Girl Talk Tuesday: Let’s Talk Undies

Girl Talk Tuesday: Let’s Talk Undies

Girl Talk Tuesday: Let's Talk Undies Girl Talk Tuesday: Let's Talk Undies Girl Talk Tuesday: Let's Talk Undies Girl Talk Tuesday: Let's Talk Undies

Two years ago, almost to the day, I posted this article dedicated to my favorite undies.  Oh how things change (and move and shift…  If ya catch my drift!) in just two short years.  Having a baby changes your body.  But, then again, so does getting older.

Shortly after that undies post (which was a pretty popular one) I made the shift to Calvin Klein undies.  By shift, I mean that I stopped wearing the lace-trimmed Victoria’s Secret undies altogether.  I just found the CK’s to be more comfortable and stayed in place better.

And then…  I got pregnant.

Here’s the thing, I had so many mamas tell me that they wore their regular undies all throughout their pregnancy.  I don’t know who these magical unicorn pregnant ladies are, but my beloved CK undies couldn’t so much as cover half of my butt in my second trimester.  In fact, I made the switch to maternity lingerie early on, right before 5 months, actually.  I felt really bad about myself after hearing that so many other women didn’t ever wear maternity underwear.  Once I tried them, I had zero qualms because I found out how truly wonderful they were.  Read this blog post to see which pair became my maternity faves or shop them here.

Those first few weeks after baby, I wore those super sexy mesh hospital undies because nothing felt good against my C-section incision.  After the incision started to heal and become less sensitive, I went back to my maternity undies and a Bellefit corset.  Check out this post to read more about the corset I wore and why I loved it.  After I transitioned out of the corset and my belly slimmed down, I went back to my beloved Calvin Klein undies.  Except, they weren’t so beloved anymore.  They didn’t fit the same.  Suddenly, I had VPL, which I loathe.  I tried my old faves, my VS hiphuggers…  That was a huge nope.  When I stepped on the scale, my number was the same as it was pre-baby.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw the same body I remembered before pregnancy.  When I put on my undies or jeans, things just felt different.  Of course they would, my body had been through the biggest change possible.

So what did I do?  I settled.  The past few months, I’ve been wearing my CKs because I didn’t have anything else that felt any better on in my underwear drawer.  I noticed that when wearing jeans or tight bottoms of any type (hello, I live my life in yoga pants!) that I could see a perfectly formed underwear line with each and every step I took.  I’m not talking a VPL only at the base of my toosh, but every.single.line.possible was now visible.  I can hear your thoughts… “You just need a bigger size.”  That’s what you would think…  But I would be swimming in the next size up.  It was just time to move on to something new.

Last week I was out shopping ran across this style of underwear at Macy’s.  I could tell by the design that they would be comfortable…  But this mama needs more than just comfort.  I need them to stay in place.  I need them to not ride up and leave a perpetual wedgie.  You know what I’m saying here.  I need them to do it all.

I picked up three pairs for $33 in store.  Of course, they’re on sale online today only for 30% off; so three pairs for $23.  I chose all neutral colors and decided to try them out before sharing them with y’all.  Here’s the verdict: I’m in love.  They stay in place.  The material is soft and stretchy.  They sit perfectly below the waist, but not too low.  Big fan, y’all.  I’m brand new to DKNY, so I had zero expectations when trying them for the first time.

If you’re in the market for a new style of undies, I highly suggest trying these.  If you’re an Amazon Prime girl, like I am, then you can shop them here.  Certain colors, like red, are cheaper on Amazon, but overall, the better deal is at Macy’s, especially when you catch them on sale.

So, why all the uproar about underwear you may ask?  Because it’s Girl Talk Tuesday.  On Tuesday’s, I chat about real life stuff that we girls want to share with each other…  I share the stuff with you that I would naturally share with my best friend, because, let’s be real, y’all are my friends.  My girlfriends.  And what do my girlfriends do best?  They talk.  Actually, they do girl talk best.

We wear undies more hours of the day than anything, except maybe deodorant, skincare or earrings.  So, yeah, I consider underwear to be a pretty important topic.  Please share the love in the comments below with the name or a link to your favorite pair of underwear so that us girls can be in the know about the best, most comfy undies out there.



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1920 1282 Angela Lanter
  • Very interesting post. Never thought about underwear that way. Just always knew it was try to try something new when I no longer felt comfortable.
    Aerie underwear.

    • Angela Lanter

      Do you like Aerie undies? I haven’t tried them before, but I used to wear AE when I worked there in high school…

  • Rachel M

    I was one of the girls telling you i never switched undies! ? I’m not sure why, I didn’t gain much weight and didn’t carry it in my butt/thighs so maybe I just got lucky. The ones I wear also don’t have a band like the CKs which I also love! My fav undies are the Victoria’s Secret PINK cheeky hipsters in all of the solid colors they have! Basic, neutral (mostly), comfortable, and stretchy.

  • Girl!!! You are speaking my language! Needed to hear this! I am a VS girl through and through, but after baby it just doesn’t do the trick! I was determined to keeping wearing and trying different styles from VS but it’s been rough! One pair I do love is the seamless high rise thong! It’s great for those special pair of pants or dresses But not the day to day ware! I definitely need to check out Macy’s for this style! Thanks girl!

    • Angela Lanter

      I hope you like these! I can’t get down on thongs for daily wear… They just drive me nuts, lol!

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Very informative! My favorite undies are VS Hiphugger with the Runched Back.

    • Angela Lanter

      Glad you liked it! VS is a crowd fave for sure!

  • I’ve recently went up a size from doing leg and butt exercises. Who knew!?! Anyway I’ve tried some from Soma that I enjoy. I’ve noticed as I get older I want full coverage and surprisingly enough I am digging the mid rise and high rise undies. Not only are they comfy and cute in a vintage type of way but when wearing a dress those high rise full coverage undies smooth everything out quite nicely.

    • Angela Lanter

      No way! I never even thought about exercise changing your underwear size before. Makes sense though!
      That’s most important to me, how they look when I’m dressed!

  • Kristin H

    What is VPL? I can’t be the only one, ladies!? Wait. “Visible Panty Line”? ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  • I love “LOVE” by Gap. They changed my life.
    BREATHE in high rise were so good for pregnancy and after. They have other styles in BREATHE but the high rise are still rather sexy I find! ESP in black

  • I’ve been wearing La Seza for a long time and although like you, moved onto pregnancy clothes very early one…well before month #5 for both pregnancies, I keep the same underwear. I’ve been using the same three models for a while but after two babies, I had to move from a M to a L(and I have NO issue about THAT) because my body never went back to the exact same way it was before baby #1 9 years ago(how time flies) and turning 35 this week changes your body too. Thank you so much for sharing these posts.

  • I like Soma’s Vanishing Edge. They stay in place with no VPL.

    • Angela Lanter

      I need to check out Soma, I keep hearing about them from you Gorgeous Girls!

  • Hi Angela,

    I don’t have really favorite underwear. Except when I’m on my period. Because my flow was so light I hated using tampons or a cup. So I discovered this brand and they are amazing.

    • Angela Lanter

      I’ve heard of these but haven’t been able to bring myself to try them!

  • Christina

    I laughed harder than I should’ve at this (in my head of course since I’m holding a sleeping baby) ? Going through this problem now! I wore my regular VS undies through my pregnancies because they stretched! But then after the baby was born, the undies were way too big. ?? With Baby three, they just didn’t stretch that far. ??I tried some others but the Mediums were too tight and Larges I had to keep pulling up. Even now 3 mo postpartum I’m having trouble not fitting in to any size. Will have to check these out. Thanks!

    • Angela Lanter

      HAHA! Us mamas have way more in common than we realize!!

  • Candie Kira Stevens

    Hey Gorgeous,
    This was funny and relatable . I am a mom of 6 , 4 I gave birth too & 2 I was blessed with from my husband and his first wife , underwear has been my kryptonite for years . I was blessed with very big babies ( 9lb and 10lb) as happy as I am to be able to have big & beautiful babies it didn’t do great things for my body . I have the wonderful kangaroo pouch ,as I call it , aka lots of loose skin that hangs over my pubic area . So underwear is a battle .Do we go over the kangaroo pouch or under ? Is always the question . I am not one to spend lots of money on myself but underwear is one of those things that can put me in a great mood or rune my hole day. I hope I’m not the only underwear monster out there ! That being said I am going to try these bad boys out for sure but I have some that are at Walmart that I don’t hate and budget friendly for most moms . They are called the Blissful Benefits by Warner’s NO muffin top cotton underwear . Now I love a good cotton undie but these come in different materials . Mine are cotton on bottom with a thick beautiful lace band , that is cut at an angle that resembles a “V” so it frames the body beautifully! They don’t bunch or roll when I move . Full bottom coverage without giving you granny pantie booty . I am so happy that you are brave enough to talk about the not so pretty side of being a mom . We need more moms to do so . I know as for me when I see all the ” Perfect after baby bodies ” makes me feel like I did something wrong or I failed as a wife . Because I didn’t keep my cute figure . My oldest is 15 and I am just now to the point of being happy in my kangaroo pouch lol So thank you for being so outspoken and amazing . God made all of us moms beautiful and strong . God bless From The Stevens Crew to Lanter Family

    • Angela Lanter

      He sure did make us all beautiful and strong! Thanks for sharing, you sweet mama, you!

  • Ooh thank you for this post. I use to be a VS stan. I used to get so much of my underwear from there. I realized the older I got, even though my weight didn’t change much and I didn’t have a baby, they didn’t fit the same. I also think the quality has changed drastically over the years. My sister and I were talking about how you can ruin them the first try. One minute you are pulling them on and the next minute your finger is poking thru the lace. So I only buy from them when they have a sale and/or I get a free pantie coupon.

    One type of underwear that I also love and I end up going straight to in my underwear drawer is Flirtitude Boykinis by JCPenney. They give me full booty coverage, but not in a granny pantie way. I am small like you, but have an ample rear end and also don’t like unsolicited wedgies. I wear thongs, but if I am not wearing one, I don’t want to feel like I am. Great article. I will definitely check these out. I am one of those girls who can go 3 months w/out laundry because I own so many pairs, but I am going to be doing an overhaul and chucking ones that although in good condition, just aren’t cutting it anymore. Or are cutting a little too much. 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      I too have an ample booty lol!! I have a whole drawer full of undies and only wear a handful of them!

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