Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 6 & 7 Cyst Recap

Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 6 & 7 Cyst Recap

Man oh man.  If you thought I was already sharing TMI, then Monday’s episode had to have blown your mind!  Monday we released Hello Bump Podcast Episode #6; Week 11, “The Cyst… From Hell.”  If you don’t already know, I have suffered from endometriosis for over 10 years and you can read all about that journey in this blog post.  Hearing that I have another cyst is probably not surprising.  What is surprising is the location of this cyst.  It was a periclitoral abscess.  Huh?  I’ve never heard of this before?  I didn’t even know that you could get a cyst THERE?!  Leave it to me to get a large (for the area) cyst in the most sensitive part of your body!  It was the single most painful experience of my life.  In this week’s podcast, I walk you through the entire process from discovering the problem to having it removed.  If you have a weak stomach, maybe you should just skip ahead to the next episode, lol!

What was so surprising to me is how many women have reached out with similar stories.  I didn’t expect that because of how rare this type of cyst is.  When I tried to research this type of cyst, there was very little information available, especially about having it while pregnant.

Y’all I’m believing that the worst is behind me in this pregnancy and that the cyst never returns.  Listen to the episode on iTunes or here:

This morning we released Hello Bump Podcast Episode #7; Week 12, “Take a Guess. Boy or Girl?”  It’s a follow up to the cyst debacle and life at 12 weeks pregnant.  I was so happy to be almost out of the first trimester that week after such a horrible medical experience.  Looking back now, I’m halfway through my pregnancy and it’s INSANE to think about how fast the time has flown by since then.  The first trimester moved so stinkin’ slow, which I’m sure had everything in the world to do with the fact that I felt so miserably sick.  I’ve been feeling pretty darn good this trimester, with the exception of some nagging round ligament pain, so of course this time feels like it’s breezing on by.  It’s so crazy how that happens!

Listen to episode #7:

Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 6 & 7 Recap angela lanter hello gorgeous 19 weeks maternity outfit
I want to chat a bit about what I’m wearing lately.  My belly has definitely popped, which means most pants and shorts feel so uncomfortable to me.  I’ve received a bunch of new maternity clothes this past week and started to review them in detail on my Instagram Stories.  Overall, the reception has been amazing from y’all.  I’ve received so many comments and DMs asking me to continue posting these detailed fashion reviews because they help give a better look and understanding at what I’m wearing versus just a single photo, which makes perfect sense.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and check my stories daily to see what I’m wearing and in-depth reviews.  Just a reminder, these stories only stay up for 24 hours, then they expire.  Daily there’s new posts up to watch!

I’m planning on wearing non-maternity pieces throughout my pregnancy as well as maternity pieces, so there will be a little something for everyone.  The outfit above is an older chambray dress from Forever 21 that of course is no longer available.  It’s non-maternity, and you probably remember it from this blog post.  If you’re an expectant mama or planning to be one in the near future, purchasing pieces like a shirtdress are perfect for before pregnancy, during and after.  Those are exactly the pieces I love incorporating into my wardrobe.

I’ve rounded up some non-maternity shirt dresses below that are all under $100, but mostly under $50, that will work for anyone.  Not all will work for all nine months of pregnancy, but all will work for before, during some stages and after pregnancy and are adorable for my non-mama readers out there too.  These darling little dresses are perfect for Fall and would layer perfectly with tights, booties and a cardigan.

Shirt Dresses Under $100:

Pregnancy Podcast | Weel 11 | The cyst... from hell | If you don’t already know, I have suffered from endometriosis for over 10 years and you can read all about that journey in this blog post. Hearing that I have another cyst is probably not surprising. What is surprising is the location of this cyst. It was a periclitoral abscess. Huh? I’ve never heard of this before? I didn’t even know that you could get a cyst THERE?!
Pregnancy Podcast | Week 12 | I was so happy to be almost out of the first trimester that week after such a horrible medical experience. Looking back now, I’m halfway through my pregnancy and it’s INSANE to think about how fast the time has flown by since then. The first trimester moved so stinkin’ slow, which I’m sure had everything in the world to do with the fact that I felt so miserably sick.
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  • I just listened to the cyst episode today and oh my gosh, ouch! I felt so bad for you. I will be very interested to hear your comparison of that and childbirth haha. I ended up getting an epidural (not my original plan but I had to be induced because I went late) so to me the recovery was the more painful part than the actual birth. But all in all it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d built it up in my mind to be!

    Looking forward to listening to the next episode! I’m really enjoying it and reminiscing my pregnancy as well.

  • Hi Angela!
    This weeks podcasts were awesome. My eyes literally got watery when you were talking about your cyst and everything you went through.
    My birth story is not for the faint of heart as I went through A LOT!!! I decided to give birth at a birthing center. Well my little boy decided he loved mamas belly too much, so I had to go in the center to get naturally induced. Let me tell you….NOT fun! They give you castor oil (in a mini milkshake) every few hours and at some point let’s just say that having contractions and having to go to the bathroom every few mins is not fun! They also give you a combination of herbs, etc. Things progressed for me but not quite as my baby was facing out and my contractions weren’t coming closer enough to get anything going. They also had to break my water and tried turning him around several times.
    After 40hrs of intense labor I ended up having to be transported to the hospital. I had to get an IV right away because I was so dehydrated and had to have an epidural because I wanted to have my baby vaginally and I was too exhausted. I didn’t want all those things but it happened and I’m glad I got the epidural because I was able to sleep a few hours while labor progressed and get some strength. And boy I’m glad I did…I pushed for 4.5hrs!!! With and without contractions.
    I couldn’t physically cry when they handed me this perfectly healthy and strong 10lb baby boy ?
    Needless to say recovery was PAINFUL because I tore in three places one being third degree tear which is all not common. But everyday got better and holding this perfect little bit in my arms was all I needed!
    I wanted to share my story because even though it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I would do it again in a heartbeat and it’s great to have a plan but always have an open mind. Western medicine has a place and in my case the epidural was used properly (when a mama is too exhausted from long labor and wants to deliver vaginally).
    If you go to a birthing center and have to go to the hospital the midwives will go with you and stay every step of the way!!
    Wish you the best ??

  • Brittany Blackburn

    I think you’re having a girl because you’re carrying high! From the popular names list you posted, my favorites are Emery & Piper for girls & Hudson & Oliver for boys. I’ve always loved Hudson for a boy! I’ve had that, along with Brady, picked out forever! I really like the idea of matching initials. I think Logan for a girl is very cute! But she’d definitely get made fun of for having a boy name. ?

  • Lori Leung

    Hi Angela,

    Listened to podcast 7 and I’m so happy your feeling so much better. As for the backache and ligament pain, I had it all the way through until delivery. I am much shorter than you at 5ft. and I was all belly. I started wearing flats after I tripped and lucky for me I was holding my husband’s hand. Glad both my boys were delivered in a hospital. First son was facing the wrong way. Instead of face down, he was face up and kept getting stuck every time I pushed. They tried turning him, but that did not work. So after 21 hours I had a c-section. My second boy was born in just a few hours after pitocin, but I ended up with a 4th degree tear. I ripped all the way to my rectum. I lost a lot of blood while the doctor sewed me back up. So I have a new butt hole and it works just fine,lol. Love my 2 boys to the moon and back. I think you might be having a boy. My boys names are Torrance Shek(grandfather’s name who passed away) Hei(means the dawn,since he was born during the sunrise) the name was given to him by his grandmother in Hong Kong. Haydn(like the composer) is my second son. His middle name is Zhi Dou ( his grandfather’s writing name, he was a poet and published books under this name.) With all the problems in my pregnancies I would do it all over again.

  • I’ve been listening to your podcasts while I work at my office job…actually, I binged listed to them all in one day. I’m not married or pregnant for that matter, but still find it interesting. Can’t wait to listen to these new releases!

  • Oh Angela,
    I’m so terribly sorry! That cyst must of been such a hard time for you two! Matt is such a trooper and I love hearing how involved he is. I hope you’re feeling better and the rest of your pregnancy can only go up from here! You’re so strong and your baby is going to be so worth it that you’ll forget so much of these terrible experiences! My daughter, Amelia was suppose to be born January 23 and came 3 weeks early! So prepare for that. I know you and Matts due date keeps changing but none of it is definite. The baby can come early or late and the doctor can’t know for sure. My water broke 3 weeks early and they just induced me. I cried. I was so nervous, my mother was sick, my mother in law lives on the east coast. It was 10pm before I knew anything. And my boyfriend is a aircraft mechanic and he works crazy hours too. He had to work the day after so I was alone. It was so overwhelming. But it was such a beautiful experience. I hope you’re doing better. I hope to find the gender out soon! You guys are going to have such an amazing journey! You mentioned visiting matt at work with the baby, you can do whatever you want but most women, like myself.. don’t let the baby out the first few weeks/month. Because the babies immune system and lungs are so immature and sensitive. Getting sick is the worst. Many people also leave the house right after the baby, and you guys as parents will know what’s right. Trust me the second the baby is here, patently intuition kicks in. My daughter slept in a bassinet in our room. If you’re breastfeeding, you will be feeding every 2-3 hours for the first 2 months. And if you pump you will be doing so in between. I stopped pumping because I couldn’t do it anymore, my life consisted of pumping and feeding. Its exhausting. So just thought I would help keep that in mind! As I listen to your podcast, matt reminds me so much of my boyfriend Joel. He shot down every name I pitched. Then he picked such random names that I didn’t like. He’s such a perfectionist. Then when we found out we were having a girl.. it was even harder because he doesn’t “love” and specific girls name either. Lol. But I enjoy listening to your podcast and reminiscing on my pregnancy and I hope my advice and ideas help! Best wishes!

  • Melissa Laura

    Congratulations to you and Matt!
    I’m so happy for you both. You’re going to be amazing parents. I’ve been following you for a long time now. You’re such a beautiful and genuine person. I love your podcast! I’m
    not a mom or expected Mom but I hope to be one day. God willing 🙂 I have polystic ovarian syndrome and I’m 31 and not getting any younger, but hearing your story gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I’m thankful to your husband for mentioning your beauty blogging in an interview which is how I found you! Looking forward to listening to many more podcasts and following your blog and YouTube. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.
    xoxo, Melissa Laura, NJ

  • You guys mentioned wanting to hear thoughts about when Matt goes back to work. Sorry this will be a long comment, but I felt I had to share our experience. My husband had to go back to work right after each of my four children were born, and I am going to tell you something I wish someone would have told me from the beginning. We are 30 and 31 now and our children are 6,4, 2, and 1. My husband is very very hands-on and is always eager to change diapers and swoop in to give me help when he can. But, in the first few months with a newborn we realized it’s better for one of us to have a full night’s rest than for none of us to. When your nursing you have to be up so it’s really hard for the mom to sleep anyway. With our first, we both were at each other’s throats and stressed out because we did what we thought was fair. My husband would take turns waking with the baby and helping out during the night because we thought that’s what a loving husband does. But with each of our last 3 children for the first few weeks my husband slept on the couch got a full night’s rest and I was up solely with the baby throughout the night (11 p.m.- 6 a.m.).Then he would wake up early and help with the first morning dirty diaper or help rock the baby in the early hours so I could sleep in a little (til he had to go to work at 8) then when he got home from work he had the energy to help around the house, pay bills, entertain guests, do laundry and hold the baby so I could get in some more sleep or take a shower in the evening. We liked this system so much that with the last three, he never got up in the middle of the night except when the baby was weaned at about 9 months. Some may say well that’s not fair but I promise you, for our marriage and for me it was much better to have a rested husband that didn’t help in the middle of the night, who was full of energy and able to take care of things I was too tired for. And he was often able to give me a chance to have a little sleep early in the am or late at night. Hope this gives you some ideas to think creatively about making it work!! The first two weeks post partum are the hardest, but it does ease up a bit. As long as you just keep talking to each other about how to help (dad’s need help sometimes too) then you will find a system that works for both of you to thrive. I love hearing yall chat openly about these things, I know God will give you all you need and more. Blessings!

  • It really seems like your Dr should have put you on a sulfa antibiotic or something initially to avoid your suffering. Stress and lots of pain aren’t great for momma and baby. And geeze, the least he could do was topical lidocane first! They even do that for lip injections etc! And giving numbing drug 5 min or something is only humane. Poor Angela!! You are so brave. Stress totally flares acne in my experience.

    • Angela Lanter

      That’s what I thought! Gimme some numbing cream or SOMETHING!!
      I’m allergic to Sulfa and codeine, but I would think there was another antibiotic that could have helped??

  • Jane Taa

    Sounds like Matt has at least mild CFS. I’d monitor his Mono/EBV viral titers…Valcyte etc is an option if they’re high. Also check NK Cell Function (not count), and the 4 IgG subclasses. Immunocal (only nutraceutical in the Physician’s Desk Reference w/ 52 peer reviewed publications…that’s about 6x’s more publications and research than most drugs) normalized my 2 low IgG subclasses and my previously elevated C-Reactive Protein. My dad is a distributor. No drug reps. Developed at McGill Univ in Canada.

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