What Your Man Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

What Your Man Really Wants For Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is only a few short days away.  Is it just me, or is your husband the hardest person to shop for in your life?  When my hubby wants or needs something, he gets it, which leaves me with zero ideas for birthdays and holidays.  This year I came up with some really fun ideas, so I had to share them with y’all.

What Your Man Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

For the guy who loses his wallet and keysHe needs a tile.  This little gadget has saved us so much time spent looking for lost keys and wallet.

For the guy who loves to workout A new set of dumbbells that don’t take up a lot of space.  Matt has this set from Bowflex and he LOVES them.  They’re great because it’s one set of dumbbells that you can add or subtract weight from without physically taking the weights off.

For the guy who loves to be outdoorsHe’ll love these bluetooth sunglasses.  They have speakers built in so you can listen to your phone without the earphones.  We have a pair and let me just say, they’re freaking awesome.

For the guy who loves his coffeeYou can’t go wrong with a smart coffee mug.  The Ember connects to your phone via an app and it’ll keep your drink at your preferred temperature.

For the guy who loves his musicHe will become addicted to his airpods.  Matt and I can’t live without our airpods.  I have them in all day while I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music and make phone calls.

For the guy who loves comfortHe will love a new pair of snazzy kicks.

For literally any guyHe will love his wifey in some sexy new lingerie.

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