Our 50th Episode!!

Our 50th Episode!!

50 episodes.  FIFTY!  That’s a lot of talking Matt and I have done about babies and parenting.

To celebrate this milestone, we decided to take calls from our listeners.  I love episodes like this because it feels like we really get to connect with our audience.

Listen to this week’s episode below and hear us chat about all sorts of things, including where I want to raise MacKenlee.

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  • Kevin L Parrish

    Hey Matt and Angela,

    I have been listening to your Hello Baby Podcast for months now I believe I was listen to James Arnold Taylor’s Podcast Talking To Myself when he said something about your podcast so I looked your podcast up and have been listening ever since. My wife and I have a little girl name Lily Marie and she will be turning two on Oct 29th. I am currently listen to your road trip episode and its funny because we just made a trip back July to my Mom’s home town of Sharron PA. We drove from Myrtle MS where we live now to PA. We where like you guys and being gone for 3 day’s was just to long to be away from Lily. So It was Me, My wife, Mom, and Mother in law going on this trip. I thought it was cool we went through the same cities on our trip such as Louisville and Columbus Oh. I believed we stopped at a flying J truck-stop there. It was very helpful having my mom and mother in law with us on the trip the circumstances for the trip was sad, due to the whole reason we where going was for my uncles funeral. Beside that we had a good time visiting with family I haven’t seen in almost ten years and my mom’s other brother and sister got to meet my wife and Lily for the first time. I love listening to you show because my little girl is around the same age a your little girl. It defiantly helps to here you guys share your experience and your faith. Keep up the good work, Have a great day and be the best you today.


    Kevin Parrish
    Myrtle, MS

    • Angela Lanter

      Hey Kevin! I love that you found us through James. James is THE BEST! Thank you so much for following along and supporting us!! 🙂

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