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August Q&A – Girl Talk Tuesday

August Q&A – Girl Talk Tuesday

I just realized that we haven’t done a Q&A since April and that simply won’t do.  These are too fun not to do regularly!  But, ya know, life happens.  And, mom brain happens.  So here we are.


July Q&A


Is it hard to make friends where you moved? @kateinfamous

We’ve typically depended on church to make friends in the past, but Covid has gotten in the way of that this move.  Luckily, the majority of our LA core friend group has decided to relocate to Nashville as well this year, so we are super blessed with having them all in the same city!


What Star Wars movie and character is your favorite? @norah.kate

Honestly, I’m not a huge Star Wars fan.  I had never seen any of the movies until I started dating Mr. Skywalker.  I know this probably won’t be well received, but I’m thinking episode 7.  And, duh, Anakin is my fave.😍


Any relationship advice for single gals? @taylorpolito

I have a great blog post about dating that I think any single girl should read!  Check it out here.


What’s your best tip for someone who would like to be better with makeup but doesn’t actually wear it regularly? @the_squealer

Keep it simple!  Makeup, like everything else, takes practice.  You need to learn your face and your features.  Learn what works best for you and your skin type.  A little CC cream, concealer, blush, mascara and lip gloss can go a long way.  Just make sure you’re keeping your brows maintained.


Do you think you guys will have another kid?! @beccagunning

If I had a nickel for every time I get asked this question…  I’d like another one!  Let’s just wait and see what happens.🙃


What’s your favorite devotional? @autumnjjohnson

Another question I get A TON.  I use the YouVersion Bible App for my devotionals.  They have so many to choose from which I love!


Do you ever have a day where you just aren’t feeling up to being on camera or interacting? @susan_bledsoe

100%.  Yesterday, actually.  I had some major drama in my personal life and it brought my mood way down.  So I was quieter than normal on my socials.  I try not to let my mood control my work too much, but somedays you just can’t separate the two.  Yesterday was one of those days.


Do you and Matt have some career projects that you had to put on hold because of Covid? @frenchsaskie

I had business trips scheduled that were cancelled and Hollywood basically shut down, which means no work in Matt’s world.  I can’t wait for life to go back to normal.


What preschool activities do you do with your daughter? @anjellynjoker

We watch Circle Time with Miss Monica on YouTube.  We use the Homer App daily, which has been super helpful with her letter recognition.  We color, work on some workbooks I found at Costco and do other hands on things like painting.  I;ve really been working on teaching her to clean up after herself and potty training lately.  She is starting virtual preschool classes next month, which is really exciting!


What helps you stay motivated when you have zero energy or are in a funk? @heyitsclaudia25

I try to gauge the day ahead and my to-do list.  Sometimes you have to listen to your body and figure out what gives.  Sometimes you just absolutely need a nap, so figure out how to work one in, even if it’s a power nap.  Sometimes you need more hydration, vitamins, exercise…  The list goes on.  I try to figure out where the funk is stemming from and go from there.  And sometimes, you just need a day to lounge.  Rest is so important, but society teaches us we need to never stop spinning our wheels… NOT TRUE!


What is your middle name? @life_with_lehrs

Nicole 🙂


What is your go to face sunblock? @jenmonte1

Sun Bum’s tinted sunblock is my favorite this summer!


Top 3 countries that you would like to travel to? @tanishagoveas

Greece, Israel and Germany


I know this is stupid, but what is the obsession with white sheets/bedding? @missk84

Not stupid!  Every bed I style is all white, so I get the need to know, lol.  I like the feeling of sleeping in a big, white, fluffy cloud, and what better way to do that than with super soft and luxurious white bedding?  Not to mention, when you visit any high end resort or hotel, the bedding is ALWAYS white.  I love walking into a bedroom and feeling like it’s on par with my favorite resorts.😉


Any tips on picking the right color lipstick? @sarrahborberg

This is such a highly personal thing.  I’m a big believer in color seasons.  Once you determine which season you are: spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can figure out which colors, as well as cool or warm undertones, will look best on your skin tone.  This method is almost always right!


When did you decide that you were ready to be a mom? @sydnialexandra5253

Do you ever really know when you’re ready for anything?  For us, it was many, many conversations and deciding that we were at the age that it was time for us to start trying.  God obviously felt it was time too. 😄


Where do you see yourself and your family in 5 years? @ellie_schme

Hopefully here in Nashville!  I would love to see Hello Gorgeous be more than a blog and YouTube Channel too.❤️


What has been your favorite thing to grow and why? @meagiemm

Probably potatoes.  It’s so fun to watch them grow in the bags and be able to open the window to check on their progress as they grow!


If you weren’t an influencer, what would you want to be? @mommy_blogger

Ugh, I hate the word “influencer.”  I much prefer content creator or blogger or YouTuber, lol.  It just feels weird to think that I’m influencing anyone, I love being creative and creating content though.  Before launching my first blog in 2012 and then going full-time in 2013, I was a fraud investigator for an insurance company.  I sorta fell into that career and I loved it.  But I really wanted two things: to own my own boutique and to be in the beauty industry.


Do you have hair extensions or is it natural? What products do you use? @magda_lena27

All natural!  I do use clip-in extensions from time to time to add volume, but not length.  As for products, I need to do an updated hair routine soon.


Top 5 favorite pairs of shoes that you own? @mimagosteiro

I need to write a blog post or film a YouTube video about this one!


What’s your favorite thing to do when you have free time all to yourself? @dpatel_75

Free time?  What is that?  The question every mom of a toddler asks, lol!  When I have Kenny-free time, it’s spent working on Hello Gorgeous.  With my mom gone, we have a sitter two mornings a week and I use that time to blog, film and catch up on emails.  When I do have a free moment, I’m listening to audio books or running errands.  I love to go shopping and get my nails done in a non-Covid world.


Do you like watching Matt in The Clone Wars? @evankallas01

I’ve seen most episodes of The Clone Wars, but not all.  I really enjoyed that show!


What’s your enneagram number? @mrs.stauffer

I tied on the Enneagram test as a 9 and a 3.  So I think technically I’m a 9 with a 3 wing?  I haven’t read the book yet to figure out exactly what it means.


Where is your favorite place you’ve lived? @mommy_mandy

I loved New Orleans, Atlanta and Mobile, AL.  But honestly, Nashville is my new #1.  Don’t get me wrong, Los Angeles was wonderful, but Nashville just can’t be beat!


What was the last movie you watched? @emilymunger

I started a classic movie on TCM with Lana Turner a few nights ago, but haven’t finished it yet.  Otherwise, we watched the new Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams comedy on Netflix and I’m still not sure what it is that I watched…


What do you use to keep your house smelling fresh and clean? Also what cleaning product? @kellymcbridelovesyou

I try to open the windows and doors often to allow fresh air in the house, no matter what the temperature is.  I think fresh air is key.  Also, all of my plant babies help to keep my air clean in the house.  I don’t burn candles often, but when I do, I only use candle scents I really love.  I’m not huge on floral or perfume scents, I gravitate towards scents like sea salt, foods, fruit and colognes.

As for cleaning products, I truly can’t get enough of my Force of Nature!


Is it hard not to get wrapped up in the life of “fame” and being an actor’s wife? @madelynalbers

I’m not famous, but it’s flattering to have one of you think so, lol.  I’m just a normal girl from Ohio who married a normal guy who is an actor by profession.  Our life is very normal.  I’m so happy that I get to do what I love for a living and travel with my man when he has to work in different places.  Your support for this little blog of mine helps to make that possible. 😉


How do you handle so many people knowing about your life? Like haters & outspoken folks? @reardonerin

I’ve been so blessed with a community of supportive and loving GG’s.  The hate I get is rare, and I’m so thankful for that.  I have a three strike rule for haters, unless they’re are just over the top from the get go.  After a third strike, they’re either blocked or hidden.  I typically give them the three strikes because sometime a nasty comment or DM is because that person is just having a bad day, and I’m getting the brunt of it.  I try my best to put myself in other’s shoes, because you never really know what battles someone else is facing.


If you could have a meal or cup of coffee with anyone past or present, who would it be and why? @meggiemich

This is such a hard one.  My answer would probably be different every time you ask it.  Right now, I’m thinking Queen Esther from the Bible. So much grace, poise and wisdom in one woman.


How do you stay motivated to look cute when you’re feeling lazy, especially during quarantine? @kristascary

That’s easy… I don’t!  I’m writing this blog post at 2:15pm in my pajamas and hair that’s 2 days past needing washed.  My life is far from glamorous.  If I feel like putting on makeup, I do.  If I don’t, then I don’t.  I try to give myself grace when it comes to the little things.  You should too!


What are you going to do with the Ohio townhouse? @taylarsfrance

We’re heading back up to Ohio soon, actually!  We’re keeping it until we hear about season 2 of Matt’s new show.  We would have to head up North again if it gets picked up.


Do you generally find all the stuff you share with us by yourself or do you see it from others? @tsteph1918

Generally, I find the items I post and wear myself.  I don’t want to look like every other blogger out there.  I want to be myself and share what I like.  Sometimes I’m influenced by others: bloggers, celebrities, magazines or even people I see out and about.  But overall, I do my own shopping and picking.😊


What is the easiest plant to grow? Especially for beginner status… @marialuvvyouu_

Hands down: snake plants.  The only way I know to kill them is to give them too much water.  These bad boys are so low maintenance, they’re a black thumb’s best friend!  Also, I la la LOVE zz plants.  They’re low maintenance and require basically no light.  They’re so gorgeous!


Will you do another Halloween makeup tutorial? I don’t even know if there will be a Halloween… @lorileung9678

I already have one Halloween tutorial filmed!  Y’all know it’s my favorite time to go big for YouTube!!


What do you order at Starbucks? @lozzcurts

I’m not a huge Starbucks girl.  I know, I know…  GASP!  I prefer Tim Horton’s any day!  If I am at Starb’s I go for a salted caramel mocha (no salt off season) or a tall mocha with oat milk (if you can find one that carries oat milk) with whipped cream.


What is your favorite and least favorite part about living in LA? @britneynicole

I have a lot of things I love about LA: The weather, our friends, the food…  As for least, the traffic and crime.  The longer I lived there, the more unsafe it felt.  That’s why I wanted to raise Kenny girl somewhere else.


Can you share your Spotify playlist again? @shari.courtier

Yes!  Check out our summer playlist here.


Any tips for getting stuff done with a toddler? @nysooner.carrie

Yes, get a babysitter.  For reals.  I can barely cook a meal when I have Kenny with me.  She’s into everything.  I have to have one eyeball on her and the other on the stove.  I try to be as productive as possible when she sleeps.  Sometimes, I have to give her tv time or the house will start to fall apart.


  1. Marissa
    / 2:21 PM

    Oh yes Def! I love learning new things about my fave celebrities! How do you keep Kenny busy all day during Quarentine?

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:46 PM

      It’s not easy! We get Amazon deliveries VERY OFTEN full of activities to keep her occupied!

  2. Photini
    / 2:23 PM

    Love this post and getting to know more about you! You should definitely do this every month!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:47 PM

      Thank you so much!

  3. Sydnee Marchese
    / 2:25 PM

    I love these! Would love if you did them monthly 🙂 It’s awesome that you open up your life to all of us and don’t mind us asking questions ❤️❤️

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:48 PM

      Thanks, Sydnee!

  4. Jennifer
    / 2:27 PM

    Love your Q&A I am a new follower and love your post and tips , but I am a bit older than you , probably your moms age. But anyway would love to see makeup tips or demo on maybe your mom or a older friend. Don’t get me wrong I swear I try all your tips but just curios what should aging makeup look and feel like? Thanks 💕

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:48 PM

      A lot of people have asked about that same thing! We may need to film something together soon!

  5. Megan Brewer
    / 2:32 PM

    I love these, and I love how candid you are in your responses. I think you should continue to do “Ask Angela’s” periodically.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:49 PM

      I need to! Thanks, Megan!

  6. Sherry Reid
    / 2:33 PM

    PLEASE bring this back on a monthly basis! Love me some girl talk Tuesday! Or any day of the week

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:49 PM

      Thanks, Sherry!

  7. Amy Snyder
    / 2:33 PM

    This was a fun one! I love all those questions and hearing your answers! I need to get some snake plants!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:49 PM

      Thanks, Amy!

  8. Mindy Diegel
    / 2:35 PM

    I love a good Q&A! I will eventually come to visit Nashville it is on my list of places to visit.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:49 PM

      You’d love it here!

  9. Nadya Voytovich
    / 2:48 PM

    I just love all your posts and blogs. You’re my go to for all normal life and adorable outfits and easy to do makeup. I just love you. Lol. This is a great way for is to get to know you a little better, so I love these Q and As. And you should totally read up on the enneagram more. I would love to see if my guess is correct or not (it’s hard to ever actually know since your number depends on what your core motivator is and no one can see that but you). Thank you Angela for all your hard work!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 12:50 PM

      I definitely need to dig into it a little deeper!

  10. Connie
    / 2:50 PM

    Loved all these q&a’s! I totally miss Hello Baby Podcast so this is fun! Do y’all think you will make a come back? In my opinion a quarterly Q&A seems like a good balance of time passed for new questions to rise between seasons! You share so much already which what makes you feel like all of our Besties! Just my 2 Cents! ❤️

    • Jessica Bravo
      / 3:32 PM

      I LOVE your responses! You and Matt are so humble and sweet. I think you guys are famous ♡ I agree with your post about how people ask all the time if there is going to be more kids in the future. My sweet boy is almost 9 months and people are already telling me I should try for a girl. I totally think you should keep doing these Qs and As!

  11. Desiree'
    / 2:57 PM

    Love the q&a’s keep them coming!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:48 AM

      Thanks, Desireè

  12. Melanie Curtis
    / 3:00 PM

    How do feel about Matt going back to acting and doing kissing scenes with Covid out therr? It would scare me?

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:48 AM

      It’s a little scary, not gonna lie!

  13. Krista Scary
    / 3:02 PM

    This was so fun! I like reading what other GGs wanted to ask you … definitely make it a monthly thing!💕

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:49 AM

      Thanks, Krista!

  14. Britney Allen
    / 3:23 PM

    Thanks for answering my question! I have heard L.A. weather is great! I’m going to try out the circle time for my toddler! Also, we have the same middle name! 💜

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:49 AM

      Awwww! Love that!

  15. Natascha Bivens
    / 3:28 PM

    When & where did you meet Matt? And what made y’all decide to move just 2 hours from me (hehe) to Nashville, Tn? Much love!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:49 AM

      We have a whole podcast episode about how we met!

  16. Lori Leung
    / 3:38 PM

    I’ve missed girl talk Tuesday. Glad to see it is back. I know life gets busy when you’re a mom, so even if you skipped some we moms understand. Can’t wait to see Halloween video and maybe more of Matt saying what you’re wearing. Those are fun to watch if he has time. Family comes first though 😊

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:50 AM

      Thanks, Lori! We’re excited about Halloween videos too!

  17. Stephanie Loverde
    / 4:05 PM

    Great girl talk Tuesday as usual. Hope you and your family are safe during quarantine! That’s great that Matt’s show has been renewed for season 2. Do you have an idea when season 1 will premiere in Netflix? I’m having such a hard time finding info about the show. I find it extremely ironic how ever since Matt was cast as Anakin, his current roles all seem to reflect that. His character George sounds a lot like Darth Vader: the closest ally of a powerful hero on the light side who turns against him and the others when he turns to the dark side/becomes evil.

    Also random question: How is your dad doing with his lung cancer? I think when I talked to your mom last year on Facebook she said he was okay but I hope he’s fine with COVID going on!

    PS: MacKenlee is so beautiful and so big! I love when you post pics of the two of you with matching clothes/hairstyles. But please tell her to stop growing so fast and stop being so cute lol. Matt will have to hire some guard dogs when she’s a teenager keeping those teenage boys out!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:51 AM

      We hope it airs sometime this year! ::Fingers crossed!:: My dad has been doing much better. He still has a lot of appointments but for the most part much better! Thank you for asking!

  18. Stephanie Loverde
    / 4:10 PM

    Also I hope Hello Baby comes back soon! I’ve been listening to all the episodes again and they bring back such great memories. I hope you guys decide to come back one day!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:52 AM

      Awwww! Thank you for listening again!

  19. Brittany
    / 4:22 PM

    Hi! You have great fasion tips–as well as tips for hair, make up and for the home! Have you ever wanted to create your own line of products…or maybe do a brand partnership? Or is there anything in the works you could tell us about? 🙂

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:52 AM

      I would LOVE to do that! It’s a dream of mine!

  20. Ursula
    / 4:31 PM

    ZZ Plants are the best plants and also dragon fingers. I’ve grown green thumbs and I’m so proud of myself!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:53 AM

      YAY! Plants are the best!

  21. Katie B.
    / 5:14 PM

    Love Q&As! Yes, if you are able to do a Q&A blog post every quarter, I think that would be a good amount! I love how relatable you are and genuine. 🥰

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:53 AM

      Thanks, Katie!!

  22. Carrie
    / 5:17 PM

    Loved this! And thanks for answering my question!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:53 AM

      Thanks, Carrie!!

  23. Tamra
    / 5:17 PM

    Loved this post! You should definitely continue with the q&a posts!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:53 AM

      Thanks, Tamra!

  24. Mallary
    / 5:18 PM

    Love this post! It answers so many good things! Definitely do q&a monthly!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:54 AM

      Thanks, Mallary!

  25. Erin Core
    / 5:20 PM

    Awesome Q and A’s!! I would love to see a blog post or video on your top 5 fav pairs of shoes and maybe how you style them. I watched the Eurovision film on Netflix with Will and Rachel. It had some funny moments.

    I can’t wait for your halloween makeup videos this yr! One of my fav things I look forward to each yr!!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:55 AM

      I love that idea!! Thanks!

  26. Stephanie
    / 5:26 PM

    Great q&a! We lived just outside Atlanta for two years. First in Alpharetta and then Sugar Hill. I loved it and miss it terribly. We watched the eurovision movie too. Loved it. Cant stop listening to some of the songs.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:56 AM

      We always loved the Alpharetta area!

  27. Kelly
    / 5:32 PM

    Yes! Make this monthly! Love the honesty of hiring a sitter. That is the only way I get anything done and I appreciate not feeling the mom shame!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:57 AM

      No mom shame here!!

  28. Sarah “Ellie_Schme”
    / 6:00 PM

    I LOVE THIS it was so fun to read. It would be so awesome it would be monthly!!! Also LOVE that you answered my question thank you!!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:57 AM

      Thanks for sending it in!

  29. Sydnee Marchese
    / 6:17 PM

    Not sure if my comment went through so will post again lol! I love your Q & A’s! Having those every month would be so fun. I love how open and honest you are with all of us and as someone mentioned above so relatable too. ❤️

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:57 AM

      Thanks, Sydnee!!

  30. Shannon
    / 6:23 PM

    Yes, I would love to see q&a become a monthly thing! Great info and fun learning a little more about your family life.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:57 AM

      Thanks, Shannon!

  31. Kristi Campbell
    / 7:17 PM

    Great post! Follow up question to this answer:
    Where do you see yourself and your family in 5 years? @ellie_schme

    Hopefully here in Nashville! I would love to see Hello Gorgeous be more than a blog and YouTube Channel too.❤️

    What would you like Hello Gorgeous to be when you day “more?”

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:58 AM

      Possibly a product brand!

  32. Gemma Louise
    / 7:26 PM

    Loved this. Loved finding out extra details about things!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:58 AM

      Thanks, Gemma!

  33. Sara
    / 8:38 PM

    I loved hearing your answers to these questions! It’s a fun get to know you activity. 🙂

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:58 AM

      Thanks, Sara!

  34. Erin Reardon
    / 10:07 PM

    I’m about to go check out that single girl dating post right now hahaha!!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:59 AM

      HAHA! YES!

  35. roxana
    / 10:47 PM

    love the Q&A , you keep it so real !!!!! would love more posts like this

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:59 AM

      Thanks, Roxana!

  36. Leonie
    / 5:34 AM

    Love these kinds of blogs!!
    You’re so humble.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:59 AM

      Awwww! Thanks Leonie!

  37. Brianna
    / 8:36 AM

    I love how personal and honest you are. These should be a thing more often but I’m sure we all understand that’s a lot of work and maybe it can only be a 4x a year thing🤷🏻‍♀️ We appreciate ya 🤪

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:59 AM

      Thanks, Brianna!!

  38. Meagan (@meagiemm)
    / 8:55 AM

    Thanks for sharing your favorite thing to grow and why! The grow bags for potatoes are so cool and I am definitely intrigued now to try growing potatoes next season! Thanks again for sharing! I loved this Q & A!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:00 AM

      You definitely should try it!!

  39. Maxanne Clark
    / 9:59 AM

    Yes! Love Girl Talk Tuesday – keep doing it please if you can. And I love having it on the blog so I can go back and re-read some of these good tips!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:00 AM

      Thanks, Maxanne!!

  40. Lauren
    / 5:20 AM

    Definitely love these q and A’s so interesting and fun and Clone Wars is awesome and love Anakin!!!! I like episode 7 too so many interesting points here love this

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:01 AM

      Thanks, Lauren!!

  41. Autumn J
    / 7:38 PM

    Thank you for answering my question in this post!! Love these q and a posts!!

  42. Angela Lanter
    / 9:01 AM

    Thanks for sending it in, Autumn!

    / 3:04 PM

    I am a little in shock that you prefer Tim Horton’s over Starbucks! I’m also wondering how many of your followers never even had a Timmy’s. LOL. I guess it is the one thing you can look forward to when travelling to TO with Matt.

    The Q&A is fun! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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