Summer Playlist 2019

Summer Playlist 2019

I’m always getting DMs on Instagram about music.  The questions are usually about what songs I’m using in my Stories, but sometimes it’s even about what music we play for Kenny girl at bedtime.

Music is important to me.  I’ve always been a playlist girl.  In high school, my car was full of CD’s (on my visor, lol!) I created full of my favorite songs.  I remember my first mp3 player and how stoked I was to have all my music loaded on one small device, no more cd organizers!

Summertime has always been my favorite time of year for music, besides Christmas, of course.  I can hear a song and immediately be transported back to the summer it came out and all the memories come rushing back.  Summer music and teenage years go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Think back and I’m sure you’ll come up with at least one song that immediately makes you think of summer.

Summer Playlist 2019 Angela Lanter Hello GorgeousSummer Playlist 2019 Angela Lanter Hello GorgeousSummer Playlist 2019 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

I love that I now can create a playlist online and easily share it with Matt.  I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve been listening to this summer with y’all.  I have always had diverse taste in music.  Truly diverse, lol.  I listen to everything from 1940’s hits to country to rap to EVERYTHING.  I want it that way…  Like my BSB shout out there?!

my summer playlist

Can we talk about the elephant in the room?  THIS LEOPARD SWIMSUIT.  All the yes.  And just you wait for it…  I found this gem on Amazon for $20!  Easily one of my favorite Amazon finds lately.  I’m wearing a size Small and LOVE it.  It’s a little more bootylicious than I would typically like, but weirdly, I don’t mind it.

Okay, so tell me…  What are you listening to on repeat this summer?  Comment below with your favorite summer song!


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  1. Lindsay
    / 2:56 PM

    I just found “All the time” by Zara Larson and I’m obsessed. Also “Every Little Thing” by Russell Dickerson.

    Love your playlist! I feel like your the big sister I never had lol.

  2. Shari
    / 3:22 PM

    We have the same taste. I love so many types of music and growing up fell in love with rock, rap, pop and country.. Music is good for your soul. Do you ever use Pandora and if you did what are some of your fave stations? Or what do you use?

  3. Carroll skelton
    / 3:51 PM

    Listen to Gabby Barrett song called “The Good Ones” . It’s sooooo good . I’m loving it !!! If you listen to the Highway on Sirius , she was one of their Highway Finds !!! Country is my Jam!

  4. Christi
    / 6:27 PM

    Fave song this summer is Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs!

  5. Mara Kilian
    / 7:26 PM

    Girl listen to “Feels Like Summer” by Weezer. My fav summer song this year. 🙌🏼

  6. Lori
    / 7:27 PM

    I’ve been listening to Nat King Cole which my father sang to my mom, The Police, BSB, Jonas Brothers Sucker for you..,

  7. Brittany Blackburn
    / 7:38 PM

    My favorites of yours are 2, 4, 36 and 42! I’m loving Luke Bryan’s “Knockin Boots”! I had my CDs on my visor too! And I didn’t read your BSB reference, I sang it, lol!

  8. Diane Osborne
    / 7:55 PM

    I have found a lot recently due to tic tok compliations on youtube.
    “Monster” – Boondox, “Body” – Loud Luxury, “Hunter” – Elysa, “Humans” – Omnimar, “King of the World” – War*Hall, “Go!” – Clodie, “Hunt You Down” – Vo Williams, “I feel in love with the devil” – Avril Lavigne, “Angry Too” – Lola Blanc.

    I need music that gets me going to work out, as well the drive to keep pushing at work. I bounce around in taste, and many that is on your list is already on mine.

  9. Melanie
    / 9:10 PM

    Such an amazing playlist! I was always that person too who had the mix tapes and everyone asked me for song selections!
    I’m currently loving Courtney Shields song “Messy” it has a total Carrie Underwood vibe to it.
    I’ve also been listen to “Phases” by PrettyMuch

  10. / 5:20 AM

    I’ve been listening to A LOT of the boy band mania station on Amazon Music. The other song I’ve had on repeat is a Counting Crowns song called Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) and if you haven’t heard it, I think you’d love it!!

  11. Tara
    / 8:31 AM

    Tyler Childers. We love him! He is from Irvine, KY, which is like an hour or so from us.

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