Our Favorite Baby Products 6-12 Months

Our Favorite Baby Products 6-12 Months

Our Favorite Baby Products 6-12 Months

This week on Hello Baby Podcast, we’re naming off our top 10 baby products that MacKenlee uses and loves.  These are the items that she uses on an every day basis and honestly, they make our daily life easier.

Some of these products we started to use at 6 months and others are newer, but they all work for that 6-12 month age group.

6-12 Month Baby Favorites

Woolino Sleep Sack:  We transitioned from the Magic Sleep Suit to this sleep sack after she got too big for the puffy suit.

Tula Explore Carrier:  This carrier is Kenny girl’s favorite because she can face outward while we’re out exploring.

Beaba Baby Food Maker:  Love our new baby food maker and it’s currently on sale for 20% off!

VTech Sit-to-Stand Walker:  She plays with this toy all day long.  Loves the removable phone.

Fisher Price Smart Phone:  Cutest play phone and it lets you leave a message for baby to play back and listen to!

Fisher Price Jumperoo:  Her first favorite toy and so much better than the jumpers that hang from your doorway.

4Moms Playard:  Something we’ve introduced the past couple months and it’s been so good for her to learn to sit and play alone.

Spoon Joovy Walker:  Her current favorite place to be.  She loves the freedom of walking around the house.

Bright Starts Activity Table:  She loves standing and playing with this table like a big girl.

Skiphop Activity Table:  This table is in my office and it’s a great way for her to play while I get some work done.

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  • There is a lot of shame about the carriers but you do what works for you and your baby! My son loves the carries. I do not use it often but when I do, he is happy! We have the lillibaby. I know this is not a toy but this is something we use for our son and love! It’s the Stride Rite first time walker shoes. We got them at Dillards and they are helping him with his stand and walking. Also See Kai Run is another amazing brand for first time walker shoes. We got the Beaba baby cook and LOVE it! A friend recommended this to us and it has been what we have been making his food from the beginning.

    Love your podcast! It has been helpful with our son.

    • Angela Lanter

      Such good points! I definitely need to buy some walker shoes. Thanks for listening, mama!!

  • Katie West

    OMG! Thanks a lot Angela for sharing such an informative page about baby products. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information. I have learned a lot from you that I did not know before about products idea. I confused for choosing the Baby Products Idea information what would be the best for everything but now my confusion has cleared by your review. I hope your all information will help me. I will buy some products for my elder sister’s daughter on next month. Thanks again and Keep it up………..

  • Anna Hader

    I LOVE your Podcast and have been listening to it since it came out. I have a 5 month old and started listening to it a couple months before I got pregnant. I have recommended it to all my friends who have become pregnant or have newborns in the last year or so. It makes my long drives that much better. lol

    Thank You for sharing this list! I am in the process of making my Christmas wishlist for Toysrus and this gave me some great ideas! Take care:)


    • Angela Lanter

      Yay!! I’m so happy to hear that, Anna! Thank you for tuning in and recommending us. 🙂

  • Christina Clanton

    Hi, this article really helpful for me. I am confused about choosing the best baby products for my kids. What would be the best for everything. But review this article my confusion is clear, Thanks.

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