Celebrating National Italian Food Day

Celebrating National Italian Food Day

Celebrating National Italian Food Day Celebrating National Italian Food Day Celebrating National Italian Food Day Celebrating National Italian Food Day

Happy National Italian Food Day! Didn’t know that Italian Food Day was a thing? Neither did I… But I’m game for any chance to eat pasta.

My entire life I have been a fan of Italian food. Our closest family friends are Italian and I grew up as an honorary family member. I became more familiar with, “Mangia, mangia!” as a little girl than I was with the word, “Eat.” I grew up loving pastina, fresh baked Italian bread and every single Italian dish under the sun. I have so many fond memories from my time with my adopted Italian family… And a lot of them have to do with the delicious food.

My love for Italian food inspired me to learn how to make it myself. I love making my own pastas and breads, but time is sometimes (okay a lot of times) an issue. When I want a delicious Italian meal and don’t want to spend my entire day preparing it, I reach for Michael Angelo’s. I first discovered Michael Angelo’s when I bought their Vegetable Lasagna at Costco. It immediately became one of my favorite Costco finds. It’s packed full of veggies and flavor. Their dishes are made with clean ingredients that I trust. The veggie lasagna was so good, it made me look up what other meals they have available, and they have a bunch to choose from. To find grocery stores near you where you can pick up Michael Angelo’s, check out their store locator.

How does one go about celebrating National Italian Food Day? I’m so glad you asked. We’re celebrating by whipping up a backyard picnic. One of my favorite date nights is staying in with Matt and a picnic is a fun (and HELLO, romantic) way to do it up. I picked up Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Parmigiana, some fresh bread and the ingredients for a charcuterie board for two. I was able to whip up a super cute picnic with a delicious entree in no time at all.

Comment below and tell me… What is your favorite Italian meal? You know me, I LOVE to talk food.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Michael Angelo’s. The opinions and text are all mine.



  1. Daphne
    / 1:28 PM

    Chicken fettuccine alfredo. Love making it as much as I love to make it.

    • / 1:34 PM

      I’ve never made fettuccine alfredo before! I need to give it a try! 🙂

  2. Mélanie
    / 11:35 PM

    Where I’m living it’s a city with many Italians family’s who’s game many years ago during the WW2 if I’m right so there’s a lots of Italians and Italians restaurant. My favorite food ? Difficult to choose I love many’s but Pizza obviously and lasagna are first but Pasta to Carbonara (I don’t know if I’m saying right ?) and dessert ? Tiramisu 🤤 my mom cook one gosh the best

      • Mélanie
        / 5:35 AM

        Yes I live in a city name Grenoble 🙂 it’s not a big city but really beautiful with mountains all around me

  3. Chelsea Mammet
    / 9:09 AM

    Aww I love this post so much. I’m 50% Italian, Mom and Grandparents on that side came straight from Italy. Mom and Grandma’s meatball are the BEST. My favorite.

    I love how they adopted you as honorary Italian. Haha it is SUCH a true thing. Dinner was never complete without a full table of friends. ♥️

    • / 9:51 AM

      Love that!! I want to learn to make homemade meatballs!!

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