Best Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

Best Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity pregnancy fashion style ootd angela lanter hello gorgeous

Dress: ASOS  |  Earrings: Baublebar  |  BootsBP.

Last night I just finished packing up all of my maternity clothes and unpacking my pre-pregnancy clothes.  As I was purging my maternity pieces and choosing which items to give away, I realized that I have a really great grip on which brands and products are the best in the pregnancy world…  I’m basically a maternity clothing expert at this point, having been through most every maternity brand out there, haha.

If you’re in the market for maternity clothing for yourself or a precious mama in your life, look no further.  Here’s a list of the best maternity items by category, so you know where to spend your money and where to save it.

Photography by Kara Coleen.

Best Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

Best Denim (Under the Bump)Madewell and Paige Denim.

Best Denim (Over the Bump)Ilitia and Ingrid & Isabel.  If I’m being totally honest, I much prefer over-the-bump denim due to comfort.

Best Maternity Bra:  While pregnant, my go-to bra for everyday wear was my Classic T-Shirt bra from Third Love.

Best Nursing BraCosabella Trenta Wireless Bra.  I wear this bra every single day.  It’s soft, comfortable and the most nursing-friendly bra in my lingerie drawer.  They also make amazingly soft PJs.

Best Nursing Bra Deal:  If you’re on a budget, then you can’t beat this two pack for $25.  The colors are classic and the delicate lace is a nice compliment to any low-cut top.

Best UndiesGiftpocket from Amazon.  I tried multiple brands of underwear for pregnancy and these were my favorite, hands down.  They grew with me and were also wonderful during my recovery.

Best Corset:  I tried several different corset brands and the Bellefit Corset was the winner for me.  This corset protected my incision, helped with my posture and made my shape look so much better.  This is the number one item I would recommend for postpartum moms.  Check the bottom of this post to enter to win a Bellefit Corset for you or a new mama in your life!

Best ShapewearYummie by Heather Thomson.  I wore my Yummie slip dress under my dresses during and after pregnancy, which really helps to hide VPL.

Best PJs:  I love my Cosabella PJs, but if you’re on a budget, this sleepshirt is amazing for pregnancy and especially nursing (I’m wearing it as I write this post, lol!)

Best Maxi DressesPinkBlush Maternity.  PinkBlush has everything a mama-to-be may need, but I especially love their selection of dresses.  Their maxi dresses are comfy, stretchy and come in so many different styles and prints.

Best Tops:  I have several places I turned to for maternity tops that I loved: Ingrid & Isabel, ASOS, H&M and Seraphine.  So many great options at different price points.

Best Nursing TopsLoyal Hana makes amazing quality nursing-friendly tops and dresses that are so stylish.

Best Yoga GearBeyond The Bump was my favorite yoga gear brand while pregnant.  I loved their leggings and two-piece sets.

Best Leggings:  This is a tough one.  I tried so many leggings during pregnancy and after, and I found that the overly hyped pairs were the ones that definitely didn’t live up to my expectations.  Instead, my favorites are:  David Lerner, Ingrid & Isabel and Beyond the Bump.  The ever-so-popular BLANQI leggings that basically everyone talks about were a let-down.

Best AccessoriesMaeband Waistband Extender and Snoogle Body Pillow are my top two best accessory purchases.

There are plenty of non-maternity options that you can wear throughout your pregnancy, you may just have to size up.  But the cool thing is that there are so many maternity brands out there that you can choose from, so you’re not limited in your choices.


I’m giving away three Bellefit Corsets: one Corset Thong size: Small, one Dual-Closure Girdle size: Medium, and one Girdle with Zipper size: Extra Small.

To enter, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter here by entering your email address (if you’re already subscribed, skip this step) and comment below on this blog post with which corset size you’d like to win and let me know who you’d like to win it for.  Could be for yourself or a friend!  I’ll choose three winners from the comments.  Giveaway will close this Saturday, April 28, 2018.  Good luck!

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  • This is a great giveaway!!! I’d like the girdle with the zipper! I am due in September with my first and would love to try this post baby!!!!

  • Thanks for posting! I’m 15 weeks with my second abs showing much sooner and am about at that point that I can’t get away with regular clothes anymore. I’ll be checking some of these sites out for sure!

  • I would love the dual closure girdle! I’m due with my second boy in August and would love to try this the 2nd time around 🙂

  • I have really enjoyed following your pregnancy and Momma journey! I just had my first baby via c section as well, a little boy, and would love the medium girdle for getting back to my prebaby shape. Thank you for sharing all your tips and tricks along the way!

  • I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first and am looking for some great maternity clothes and pregnancy must haves. I would like a Size Medium. I have loved following your pregnancy journey and am thankful for so all of the great resources and tips you give!

  • Sandra Cameron

    Awesome give away!! I’d love the corset thong in size small! Just had my first baby ❤️

  • Such a good giveaway!!! The dual closure size medium would be a lifesaver. Just had my baby girl 4 weeks ago, need to start working on my summer bod ha!!! ?

  • Alicia Mills

    Hi! Having my 4th babe in a month, just sold our home and will be packing up and moving from Cali to Texas a couple weeks after little nugget arrives (yes, I’m officially cray ???‍♀️)!
    Would love to win a Small and get back to feeling my best ASAP! I’ll be helping my husband start a ranch and will be doing a ton of physical labor, this would be a perfect way to get a head start ??.
    Thank you for your fab blog and awesome podcast; love you and Matt! And for turning me onto Timeless ?❤️

    Alicia Mills
    Future Texan and Ranchhand ???‍?

  • Krystal Garman

    Awesome give away!! I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby! I’d love the corset thong in size small!

  • Would love the dual closure medium to try!

  • Thanks for an awesome giveaway! I’d like to win the medium size for myself as we are thinking of starting a family soon! Been reading your blog posts and listening to your podcasts…it’s definitely good prep!

  • Pregnant with my first!! (thank goodness I listened to your podcast!) Due in November! Would love the zipper corset in Medium!

  • Janae Bird

    I would love the Dual-Closure Girdle size: Medium. I just gave birth to my baby boy 3 weeks ago. Having one of these girdles would be amazing!

  • Casey Stanislawski

    What an awesome giveaway! I am pregnant with my first and due May 1st! I would love to win the small size thong!

  • Hi,

    I’ve just had my first baby and would love to try the medium corset! Struggling with that mum tum!

    Thanks 🙂

  • What an awesome giveaway! I would give it myself 😉 … I’m 39 weeks pregnant with my first so fingers crossed this little girl makes her arrival soon! I would love the dual-closure girdle in Medium. P.S. your podcasts are great!!

  • I am pregnant with my first and it’s a girl and very excited and it’s a great giveaway because I am due in September 12th and I would love one in a LX.

  • Hi! Medium! I have many people to choose from- 2 friends that are pregnant, 1 cousin who is pregnant and me (secretly TTC).

  • Love this post Angela! I am 38 weeks and would love to win a girdle. I have been searching for the perfect one and have heard such great things. The Dual Girdle size medium for this FTM!! Xo

  • I’m super duper preggo- actually due this Saturday the 28th, and would love to win one of these! I would be happy with either the small or the medium! Xx

  • Already subscribed ☺. I think I would go for the small one or med. I would have to check the sizing! It would be for myself as I had a baby in Feb and my posture is awful. Hope it would help!

  • I have been following you and been letting my cousin know about all your adorable outfits and how you have been doing post partum.
    She has been feeling a bit discourage with her self and I think this Girdle would be just the thing to help her feel like her best self. Size medium
    Maybe once I have kids I can try one for myself 🙂
    Great giveaway for mamas and ones to be! Thanks for always sharing such great tips to make us all feel great!

  • I’m 9 weeks pp and have been wanting to try a corset (I’m size medium). Do you think it’s too late for it to help?

  • Awesome giveaway! I’m due with my first in September and would love love love the dual closure girdle size medium!

    I’ve also been a fan of your Hello Bump podcast and have just started listening to Hello Baby!

  • What a great giveaway! I’ve loved following your journey of motherhood! I would love to help my sister win the size medium, she is due next month with her first child after a long struggle of miscarriages and infertility. I know this girdle will help her feel less insecure of her body after the baby comes! Thanks! Xo

  • Love this giveaway! I just had a baby 5 weeks ago and would love to try the Small!

  • Nicolette

    Would love the dual close girdle size medium! I love that you put the Ingrid and Isabel jeans on here. They are my absolute favorite right now and look and feel 10x better than some of the super expensive maternity jeans out there for way less.

  • I’d love the medium corset ?

  • Anna Hader

    Love this giveaway! 🙂 I am due in July with my first! I would love to win one of these products! I live in Toronto, Canada. Not sure if this giveaway is only for US residents. Thanks!

  • I would love to win the Dual-Closure Girdle size: Medium. I suffer from DR from my first (14 months old) and currently expecting my second in October and hope this will help the healing the second time around.

  • Just subscribed! What an amazing giveaway. I would love a size extra small corset.

    Thank you so much for being so open about your pregnancy and postpartum journey. I had a very traumatic emergency csection with my first, so when I became pregnant again I was very anxious since I was not a good candidate for a vbac. I discovered your podcast and it was such a great distraction for me, and your story of your gentle Caesarian eased so many of my fears! Turns out my hospital offers them. I would have never thought to ask had it not been for you sharing your journey. I had my beautiful baby girl, River on March 27th via cesarean and it was an amazing experience! Thank you for using your platform to support and empower other mamas!!

  • I would love to win the medium corset! I just had my first son 3 weeks ago with an unplanned c section! I follow you on Instagram and have loved your recommendations and I’ve been eyeing the corset to help put things back together! Thank you for sharing all you do! It is so helpful and relatable!

  • Angela Deeds


    I love all you instagram stories. I would love to surprise my sister with this giveaway. She just had her second baby boy boy (10 lbs and she’s 5′ 4″); I think she’d really like the double closure gurtle in medium specially if it helps get her back in her feet playing with her 2 year old and new monkey. Thank you!

  • Hi Angela, I’m pregnant with our third baby. This will also be my 3rd c-section. I’ve never tried an after birth girdle or had any support. I’d love to though! I’d like to win the dual closure in medium. Thanks!

  • I have loved following your pregnancy journey alongside my own. I had a c section due to a breach baby girl 7 weeks ago and would love the extra small corset. Can’t wait for the next post and podcast! Thank you for all you do!

  • I would like the size small corset for myself. I had my baby in January and wish I knew about this product before hand!

  • I’d love the M girdle! I’m 10 days postpartum and this would be awesome!

  • I had my beautiful baby girl 3 weeks ago today! I would love to win the dual closure size medium! I’ve never tried anything like it and would love to have the chance, hope you have a blessed day and I look forward to the next podcast!

  • Cassandra tarin

    I would love to win a corset! Recently had a baby 5 weeks ago! I had a c section and can’t fogure out how to lose the pooch! I would love to win a large!! Please oh please ?

  • Catherine Pinedo

    I’m a postpartum mama with my first as well! It’s been awesome being able to go through this experience with you because you have shared a lot of very helpful information. Having trouble getting off this baby weight despite my workouts. Would love the Dual-Closure girdle in Medium. Best of luck choosing your winners!

  • Morgan Olson

    Ehhhh! I would love to win the Girdle with the zipper size small!! Im 7 months postpartum with my second and still need some help! Thank you!!! ?

  • I would love to try the one in medium. I just had my second baby last week and have been thinking about trying one after I read about yours. I never used one after my first but it took a long time for my body to feel and look like it used to.

  • I’m due any day now with our baby girl!! I’d LOVE to win the medium dual-closure girdle! I was SO hoping you’d turn Hello Bump into a Hello Baby and I’m SO excited you did!!

  • I’d love the medium! I had my baby Feb 28 and have been eyeing this one for so long!

  • Great giveaway! I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby boy after 3 losses ! Since i’m not sure if i’ll need a c section or not i’d love to have the corset thong !

  • Oh awesome! I would definitely need the medium and it would be for me! I am 15 weeks pregnant with our first sweet baby! Loved listening to your podcast as we were trying to get pregnant and now hearing all of your new-parent stories!

  • Alexis Lundrigan

    This would be so awesome, I’m a first time mom-to-be! I’m due in August. It’s always so fun to learn what new thing I find for mamas that I had no idea exsisted lol I would be extra-small.

  • Anna Coggins

    I would love to have the corset thong in small for my best friend!! She expects her first baby in August ?? and Mentioned that she is looking for a good postpartum girdle! I would love to surprise her with this ?

  • Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

    My little one is due in August and I would love the Dual close in Medium to help me get back into shape!

  • Analiz Motezuma

    I love this giveaway is so fun because I haven’t bought one for myself yet. My baby boy in due in September. I’ve always been a size small (not being pregnant obviously lol) I’m so exited with my baby bump of love, but after I give birth I would love to get back into shape.

  • Brooke Maurer

    I have a scheduled c section for Friday because my baby’s breech! Your podcast has helped so much! I would love the dual closure in medium 🙂

  • Hi Angela! I am due with my 4th baby in September ! I mean 19 weeks as of tomorrow. This corset would be a blessing for me especially after 4 kids! I would love it in a size large. I have always wanted to try something like this to help me after delivery!

  • I’d love the girdle! Struggling with PP clothes 🙁 Baby girl born 1/3! I think the Medium would be best for me ????

  • Kristina Granade

    This is a great giveaway! I’m having a C-section on May 4th and could definitely use the small corset thong!

  • I commented above and realized i wrote size large and not medium! Pregnancy brain lol i am pregnant with my 4th baby due in September ! I could really benefit from this especially after 4 pregnancies !! Thank you!

  • Mara Murphy

    Awesome giveaway! I’m due early June and would love to win the dual-closure girdle to get back into tip-top-shape.

  • I’m 28 weeks with twins and in the hospital until their c-section. I would love to win the medium dual closure girdle to help with my recovery!

  • Stephenie

    I’m 34 weeks with our first – a girl! I would love to win the medium girdle. ?

  • I would like the one you think works the best, and size small or medium?? I just had my baby April 2nd!

  • Would love the thong. Had an emergency c section 6 weeks ago and feeling extra self conscious about my post preg bod especially with this big scar and swelling. ?

  • I love all your pregnancy and baby posts! I’m due with my first in September and having all this information has been so helpful! I have already been reading about these awesome medical corsets! I’m so nervous about how I’m going to feel about my body post-baby, but I hear it’s worth it and I’m trusting in the Lord for that to be the case. I think for my body type the dual-closure one would be best (I’m not a thong girl, haha) and I KNOW I’m not fitting into an extra small anything post-baby! Thanks for all the posts and podcasts! I’m 18 weeks and am going through week by week and feeling so happy to know I’m not alone/crazy!

  • Been wanting one of these but haven’t been sure if it was worth the investment, I think you have me convinced now ? Dual closure size medium, for myself ??

    • I’m 38 weeks, and just trying to trust in the Lord’s perfect timing for when our little bud decides to make an appearance ❤

  • Catherine Burns

    I would love the size medium corset! First time mom and due in October so would love to try this out! Love all of your advice and tips ?❤️

  • Michelle

    I love this give away! I’d like the medium dual fit corset! I’ve looked into bellefit multiple times and I was just not sure if I could justify the price, but I really wish I could get one. I love this list, it’s so hard I feel cute while pregnant so I’m definitely going to be looking into some of these products! Thanks!

  • This is such a great giveaway! I am going to be a first time mom due May 5th and would love to win the closure girdle size medium. I would be so grateful for this because with the baby coming I have not put myself first and totally forgot to look into corsets for after birth.

  • This is Awesome!! I would love to try the one Dual-Closure Girdle. I am due first of May and have been enjoying listening to your podcast! I would be excited to try this as I start getting back into shape!

  • I’d probable wear the medium! Trying to get the postpartum pudge down after having baby girl. Love reading your blog and listening to hello bump and now hello baby!

  • Amanda G

    Closure Girdle in size medium for myself!!! 8 weeks postpartum and need to suck in this extra skin cause it ain’t cute!! ? love your content ❤️

  • Hannah Haaker

    I would love to win one ☝️ our due date is June 12 and not sure what size I will need just yet as they recommend measuring at 36 week mark. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Reina cayetano

    I’m 5 months postpartum. Having had a c-section it’s hard to me to work out. But if I win the dual closure in medium it would help me suck up some extra skin for I love reading your blogs Angela!

  • Hilary Guillot

    Angela! I have been SUCH a fan since I discovered the Hello Bump podcast! I just had my first baby, a sweet little boy named Sawyer, two weeks ago. Listening to Hello Bump during my pregnancy journey was awesome! This giveaway is amazing and this new mama would love to try the Dual Zip Girdle size Medium! Thanks for considering me!!! ???

  • I’m due in July, and I would love to win the Corset Girdle with Zipper in the size Small. I also checked out all the links you provided. This mama needs some clothes, and I’m so thankful for posts like this! Really helps out first time mommas like myself! 🙂

  • Whitney Johnson

    What a fun giveaway! I have a scheduled C-section in just a few weeks and would love to win the size small!

  • I am really excited for this giveaway! I am currently pregnant with my first. I am due in june, and would love to try this girdle. I would like the dual corset girdle with zipper in small or the xsmall zipper girdle. I have been eyeing these for sometime but had not decided on which one to purchase.

  • Kathleen

    This is a great giveaway! I am pregnant with my first and due in September! Would LOVE to have the corset girdle in either the small or extra small. I have really enjoyed listening to your Hello Bump podcast and reading your blog! ?

  • Hi Angela!! Love your podcast, I listen to it at work! I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Due November 3rd. This giveaway would be perfect, since I’ll be in my friends wedding at the end of November, and really need to get to my best body shape that I can by then. I’m a size 6 or 8 in pants so based on the size chart I could go for a Large. Thanks! ❤️

    • Oops showed an error when I submitted this sorry for the double post.

  • Well hello there Angela!! Love E V E R Y T H I N G you share with us. Would love to win the Medium Dual-Closure Girdle am currently 4 months post-partum and it’ll be Super I am one of those three lucky winners. Your friend here needs to snap back together ? Hugs & Kisses to McKenzie

  • Hi Angela! I am such a big fan of your podcast! Love listening to your journey, thanks for being so honest and real about everything. I am 12 weeks pregnant and due on November 2nd. This corset would be perfect since I’ll be in my friends wedding at the end of November! Based on the size chart I’d wear a large (pants size 6 or 8). Thanks for everything you do!

  • I’d like to win the Dual-Closure Girdle size: Medium for myself. I’m having a baby in a few weeks and I’m hoping a girdle will help me to get my pre-baby body back.

  • Awesome! Love your podcast. Extra small please

  • Hi Angela! I am pregnant with y third and live in Montreal, Canada.
    I struggle wiht belly fat and since I am with people a lot, I get very conscious of my belly fat.
    So I would love to have the Bellfit Corset & the shapewear!
    I love you insta stories, your blogs podcasts and just about everything you post.

    God bless you and your beautful family!

  • Amber Kornegay

    Loved this blog post !!! OMG I am so excited about this giveaway I am 30 weeks pregnant and I would love to win the thong corset in size small 🙂 Thank you for lol your tips and advices you’ve been helping me so much during my pregnancy without even knowing. Your podcasts YouTube videos blog posts and instagram helped me so much !!!



  • Danielle Carlton

    Hey beautiful! Well, just found out today that I am going to have my 4th baby, ahhh! So, I’m going to need something like this and I never would of thought of something like this! So, thank you so much for sharing! It’s amazing how much you still learn, even when your going on your 4th baby! God bless!

  • Great giveaway! I’m due with my first in July and would love to try the size medium dual-closure girdle!

  • Awesome giveaway! I would like it for myself, the one size medium with zipper dual closure girdle I believe was the name! I recently had a unexpected C-section and alot of mommies have told me to try something like this, but I haven’t yet! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • The dual closure girdle in medium for myself. Baby number 4 is due in September!

  • chrissy eisenberger

    My sweet blessing, aka Daughter, isvexpecting her Rainbow Baby in June. Her daughter passed away last November, a Medium woukd be a great blessing for her to help her with having the babbies so close and c sections. God Bless

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Great post! You look a little bit like Kelly Kapowski, she’s a real person, right? ?, in the first photo! Pretty dress too!

  • Hey Angela!! Love your blog and podcast! I would love to win the Girdle with Zipper XS for myself. I am 30 weeks with my first baby and have a c-section scheduled due to a placental issue. I would love to have the Bellefit for my postpartum recovery 🙂

  • Jessica Lewis

    Love this post! I subscribed and would love the size medium girdle!

  • I don’t know how you’re going to choose the winners, everyone is so deserving! If you happen to choose me, I would love the size medium dual closure. I recently had my 6th baby (7th if counting my angel in heaven), and I’m struggling with my mommy pooch. I love listening to your podcasts and watching your videos. I actually found you through your hubby, as I’m a big fan of Timeless. I started following him, then the podcast, and then you. I’m so glad I’ve discovered you guys! This is a great giveaway. Thank you!

  • I am due in August with my first! A sweet baby boy! I would absolutely love the dual closure girdle! 🙂

  • Ali Ellsworth

    I have loved following you the past couple years, your make up videos gave me something to love doing again after my 3rd child. When I found out I was pregnant with my 4th, I was so excited that our pregnancies over lapped a little. And your sweet baby girl was born on my son’s birthday (my 3rd)! Now I am less than 2 weeks from my due date, May 9th, and this is my last. I would love LOVE to have something help whip my mom bod back into shape. The medium girdle would be perfect and I have always heard how amazing the Bellefits are. Love you and your sweet family!

  • Ariana Seimas

    I would love the Dual Closure in medium, Ive been fight my post baby bod after both of my boys and it’s been very tough. Thank you!

  • Would love to try the medium one! Just had my second girl this past week! 🙂 has my first one too young and didn’t know anything about these things!

  • Elisa McKay

    I would love the size medium dual closure! I’m due in a couple of weeks and have to stand up in my brother’s wedding just a couple of weeks after my due date and would so appreciate anything extra that makes me feel pretty and more confident! 😉

  • Serena Angermann

    I would like the duel closure gurdle for myself I’m due in less than 4 weeks (May 21st 2018) this is my first kid and I’ve always been very small but with the pregnancy I’ve gained 40 pounds and honestly its taken its toll on my confidence. I would just love to have that extra boost of confidence once my little boy comes out. ??

  • M or L not sure and for me! I had my baby almost a year ago and we are about to start trying for #2!

  • I’m pregnant with my first baby and it’s a boy! We are super excited. I hope to win the medium dual closure corset. I’m a big fan of your podcast.

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