Movie Night Date At Home For Valentine’s Day

Movie Night Date At Home For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than a movie night date at home?

Did you know that restaurants see a reservations request increase by 500%? Valentine’s Day is reportedly the second busiest day of the year for restaurants in America.

movie night date at home by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

These reasons coupled with the likelihood of cold food and long wait times makes the idea of a romantic movie date night at home sound positively fabulous to me.

There are all sorts of date night ideas that will score you some bonus points with your significant other, but instead, let’s focus on the home movie night experience.

Movie Date Ideas and Tips

Steer clear of the movie theater this Valentine’s Day and opt for a special date at home with your love.

Here is a list of some movies categorized by what you may be looking for… Even if you can’t find a babysitter, I found a few films that are kid-friendly as well.

movie night date at home by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

Make your date night special by planing a themed meal based on the movie you choose.

If you’re watching a film based in France, like Forget Paris, think about creating a fun charcuterie board and pairing it with your favorite wine selection.

Should your movie choice take place in Italy like Roman Holiday or Only You, create a pasta bar with a yummy tiramisu for dessert. What a fun way to travel to a new location without ever leaving home.

Movie nights are never complete without a bucket of popcorn. For a creative twist, consider trying a flavored popcorn bar with flavors such as white cheddar, truffle, caramel, etc.

Many couples can’t decide on a title. If you are one of these couples, throw a few movies into a hat and choose one. No arguing on Valentine’s Day! ?

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