My Blogging Story

My Blogging Story

Fall Outfit: Blush Sweater - Legging Ankle Jeans - Scarf - Booties - Zac Zac Posen Handbag - Spring Earthette Floral Charm. Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous. Fall Outfit: Blush Sweater - Legging Ankle Jeans - Scarf - Booties - Zac Zac Posen Handbag - Spring Earthette Floral Charm. Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous. Fall Outfit: Blush Sweater - Legging Ankle Jeans - Scarf - Booties - Zac Zac Posen Handbag - Spring Earthette Floral Charm. Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous. Fall Outfit: Blush Sweater - Legging Ankle Jeans - Scarf - Booties - Zac Zac Posen Handbag - Spring Earthette Floral Charm. Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous. Fall Outfit: Blush Sweater - Legging Ankle Jeans - Scarf - Booties - Zac Zac Posen Handbag - Spring Earthette Floral Charm. Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous. Fall Outfit: Blush Sweater - Legging Ankle Jeans - Scarf - Booties - Zac Zac Posen Handbag - Spring Earthette Floral Charm. Angela Lanter - Hello Gorgeous.

One question I often get asked is, “How did you start blogging?”  I feel like I’ve repeated the story about a thousand times, but I realized this week that I’ve never actually talked about it here.  On my blog.  What the what?!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?  Hello Gorgeous wasn’t my idea.  Don’t get me wrong…  I tossed around the idea of a blog for several years.  When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2011, I even started a Blogspot page but I didn’t publish it.  I just never felt like I had enough to talk about.


My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


I’ve always had a love for hair and makeup.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my aunt’s nail salon and always knew that beauty was my calling.  Heck, I was even cutting my girlfriend’s hair in high school.  Why anyone in their right mind would trust me, I have no idea.  But it somehow magically turned out okay.  I became the go-to for glam in my hometown circle for school dances, portrait sessions and, multiple times, even entire wedding parties.  Angela was my name and giving makeovers was my game.

I was completely self taught.  I would look at photos and figure out how to recreate a look.  So, I began watching makeup artists on YouTube before anyone even really knew what YouTube was.  Arabic videos were my favorite to learn from, I couldn’t understand a single word, but I would soak up every single technique I could.  Threading was another one of my services that was self taught.  Name a beauty trend or technique and I’ve most likely tested it out on either myself or someone I knew.

I desperately wanted to go to cosmetology school.  My dad wouldn’t hear of it.  He insisted on nursing school…  A lot of good that did me, lol!  But that’s a different story for a different day.


My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


Fashion has always been an important part of my life.  I obsessed over clothes and shoes.  From a young age, I just knew what I liked, what was “my style”.  The fact that I spent the majority of my school years in uniforms may have something to do with that, lol!

Speed ahead to January 2013.  I’m now living in LA, working full time as an insurance fraud investigator and planning my dream wedding.  My girlfriends and Matt began encouraging me to journal my creativity in the form of a blog.  I knew they were right because I always had blogging in the back of my mind.  There was just one problem: I had no idea where to even begin.

After talking and talking it through with Matt, I decided, what do I really have to lose?  If no one reads it, no reads it.  Big deal.  That’s when Hello Gorgeous was born.  Matt actually came up with the name and I loved it immediately.

Matt owned a pretty nice camera, so we went out and shot our first set of photos.  We didn’t really know what we were doing, we were just having fun.  Plus, I figured, it would be a cool way to show my family and friends back home in Ohio what we were up to on the other side of the country.

It’s incredible to look back and see how much Matt has grown as a photographer.  Neither of us realized at the time how incredibly talented he was with photography and videography.


My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


When we started Hello Gorgeous, we were 5 months away from our wedding.  I would post random content whenever I could find the time.  I wanted to create a space to discuss everything I loved: beauty, fashion, cooking…  Really just life in general.  If you look back to my early posts, you can see how much I incorporated recipes and DIYs into my posts.  I still very much love those things and post about my recipes frequently on Facebook and Snapchat.  (Keep in mind, this was when Pinterest had just taken the internet by storm.)

When May rolled around, we received word that Matt’s new tv series, Star-Crossed, was picked up and would be filming in New Orleans.  There was no second thought as to do what I wanted to do.  I would go wherever my soon-to-be husband went.  So I handed in my resignation as of the first week of June, with the plans to become a housewife.  Here’s the thing, I loved my job as a fraud investigator, but I loved being by Matt’s side so much more.

We were married on June 14, 2013.  We had an incredible two week long honeymoon in the Caribbean, then returned home to start packing.  Two weeks later, our truck was packed up and we were on the road headed to our new life in New Orleans.

Somewhere in the craziness of the wedding and the move, Matt & I decided that I should really put a focus on my blog.  It would give me something to do during his long work days.  We began Hello Gorgeous purely as a hobby for me.  We had no idea in the beginning that there was any way to turn blogging into a career or even earn any income at all.  I was simply looking for a creative outlet and a community with my readers (at that point I’d created a handful of posts and had a small following).


My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


The more time and effort I put into my blog, the more feedback and readers I would accumulate.  Matt & I began shooting higher quality photos more often.  He really began to fall in love with photography.  We had such a great time learning and creating together.  We grew so much as a couple, sharing a love for this new hobby.

Then the requests for videos started coming in.  Never in my life, had I ever been in front of a video camera in a professional capacity.  The thought of doing YouTube videos totally freaked me out.  Luckily, I have the most encouraging and patient husband, who also happens to be incredible on camera.  He wouldn’t let me not do videos.  If you have been with me from the beginning, then you remember how painfully shy I was on camera.  My voice came out in a mouse-like octave.  I was stupid nervous.  It took many hours and so much practice to just be able to begin to be myself in front of the camera.

My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


I’m not going to lie to you…  Some of the worst fights in our marriage have been a result of a video we were shooting.  When you combine his acting expertise and amazing on-air presence with my inability to even speak in a normal tone…  Disaster happens.  We didn’t expect to butt heads like that.  We’ve never once had an argument over a photo shoot.  We speak each other’s language perfectly when it comes to photography.  We never imagined that the same wouldn’t be true of videography.  Oh girls, were we wrong.

You know what?  Those hurdles and those fights made us a stronger team.  It taught us many valuable lessons about communication that may have otherwise taken us years to learn.  Not every married couple could work every day with each other.  I can understand why.  But for Matt & I, the more time we spent together, the better we both were.  We sharpen each other creatively and professionally.  We grew in our love, respect and admiration for each other.  Our love story has only gotten better with the time we’ve spent together.


My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


I realize that I’m not the most successful blogger or YouTuber out there.  I gave up that unrealistic goal a long time ago.  There will always be someone who does something (or everything) better than me.  One thing I do have to offer, is who I am as a person.  I’m unique in my own way.  My goal both professionally and personally is to always be my best me.

The fact that we have been able to grow Hello Gorgeous to what it is today, is pretty incredible.  I’m so proud of all that we have accomplished.  The fact that each one of my Gorgeous Girls take time out of their busy days to invest into my life by reading, watching and commenting, is never lost on me.


My Blogging Story blush pink sweater distressed skinny jeans black booties free people oversized scarf nordstrom casual outfit of the day angela lanter hello gorgeous


My one piece of advice for any female entrepreneur is to stay true to who you are.  The one thing I am most proud of in this journey is that I have remained 100% authentic to my own self at all times.  I’ve only ever talked about and worked with brands I truly believe in and personally use.  I’ve stayed organic to my personal taste and style.  I pride myself in creating an atmosphere of honesty, so that my readers know that they can truly trust what I say.

When I look back at my life, it’s hard to believe where God has brought me.  I never imagined that I would live out my dreams.  That’s the thing about God.  His way is always better than what you could have ever planned for yourself.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you do for a living.  Feel free to share your journey with me!  I’d especially love to hear from my fellow female entrepreneurs!

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  • This is a great story. I loved hearing how Hello Gorgeous was created. ? Such an inspiring couple. You and Matt are a wonderful team. I imagine it must be difficult to work so close with your partner but I can tell it has been more rewarding in the end. A great partner supports the other in whatever their heart desires. Love this!! Thanks for sharing, Angela!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks Stacy! Love your name, it’s my maiden name. No one could ever spell it right or get that it was my last name. 🙂

  • hello(:
    I’m currently a student at hillsong college, enjoying it so much, even though I don’t exactly know what I want to do in the future. but I love how true it is that God’s way is always better than we can imagine and He knows best. so I’m trusting in that! xx

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks for your comment, Jasmine! So exciting that you’re attending Hillsong. Wishing you the best experience there! xo

  • Hello Angela! The beginning of Hello Gorgeous is fore sure inspiring. I love all your videos, all your stories, tips and hacks that you share with us all. I absolutely adore you and what you do. I so look up to you and hope that one day I can become like you: An awesome, gorgeous, truthful and honest blogger. Im so glad you started Hello Gorgeous, because it is so meant for you! 🙂 Just keep doing what you do! ?

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Manté! Thank you for following along. Your kind words makes all the time and effort I put into Hello Gorgeous worth it. 🙂

  • I love hearing the stories behind my favorite blogs and yours is definitely one of them! It’s inspiring for me as a blogger too! My husband and I work together closely on my blog as well. He photographs a lot of my posts and has taught me photography so I can do my own photography too when he’s at his job. And he edits all of my photos and does any video that we do. It has been so fun to work together on it. I love that you stay authentic with your blog, that can be hard to do when opportunities are presented to you and I love knowing that when you recommend a product it’s one you truly use and love!


    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Emily! Oh girl, then you understand how truthful I’m being about working with your hubby, lol!
      I always request to test a product before I agree to work with a company (unless it’s a brand/product I already use) that way I can be sure that it’s something I truly believe in. 🙂

  • Aisha Muhammed Ali

    Wow, what a good story. Your pictures are beautiful. Did Matt takes the pictures? 🙂
    You seem to be a really nice person.
    Many people that blog are selling things like necklace, wristband and earrings or clothes. Are you also selling thease things that you created? I also want to open a store and sell watches and that I create, maby in the future.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks, Aisha! Matt did take these photos. He takes all photos and videos unless I post otherwise. 🙂
      I don’t sell any products that I make. I’d love to have my own product line one day though! xo

  • Thank you for sharing your story! This definitely took me down memory lane!! When your blog came out, I was living in an apartment, going to pharmacy school. I loved reading blogs and watching youtube because it was a break from my day-to-day strenuous course load. Not that I don’t love medicine, but lifestyle/fashion blogs really gave me the balance I was looking for, and was always something I have been passionate about! I’m not sure how I came across your blog, but I’m so glad I did! I was engaged in 2012 and planning a wedding, so it was great getting to read about your bridal shower, and different wedding planning tips. I got married to the most amazing man in June 2014, we also became homeowners, fur-parents, and I am now officially a pharmacist.

    Reading your blog has always encouraged me to be the best wife I can be, and I’ve also learned some great recipes that are now my husband’s favorite (we make your biscuits and gravy at least once a month!) Thank you for sharing so much of your life…you are truly inspiring! 🙂 Love from a fellow NE Ohio girl!

    • Angela Lanter

      Wow!! I love that we’ve grown so much together, Katie! Congrats on all the amazing things in your life! I love so much that you’ve been with me since the beginning and you’re an Ohio girl too. 🙂

  • Sheridan

    I’m so glad you started blogging because that’s how I got to know you 🙂 Loved this post!

    • Angela Lanter

      I feel like we would’ve met somehow with all our friends in common eventually. 🙂
      I’m so glad to have you in my life! xoxo

  • Francesca

    What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing, I read your blog everyday 🙂 Also my husband and I love Matt’s show Timeless!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks for reading and for also watching Timeless, Francesca!! xo

  • Michelle Johnson

    Loved this post! I love reading how women get their start blogging. I came across your blog about a year ago and loved every minute of it. I’ve also been a fan of Matt in his work. Never knew you were married to him. You two could not make a better couple! Love the snap chats!

    I am currently a Senior Credit Analyst but….hate it! lol I hate math and working with numbers and somehow I end up in this position. I started a blog last April and feel like I found my calling. I have always been obsessed with clothes, shoes, etc. I hope one day I get to do it full time as that would be my dream!

    Thanks for sharing a part of your life!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much Michelle!
      Best of luck on your blogging journey!! xo

  • So glad to finally know what was the beginning of your blog! Thank to your friends and your husband, that give you the support to begin with this journey.
    When you begin your blog, I discovered it because i was searching some recipes on pinterest and it automatically send me to your page, do you remember your “mawmaw’s chicken soup recipe” and you just opened the blog!
    Since then i’ve always look for updates in your blog, every new post was like: came on, let’s read and take a cup of tea (it was a relaxing moment, like an excuse to relax and have my own time) and it has changed a lot since the beginnings (the photos, your confidence…) but, what i most like is the new posts on the blog fulled of confidence, more mature and sharing with us no matter what!
    Thank you so much Angela, you can’t imagine what your blog, posts in instagram, snapchat, twiter… or whatever social media source, can do to us!!!
    Lots of love!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks Tatiana! I love to learn how my Gorgeous Girls first discovered me!
      I still make Mawmaw’s soup regularly for Matt. It’s one of his faves! 🙂
      Thank you so much for following along this journey and being one of my OGG’s!!

  • I only recently started reading your blog and I absolutely love it and love you! Thank you so much for making us part of your life!

  • I loved reading about your blogging experience. I discovered your channel through searching up videos of your husband…..he was my favorite on 90210. And then I discovered your blog, and I’ve been obsessed with Hello Gorgeous ever since! Matt truly is a talented photographer. I’m curious what your first post looked like!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks, Kate! The first post is still up if you dig deep enough into my archives. I just wouldn’t recommend it, LOL!

  • Nikki Arnold

    Ahh love this post, I was definitely always curious about how you started blogging, though you have talked about bits and pieces here and there. I am accountant 9-5 and I recently started blogging in May of this year pretty much because of you!! Until I saw your blog I had barely watched any make-up videos (in fact I really rarely wore makeup, or even really how to wear it except the basics) Fashion and styling things now that was my passion. I didn’t go to design school because I was told it wasn’t practical, so instead I got my accounting degree and always dressed up wherever I went. I had my school girl crush on your hubby through watching 90210 and then when I saw somehow randomly online he was married I found your blog and I was like psh Matt who at that point hahaa! I watched and read everything Angela, my friends prob wanted me to shut the heck up. Finally earlier this year they were like you have gotten so good at beauty stuff and you have always had such a knack for fashion and your own style; you should start your own blog and I can’t believe what I’ve done with it in such a short amount of time. It’s still very small, but it makes me proud and I am definitely letting what you said last night soak in how it’s about quality over quantity and I will make sure to always be true to myself. Xoxo Thank you for being such a positive influence.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Nikki! Oh my gosh, that’s incredible! You go girl! So awesome to see you’ve followed your dreams. 🙂

  • I’m currently in training to be a Pet Care Associate at PetSmart, which will definitely be difficult as I have a chronic illness. But I’m just starting a blog (potentially doing YouTube too) for something to do after work when I’m so tired from standing all day that I have no more energy. I’m also a photographer, which is reserved for the days I have off from work. Hearing how your blog started is motivational for me to make mine great. Quality over quantity, as was mentioned in the webinar. I’m super excited to move into my new apartment this week and get my blog up and running.

    • Angela Lanter

      100% it’s quality over quantity. If you start playing the quantity game (like I have in the past) you just get burnt out from doing work that you’re neither happy with nor excited about. Wishing you the best of luck!!

  • Lindsay Kooger

    Love your blog! Your closet is a dream and I enjoy your snaps… no matter how ridiculous! I also love that these photos were in English Bay! I spend a lot of time there, (even yesterday!) so I better keep an eye out for you and Matt! Would love to meet you. I work at a Christian school in Langley with special needs children. I started my 10th year this year! Such a great job. Thanks for reading, I love knowing that you read and respond to us! So cool!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Lindsay!! Haha, my snaps can definitely be ridiculous!! ?
      Were these photos in English Bay?! I didn’t even know where we were the day we stopped for photos! I don’t have a car here in Vancouver, so I haven’t learned my way around town at all.
      That job sounds so incredible! I’m sure it’s tough, but so rewarding at the same time. Do you watch “Born This Way”? If not, you should check it out on A&E. 🙂


  • This is awesome! So happy you created your blog! You are very talented and enjoy watching your videos! Your posts and everything are fun and enjoyable to read. Matt takes amazing photos and love Timeless!! I def get fashion inspiration from bloggers like you and few others. Also pinterest is amazing for inspiration. Hope you and Matt have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be tuning into Timeless tonight.

    P.S. finally found the essie angora cardi polish!!!! Bought on ebay for a great deal of all places, since I couldnt find in stores anywhere. Arrives in mail soon. If not for your fb post about it while back, never would have been interested to buy it myself. Thank you!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Erin! Pinterest is SO amazing for inspo!!
      I’m so glad you found it!! Let me know how you like it on!

  • Kate Culleton

    I definitely think career wise an entrepreneur is the scariest job ever!! Love your blog, you keep it very real ❤❤❤

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Kate! Any time you take a step out of your comfort zone (whatever that may be) it’s pretty darn scary! 🙂

  • Hi Angela, Thanks for sharing your story with us! It gives me the chance to tell you how much I truly enjoy your blog. I’ve never ever followed a blog, yet alone made a comment thinking someone was actually going to read what I wrote or even reply!
    I am a Timeless fan, so I will admit I found your blog through that husband of yours 😉
    I LOVE your YouTube tutorials, photos and the easy links to everything that your wearing AND! That I find everything pretty much affordable to the everyday gal!
    I’ve worked in retail for 5 years now. Totally not what my college degree is in, but hey everything happens for a reason. I am a firm believer in doing what makes your happy.

    Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us all!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Melissa! I’m just an everyday girl myself, so it’s just me sharing my personal style and things that I love with my Gorgeous Girls (who really are more like girlfriends to me!)
      I’m so glad that you’re following what makes YOU happy! If I’d listened to my dad (and believe me, he MAKES you listen to him) I’d be miserable today. So you do you, boo boo! xoxo

  • Angela! I love this so much. I especially love how faithful you are to the Lord. Your story is inspiring to me and so many others. What a beautiful way to share your gift with the world 🙂

    I’m a graphic designer. Actually, I’m Julie’s new designer! Maybe one day we will get a chance to work together.


    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks, Jillian!! Julie has been singing your praises to me, you’re so talented!! I’m sure we’ll end up working together! 🙂

  • Maura Gripp

    It’s definitely quite a journey you have been on. It’s great that you have found a passion and found a way to inspire others. I work with kids in a home daycare that I attended when I was little. I can’s imagine doing anything else.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Maura!!
      Love that you love what you do! That’s the best, when you love going to work every day. 🙂

  • Karris Hudson

    Love this! I think I found your IG through a few of my friends that I follow and love it. One thing that shines is you just seem genuine. I’ve been living as a missionary in Haiti for about 14 years and help run a children’s home ( We have a school, church, hospital, and malnutrition center so it keeps me busy! Love it, but sometimes (most of the time!), I am hot, have my hair in a bun, and just want to dress up and wear cute clothes so seeing all your cute posts and fashion helps me live vicariously! Keep it up 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks, Karris! Oh my word, what an incredible journey you’re on! I can’t even imagine the things you’ve seen and experienced in your job! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to join me on this journey. 🙂

  • This was very inspiring! I myself just jumped into starting a blog and it’s been something I always wanted to do. I loved reading about how you started your blog and how everything came to be! I have been a long time fan and your story is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Brooke! So happy to hear that you’re chasing your dream. 🙂

  • Kelly Hoover

    I am in love with this post and your heart! It is so refreshing hearing your thoughts!! I have been a huge fan of yours for years now and THIS POST RIGHT HERE is a great example of why. Your glamour, personality, and faith in God is so good to see. You and Matt have such a great relationship and I love what y’all model for the world to see.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am a high school teacher and dance teacher! And also a fellow blogger. HAHA!

    Best wishes!! Love your stuff and I look forward reading your upcoming posts!!

    Kelly Hoover

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Kelly! GIRL. You are wearing so many hats! More power to ya!! I can’t imagine being a teacher AND doing two other jobs! You’re inspiration!! xo

  • Michelle Clausius

    I stumbled on to you thru your husband. I occasional look at other stuff on you tube but no one has move me to follow their blog. Your beauty tips and your Halloween makeup is what I found interesting at first. Since then you have blog about some very interesting topic that I have enjoyed. I’m delighted that you are able do what you love. I don’t always have time to read the blog that’s why I’m happy I get your emails so I can catch up. Thanks for sharing and just keep up what you are doing.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much for following along, Michelle! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to follow along on this journey with me. 🙂

  • Hi Angela!
    I loved reading this! I graduated high school in 2012 and went to university to study media and communications. I loved story telling in all forms; tv, film, books, music.
    Unfortunately university wasn’t right for me and it brought upon my anxiety. After leaving it I applied for a job in before and after care (child care) and I realised that I loved working with children. Thought I’d share this short story with you because it relates to yours, we often don’t know what we need/want until life plays out. I believe God knew where I was headed and I had to trust that there was a plan for me. It was a scary time not knowing what I wanted to do but my love for children has always been there, I just never thought of it as a career! So cool how these things find us! 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Shanice! Isn’t it funny how we will sometimes go after something we so badly want, then find out it wasn’t really what we wanted after all? So cool to hear that you’re getting to do exactly what you love every day!!

  • Amy Zimmerle

    Angela, You inspire me so much! I am so proud of you all your accomplishments over the years, you’re a beautiful example of a God fearing woman, you are so right when you wrote that Gods way is always best and not what we think is best. Even tho we sometimes fight it, God has a path for each one of us, I’m so happy you found yours and that you take the time to share with us about it. Thank you so much!
    I am a Canadian licensed Cosmetologist specializing in hair, (and id just like to say that you being self taught are AMAZING at what you do, way better than me and I went to school for it 😉 back in Canada where I’m from I had my own business Headquarters, a traveling salon, I would go to senior homes and hospitals and cut hair for people who couldn’t get out, were injured, or house bound due to an illness. God taught me patience and putting others first in that career, and my senior clients were my favorite, they loved the company and there stories of old always intrigued me and made me think of how blessed we are not to have lived in poverty through a brutal war.
    I am now living in the US, I moved here in March after marrying my hubby who’s an American, I have recently finished the immigration process and waiting for my green card to show up in the mail, and praying for Gods direction as to what to do here for work, career or to be content as a house wife.
    I love love love hearing about your life and seeing your pics and watching your videos, so thank you for all you do and have done for me, since moving here I have no friends or family around and I feel that you’ve been my friend all along so thank you so so much!
    I would love to meet you one day! Praying for your and Matt’s safety as you travel often and as he works long days on set.
    Love Ames XO

    • Angela Lanter

      Amy!! You are AMAZING! When my Mawmaw was in the nursing home, I loved knowing that there were sweet women, just like you, who would come in and brighten her day. They’d “beautify” her, as she’d call it! If you love working with senior women, don’t give that up! Take it from me, people like you make all the difference in the world! I encourage you to follow your dreams. I totally believe God gives us dreams for a reason. 🙂
      So excited that you are on a new journey in a new place. I know how difficult it is. I’ve been in Canada now for almost 5 months and haven’t made a single girlfriend here. I find that times like this is when God is drawing me closer to Him, which is always more fulfilling in hindsight than I ever could have imagined! xoxo

  • I loved reading your story. You are so inspiring. After reading your blog, I have built up the urge to start designing my own blog. You are amazing.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Peyton!! So happy to hear that you are following your dreams! xoxo

  • Hi Angela. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. It has helped my through a tough time. Twenty-nine years ago I started in graphic design/art directing, and didn’t look up until last year. All I did was work. I ran my own business for 13 years, working 14-18 hour days most of the time. I loved it, but it took a toll on me. So last year I made the painful choice to close my business and walk away. I found your sweet blog and Youtube channel, and it really helped me disconnect from my “what in the world am I doing now” syndrome. You had one video with a 90’s throwback makeup look, and I realized that was still how I was doing my makeup!! So thank you for bringing me into the 21st Century! I love your honesty, and my favorite blogs are your God ones — you inspire me. I wanted to thank you for being a safe place for me to go during a difficult time. In case you didn’t know it, you make a difference for people like me.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Sherri!! Oh my word… You don’t even know how much your comment means to me! I appreciate you following along more than you know! Wishing you the very best of luck on this next (exciting!) chapter of your life!! xoxo

  • I love reading your blog because you are so relatable. Your honesty and transparency makes me feel as though I have a friend out there even though we’ve never met. I am an elementary special education teacher and I love my job. It’s so fun to see how God uses everyone’s unique abilities to reach others. Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Kristen! Girl, we are friends!! I love that you all take time to read my blog and talk about these topics with me!!

  • Jennifer

    I am currently going to college to become a teacher, however I do love classic tv shows and movies and I like to blog about them, I have a personal blog, but I use it mostly for my thoughts or rants that I have. Tumblr is where I am the most lol. I get to share my interests in a really great way on that site. Other than going to school and watching a lot of tv shows and movies, I also do reviews on youtube with a friend of mine and so that is something that I enjoy as well. I would like to get better at writing too, but we’ll see lol.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  • Ah I loved your last paragraph about God’s plans being bigger and better than ours! I was the men’s ministry assistant at my church in Ohio for 3 years which is where i fell in love with event planning (after going to cosmetology school!). This past summer I found out I was losing my job due to budget cuts and couldn’t understand why God would take me away from a job I loved so much. Little did I know that if I hadn’t lost that job, because I never in a million years would I have left it on my own, I wouldn’t have taken a summer internship at a new upscale restaurant in DC! An internship that lead to a full time position as their event planner, living in the same city as my best friend and meeting my wonderful boyfriend 🙂 even in the mist of the unknown, God always has the most amazing plans!
    Oh and I grew up in Wooster! I love your Ohio stories because I’m familiar with the places haha

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Vivianne! Wow, what a cool story! And what an awesome journey God has taken you on. 🙂

      No way! My Mawmaw lived in Rittman when I was growing up (where my aunt;s nail salon was too!) and we used to take trips to Wooster often!!

      • Vivianne

        They added an Ulta, TJ Max AND a Five Guys last December in Wooster and it was all anyone talked about for months! ? Small town charm lol

  • Hey Angela, I first want to thank you for all the things you do. The blog, youtube, Instagram.. you always seem so down to earth and really seem to want to get to know followers and readers. That means alot to a normal girl. So I wanted to tell you about my grandma 🙂 when I was little she was always there. Not that I was old enough then to understand it but looking back I see it completely different. My moms part of the family is swedish so she lives in sweden, but when I was younger I spent many years growing up in the states. And she would actually fly over and bring stuff from sweden, something that my gradfather never did (they divorced when mom was 17). So anyway, we lived a bit back and forth in sweden and the US but every single summer from being 3 to like 14-15 me and my sister would spend with her. She cooked food for us, read us bedtime stories when we were small and always said a prayer with us each night before bed, wanted to give us nice things (on her terms, she is so into fashion this one). And even though she seldom said I love you she would always call us her darligs, her sweetiepies, like every cute word you can imagine. Fast forward all those years, and suddenly she is going through surgery for cancer, getting chemo, having teeth removed for more surgery and all the chaos that follows. And on top of that her partner, my second grandfather of sorts, was going through dementia and passed away quite fast. And through all this, she kept smiling, she kept seeing people and voluntarily working even though she still has no teeth on one side of her face so it is sort of crooked. She has always kept her sense of fashion, always kept people around her, and always taken care of herself and people around. So now when I’m 23, she is still there, still so proud. I’ve recently started doing my makeup for work on weekends so I send pictures and she calls me and we talk for a bit. She is just the strongest woman I know, and of all the things she’s taught me, the most important one is to never give up. Find joy in your life even if things are so rough that you can barely see the light. She has been through so much, still is, and I love her with all my heart. I would not be who I am without her, and to have realised that now makes me happy because that means that I can give back some of what she has given me. Sorry if it got a bit lengthy haha, there’s just so much to say about her. Shes turning 78 now in december and still fit as a fiddle ❤️ Lots of love to you Angela, enjoy your thanksgiving! 🙂

    • Seems that I posted my comment under the wrong story, haha. Oh well

      • Angela Lanter

        That’s okay! I thoroughly enjoyed your comment!! 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you so much, Lisa! Your comment is amazing, thank you for sharing! Your grandma sounds so amazing and you’re so blessed to still have her in your life! I just said a prayer for her health and I’m hoping for many more years of continued health for her. ❤️
      Thank you for following along and for sharing such a wonderful story with me. xo

  • Hi Angela,
    Loved hearing about how you got your start. Amazing story of perseverance! I recently opened a store that only sells organic beauty brands. Can you share some advice from your own journey on how to build a following? I don’t blog ☹️️

  • Angela, I have followed you for probably two years. I loved your blog then and I love it even more now.? I started my own blog a couple months ago and it’s just a fun creative outlet for me. For a job, I recently quit my teaching profession to stay home with my beautiful daughter. I am now on my way to directorship with Mary Kay Cosmetics!! Um, hello beauty and makeup for a living!! I love that Mary Kay is all about empowering women to be the best versions of ourselves. Keep up the good work I love reading your blog and I love Matt and all of the TV shows !!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Valerie!! You’re one of my OGG’s (original Gorgeous Girls)!!
      Blogging is so fun! Good for you, chasing your dreams! xoxo

  • Laura Hampton

    I loved reading this! It’s so interesting to hear about Hello Gorgeous’ roots and, not to sound creepy, to hear about you & Matt’s lives together. I’ve been a fan of Matt since Vampires Suck (Me and my Mum loved him in StarCrossed) and now I’m even more of a fan of him because he gave us you (not literally, but you get me). I’ve loved watching your videos/reading your blog for a year or so now and I love that you’ve never strayed from being true to yourself like some bloggers do. You’re quite the inspiration!

    As for my amazing career, I’m currently a stay at home daughter, ha! I lost my Mum to cancer at the end of 2014 and since then I’ve found it hard to go out and work without finding myself in a panicky mess. So now I blog and watch people like yourself to try and boost myself back up. It’s not the life I would have chosen, but for now, it’s what I’ve got.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Laura! Such an incredibly sweet compliment!! BTW- I love your name, my mom is Laura too! 🙂

      I’m so very sorry for your loss. ❤️

  • Anonymous

    I love this story Angela. Love the blog and the You Tube videos ?. I love hearing fellow Girlboss stories of how they became a Girlboss. I left school at 16 ( things are a bit different here in UK, to the US and Canada) I took an apprenticeship as a travel agent. I’,3 now worked in travel for 21 years eek!. However I always loved fitness and 6 years ago aged 31, I got my Fitness instructor qualification. Instead of going to work in a gym or sports centre, I went straight out in the community and set up my own fitness classes. 6 years on , I am part time at my travel job and my little community fitness class business is growing beyond anything I could have imagined. I keep learning and qualifying in more disciplines . I teach Yoga to children which I love – we’re doing a special Christmas class next week and have an Elf coming to join us!. Ha think I may be even more excited than the kids!. I also just gained my Pilates qualification too. I read Girlcode earlier this year by Cara Alwill Leyba and it was so inspiring. 2017 I definitely want to blog and vlog more and maybe even go full time Fitness. It is just a case of being grave and just doing it. Like you say if no one reads /watches , then no one reads or watches. Keep your blogs and you tube videos coming! Xx

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much! You are the epitome of a Girl Boss!! Such awesome accomplishments, you should be so proud! 🙂

  • Anonymous NOVEMBER 24, 2016 AT 7:35 AM
    I love this story Angela. Love the blog and the You Tube videos ?. I love hearing fellow Girlboss stories of how they became a Girlboss. I left school at 16 ( things are a bit different here in UK, to the US and Canada) I took an apprenticeship as a travel agent. I’,3 now worked in travel for 21 years eek!. However I always loved fitness and 6 years ago aged 31, I got my Fitness instructor qualification. Instead of going to work in a gym or sports centre, I went straight out in the community and set up my own fitness classes. 6 years on , I am part time at my travel job and my little community fitness class business is growing beyond anything I could have imagined. I keep learning and qualifying in more disciplines . I teach Yoga to children which I love – we’re doing a special Christmas class next week and have an Elf coming to join us!. Ha think I may be even more excited than the kids!. I also just gained my Pilates qualification too. I read Girlcode earlier this year by Cara Alwill Leyba and it was so inspiring. 2017 I definitely want to blog and vlog more and maybe even go full time Fitness. It is just a case of being grave and just doing it. Like you say if no one reads /watches , then no one reads or watches. Keep your blogs and you tube videos coming! Xx

  • Lacy Marie

    Hi Angela!

    I’m new to your blog but have loved what I’ve read! Thank you for sharing your journey.

    For the past five years I have worked as a psychiatric clinician. I complete the psychological evaluations in the ERs, prisons, and public schools; I care for people in crisis such as those who have had suicide attempts, someone dealing with anxiety, as well as manic and psychotic patients. My job is to evaluate, give a provisional diagnosis, and then set them up for treatment. I’ve loved this job, but for several years have felt limited to care for others the way I truly wanted to.

    My dream job, my childhood answer to every teacher when they would ask “what do you want to be when you grow up” is an author. But because of the concept of the “struggling musician” and feeling as though I had to get a big girl job, I invested seven years in college. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, criminal justice, and religious studies, and then moved on to getting my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Liberty University (GO FLAMES!!!). I felt very accomplished, especially once I landed my high level position that I’ve been in these past five years. But the truth is, it wasn’t the desire of my heart that God had placed in me long ago. I’ve been doing something great but without feeling fulfilled.

    I led a Beth Moore simulcast at my church a few years ago, thinking I’d be encouraged and challenged to move forward in my career. Instead, it felt like a slap in my face. It was as though God questioned why I was investing in something that wasn’t the desire of my heart. All I could think of as I listened to Moore dig deep into the Scripture was how I had put the greatest dream I’ve had behind me as though it was irresponsible and unrealistic. I’m a realist; I can’t pursue being an author if I’m a realist. But God began to pour out conviction and determination over my heart.

    So I made a decision that day. I had to at least try. If nothing came out of my writing, at least I would know that I had felt as though I was being obedient. This past September I officially released my very first book, and I self-published! It is the first in a brand new young adult fantasy fiction series-raw and genuine. I was able to take all the desires to help people, my personal journey as a teenager, and wrap all kinds of truth, pain, and hope into a fun and intriguing fiction book. My goal is to inspire people to be loyal to living the lives they’ve been given regardless of life’s circumstances, to give something with depth and purpose to a sometimes dark world.

    My deepest desire through all of this is that maybe God would open the door for my stories to make it to the big screen (I know, sounds ridiculous), and if so, that I would be able to be a light in Hollywood. I’m the girl who sent letters to celebrities as a young teenager-praying for them and sharing the gospel with them. I know, so embarrassing, LOL. But if this is supposed to be nothing more than reaching people on a smaller level, I’m okay with that too.

    It’s so exciting to finally be doing what I love. And as of Friday, I will be stepping down from my master’s level job to focus my time on being the wife, mother, and author God has called me to be!

    Thanks for sharing your journey and giving your readers the opportunity to share!

    P.S. Before I knew anything about you or Matt, I fell in love with Star-Crossed. I had already written most of my first book, the one I just officially published in September. When I saw the show, I immediately thought that if God ever chose to show favor on my series by turning it into a movie series, there is no other person who could have the role of my watchman character but Matt! Ha! Maybe one day!

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Lacy,

      I loved reading about your journey! It’s so cool to hear about your dreams and seeing you step out in faith to pursue them. Wishing you all the best in the world on this new, exciting chapter of your life!! xoxo

  • Hi Angela,

    I stared watching your videos on youtube a few months ago and feel in love. Every time I have some free time I find myself going to your videos and watching them. Recently I subscribed to your blog and I’ve been on your blog more and more. To sum it up I just can’t get enough. I must add in, you and your husband are the perfect team. I love how he helps with videos and photography and you write about what you do with your hobbies. Way to stay busy in a fun, educating way. Your followers appreciate this, Well, I know I do! Another thing I love is how you educate people for free, Thank you for that.
    I’m an Esthetician from Michigan. I love makeup and skincare as well. Its such a fun career to be involved in life. My husband is active duty for the Air Force and we will move about every two years. I’m looking for a way to stay busy and start a blog so my family and friends can keep up with me when I’m miles away. Any good advice you can give to me on how to get started with a great blog?
    Thank you.

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Jadalyn,

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I feel for you with the constant moving, the Lord knows I can understand that life!

      My advice to any new blogger is to ask yourself what can you blog about that no one else has to offer. Basically, what sets you apart? Once you figure that out, run with it! You’re unique in your own way, so allow your uniqueness to show through the platform that you build. 🙂


  • Alexis Fraser

    Hi Angela!

    (LOVE your blog! lol.)

    Your story is really inspiring for me. I’m half way through my junior year of high school and am getting all this pressure from my family, coaches and teachers to know what I want career I want to pursue. I don’t have a clue in the world but knowing that you were able to find blogging makes it all seem a little less scary. Thank you so much for sharing it and just for being 100% yourself it’s good to know that being on camera and having fans doesn’t change everyone. I hope that I am able to figure out what I want out of live as well as you have.

    p.s. I LOVE Matt’s new show Timeless I’m totally hooked already!!!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Alexis,

      Thanks so much!! You’re so young, you have time! Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into a life/career choice that you don’t 100% want for yourself, like I did. Determine what it is that you’re passionate about, figure out how to turn your passion into a paycheck, then you’ll never work a day in your life. 🙂


  • Cassandra Pratt

    Hey Angela!

    I just wanted to let you know that I find you and your story so inspiring! I love reading your post, and either learning something new, or just to have something to think about. I would love to get a start blogging more, but finding the time is the problem. I’m a wife, mom, and teacher, but I love to write. Just wanted to say thank you for being you and so inspiring!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you Cassandra! It’s the most time consuming job I’ve ever had… But 100% worth it! ?

  • Hi Angela !

    I just wanted to tell you that this post really touch me. I find your story so inspiring !
    I like the fact that you stay true to yourself, and this is what makes your blog special according to me.
    Thank you for sharing you story with us and showing us that pretty much everything is possible with the support of friends and family !

    I’m a second year med school student in France and sometimes it’s nice to get away from the lessons and all the work. This is how I discovered your blog and I have read all your posts since ! 🙂

    So thank you for your work and I can just encourage you to continue in that way. Thank you for being the person you are and for allowing me to have a glimpse of your life.

    Bisous <3

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much, Marine! Wishing you the best of luck in med school!! xoxo

  • Really enjoy your blog… I subscribe to your channel but just recently (like today) found out about your blog !!
    I really like your style !!
    I started my blog two weeks ago and it scares me the most … What about people reading what I think !!
    Really lie what your doing and it’s helping me to continue !!

    Thanks !!

  • Hi Angela, I recently just stumbled upon your blog and am so happy that I did! I enjoyed reading your journey into blogging and discovering that you’re an Ohio gal! Looking forward to more posts from you and learning some much needed makeup tips?

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Mariah and welcome to the Gorgeous Fam! Love that you’re along on this journey with me!

  • Jenny Baker

    i just stumbled upon your blog via my search on you tube for how to use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit:) I knew right away you were someone I could connect with. You are beautiful but not in a way that makes me feel “not good enough” . I am almost 44 and its hard to follow some of the blogs I like bc the girls are all so youthful and “perfect”. And not to say that you aren’t that way too but you have an inner something that shines through as well! Once I read some of your posts, I realized that it is God who is shining through you! I am so very thankful I came across your blog. And you have given me that little push I needed to start my own–one that can reach 40 something gals!

  • Cassandra Fry

    Your authenticity, sincerity and positivity are inspiring–especially amid all the crap on the internet. Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Angela,

    I always wanted to hear the story behind the story, and you showcased that perfectly. Thanks for sharing your story.


  • Lori Leung

    I found a youtube video of you and your husband. It was the one where he applied your make-up. You are very brave letting your husband put your face on, I would not let my husband try it. It made me smile and so I decided to follow your blog and instagram. Congratulations to both of you on your pregnancy.

  • Cassandra

    This is so inspirational, Angela. I’ve been following you for a while on Instagram and love your style. Congrats on your baby news!

  • Hi Angela! Your blog was great to read about how you got started on your journey. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  • Hi Angela!

    Your blog is amazing and so is your love story. My fiancé is an actor as well and its been so comforting to read your story and its given me hope that we can have a somewhat normal life LOL. The acting industry is so foreign to me (being a social worker myself) and its great to feel like im not alone in the struggles I’ve been having with. All this to say thank you thank tou!


  • This is such a cute story.. I’ve read,watched,followed for quite a while now and this was the first time I’ve come across this post. I love that you are so… well you ? When you talk it’s like a girlfriend telling you about her day or something new that is exciting. It’s hard to believe you were shy and uncertain because you really have this down to an art now?? Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing ?

  • Mehron Nasir

    Hi angela

    Big fan of yours from London England UK
    keep up the good work … you and matt make a beautiful couple together. I’m also fan of his since 90210. ?

  • Becca Fox

    I love your precious soul so much and I loved getting to read where your blog began! Thank you for sharing! You have always been one of my favorites because you are so authentic and it’s obvious you care so much! I will forever be a fan! I’ve always wondered how bloggers started out and it’s rare I see anyone sharing their story. I’m an Audit and Compliance Analyst for two companies. I think the dream job would definitely be what you do! I wish I had just half the creativity you do! You and Matt are GOALS!

    • Angela Lanter

      Awwwwww! Thank you so much, Becca! I’m so glad you’re here!!

  • Melissa Wells

    LOVED reading about how it all began for you. It’s encouraging to hear because as a stay at home mom I’m always looking for an opportunity to express myself and do something that I really enjoy doing. I just need the confidence, which sadly, I really am lacking these days. I love to read and I’ve always enjoyed writing. So, I really have wanted to do something that has to do with each. Reading this blog really gives me encouragement to work on getting something started. So, thank you!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks, Melissa! Don’t be afraid to live your dream!

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