5 Tips for a 10 Minute Charcuterie Board

5 Tips for a 10 Minute Charcuterie Board

Tonight on Instagram Stories, Kenny made her first charcuterie board.  What can I say?  She’s one talented toddler. ?

I attended an event last week hosting a charcuterie board class with the Nashville Cheese Gal and I learned such fun tips!  I left so inspired to try my hand at it at home because, charcuterie boards are truly an art.

charcuterie board angela lanter


Next time you are hosting, consider making one of these.  Not only are the beautiful to look at, but they are a total crowd pleaser.  Because… Who doesn’t love cheese and all the fixin’s?!


charcuterie board angela lanter charcuterie board angela lanter


5 Charcuterie Board Tips


  1. Grab a good mix of cheeses.  In my opinion, a great board includes: Boursin cheese, brie cheese and dill havarti.  A good mix of cheese should be included: soft, aged, strong, mild, etc.
  2. Include something to put cheese on.  It’s not a good board unless you have crackers, pretzels, bread, SOME sort of carb to slather with cheesy goodness.
  3. Don’t forget the meats.  I used a trio from Trader Joe’s that was delicious.  Salami is the easiest to double fold and make look pretty, FYI.
  4. Greenery is important.  Since my board was for only four of us, I didn’t wast money on unnecessary trimmings.  I used fresh rosemary for garnish, but I can use it reuse it after.
  5. Include sweets.  A little honey and fruit pairs beautifully with just about any cheese.  Nuts and olives (not really sweet, I know) are also necessary for an elevated board.

Tag me in your charcuterie board art on Instagram!  I want to see what you come up with because, it truly is an art!


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  • Brittany Blackburn

    That looked so delicious! We made a Christmas tree board last year with thin lines of greenery, lines of cheeses, meats and crackers making the tree, more cheese for the star, and salami sticks for the trunk!

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