How to Create a 5-Star Resort Worthy Bed

How to Create a 5-Star Resort Worthy Bed

How to Create a 5 Star Resort Worthy Bed


229,961 hours.

That’s how many hours the average person will sleep in their lifetime.

Essentially, you’ll spend approx. 1/3 of your life in. your. BED!? WOAH!

You better believe I want my bed to be the softest, fluffiest, most luxurious place in my house.  I want to feel like I’m curling up to catch my zzz’s in a fluffy white cloud, hence the all white beds.

Yesterday I shared a video of me changing out the linens on my bed on Instagram.  Little did I know that my DMs would be flooded with questions about my bedroom. 

I started responding to all of your questions, but quickly saw that it was the same questions over and over again.  I decided to take to the blog to answer all of the questions in one blog post so you can easily reference the info in one post.

And you’ll be able to create your very own resort worthy bed.



the walls


Our bedroom walls are painted Sherwin Williams “Eider White”.  The trim work and entire trimmed out wall behind the bed are painted Sherwin Williams “Pure White”.  The ceiling is also “Pure White”.




The extra large pendant light in the center of the room was purchased locally from my favorite home decor store in Franklin, PD’s.  They do not have an online store, but if you call them, they can help you out.

Our lamps are from Pottery Barn.  They are a gorgeous soft grayish-blue ceramic with a concrete base.




We have 100 year old reclaimed barn wood throughout our house, which is why the planks are all different sizes.  Talk about character!  Our rug is a 9×12 and came with us from our LA home.  Love this rug so much, it’s interesting and very soft to walk on.




Another popular question is about my window treatments.  I have relaxed roman shades in white linen that are motorized.  We had them made locally and picked out the fabric ourselves.




For me, the two hardest pieces of furniture to shop for are nightstands and counter stools.  It took us months to finally decide on nightstands and I think these are the perfect fit. 

These are Domaine Bachelor Chests by Bernhardt Furniture.  They are currently out of stock, but scheduled to be back on December 7.




We have the Charleston bed from Four Seasons Furniture in King size.  The bed skirt you see at the base is a part of the bed. 

This was a custom order we had made for our last house in LA and we’ve been working on getting a new slipcover in white.  Pottery Barn makes a very similar bed at a better price point that you should check out if you like this style.




I get asked all the time about our sofa at the end of our bed.  It’s a custom order Belgian track arm slipcovered sofa from Restoration Hardware in White.




Surprisingly, one of the most asked questions the past 24 hours has been about my pillows.  Specifically, which pillows do we use to sleep with.

This is surprising to me, because a lot of people are picky sleepers and pillows are such a personal thing.

I have two pillows I absolutely LOVE and rave about. 

The first one is this Claritin pillow.  This pillow is perfect for my neck pain, meaning it’s not too soft and not too hard.  Major bonus points for the built-in allergan barrier! 

I’m a side and back sleeper and this pillow is seriously a dream.  Be sure to use your 20% off coupon if you snag one.  I HIGHLY recommend this pillow.

The other pillow both Matt and I love is the Casper pillow from Target, which happens to be on sale today.  I grabbed one in store in Ohio for Matt to try and loved it so much, I kept it for myself lol. 

The Casper pillow comes with a 100 night trial with free shipping, so I figured why not give it a try?  We both ended up loving it and use these pillows on our Ohio bed and now Matt uses it every night.

Let’s chat about filler pillows (that’s what I call the pillows used purely for filling the pretty shams!)  Not all pillows are created equal.  If you like to karate chop your Euro pillows (26″x26″) like me, then you need a good down filled pillow. 

I use these from Amazon and they work amazing.  They are not cheap, but I’ll use them for years to come when I switch our my shams.  They’re extremely well made and great quality.

I’m not as picky with my pillows in my King shams, I use PB down alternative pillow inserts.

My Euro pillows are Bella shams from Orchids Luxe Home in “Cyan”.  My white throw pillows are from Homegoods.




We currently have a Temper-Pedic Supreme Breeze cooling foam mattress and adjustable base in a King.  We rarely ever use the adjustable base, it’s a big waste of money in my opinion. 

I love our mattress, but Matt goes back and forth on it.  Some days he thinks it’s just too soft for his back.  I think it’s the perfect softness and sleep so good in it.

If you’re looking for a resort worthy bed, then a mattress will make or break your bedroom.

In Ohio, we have the Beautyrest Hybrid BRX1000-IP mattress and Matt seems to favor it over the Temper-Pedic.  His back doesn’t seem to bother him as much in Ohio.  I love this mattress too, but the Temper-Pedic is #1 in my book.




I saved the best for last.  There are SO many questions about how I make my resort worthy bed so I’m going to break it all down for you here.



I always arrange my pillows beginning with my bed pillows (sleeping pillows) first.  These aren’t the prettiest pillows in the bunch, so they get hidden in the back.

Next I either do my Euro pillows or King shams, depending on if I want my bed to be more white with a pop of the light blue or show more of the blue.

Last, I have two throw pillows with a textured cover.  If you’re going all white for your bed, you really should bring in different textures to prevent your bed from being too boring or sterile looking.

I have the Brooklinen Luxe sateen duvet cover and then a folded Nicole Miller duvet cover (empty) from Homegoods at the foot of the bed for added texture.  The empty duvet cover is basically serving as a throw blanket.

Let’s talk duvets. 

You know how the beds on display in places like Pottery Barn seem so fluffy and you can’t figure out why?  That’s because they always use two duvets in their duvet covers.  I’ve been doing this trick for a couple years now, and it really does make your bed look nicer… BUTTTTTTTTTT, there always seems to be extra fabric, right?! 

I don’t understand how a King duvet cover is so much larger than a king duvet?  Even when I use two duvets in the cover, there’s still that dang extra fabric on the sides. 

I finally broke down and ordered an oversized king duvet and guess what, NO MORE EXTRA FABRIC!  Talk about a game changer.  I’m planning on ordering a second oversized duvet for Fall and Winter just to get my duvet looking extra fluffy and cozy on my bed.

So I think I covered all of your questions about making a resort worthy bed.  If not, leave a comment below and I’ll add in anything I might have missed.

PS- please, please, PLEASE bring in some live greenery into your bedroom.  It grounds your space, making it feel more organic.  The plants will keep the air your breathing all night long clean. 

Not to mention, they’ll just make you happy when you see them.  I have a fiddle leaf fig, wandering jew, African mask and a pothos in our bedroom.  Remember: You should have one houseplant per every 100 sq. ft. of your home.



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  • Maria Corrente

    Great read!! I also am a big believer that the bedroom is my sanctuary. Love sitting in my recliner with a good book and my afternoon coffee. Thanks for sharing all your ideas

  • Maxanne Clark

    I was going to ask about your filler pillows on your Instagram post. Thank you for linking here!

  • Sydnee Marchese

    Awesome!!! Thank you Angela so much for getting this together for us! I am all about a comfy bed as well and love the look of yours. Thanks also for linking it all here, makes it so easy to buy. ❤️

  • Merriann Hiett

    This is so beautiful. I wish we could do this in our house.. We have a beautiful Ralph Lauren bed set that my godmother and godfather gave us many years ago (it’s so special to me that I have sealed it up) and just use throws on our bed due to 5 cats w claws .

  • Mindy Diegel

    This is so awesome! Its all in one place. When my pillows finally breakdown I’ll have to try some that you have suggested!! Thanks. PS awesome job getting this done while Kenny was sleeping, your a rock star!! Xoxo

  • Your bedroom is gorgeous! I would never want to leave!
    Thanks for sharing the details. I am so glad to know about the oversized king duvet! I plan to get one because the extra fabric on the cover annoys me too!

  • Megan Brewer

    Thank you so much for posting this! Hubby and I are debating whether or not to redo our bedroom (we still have the bedroom set from his bachelor days). We know we want a new mattress and have been trying to research mattresses and temperpedic that you have is at the top of list! It looks so cozy and relaxing.

  • I will have to look into the pillows at Target, but if I go in there I will come out with more than just pillows. I change the sheets on our bed, but my husband makes the bed every day, it is not one of my favorite things to do. Since we live in Florida we do not put a duvet or comforter on all year round because it’s just too hot here. Only in the winter and that is about 21 days spread out through the season. We have lived in our house for 20 years and I’m always changing something.

  • So much great info! I’ve been looking for a new pillow, I’ll have to check these out.

  • Amy Snyder

    Ohhh it’s such a dreamy room! That’s the type of bed you just want to fall backwards on and fall asleep! So cozy and pretty!!

  • Love it! Now I need to figure out how to keep my kids off of it and my dog!!

  • Melinda Wise

    Love your style. Gave me some inspiration because I’m getting ready to redo my bedroom.

  • Love this post!! Specifically how you make your bed! Loved how you explained your pillows and linked them for us. BUT! the best part of the whole post??? The oversized king duvet! Hello! My duvet cover is a sea of extra flowing fabric. I’ve been thinking all this time it’s just me. I had to have ordered or measured wrong. So excited to order the oversized king. Thanks!

  • Nahla Garmo

    This is the type of blog I love to read! Full of great info!! Thanks Angela!

  • Thanks so much for the breakdown! Your room is gorgeous and your bed looks dreamy! Those sheets are at the top of my list of to buys! ?

  • Thanks for sharing Angela! Im clueless about pulling looks together and your bedroom looks very comfy and welcoming! Very pretty! And I still have the DIY gallery wall on my to do list!

  • Katie B.

    I really enjoyed this blog post! It makes me really want to focus on finishing decorating our master bedroom. I love all of the info on pillows at the end of the post especially. I need to up my pillow game ASAP!

  • This may sound like a ridiculously silly question, but what is the different between a Euro pillow and a King Sham pillow? Why don’t we use them for sleeping on? Lol ? sorry, I just have no idea about these things. Your bed looks great though!

    • Angela Lanter

      King shams are rectangle and Euros are square! We don’t sleep on them so they’ll last longer.

  • Gemma Louise

    It always looks so beautiful in your photos ?
    The BEST thing I did was bring plants into my bedroom. They make me so happy when I wake up and see them!

  • Bed goals right there! I agree with what you said on Instagram, your bed is so important and you want it feel like an experience when you get in it like if you were in a hotel


    Thanks Angela! Love this! xoxo.

  • Courtney davide

    It is so satisfying looking at your bedroom ?? I agree about the plants!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • *pat on the back* for this blogpost 😉

    Love it, I admire how perfect you keep it! ?

  • This was such an amazing blog post.
    I totally agree that we should have comfortable beds and a great mattress. The one thing that is a real go to when it comes to bedding for me is a really good pillow. If my pillow isn’t comfortable for me 100% with out a dought I won’t have a great night.

    Thank you so much for always giving your honest opinion and advice on Instagram, YouTube and your blog posts. ❤❤?

    I have a question though. Have you maybe done a YouTube video or blog post on your vacuum cleaners and why you bought them. My mom is thinking of getting one but I wanted to know your opinion on your Dyson or any others?

    Thanks again.

    From Erinn
    My Instagram is @eryvee

  • Thank you so much for this blog! Your bedroom is a dream! Can I ask you Angela, would you ever recommend silk pillowcases? I’ve been told that they are kind to your skin but I’m not really sure. Do you know much about them?? I didn’t want to invest in them unless I know they work.

  • ooooh I love this!!! and yes a very good bed is a MUST I got a new mattress about 2 months ago now cause the old one was hurting my back even though I use to sleep still goo but I’ve noticed Abigails difference in my new mattress higher and firmer with the sheets and pillows – I think I may need to invest in new pillows again
    I do agree with the greenery in the room except instead of where I sleep in my living area I have some green “fake” plants but they still look real

  • Great post! I can’t believe they use 2 duvets. No wonder. Lol. I’m going to buy another just to see. Also, what size is your Casper from Target? They have king and standard.

  • Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the makeover with the fireplace!

  • Erin Core

    Your bedroom looks so beautiful and comfy!! If that was my bed I would never leave it!

  • Best comforter ever – Ordered one for me.

  • Love all this information!! I was wondering if you could help me, we have a queen bed and a queen down type cover, would be need to order a king duvet? All the duvets I have been finding are full/ queen or King/Cal King. I don’t want the bedding to be too short but also worried the king duvet will be too big?

    • Angela Lanter

      I personally would go bigger. You can always send it back if you don’t like it.

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