My Blogging Purpose: A New Direction

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit Bailey44 Cold Shoulder Top Hudson Skinny Jeans Vince Camuto Heels Baublebar Necklace Kendra Scott Ring Kendra Scott Bracelet Set - fashion trends 1

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top, Skinny Jeans, Heels, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

My Blogging Story” post was a piece I had rolling around in my head for some time.  I never anticipated it becoming my most commented blog post ever!  In that post, I shared the creation and history of Hello Gorgeous, so now I’d like to share the purpose of Hello Gorgeous.

From the beginning, my mission statement has been: Hello Gorgeous is a place where women can visit for inspiration and leave feeling a little more gorgeous.

My heart has always been to help women to feel more gorgeous in their own skin.  I have attempted to help my readers by providing fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration that is easy (and affordable!) to recreate at home.  Most importantly though, I use my words to encourage my readers.

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

blogging with a purpose angela lanter hello gorgeous

I’ve always been a talker.  One of my nicknames as a little girl was “Motormouth,” ha!  I have a natural affinity for words…  Just ask my husband, lol.  When I was young, I’d beg my mom to buy me blank hardback books so I could write my own stories.  I thought I’d definitely be a published author one day…  And, in a way, I kinda am.

When I first began blogging, I felt like a little girl again.  I loved the writing process.  It was the most magical creative outlet for me, only next to giving someone a makeover…  I’m all girl, y’all, ha!

Somewhere along my way, I found myself feeling the pressure of what my beloved industry had become.  I stopped writing about the things that I love.  I fell into the rut of quicker, easier content.  I began to write the bare minimum to accompany the outfit photos, which became my new focus.  I became purely a fashion blogger.  Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being a fashion blogger, I want HG to be more than just fashion.

How I did I lose my blogging focus?  I entered the rat race.  I felt the pressure of keeping up with my peers.  Bloggers around me were growing faster on social media and I couldn’t figure out why.  It began to consume me.

Then, one day, I woke up.  Praise the Lord.  It hit me like a ton of bricks: popularity, or internet fame, wasn’t why I began blogging.  I began blogging because I loved writing and sharing my passions with other women.  My dream was to build a successful blogging business that was created and ran by me.  I had achieved that!  So then why was I getting caught up in the comparison game?

I decided right then and the answer was change.  I was merely surviving because of the amount of pressure I was putting on myself.  I run everything on my own, so I was working basically every waking minute of the day.  I decided that I wanted to thrive in my blogging career.  I chose to change my perspective, to stop looking at my peers success and comparing myself.  No longer would I see other bloggers as pressure for me to do more, but I would see their work as inspirational and beautiful content.  Basically, I decided I would just do me.  That’s the beauty in being your own boss, you only answer to yourself…  But at times, I’m the strictest, most judgmental boss I’ve ever had, lol.

After the shift in my mindset, I realized that I just desperately wanted to connect with my readers.  I wanted to be able to pour into their lives in some way.  What I craved was community with my Gorgeous Girls.  To hear from them about their own lives and which topics I could write about that would positively impact lives.

Hopefully you’ve noticed the changes.  Sadly, the frequency of blog posts has declined, but the quality has improved.  My motto is now quality over quantity.  By choosing to invest more time and brainpower into my content, I’ve rediscovered my love for writing.  I’ve always loved beauty and fashion, duh. I  also love connecting with my readers by sharing, empowering, encouraging and inspiring.  Now, I’m spending my time researching and diving into topics like relationships, marriage and self-improvement.  I’m still spending long hours every day working on my content, especially behind the scenes, but I love every minute of it.

This blogging journey has allowed me to make some incredible girlfriends and create a platform in which to connect with my readers, who I lovingly refer to as my Gorgeous Girls.  I want to continue to build a comfortable environment where my GG’s can visit and gain makeup and hair tips, style inspiration and so much more.  In 2017, I plan to fire up Girl Talk Tuesdays again, which has proven to be, by far, my most popular series ever.  I’m doing this blogging thing in order to share, build and grow right alongside you.

I have gotten to know many of you through this incredible journey and feel as though I have a whole network of girlfriends that I’ve never even met before.  There are times that I have wondered if all this work is really worth it…  Then I’ll receive a few words of encouragement in the form of a comment on my blog or social media.  Knowing that I’ve had even the slightest impact on even one woman’s life makes every second of work I’ve put in 100% worth it.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  For reading my words and sharing your own with me.  I love that you take time out of your busy life to spend a few minutes with me…  In fact, I appreciate your participation more than you can possibly know.  Thank you for helping make 2016 Hello Gorgeous’s most successful year yet.  I can’t wait to share more of my life, heart and journey with you in this new year.  I have so many fun ideas and plans, so I hope you’ll continue to stick around. ♡

Sending all my love to each one of my Gorgeous Girls.

Photography by Valorie Darling.

What I’m Wearing:

 Bailey44 Cold Shoulder Top  //  Hudson Skinny Jeans (Use code: ANGELA20 for 20% off!)  //  Vince Camuto Heels  //  Baublebar Necklace  //  Kendra Scott Ring  //  Kendra Scott Bracelet Set

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  1. Natasha
    / 3:12 PM

    Absolutely love your blog and You Tube channel! Keep doing what you love and everyone will love it too. X

  2. / 3:46 AM

    Your blog is simply amazing!! I love your fashion sense so so much! And I can totally relate to you on the ‘comparison’ thing with your peers. It happens when your blog is new and still is not in the public eye. I kind of still go through it as mine is new. You aren’t the only one. xD
    But I have a small request. I am a total newbie when it comes to makeup and struggle a lot on what products to buy and what to do with them. So if you could make a video for people like me it would help a lot. LOL.

    Thank by the way. Your posts are inspiring. 🙂

    • / 7:25 PM

      Thank you, Vidisha! Are you looking for a post/video about which products to buy to start your makeup bag?

      • / 8:15 AM

        A video would be better on what products to buy and how to use them.

        • / 9:44 AM

          Got it! I like his idea! I just need to figure out exactly how to execute it!

  3. / 5:36 PM

    I love this post. As a blogger too I totally understand getting caught up in the rat race. After my little girl was born I realized I had to step back and reevaluate my priorities. I had to stop just writing posts to have content and have more quality over quantity. It’s quite freeing but also a constant struggle when you start comparing yourself to those around you. It’s always inspiring to see bloggers I admire (aka you) realizing the same thing and refocusing. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings for Hello Gorgeous!


    • / 7:24 PM

      Thank you, Emily! It’s so easy to get caught up in it all! Wishing you success in 2017!!

  4. / 11:25 AM

    Hi Angela, I really love this post. You are such an inspiring person and I already follow Hello Gorgeous since the first Blog entry! You also inspired me to create my own Blog and talk about my passion: a healthy and cruelty free life and I´m blogging about how to stay healthy and post lots of vegan and vegetarian recipes.
    As an Austrian Blogger I unfortunately dont have the possibility to reach such Followers and such a populartiy like American Bloggers, because Austria is just no Country, where you can live from this and where people accept something like this as a job. But I really LOVE to share my passion, so i also dont think on Followers anymore and I´m happy about every single comment, because than I know, that really somebody is listening to me 🙂
    So I wanted to thank you for your Inspiration and continue like this!!!
    Love, Corinna

    • / 7:24 PM

      Thank you, Corinna! You’re the definition of an OGG! I love to hear that you’re following your passion!
      I would love to visit Austria some day, it seems like such a gorgeous country! Best of luck on your new blogging journey! xoxo

  5. / 12:28 PM

    I absolutely love how raw this post is and the reason why I love reading your blog and watching your channel. You’re so genuine and fun!
    I started my entrepreneurial career a few years back and it’s been tough to say the least. I’m working hard to make 2017 a successful year and people like you are what keep me motivated to never give up on my journey. I’m so passionate about my business and will see it one day be all that I dreamed of.
    I can’t wait for girl talk tuesdays!! It’s such a fun way to have girl time! I am a mommy of a 20 month old and I don’t get a lot of girl time so this is such a treat for me!!
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish this year :).

    • / 7:22 PM

      Thank you, Mariana!! I love women entrepreneurs! Women like you are so inspiring to me because you have a passion and you pursue it! Sending you warm wishes of success! ?

  6. / 12:36 PM

    Angela, this was beautiful! I admire you taking charge and creating your own happiness. I may be a blogger/YouTuber on the side but professionally I’m a therapist and am filled with so much love when people prioritize themselves and their happiness. I’ve always loved your content from the beginning, and you have inspired me to take charge in my own way by creating a YouTube channel & Instagram along with my blog. 2017 will be a great year and I can’t wait to tag along on your journey! I hope you enjoy hearing from me or following along with my own stuff too! 🙂

    • / 7:21 PM

      Thank you, Rachel! You’re a boss babe, wow!! That’s amazing that you wear all these hats! Sending love & support your way! ❤️

  7. / 12:43 PM

    Love all your posts Angela! Whether it’s inspirational or beauty related. I love that you are keeping it real. I especially enjoy your you tube vids and you are my blogging and makeup tutorial inspiration! Have a great Sunday!

  8. Vanessa
    / 12:44 PM

    Well I really like your blog, I’d much rather read something interesting than see a bunch of photographs but no tale to accompany them! I’m not a blogger, I’m a 29 year old professional working in medical research so I do like to indulge in all things girly when I can. I like how you have your passions yet you clearly support your husband, it’s a fine balance and you do it well. You also come across as a very kind person too, humble enough to realise that it’s important to always work on yourself yet never condescending! I follow very few bloggers now as so many of the posts just seemed so fake and staged, some brought out my worst attributes including envy and jealousy when I would compare myself to them so I don’t do that to myself anymore. Your posts really do seem genuine, that’s probably down to how much of yourself you put in the story around them. When it comes to your followers, maybe it’s another case of quality over quantity 😉
    I hope you have a healthy and happy 2017, I will be starting wedding planning soon so maybe you could share your own expertise gained from your own wedding planning xx

    • / 7:20 PM

      Thank you so much, Vanessa! It doesn’t feel like I’m doing it well most days, so it’s very nice to hear that affirmation from you!
      Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! Wedding planning was my absolute favorite! Not sure if you’ve seen this post or not, but maybe you’ll find it helpful:
      Wishing you the very best of luck on this exciting journey!! xoxo

  9. / 12:46 PM

    I love this so much. I’ve always loved how real you’ve been as a blogger & I love reading your posts because of your honesty, incredible writing & outlook on life. So blessed to have you as a friend & I can’t wait to see all of the things you accomplish this year!

  10. / 1:22 PM

    Keep it up girl love you and your blog! ?

  11. / 2:04 PM

    I love this post so much, Angela! You and Matt have been given an incredible platform, and I’m praying daily for you both to be used in huge ways to impact others! Literally, your names are written in my prayer journal.

    Thank you for being raw and genuine! It’s the best gift to give others. It really does take a village, and I’m excited to see where this support system leads to!

    • / 7:17 PM

      Thank you Lacy Marie for your kind words and your prayers! That means so much to know we have incredible people like you praying for us! ?

  12. Ari Kane
    / 2:25 PM

    I truly love your blog!❤I am to married and love the realism you share! You were the first YouTuber to inspire me. You are genuinely real and love your posts about your faith, relationships, struggles with self image and identity. I find so many blogs and YouTube videos lack depth and honesty. You and Matt despite the fame seem like a real couple,facing real life challenges. I too have moved around for my husband’s job although in a corporate world and struggled with re-establishing who I am and what I contribute to our marriage. You just make me feel good, positive and blessed for all my gifts! Looking forward to your 2017! Oh and don’t be shy about sharing more recipes, I have made all that you have suggested in the past only my whole chicken was a fail! Much love from Texas! ❤️

    • / 7:16 PM

      Oh girl, you understand my crazy life then. I never know where we’ll be living in the next three months and it’s sometimes enough to make me pull out my hair! I keep reminding myself that it’s just a season that we’re in, take it one day at a time and it’s all part of this wonderful adventure I get to share with my hubs. Sending you love on your journey!
      Also, if you’re on Snapchat, follow me… I post a lot of daily food ideas on there and I’m Pinterest obsessed! ?

  13. Ashley C.
    / 3:26 PM

    Thank you for all you do and for your Love of Christ, INSANELY creative and helpful fashion advice and for just being you. I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into what you do and being married to an actor; with the long nights and large amounts of travel. Just wanted to say I support you all the way and thanks for being a God fearing Christian women with a heart of gold. God Bless and keep being totally awesome! “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21).

  14. / 3:34 PM

    Great post Angela I can’t wait to continue reading and enjoying the content you put up!

  15. Manté
    / 4:05 PM

    Hello Angela! You are such an inspiring and gorgeous women that you dont ever need to compare yourself to anyone else. Your style and content is what makes you who you are and I love that. I LOVE reading your blog posts and watching your youtube channel. Mostly I cant wait to see your new pics that you post on instagram and all the other social media places.
    Just keep doing what you do and remember to have fun with everything you do!
    Thanks for being an inspiring person. ❤

    • / 7:12 PM

      Thank you, Manté! Your kinds words mean so much to me!! ?

  16. Bre
    / 4:12 PM

    Angela. I absolutely love your blogs. You’re such a positive light. I honestly wish we were best friends because I could use someone like you in my life. Thank you for being you. Have a great day gorgeous!

  17. Alyssa B.
    / 4:29 PM

    I read all the time and have followed you from the beginning but I rarely comment, mostly because I don’t have extra time too (my sweet little boy doesn’t give me much free time). Anyway, I felt led to leave you a comment today. I enjoy reading the things you are sharing. Thank you for being true to yourself and not getting caught up in comparing yourself to others. I wish more people would hold on to their values and follow their heart. God has obviously has called you to this work for a purpose, you’re wonderful, so thank you from one of your quiet readers for holding on to your true self and digging deeper! God Bless!

    • / 7:11 PM

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much Alyssa! It’s blesses me to know you enjoy my posts! ?

  18. / 4:44 PM

    I love your outfits and your makeup videos (I prob wouldn’t have the makeup knowledge I have now without those lol), but my favorite thing is reading about how real you are and about the things you have faced that most women face. I love your positivity and how you are always lifting everyone up. I will always be coming back for more on your blog because reading it feels like I’m hearing stuff from a friend and its so refreshing. I’m so glad that you have found this wonderful direction for you and the blog.

    • / 7:09 PM

      Thanks Nikki! Thank you for your incredibly kind words! You don’t know how much that means to me to hear! ❤️

  19. Sarah Sokoll
    / 5:52 PM

    I love this. So excited for what’s to come!! And girl talk tuesdays has definitely been one of my favorite series by far ?

  20. / 7:30 PM

    Something I really love about your website (and social media presence in general) is that you’re so incredibly honest and upfront about life. Reading your posts (from lifestyle to GTT), I can always find something to identify with because you’re down-to-earth and don’t write like you’re looking for site hits or views.

    The other thing that I appreciate is that you give links to actual clothes that real people can wear and though you’re SUPER TINY and I can’t fit those clothes, the accessories and makeup are affordable AND stylish – something that’s not easily found in blogs these days, especially in those that *are* looking for those site hits.

    It’s not just the positivity you bring to your blog, but the love for your family and God that is inspiring and I’m so glad that I found it. Thank you for being true to yourself ♥

    – Em

    • / 8:00 PM

      Thank you, Em! I always try to keep it 100% real with my readers! ?
      I really appreciate your feedback, it helps me to know what is working (or not) on the other side of the screen! xoxo

  21. / 7:49 PM

    Love this post! It pretty much says, be yourself no matter. And it doesn’t as long as you’re true, which is what I love most about your more personal posts. Good luck and keep being yourself! I’m excited about the changes you’re making!!!

  22. Vivianne
    / 9:31 PM

    Quality over quantity! That was one saying my mom taught my sisters and I from an early age 🙂 You’re blog is easily my favorite one to follow and its not just because of your beautiful pictures and fun personality but because of your raw, relatable content! And as a 25 year old Christian in a society that makes it hard to follow that lifestyle, it’s so nice to read your post and be encouraged while at the same time taking care of the bodies God gave us, build healthy relationships and enjoy His creation!

    Thank you for all your hard work Angela!

    • / 9:32 AM

      Sounds like you have a smart Mama, Vivianne! Thank you for following along!! xoxo

  23. / 11:20 PM

    I really love your blog. The quantity doesnt matter. In fact most people lose interest cause its hard to keep up when posting a lot. So please stick with your quality posts. Also like the little insides peeks in your live. Its especially fun to see how different people live. Xo from the Netherlands

    • / 9:33 AM

      Thank you so much for that insight, Amber! I appreciate feedback like this so much!! Sending love to the Netherlands, which I’m dying to visit one day! ❤️

      • / 3:06 PM

        Thanks! Hope you getting to it! For me its the other way around. Love the different kinds of nature you have over there! ?

  24. Jennifer
    / 12:07 AM

    I am so excited for all posts you have planned. Your Girl Talk Tuesday series is what I most look forward to and I love that you share yourban words and inspiration with all of us. Here’s to an amazing new year!

    • / 9:33 AM

      Thank you Jennifer! I’m starting up GTT tomorrow for 2017 and have a fun new post planned! ?

  25. Manon
    / 1:50 AM

    Hi Angela,

    To be honest with you the part I prefer in your blog is Girl Talk Thursday because first I’m not a big fan of fashion. And then I’m from Europe so we don’t have the stores you talk about.

    My opinion is when you talk about something personal like you do in Girl Talk Thursday, blogger, youtubers or stars are less unreally and we can see that sometimes we are not as different and we have the same issues, doubts and that their life is not perfect.

    So I really thank you for that. Showing me that we all have our issue and whatever problem we have, we are not alone and their is a solution. You also give me hope and enlighten my day.

    Thank you very much for everything. Love being part of the HG family.
    Manon ?

    • / 9:35 AM

      Thank you for that feedback, Manon! I love hearing from my international Gorgeous Girls! That helps me know what posts work best for you! xoxo

  26. Cassandra Pratt
    / 5:19 AM

    You are such an inspiration, and I love reading what you write! Keep doing you!

  27. / 6:07 AM

    OG HG girl here and I LOVE the new direction you’re taking! I definitely noticed the scale back and the incredible investment you are taking in your posts. They feel so personal, real, and thoughtful! It’s really like talking to a girlfriend when I read your posts and that is so hard to find in the blogging world! You have always done a beautiful job, but this feels so fresh and fun and I am really enjoying it! Keep up the awesome work girlfriend!

    P.S.- this verse made me think of you and your new blogging direction.

    “That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in season
    and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever they do prospers.”
    – ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬


    • / 9:39 AM

      Thank you so much for your kind words and even more for being one of my OGGs!! Girls like you are why I’ve stuck to this blogging thing! Sending my love to you! xoxo
      PS- love that scripture! I hope to see HG prosper in 2017, so thank you very much for sharing! ❤️

  28. / 8:00 AM

    Love getting to see his more purposeful strategy! Can’t wait for GTT 2017!

    • / 9:44 AM

      Jules! You’re one of the biggest supports in my life! Thank you for all you do for me! xoxo

  29. / 8:54 AM

    I love reading your blog and look forward to reading any topic you might have. Your fashion style is great because you mix high and low end together so that everyone has something they can buy. Your videos are so fun and you are a natural at it! I get the whole comparison thing…I do it too! I think we all do! One blogger that I follow was able to go at it full time after one year and I thought how the heck did she do that? How did she get a following so large in that amount of time…? It’s crazy! I say keep doing what you are doing and what makes you happy! Can’t wait to see what you have for 2017!

    • / 9:50 AM

      Thank you, Michelle! You don’t even know how nice it is to hear someone say I’m a natural on camera… I’m not kidding when I tell you my worst fights with Matt have been over videos because I’m SO terrible on camera LOL! At the beginning, it was as if when the camera started rolling I forgot everything and froze up completely. I’m way more comfortable now, but at first it was just painful haha!
      That’s incredible! I can’t even imagine how only one year in you can begin blogging full time, financially speaking. But it’s very much a timing and luck thing, just like acting. Some people are so incredibly talented and never hit big. Then, others do and it doesn’t ever seem to make sense. I guess it’s like that in most industries though.
      Thank you! xoxo

  30. / 11:17 AM

    Well written post, Angela! I to share these same sentiments about my own blog. It can become so easy to get wrapped up in that particular mind set of just pushing out content, monetizing and not sticking to what you originally set out to do with blogging; this post is such a refresher. Wishing you the best in 2017, I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  31. Ashley
    / 4:03 PM

    What a perfect second post about what Hello Gorgeous means to you! I’m so ready for everything your blog and youtube channel brings in 2017 🙂

  32. Amy Zimmerle
    / 4:47 PM

    Hello my gorgeous girlfriend! I am so happy when I read your posts, watch your vids and hear about your life!
    The time you take writing, brainstorming, prepping for vids and photoshoots…You’re superwoman! huge inspiration to me and I thank you for that!
    I believe 2017 will be an amazing year for you and Matt! And with God as our Captain, wherever this ship goes in life, all happens for a reason and in his time, so that we may never fear when the waves of conflict, worry or rejection arise. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Praise God!
    I love that you are fulfilling your blogging purpose and what makes you happy and not worrying about comparing to the other bloggers out there, because in the end..there is only one Angela Lanter and we all love her and her style! Theres no one like you, always remember that and keep up your amazing inspiring work! <3
    All my Love! XO

    • / 6:11 PM

      Amy! What an encouragement your comment is! Thank you so much for your inspiring words. ?

  33. / 11:17 PM

    Hi Angela! I can really relate to where you’re at. I noticed on IG at one point that you didn’t post for a week or so and I kind of felt like this might be what you were feeling. I began my blog 8 years ago now this month and while I’ve created a lot of content in that time, I haven’t been consistent in the past 3 years since my daughter has been born. More so though, it’s as you described, starting with a passion and a clear message, branching out to different categories but then losing focus of why I began writing it to begin with. Sometimes I also wonder if the time is worth it, with a much smaller following than you, I sometimes wonder who is reading but then I’ll receive some sweet comments or private messages on FB or an e-mail with a heartfelt comment where a reader has really connected or where they share how I’ve positively impacted their life and suddenly those thoughts disappear and I’m reminded of how God uses us even through our blogs to be a blessing to others in a variety of ways. It’s a shame you don’t live closer (I’m in the SF Bay area), we have a similar sense of classic style and mindset, I’m sure we’d be fast friends. 😉 Also, I just want to share that you create really amazing, professional videos!! I truly think you have a gift for it! XO Karla

    • / 10:56 AM

      Thank you, Karla! If anything, I get so overwhelmed, especially with the constant moving and Matt’s crazy schedule changes. It sounds like you’re right, we’d be fast friends! ?

  34. Amy MacDonald
    / 7:43 PM

    I’m a little behind on reading this but it truly made me so happy. I’ve always loved your honesty and “realness” and the fact that you choose to stay true to that is so inspiring. You bring such light and positivity to everything you post and I think I can speak for all of your followers when I say thank you! Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for you!

    • / 10:19 AM

      Thank you, Amy! I’m so happy to have you on this journey with me!!

  35. / 12:18 PM

    Hi Angela! I love your blog so much! I’m exactly the same as you and want to continue to write content I can be proud of and that means something to me. I’m so glad you’re setting this intention for 2017. Looking forward to being apart of this community. ❤

    • / 10:12 AM

      Thank you, Katie! I’m so happy to have you as a part of this fam!! ?

  36. / 9:32 AM

    This really spoke to me since I started my own blog last year. I have been struggling with feeling the pressure to keep up with how others blog. Your words encouraged me to not compare and to do the blog in a way that reflects who I am. Thanks for being real and authentic!

    • / 10:11 AM

      I’m so happy to hear that you found encouragement in this post! xoxo

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