UGG Boot Review

UGG Boot Review

After more than 15 years with my Ugg Classic boots, I figured it was time for me to put together an UGG boot review.

I saved for my first pair of UGGs when I was in college and bought them from Victoria’s Secret. I had wanted a pair to wear as my winter boots in the frigid Ohio weather for so long.

Ugg Boot Review by Angela Lanter fashion blogger

After careful saving of both money and gift cards, I was so excited to finally order my very own pair of these boots. If I had to guess, I would say I bought them around 2006.

You would think I hit the lottery the day those boots arrived at my door. I was beyond excited.

I ordered the Classic Tall boot in “Chestnut” in my normal size: US 7.

Ugg Boot Review by Angela Lanter Fashion Blogger Big Bear, CA

I have worn these boots more times than I can count. They have traveled with me so many places and moved to every new home I’ve had, including from the United States to Canada.

The fact that these boots are +15 years old and still in my normal shoe lineup is absolutely bonkers.

Ugg Boot Review by Angela Lanter Fashion Blogger Whistler, BC

My shoes aren’t really babied, I wear them like every normal person. But I have taken my boots to the cobbler on occasion for a deep clean, which is why I think they have lasted me so many years. I have found that this one trip to the cobbler can save you from having to purchase new shoes as often.

I’m not an UGGs in the summer girl, like so many you see in LA. I wait to break mine out till cooler Fall days and wear them all the time throughout winter.

Ugg Boot Review by Angela Lanter Fashion Blogger Nolensville, TN

These are fabulous everyday boots, which I use to replace my running shoes in the winter months. If you are looking for true snow boots or hiking boots, these UGGs would not be your best bet.

Here’s a star rating in addition to my UGG boot review that hopefully, you’ll find helpful if you are considering making a purchase.

Ugg Boot Review

Comfort: 5/5 stars. ONLY if you buy the right size. They do not offer 1/2 sizes, so my advice is to size up since they tend to run a little on the small size in my experience.

They feel like having your feet wrapped in wool marshmallows.

Style: 5/5 stars. Listen, when you want this style of boot, you know which brand to go to. They have cornered the market and I have never found a knock-off brand that I like as much.

Price: 4/5 stars. Do I think $200 for boots is expensive? Absolutely. But that $200 boot has lasted me for more than 15 years, so I’d say that they were well worth the $13 per year they have cost me to wear.

Warmth: 3/5 stars. Uggs are not meant to be worn with socks, they are not waterproof and technically not insulated, but rather lined with wool. I find the Ugg boots plenty warm enough, but if we are comparing Uggs to my Sorel snow boots, my Sorel boots are going to keep my tootsies warmer.

Overall: 5/5 stars. For my own casual wear purposes, my Uggs can’t be beaten. They’re my go-to everyday shoe for winter.

Ugg Boot Review by Angela Lanter Fashion Blogger Nashville, TN

Ugg is to boots what North Face is to jackets.

A couple of months ago, I decided to buy my second pair of Uggs (outside of my Classic Cardy II Knit pair) and went with the Ugg Mini II Boot. Here’s my Ugg boot review on just the Mini II…

Ugg Boot Review by Angela Lanter Fashion Blogger Franklin, TN

How does the Classic compare to the Mini II? Outside of the obvious height difference, there’s nothing else to really compare.

I love my Classic Tall Boots for pairing with skinny jeans. To be totally honest though, I have all but forgotten about my Classic Tall pair after purchasing the Mini II pair.

I keep the Mini II pair at my door and slip them on almost every time I leave the house. I have almost always worn my Classic Tall Ugg boots with socks throughout the years. I don’t ever feel the need to wear socks with my Mini Uggs.

shop tall uggs

What does this sock-less wear mean for stink? Honestly, I’ve never had an odor with either pair. Maybe it’s a fluke, or maybe it’s the sheepskin lining. Whatever it is, it doesn’t stink and that’s really all that matters to me.

Just for reference, the Classic Mini II is different than the Classic Short. The Classic Mini II is 5″ in height and the Classic Short is 8″. The Classic Tall is 11.75″ tall.

For purchasing Uggs, I first look to buy from Nordstrom. I love their customer service and return policy, so I always try to shop with them before anyone else. Amazon also sells Uggs if you’re looking for a quick delivery option.

shop short boots

When deciding on your perfect style, make sure to read through the customer reviews to ensure that you are choosing the right size. I always wear a size US 7 and last year I purchased a pair of Bailey Button II boots and they were so small that I couldn’t fit my feet in them. My mom wears a 6 1/2 and she could barely fit them on her feet.

The lesson here is to read the reviews about sizing before ordering and order up if you’re unsure.

I’m really loving the UGG Ultra Mini Classic Boot lately, that may just be my next order. These are especially fun and sorta funky. They’re only 3 3/4″ tall.

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Do you have to wear socks with UGG boots?

No. I have before, but now prefer to wear my boots without socks.

Do UGGs fit true to size?

I have found they run small and do not come in 1/2 sizes. Definitely size up if you are in-between sizes.

How long do Ugg boots last?

I still regularly wear my first pair of UGGs that I purchased over 15 years ago and they look great!

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  • I couldn’t agree with this more! I wore my first pair of Uggs off and on for 27 years before the glue on the heel finally gave out. To this day, Uggs are my go-to winter shoe.

  • I have 4 pairs of Ugg boots and love them all. I also bought some Ugg sandals which are really comfy for the Florida summers. I wear mine with and without socks. Back in sandals this week because Tampa is 85 in the afternoon, but the mornings are cool at 60. So I start off with Ugg mini boots and put sandals in my car to change into at my dad’s house when I’m caring for him.

  • Awesome review! Also some super cute outfits with the Uggs too! I currently have 13 pairs of Uggs but those have been building up since about 9th grade when I stopped growing lol. I also only wear like 4-5 of them on any kind of regular basis with some of the others being rare “collector” styles. My favorite styles in order are the Mini, Bailey Bow, Bailey Bow tall, and the classic tall especially when rolled down like in your pics! Something I would disagree with you on is I think that Uggs are way warmer than my Sorel boots. Also, I never wear socks with any of my Uggs, I find them way comfier like that and actually warmer too but without ever getting hot and sweaty feeling even when inside for hours. I have never had a pair smell, it is actually because according to Ugg the natural wool is antimicrobial which prevents the smell making bacteria from surviving.

    • Angela Lanter

      I mean, isn’t it so awesome that they don’t smell?! Thanks, Emily!

      • Oh for sure! I once tried a pair of Ugg dupe boots and the inside fur was super soft and comfier feeling but I didn’t wear socks and less than a month later they reeked haha!

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