How To Make a Cozy Bed For Your Guestroom

How To Make a Cozy Bed For Your Guestroom

Guest rooms should be three things: thoughtfully decorated, cozy and comfortable.  Let me show you exactly how to make a cozy bed for your guests.

I’m sharing my very best tips and tricks to make your guest bedrooms the ultimate cozy spots.  Your guests won’t want to leave!  Wait, maybe I shouldn’t share these tips. ?



Really, it’s all about layers and texture when you make any bed.  See how I made my own master bedroom resort worthy in this blog post.

Here’s a quick video showing from start to finish how I make a bed.


Sheets:  In my opinion, any luxurious bed should start with crisp, soft white sheets.  I prefer a white bed because it makes you feel like your sleeping in a big, fluffy cloud.

I love the Luxe Core Sheet from Brooklinen.  If you are looking for a more budget-friendly sheet set, this set from Amazon cannot be beat.



Duvet (Insert):  Earlier this year I made the transition from a regular duvet to an oversized duvet.  I will never go back, y’all.

And oversized duvet fills out all of the empty space that annoyingly makes up the edges of every duvet cover ever created.  This oversized duvet is my main squeeze and super affordable.



Duvet Cover:  I have quite a few duvet covers that I love from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Brooklinen.  My most recent find that I absolutely love is this set from Target.

The Casaluna duvet cover set is so soft and comfy.  My favorite feature is that it’s bright white on one side and ivory on the other.



Throw Pillows:  Pillows help to add color, texture and volume to your bed.  I like to buy them from various places like Target, Homegoods and local boutiques.

End Of Bed Layers:  I think a gorgeous bed always has an extra comforter folded at the foot of the bed.

Maybe it’s the layers.  Maybe it’s the added texture.  Whatever it is, it works in every bedroom for me.

The striped duvet on our guest bed is from Homegoods.  If I could link it, trust me, I WOULD!  This darn duvet has generated a bunch of questions!

I also love to layer a knit throw over the duvet, but under the folded duvet.  I love love love this knit blanket from Target.




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  • Looks great and super comfy and cozy!

  • Getting are guest room ready for my uncle who will be flying in for my dad’s 85th birthday. It’s great to get ideas for my guest room. Going to Target this week to get some items for the room.

  • You posted a story talking about a blanket from pottery barn you loved. You had cream and bought white…under your plaid bedding. Can you tell me name or link blanket?

  • Hi!
    You posted a story showing your new plaid bedding. What blanket did you mention from pottery barn (you had it in white and previously cream). Can you post link or name?

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