Girl Talk Tuesday: My Most Awkward First Date

Girl Talk Tuesday: My Most Awkward First Date

Being that we’re only one month away from Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be the perfect time to start a love series on Girl Talk Tuesdays.  First up in this series, I’m sharing my most awkward first date experience.

Girl Talk Tuesday My Most Awkward First Date Ever Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

If you know me personally, you’d know that I’m naturally just an awkward person.  I’m that girl who trips on the red carpet and falls flat on my face in front of a crowd of people….  Yep, I’ve actually done that one before.  I also somehow always manage to spill something on myself every time we go out to dinner.  When you hear the words, awkward first date, coming from me, you’d think that the awkwardness would 100% be on my side…  Surprisingly, in this instance it wasn’t me, and trust me, I’m a horrible first date.

Girl Talk Tuesday My Most Awkward First Date Ever Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Girl Talk Tuesday My Most Awkward First Date Ever Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Girl Talk Tuesday My Most Awkward First Date Ever Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

In my opinion, all first dates are awkward.  You don’t know what to talk about or how to act.  You’re both nervous, so neither of you are really acting like yourself.

A first date can go bad for many reasons.  It could be that you got cat-fished and your date shows up looking nothing at all like their profile photo.  Or it could be something as simple as there’s just no chemistry.  I had a first date, right before I met Matt, that went pretty darn good…  Until the guy texted me the next day that he needed to poop and didn’t have any toilet paper.  Huh?  Listen, I’ll be the first one to die laughing over some good potty humor… But not on the first date.  I mean, what are we, 12 years old?  Men are supposed to be on their very best behavior at first, so when they’re letting their crazy/weird/gross show that early on…  Run for the hills, ladies!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to, “Angela: The College Years.”

My cousin (and BFF), Martina and I went to college together and scheduled our classes around the same lunch hour during our freshman year.  At some point during our lunches, we started to notice a really good looking guy who we nicknamed, “Hot Boy.”  Honestly, neither of us can even remember what his real name was now, lol!

One day, during lunch, Hot Boy came over and initiated a conversation with Martina and I.  We quickly found out that he was a model (totally made sense, you don’t even know) and he seemed like just a really nice guy, based off our 3 minute conversation.  Long story short, after we all hung out at a party, he finally asked me out.  I was on cloud nine.

In hindsight, the only thing I knew about Hot Boy, was that he was, well, hot.  My only reason to be excited to go out with him was the way he looked…  Totally shallow, but I guess that’s what crushes usually are, superficial.

When I got to the restaurant for our date, I was so nervous.  Like weirdly-shaky kinda nervous.  Those nerves quickly calmed and were replaced with first confusion and eventually sheer boredom.  Hot Boy was a newly reformed model after being an overweight teen, he explained.  Once he got in shape, he realized he was model material…  He went on and on and on about his good looks.  I was bored to death and couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  I’d rather have watched paint dry then go on a second date with him.  He honestly had the personality of a wet mop.  No jokes, no flirting, just story after story about his body and his looks.

Listen, Hot Boy was a nice guy, he wasn’t rude and weirdly, he wasn’t even cocky.  He had no clue how he sounded, I think he really was just excited about his new modeling career.

Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover.  Just because a guy is attractive doesn’t mean he’s the total package.  It may take a million bad first dates, but they’re all worth it once you’ve met the one.  To all my single ladies out there, don’t settle.  Wait for Mr. Right.  He’s out there.

Oh, and about Matt and my first date?  I lived up to my true self.  I was totally awkward.  We met at Starbucks in North Canton, OH to have coffee together and I wouldn’t even order a drink because I was so incredibly nervous that I knew I’d spill it on myself.  So we had a coffee date where Matt had to drink coffee by himself.  But clearly it worked out for us. ?

So tell me, what was your worst first date?  Leave a comment below and tell your story!

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  1. Kate
    / 8:25 AM

    Love this series so much Angela! I’m excited for more “love” related posts. My very first, first date actually went pretty well. We both dressed up super nice….to go to a movie. I guess it’s not the ideal first date because you can’t talk much, but it was still cute. We held hands and he kissed me in his car before we went home. He was a complete gentleman. At least thats what I thought. Turns out he pretty much just wanted a summer fling. I’m glad things ended because I’m head over heels about my current boyfriend. We’ve been dating for almost 1.5 years. We have so much in common, and he’s such a sweet boy.

  2. Shaunna
    / 9:48 AM

    My birthday is actually on Valentine’s Day, big 3-0 this year so your story is just perfect timing. I met my now husband while hostesses at a local restaurant in town. He came in with a buddy for happy hour. While waiting for a table, me & his friend had small talk where his friend bluntly said this is Shane and he single, what is your name. There was something about Sean’s eyes, that when he smiled I stopped breathing and knew I could not leave the restaurant without getting to know this guy more.From there Sean & his friend stayed most of the night and waited for me to finish my shift. After talking for a few hours (shift ended at 10pm, we stayed talking till 1am), I gave him my number. Now at the time I was seeing someone but the relationship was ending and I needed the guts to end it. Sean & I talked for 2 days on the phone for hours after work and he asked me on our first date a few days later. In between meeting him, talking and before our date, I felt he should know I was breaking up with someone. So the Monday after we met, we went to a local Starbucks (something about a Starbucks and coffee to meet up with people πŸ™‚ ) and I poured my heart out and he just stared at me. We left, still smiling and happy to have this in-between not first date date. I texted him later saying if he didn’t want to go out on Thursday after what I shared I totally understand. Well I didn’t totally freaked him out. I ended it with my then boyfriend and Shane and I have been together since our first date, June 2010. We got married in October 2014 and just celebrated 2 years.

    • Shaunna
      / 9:52 AM

      Autocorrect on my phone kept changing things – my husband name is Sean, not Shane πŸ™‚

  3. Kim
    / 9:51 AM

    Love this series, Angela!
    My first date was crazy! I was nervous, but not shaky nervous. My date (my now husband) brought me to this little dive bar. Literally a hole in the wall. It was terrible! He met some friends there. I meanwhile scoured the floor for any unwanted creatures! We really didn’t stay long, but it seemed like an eternity! He then took me to a friends house where they were all drunk to the point of vomiting! Oh that was fun. Did I say I don’t even drink?!? He took me home after this fiasco, came and saw me at work asking if I would even talk to him any more. After that hellish evening, I’m not sure why, but I agreed to.
    To date, we’ve been married for 21.5 years! And things have gotten much better!

  4. Jennifer
    / 9:59 AM

    Hi Angela! Honestly, I’ve never had a real first date before and I am 23 years old. It’s so embarrassing to say out loud but I have learned to accept it. I’ve always prayed that my first date, first boyfriend, first “I love you”, my first everything when it comes to love would be with my husband. I’ve always wanted him to feel special knowing that he would be my first everything and so far by God’s grace, I’ve been able to honor that commitment. So when that first date does happen, which I hope is soon, you can believe I may be awkward and incredibly nervous Lol. I will probably be so nervous, I won’t be able to eat or drink just like your date with Matt lol

    Thank you for your post! πŸ™‚ Maybe you can write some lessons you learned about being on a date whether a casual date or fancy date.

  5. / 10:16 AM

    I’m fortunate in that I married the first guy I dated. Our first date was to the movies, we were set up by my grandma (yes my grandma haha). And it was slightly awkward in the fact that it was a blind date but we obviously hit it off because we’ve been together ever since. It’s been 6 1/2 years since our first date and we’ve been married for 4 1/2 years πŸ™‚

  6. / 10:52 AM

    Love hearing about your personal experiences! I have had many awkward first dates. I too was a nervous wreck when I went on them. I can’t remember them all–wish I could as I’m sure there was some good stories–but there was two that I remember. One of them was when the guy was talking about something and his parents and I asked about them and he said they died and seemed like he got mad at me. How was I supposed to know??!! Definitely awkward after that! Then another one that always sticks in my mind was years ago–I think I was 21 and was going to school for Court Reporting and this woman wanted to set me up with her son because she didn’t like his gf that he was on/off with. So we went out to dinner and then on the way back (I drove to his/parents house) he told me he wanted to be able to hook up! Ummm I just met you and you still kinda of have a gf. Then when we got back to the house we went down to their finished basement and he “rapped” for me. I think he was trying to be like Eminem. Ugghhh it was horrible!

  7. Crystyle
    / 10:56 AM

    So yes I have always been so much taller than everyone around me including boys! Which in return made me a little self conscious about my height. I always tried to date guys taller than me! There was this one time though… So it’s summer time in TN, hot as hades! You just weren’t cool back then if you didn’t have a cruise around good ole Sonic! So me and my girlfriend are riding through and this handsomely good looking tanned guy cruises by with his top down (totally hot guy and hot car)! Ha. So we end up in the same parking lot and we just started talking like and it just felt right! We took a ride in his car and he “lost” his phone so he calls his number off mine. It obviously wasn’t lost and I found this out several days afterwards. He texts me a few days later and says you know who cares if your taller than me (hahaha). You are still gorgeous and I think we should go out sometime!? He is a hopeless romantic and apparently I loved that about him. Marriage, 10 years, & three kids later it’s all HISTORY!
    P.S.It took him a whole 10 days to hold my hand or even give me a kiss?! Come to find out I was his first and only serious girlfriend! We still laugh over all the awkward things we did when we first met. He was the total package and still is! GOD surely knew what he was doing when he put us together!

  8. / 11:39 AM

    Hahaha that is too adorable that you wouldn’t order coffee. I worry all the time about tripping, or spilling something and sometimes I feel like I’m counting, or talking to myself in my head because of it haha.

  9. Carolyn
    / 11:45 AM

    I was set up on a blind date with my now husband. My friend and coworker set me up with her boyfriends friend and coworker. I was super nervous so it became a double date all set up by my friend. We went and got our hair highlighted before and were feeling pretty fabulous, then she told me we were going to go meet the guys and hang out in the hot tub! I was mortified that I would have to wear a swimsuit in front of him on our first “date!” He is a farm boy and I had no clue how to get out there so we carpooled. The first time I saw my husband he was walking across the the yard with no shirt, and his hands in his pockets holding up his work pants. I thought there was no way this was going to work out! We ended up hanging out in the hot tub for a while and it was all good once I was in the water hiding under the bubbles. He wore these horrible purple Champion shorts that were way too short and very unflattering. Hahaha Just not my kind of guy! Afterwards when we were getting ready to leave my friends boyfriend wanted to check his deer blind so we all piled into his truck. Well…sorta. He had put a big lift on his truck and also had taken off the step. My friend being used to it, hopped right up into the back seat. My attempt to follow was not nearly as graceful. I got one leg up in the truck and with the other leg I kida bounced to get some momentum going. I grabbed the seat and as I was jumping/pulling myself up into the truck my jeans ripped from crotch to knee!! I was mortified!! I sat down quick and grabbed a sweatshirt and put it over my lap. When we got back up to the house my friend took me inside to meet my now mother in law and see if she had something I could wear home. She’s a larger woman and laughed and offered me my husband’s friends pajama pants (he was living with them at the time). So on my first date I had to put on a swimsuit and I split my pants. It all worked out obviously since we’ve been married for 10.5 years now. πŸ™‚

  10. / 12:14 PM

    Love this! I love reminiscing, even if it’s about some not do perfect times, lol! Honestly? I’ve never had a real “first date” besides with my husband. I had a high school sweetheart & our first date was my Homecoming Dance, but that was by default. For my husband and I, we met when we were 19&20 and our first date was to see the movie “Marley & Me” at the theatres on Christmas Day on 2008! The rest is history πŸ™‚ – I’m curious, since we spent time in Akron for awhile, was it a Starbucks at Belden Village? I feel kind of cool knowing I may have been where your guys’ story began!

  11. Julianne
    / 2:42 PM

    Tell us more about your first date – or first dates – with matt!! This story was funny, then at the end I literally started smiling at my computer when you talk about your first date with matt. You guys are so cute!

  12. Cate
    / 3:27 PM

    When he says I would love to take you out, you get ready and he takes u to the McDonald’s drive thru in his smelly gym clothes!!! Ugh!!! Haha xo Cate

  13. / 5:47 PM

    Literally laughing out loud over here. I love your girl talk series slash miss our girl talk. Love you!

  14. Candace
    / 8:06 PM

    I was laughing throughout this blog πŸ˜€ I have never been on a first date with someone I just met. I could never see myself doing that, or a blind date. I think I would be terrible at that! I get nervous when I talk to people I don’t know. My now husband and I actually had our first date at a Starbucks in Columbus, Ohio! We met at a Bible college there and always really liked each other but never talked about it, so he wanted to get to know me more πŸ™‚ I’m also a messy eater, so I’m glad he didn’t ask me out to a restaurant!

  15. / 8:56 PM


    This is so well written. I felt like I could read it exactly as you wrote it! I’m very impressed!!

    Anyway, my first date with my current boyfriend was kind of awkward. I also get extremely nervous, so I don’t really focus on what I’m doing.

    We went to a Japanese steakhouse and I accidentally ate shrimp because I just wasn’t thinking! I AM ALLERGIC TO SHELLFISH. I was freaking out on the inside, but was trying to keep my cool. He didn’t know that I was allergic.

    Towards the end of our dinner, I could tell that my lips were puffy because of how they felt. My tongue was swelling up and I was getting really hot. Well, he noticed that I was “sparkling” on my face and asked me if I was okay. That’s when I told him what happened.

    He felt so terrible and told me that I should have told him and we would have left the restaurant right away!! He took me home, I took my medicine, he put a movie on, he set up a fan directed towards me, he got me an ice pack and then he put a pillow on his lap for me to lay down. Then, he brushed his hand through my hair until I finally calmed down and started to feel better.

    We’ve been together ever since! We knew each other prior to this night, so it wasn’t weird that we were comfortable with each other, but it was definitely the night that I knew he was the one! ❀


  16. Stefanie
    / 11:47 PM

    I once went out with a guy who told me he was taking me out but wouldn’t tell me where.

    I almost died when we pulled up to a sushi place, cause I HATE sushi. I very kindly told him that I don’t eat sushi and I don’t like it, and he responded with “ah, you’ll be fine.”

    Well, no. I wasn’t fine. He ordered a PLETHORA of different kinds of sushi, I couldn’t even have one bite. I tried, but I couldn’t do it. I literally sat there and smiled and laughed at his stories as I watched him eat plate after plate of fish.

    The bill came, and he looks at me and goes “we should split this, yes?”


    I hear he’s still single. Shocker.

  17. / 3:12 AM

    First of all, I love love love the pictures! The location, your attire, Ah-mazing!
    Second, Its so annoying to meet guys who go on blabbering about themselves. I could totally imagine you getting bored. LOL!
    So when you first met Matt, what was your first impression about him? What made you go out on a date with him?

  18. Cathy Yoho Talley
    / 4:56 AM

    It was 1979, in fashion was the Leasure Suit for men, and big hair and my pretty Mauve Dress !! My best friend Libby from East High and I were going to a friends wedding. Libby had invited her cousin Butch to come along. He showed up in a tan Leasure suit looking all “Dan Tanna”. He was cute enough, but not my type. We all went to the wedding and to the reception, had a great time, but he kept raggin on this beautiful dress I had on….”how rude” I thought. Well a couple weekends later, Libby,Myself and Butch went to the movies. He was the perfect gentleman, playing for our tickets and treats..”hmmm, not such a jerk” I thought! A couple more weekends went by and we went to a church canival. Had a blast… I even offered to make him a plate when I was time to eat…(see I was thinking he was really a nice guy by now). After we ate, we all went back outside to play some more games. It was time for the water balloon toss. We were the last 2 people left, about 15 feet apart by now. He reared back, and tossed the balloon and It hit me square in the chest….. Soaking my tshirt. Embarrassed I started to laugh/cry, he said over and over again, “I’m sorry”. He took us all back to my house where I changed and I introduced him to my parents, I said, ” Mom, Dad, this is Brad, Libby’s cousin from Brunswick. He looked at me and said Brad? I said …huh He looked at my parents, held out his hand and said ” Hello, my name is Butch! ( He sent me a card a couple days later, saying “he had had a wonderful time and he’d like to take me out again”. Signed “Brad”. Sometimes the most awkward times are the best ❀️

  19. Dimple Patel
    / 9:52 AM

    I just want to tell you that I love your girl talk posts. Even though I’m way older than you I’m getting good information to give to my eleven year old daughter. Thanks for all your videos and posts. My daughter loves your Snapchats and is always using my Account to show me your snaps. Thanks for being a positive role model for her!!

  20. / 3:11 PM

    Oooh i had one after chatting online together. What you dont know by typing messages is how somebody sounds…when i first met that guy…His accent was so terrible that i wanted to go home after his first words. Of course it never became something after that!

  21. / 9:09 PM

    I have to say that love your posts and the fact that your from Northeast Ohio (that’s where I’m from too!).

    After readying this it made me want to share my first date experience.

    My first date was 6 years ago, when I was 20. It was the most awkward/uncomfortable date I’ve ever had. I was in college at the time and I had no idea that this guy was in my class because he sat in one of the rows behind me. It was the night of my math final, I was in the lounge area going over some final study materials with my other classmates. He came in sat with us. I did not even consider this guy as potential date material, after all I had no idea he was even in the same class. The professor was getting ready to hand out the exams. This guy comes out of nowhere and sets a piece of paper next to me that said “It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I think your cute here’s my number” right before the exam. Didn’t even say anything to me directly, just handed me the paper and went back to his seat. So my thought was if he finishes the exam before me that he will leave (such a crazy thought right?) and if I finish I would just leave and contemplate calling him later. It didn’t work like that. He was done with the exam first, I was like okay I’m good. Half hour later I see him looking in the window of the door to see if I’m still in there. He stayed until I was finished to talk with me. While being forced into an awkward conversation with him I found out that his name was either Adam or Greg. He introduced himself as Adam (I think), but then said that it was his middle name because he doesn’t like his first name which was Greg (confusing, I know). To this day I don’t even know which one was his first name to be honest.

    So here comes the first date, we went see “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. About a half hour into the movie he asks if he could hold my hand. I wasn’t expecting it so I just said sure, but my body language it told a whole different story. After the movie he dropped me back off at my house. He texted me later that night in which I told him the hand holding was a bit much for the first date especially since I didn’t even know him. He did apologize and I agreed to go on a second date with him, a do-over essentially. Second date we went bowling. He picked me up at 5pm, we bowled two games I was back at my house by 5:45pm. While bowling, he asked if I wanted something to drink, I told him I was fine so he just got himself a pop. After game two, he looked in his wallet and said he didn’t have enough money for another game. I was like okay that’s fine no big deal. We go to pay and the total came to $11, which is exactly how much he had in his wallet. If I would have said yes to a drink I don’t think he would have had enough money to pay as he didn’t have any credit cards at the time. I’m not saying that I expect guys to pay for every single date (especially in a long term relationship) but if it’s a first or second date, absolutely. Aside from the dullness of the conversation we had and what happened with the first date, he did not get another date after that.

  22. Marion
    / 10:13 AM

    this post is so funny !
    i dont really have a funny story about “first date”
    but i remember the first time me and my boyfriend (who im still with) went out for a meal together, i was eating a burger and he said to me “i like that youre not like the other girls who only eat salads, and healthy food, you, YOU eat A LOT!!!”
    oops ! ha

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