BEST Airwrap Amazon Dupe for Dyson Hair Brush

BEST Airwrap Amazon Dupe for Dyson Hair Brush

One of the biggest buzz words in the beauty world for awhile now has been “Airwrap” which is the Dyson hair brush.

I’ve owned an Airwrap for a couple of years but only recently learned to really appreciate all of the amazing things that the vented barrel brush hair dryer can do.

Is the Dyson multi-styler worth it?

I’ve had a lot of questions from readers, friends, and family about the Dyson Airwrap. They all wanted to know one thing… Is the Dyson Airwrap worth the $599 price tag?

I don’t know about you, but $599 is more than I spend in an entire year on hair color and haircuts most years.

Does the Dyson Airwrap do what it says it will do? Yes. But I found there to be a bit of a learning curve for using it. It took me quite a few tries to learn exactly how to properly use the Airwrap, understand what all it could do, and figure out how to best use it.

Please keep in mind that I have been a hair girl my entire life, so I would have to imagine that women who don’t have a lot of experience with hair tools would have an even harder time learning the ins and outs of the Airwrap.

What is a good substitute for Dyson Airwrap?

When I found this Amazon dupe for the Dyson hair brush, I was super excited to give it a try. Not only was it rates well, but it is a fraction of the price.

Watch my YouTube review below to see me unbox the hair styler and multiple accessories the dryer comes with. I’m giving you an honest first impression and tutorial showing how I used the round brush shaped attachment for blow drying and styling from beginning to end of the process.

This Amazon dupe was a total find. Not only does it do what it’s designed to do, but I think it may even be better than my Dyson Airwrap.

The regular price for the Brightup hair dryer brush on Amazon is $249.99. It is currently on sale for 38% off making it $154.99 PLUS there is a coupon to clip for an additional $30 off, taking the price down to $124.99. It will ship FREE with your Prime membership.

Let’s talk hair care accessories.

This Airwrap Amazon dupe is a 5 in 1 multi styler set, so it comes with…

  • One hair dryer brush
  • Two curling irons that allow you to either dry to the left or to the right
  • One smoothing hair paddle brush attachment for straightening
  • One round brush for styling and adding volume

Can you use Dyson Airwrap on wet hair?

Yes, you can. If you watch my video above, I suggest a couple of things before doing so…

First, always use a heat protectant prior to heat styling your hair. There are a ton of heat protectants on the market to choose from. Never skip this step, it’ll pay off in the long run to protect your strands.

Above is a round up of my favorite heat protectant sprays to keep my hair as healthy as possible while using heat to style. I’ve used a ton of thermal protectant products throughout the years and these are the ones I would purchase again.

Once you have your hair prepped and ready for heat, use the hair dryer attachment first to dry your hair about 80-90% of the way.

Once hair is mostly dry, that’s when you want to start the styling process. If I want my curls to really last, I’ll use velcro rollers or clips to set my curls while they cool down. I also always and a quick shot of cool air before releasing.

After watching my first impression and review, do you think you would rather try the dupe version from Amazon or the $599 Dyson Airwrap? Comment and let me know!

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