.

    • Angela Lanter

      We had no intentions of terminating our pregnancy. We were led to believe that the testing was required. I assure you that I wasn’t being insensitive, I was repeating the terminology my doctor labeled my results and the disease that I have been diagnosed with. It’s not a term that I created or have even ever used before I received those results about myself.

  • In four pregnancies, I never did the Counsyl test. I’m not even sure if that’s what was offered, as I remember it being a screening for the more life-altering and potentially nonviable conditions. We refused, mainly because of cost, but also because it wasn’t going to change how we viewed the pregnancy since we had no plans to terminate. I do see the benefit in knowing even some of the smaller issues that are treatable, such as the biotin issue for your baby.

    I’m just loving your podcast. I usually listen to it while I’m alone in the car, and I’m always talking back and commenting as if we were having a conversation. I love your honesty. You’re at the stage right now in your second trimester that was my favorite. I no longer had all the yucky feelings of the 1st trimester, but it was before I got big and awkward feeling in late 2nd and on into 3rd. Even then, I still loved it. I loved my cute little bump and my bigger boobs. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Angela Lanter

      We obviously had no plans to terminate regardless of the results, but we didn’t know that Counsyl was elective… Now I’m wondering if Panorama was also elective?
      I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the podcast! 🙂

  • Oh, and naming… yes, girl! So hard. We had two girls first, and for whatever reason, they were easy to name. Then came our two boys… with our first boy, family was coming to see him right after he was born, and he still didn’t have a name. I called my grandma to tell her the news, and she told me to call her back when I could tell her his name! It was SO HARD, and my husband and I could not agree on anything it felt like. Interestingly, our girls both have names from the top 10 baby name list of the year they were born (not intentionally), and our boys both have Bible names that have stayed pretty common. I have this thing with names and the rhythm or cadence of how the whole name sounds together, so that was an extra layer of complication. But you’ll get it figured out!!

    • Angela Lanter

      I love Bible names and family names so much! There’s a story attached. 🙂

  • First off congratulations!
    So I do Ultrasound at an OB/GYN office for a living and I can tell you for a fact none of the old wives tells, ramsi methods, placenta method (it’s not even formed that early) are accurate for telling gender. The only method that is not 100% accurate but more reliable than others depending on babies position is “angle of the dangle”. I was able to tell in Melissa’s Ultrasound picture that she posted that it was most likely a girl but of course I didn’t post that because that’s not my business, and sure enough she announced she was having a girl.
    Best wishes with your pregnancy!

    • Angela Lanter

      I had a feeling that was the case, but it’s still fun to try to figure it all out! 🙂

  • Love the podcast!! My husband and I agreed immediately on girl names and we have 3 boys, so…names are tough. With our last boy, we had a couple names going into the delivery room and once I saw his face, I knew! Good luck on that!

    We did not have any genetic testing done but that was many years ago. My grandma always said, “God only gives you what you can handle”, so I guess we’ve lived our pregnancy with that theory too.

    My only tip that I’d like to pass on is with the oils and lotions to help with stretch marks. With my first pregnancy, I was diligent on rubbing aloe and vitamin E on my stomach 1-2x/day and I am happy to say NO stretch marks there (and that was with twins). Unfortunately, no one told me to rub it on my hips and lower back! Ugh!! I am 5’3″ with a short torso and baby needs space to expand so I highly recommend lotions and oils in those area too!

    So happy for you and Matt! Thank you for letting us follow along on this wonderful journey with you!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Shelly! I’m on the no stretch mark campaign trail right now! Hoping to have success, lol! I’m a member of the short torso club too!
      I’m so overwhelmed reading the comments and seeing that everyone knew that this test was elective and our dr never bothered to explain that to us!

  • I’ve been meaning to listen to the first episode but just haven’t gotten around to it. I need to start ASAP before you post too many lol

  • I think they offered us the option to do the genetic testing but we didn’t due to cost and the fact that for us it didn’t matter either way. And also I am a google everything person like you and I didn’t want that extra layer of worry added to it. There is seriously so much to think about when you’re having a baby, it can be overwhelming!

    Ah the naming, such a hard thing. But once you find the right name you’ll know. We would try a new name each week and refer to the baby as that name and when we found the right one we knew it!

    • Angela Lanter

      They didn’t give us an option on the Counsyl test or even tell us that there was an extra cost for it… Pretty frustrating in hindsight!

      • That is so frustrating but it’s good to know about the anesthesia thing. That’s important to know before having a baby or in general!

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Loving the podcasts, Angela! You’re such a cute little pregnant mama!

  • I feel the testing is only need if abortion is on the table. It’s that simple you either believe your baby has personhood or ya don’t. If it doesn’t have that personhood and has a unwanted trait termination would happen. I personally had two pregnancys no genetic test never would. My kids are several grades ahead in school and have no health problems.

    • Angela Lanter

      Unfortunately, our doctor never told us that the test was elective. Being first timers, we were under the impression that it was a required test, and had no idea we could say no… That’s why I’m being so conversational about the test in this blog post, because it caused us unnecessary worry. Abortion was never an option for us, but the idea that something was wrong with our child still (very understandably) makes you nervous.

      • Most things are elective test wise in pregnancy. I had only one or two ultrasounds with my second and refused the rhogam shot. Would have done it the first pregnancy to if I knew I could. Insurance wil not cover this but if you are a positive blood type you will not need it. However if you are negative you will need it if Matt is a positive blood type. I also had three or four ultrasounds for my first as they thought his kidneys had an issue. They thankfully don’t. My second did not show any issues and I elected not to subject him to unnecessary scans. Look into it if your baby has no issues you may want to not have as many as side effects to the scans do happen.

  • Hayley Larue

    I am LOVING the podcast! Literally never used to listen to podcasts until you started HelloBump <3


  • Naming was easy for us. Both my father and my husband’s grandfather first name was James. Both passed away and both were amazing role models in our lives. The first name was easy. I wanted to name him after my husband as well so we used his middle name Caleb. Our son is named James Caleb and we call him Caleb.
    Remember in the end your baby’s name is a personal choice made by you and your husband.

    • Angela Lanter

      Love the name James! It was my Pawpaw’s name! 🙂

  • Love your podcasts Angela! I write this all the time on diff platforms of yours, but I’m about 8 weeks ahead of you so it’s fun to listen to your journey and remember how I felt not long ago! Also, SO MUCH changes in just those two months!! Can’t wait for your gender reveal, we are having a boy. Also, we have told family and friends our chosen name, but aren’t doing any big reveal until he is here.

    And also, the testing thing… regardless of if you would have made a diff choice had you known it was elective (like not had it done) – don’t feel shamed for wanting to know the results. It seems like people think it’s a bad thing to want to be prepared or that it means you’d “change your mind” if something came back less than normal (whatever that is). My husband and I would NEVER abort a child regardless of any of our results allowed for a sustainable life, we had two losses last year and starting a family means the world to us – whatever God sees in store for us. Yet we had it done because we both wanted to be prepared and knowledgeable the whole way through. My husband is a doctor so it’s helpful to have him around for all of my questions and understanding medical stuff, but for most people the only accurate info you’ll get is from your doctor, not google. So, don’t feel bad about getting it done or read into anything! I’m so excited for you & your little growing belly! I thought I popped around 16 weeks, and it just gets better ?

  • I am LOVING your podcast! Hello from Dallas, TX!! 🙂 I have three babies now (6 and under) but hearing both of your impressions on all pregnancy related things has made me reminisce and laugh SO hard as my husband and I had very similar takes 6 years ago! I also had EVENING sickness and ALL DAY sickness with my pregnancies!! Bleh. Most mornings is when I actually felt human, and could scarf something down (and cereal and bagels hit the spot as well)!

    Blessings to you all on this new adventure!! It’s one of the very best you’ll ever be on!

    Also, some items for the registry! Kiinde pump/bottle products- literally one step from pumping to bottle feeding- No washing bottles! The Ergo carrier for 6 month to toddler years though I loved the Maya wrap for newborn baby carrying!

  • Lori Leung

    Hi Angela and Matt,

    I just listened to podcast 6 and I also had a little bump where the sun doesn’t shine. Very uncomfortable, but my doctor put me on antibiotics right away and it went away. This was 20 years ago and it is something you never forget. I did not have an epidural with my first son, until I was into 21 hours of labor. The doctor had to do a c-section and that is when I had the epidural. I can tolerate pain and my husband and I took lamaze classes. I never yelled or screamed during any of my deliveries. When I watch a tv show and someone is supposed to be giving birth and they are yelling, I kind of have to wonder why they are screaming. My last son is my rainbow baby, he was born in 4 hours after pitocin was given to me. He was a natural birth after c-section. I didn’t know if I should tell you, but we lost our 2nd son very late in the pregnancy. My husband and I had the bassinet in our room for about 2 months before we moved our son into the room next to ours. I woke up every 2 hours to breast feed and he kind of slept through it, lol. He was always tired in the morning before even heading into work and he took naps when he got home with our son. He is an engineer working for the U.S. government. A few times he did sleep in another room, but on weekends he would wake up to change diapers for me. Baby Lanter will bring so much joy into your life. Thank you for sharing your journey. I listen to the podcast on Stitcher and I always give it a thumbs up.

  • Laura Ashworth

    Just finished listening to ep. 6 and wanted to share something my mom didn’t learn till her fourth kid. She would say to learn how to nurse laying down on your side as it’s just easier. She put the crib next to her bed with one side off (though now they make ones specifically for that purpose). That way if the baby’s hungry in the middle of the night you just pull it to you and nurse it and you won’t lose as much sleep and hopefully Matt won’t get woken up as often.

    There used to be an AW in Gaffney, SC where I used to go to church but I haven’t been over there in like 8 years so I don’t know if it’s still there. I never ate there though but always wanted to. I do love AW root beer!!

    Praying for you guys! 🙂

  • Finally getting caught up from having such a busy week! But I am also pregnant, 23 weeks and we are having the hardest time with boy names. We’re not finding out the gender so we need one boy name and one girl name. Our girl name we chose very easily but we cannot agree on a boy name at all. I want the name Elijah. He was such an amazing prophet and I love his story and the name but my husband hates it lol the struggle is real. We already have a son and daughter so this is the tie breaker and we want it to be a surprise. But I don’t blame you for finding out with your first. I couldn’t wait either lol

  • Camille Hatch

    Oh, man. I was cracking up this entire episode! What a great listen on my way home from the hospital in a torrential rain storm. Sorry to burst your bubble about not being a perfect specimen, Matt, but welcome to the X-Men club! We’ve been expecting you. Us being pretty much everyone. Genetic mutation is actually a part of pregnancy. It gives variety to the population. Now I’m curious to know what mine are.

    Also, Angela, don’t knock crickets till you try them! Especially dipped in chocolate. Tastes like Kit Kat. 🙂 And I love the breastmilk convo. My hubby tried mine on multiple occasions, and I know many men who have. Can’t wait to hear if you do or not. As well, I hope you decide to catch one of your babies, Matt. My husband caught our last and it was amazing! Coolest experience he’s had.

    Keep up the playfulness! Love to listen to it! You two are adorable!

    • Angela Lanter

      Oh man, I can’t get down on the thought of crickets!!

  • I’m pretty newly pregnant and your podcasts are soothingly relatable, while I build myself up for what is about to come. So thank you both from across the pond and hope you are keeping well.

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