My Favorite Undies/Panties

My Favorite Undies/Panties

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We’re getting personal today, ladies.  Not that this will come as a surprise since I blog about everything from birth control to feeling lonely…  But I’m not sure you can get much more personal than talking about undergarments, lol!  To be fair, I’ve never been one to shy away from telling you exactly how I feel about something, just ask Matt.

Since I posted my favorite bras and bralettes in this blog post, I’ve received a ton of requests to also post about my fave undies.  Undies are a harder wardrobe piece to tackle since every woman prefers something different.  With bras, most women want the same results: great support, coverage and some level of cleavage.  Underwear is a whole different monster.  I have girlfriends who will only ever wear thongs, some will only wear granny panties and others who prefer to wear no undies at all.  It’s all in personal preference.  For me, comfort is key.  A wedgie is probably even more annoying than that terrible sock slip feeling when wearing boots, and that seriously makes me want to punch myself in the face.

First, let’s tackle terminology.  I grew up only ever saying “panties”.  I like that word, I think it’s cutesy and feminine.  While I was in high school, I worked at American Eagle (who carries some awesome panties, by the way).  My AE manager jumped on me once for saying the word, “panties,” because she absolutely hated the word.  She would only ever let us use the word, “undies.”  So I started using that word from then on.  Do you have a personal preference?  I do feel like “undies” is too universal to be used to describe some of the sexy, lacy pairs out there…

I said it’s all about comfort for me and I wasn’t kidding.  I like a pair of undies that stay in place.  This pair from Victoria’s Secret is my most worn pair that I own.  I have at least 20 pairs of them because they’re my favorite for every day.  You can snag 5 pairs for $27.50, which is a decent price in my opinion.  They hold up well during washing and come in so many different colors and prints.

I’m not a thong girl.  Thongs just give me baboon butt (c’mon, you know exactly what I’m talking about…) and are generally uncomfortable for me.  I usually refer to thongs or g-strings as “fanny floss.”  If I have to wear a thong for a certain outfit, then this is my go-to pair.  Honestly, they’re so comfortable that I don’t even notice that I’m wearing a thong.  If you’re leery of fanny floss or baboon butt, then give these a try.  One piece of advice, when washing these, let them air dry while lying flat.  The dryer only balls them up and destroys the structure.

“Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.”  If you’re an 80’s baby or older, you’re probably familiar with this slogan.  I’ve never been a Calvins girl, but I’ve been seeing Calvin Klein intimates every time I walk into Urban Outfitters or the lingerie department of Nordstrom.  Initially, the price tag made me chuckle (hello $20 per SINGLE PAIR and these are your everyday briefs, not special lacy thongs!) then put them back on the rack.  When I decided to write a blog post all about underwear, I felt like I needed to pick up a pair of the famous CK classic bikinis…  Ya know, for research.  Y’all, there’s a reason why they’re been around for so many years.  They’re so comfortable and leave no VPL (visible panty line).  The pricetag is steep, I know, but I’m so infatuated that I’m going back to Nordie’s to pick up another several pairs, they’re that good!

Okay, so I know that Spanx aren’t technically undies, well some are, but they definitely deserve an honorable mention.  When I was in corporate America, and wore business wear every day, I wore pantyhose all winter long (and really other seasons too).  My pantyhose served two purposes: extra layer to keep my legs warmer and just to smooth everything out.  By smoothing out, I mean I like to wear control-top pantyhose to suck everything in, give a smoother, nicer shape and ensure that panty lines are hidden.  VPL is a major pet peeve of mine.  I hate being able to see a panty line on myself.  Enter Spanx.  Spanx is like wearing the control-top pantyhose I love so much, but with even more control to really shape you nicely and hide any unwanted panty lines.  I’m not sold out to the Spanx brand, I actually really love the Victoria’s Secret version, which was about half the price, but sadly, they stopped carrying shapewear and hosiery (insert crying emoji here).

If you’re not into the idea of pantyhose or shorts, then check out these control top briefs.  I’ve worn these exact high-waist undies from Commando on a red carpet (as well as so many of your favorite female celebs, who I would bet anything on, wear these too!) to help give a slimmer waist.  They’re surprisingly comfy and really get the job done.

Just to clarify, I’m still a major fan of pantyhose.  I know, I know…  Most women hate wearing them.  Not me.  I think they shape you up and tan your gams, so basically, they’re a girl’s best friend!  I totally get it from my mom and both of my grandmas.  Honestly, I think the women in the 50’s and 60’s were on to something with their love for pantyhose.  I totally think pantyhose is a secret weapon to make your legs look fab.  I love my pantyhose with a back seam paired with a pencil skirt for a sexier look.  I would suggest hand washing and air drying your pantyhose, shapewear shorts and briefs to make them last longer.

Alright, now it’s time to hear from my Gorgeous Girls.  What is your absolute favorite pair/brand/designer of undies and/or shapewear?  How do you feel about wearing pantyhose or Spanx?  Leave a comment below, I want to hear from you!

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  • I love the Aerie brand undies! They are comfy and cute! Now you have me wanting some Calvins!

  • Oh my gosh, I totally agree. I cannot stand thongs! I wish I did, because many are so adorable, but I prefer hip huggers. I love Victoria’s Secret, but honestly? Target carries a great line of them (not sure of the brand name), but I have about a million pairs. I’ve always wanted a pair of the Calvin Klein’s, they look like they would be perfect for a cold fall/winter night with a big sweatshirt! Thanks for sharing.

    • Angela Lanter

      I worked at Target back in my high school years, so I’m very familiar with their brands. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of their intimates or their loungewear. I love a lot of their clothes, swim and shoes though! 🙂

  • Hi Angela,
    I love the ones you have from Victoria Secret, i use the same. I love all the laces shorties so i have a few from Calvin Klein and european brand’s like hunkemoller or DIM. I’m not a big fan of tongs. I have a few but I rather wear my other undies.

    I like pantyhose but I don’t use them that much because I’m always afraid that my body get’s used to them and that I will lose a bit of my belly muscle. Do you know if it has an effect on it ?

    Thank you for sharing all this with us.
    Love your videos and blog post
    Love from Luxembourg, Europe

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Manon! I’ve never heard anything regarding control tops and muscles… I would think this wouldn’t be an issue, especially with corsets and belly trainers being so popular through the generations and now they’re back. So many celebs are using belly trainers, it’s crazy!

  • Thanks for this post! Not a fan of thongs. They just look like they would be uncomfortable to wear. I like Target’s undies. They have some cute styles in a section, where you can buy 5 of $20. I have never bought any from Victoria Secret because it is usually more than what I want to pay, but I might try theirs sometime when there is a good sale.

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Erin! Sign up for the VS coupons because they often have $10 off $30, and similar sales, which makes a big difference when buying undies. I prefer their panties because they last forever! 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips! I live in tights/pantyhose in the winter as it is business casual in my office and am always looking for a great pair. As for Calvin undies, I recently became a huge fan per recommendation from a friend who buys all of hers at TjMaxx. I’ve actually been able to find them there myself at certain locations and the price is great. Depending on the style they come in 2-packs or singles. I believe I bought a 2-pack of the Calvin thongs for only $9.99. Be on the lookout!

    • Angela Lanter

      I love wearing tights too! I love that extra layer of warmth in winter. 🙂
      Ahhh!! TJ Maxx!! I didn’t even think about going there! Thanks for the tip!!

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