The Gift Guide: For Your Mom

The Gift Guide: For Your Mom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Gift Ideas for Mom

  1. Pour Moi Beauty Gift Set:  Pour Moi makes a skincare solution for the climate you live in…  SO brilliant!  Use this serum morning and night to stay hydrated based on where you live or where you’re traveling to.
  2. Moroccan Oil Set:  I’ve been a fan of Moroccan Oil for years.  These products leave your hair feeling and smelling amazing.
  3. Vanity Mirror:  My favorite mirror I’ve ever used is the Riki Love Riki mirror from Glamcor.  While I was filming Halloween tutorials in October, I shattered my beloved mirror along with all of my hopes and dreams…  Just kidding.  Well, sort of.  My beloved mirror is on the pricey side, but this one is a steal at only $45.
  4. Ugg Boots:  I bought my mom a pair of cozy Ugg boots last Christmas to help keep her tootsies warm during the cold, snowy Ohio winters.
  5. Cozy Sweater:  On a recent shopping trip, I picked up this soft sweater for myself, so I know it’d make a wonderful gift.  It’s under $50 and comes in 5 different colors.
  6. Luxe Candles:  A wonderfully scented candle is a no-fail gift.  These jar candles are always stocked in my candle cabinet.
  7. Warm Slippers:  I’ve been a slipper fan my entire life.  Matt bought me Ugg slippers several years ago and they’re still a wintertime favorite of mine.  This pair happens to currently be on sale for 40% off.
  8. Quality Hair Dryer:  Great quality hair dryers make a big difference in dry time.  If you have a mom that styles her hair every. single. morning. (like my mom does!) then this is a fantastic gift idea.
  9. Towel Warmer:  I stole this from my own birthday/Christmas wish list.  There’s no cozier feeling than getting out of a hot bath or shower and wrapping up in a warm towel.  A towel warmer is cost effective way to bring the luxurious spa feeling to your own bathroom.
  10. Soft Throw:  I’m cozied up by the fire typing this blog post while wrapped up in this very throw blanket.  I keep a basket of throws available in my family room at all times (see this blog post) but this is my favorite blanket in the basket.
  11. Luxurious Bathrobe:  You could easily call me a robe snob.  I have specific things I look for in a bathrobe and this one passed the test.  I purchased this robe while in Vancouver last winter and it’s become my go-to robe.  It’s buttery soft and amazing quality.  It’s under $100 and comes in so many colors.
  12. Silk Pillowcase:  Matt bought me this pillowcase for Christmas last year and he loved it so much we immediately had to buy him one too.  There are so many beauty benefits for your skin and hair from silk pillowcases, so what mom wouldn’t love the gift of even better beauty sleep?
  13. Rejuvenating Eye Mask:  Another sleep essential in my house is this eye mask.  Matt bought me this mask last Christmas as well and I won’t sleep without it.  It’s currently on sale and, in my humble opinion, it’s worth every single penny.
  14. Butter Slipper Socks:  I received these socks as a birthday gift several years ago and they continue to be a favorite of mine.  They’re so soft, come in seven different colors and are $8 each or 3 pairs for $19.  These make awesome stocking stuffers!
  15. Stylish Luggage:  The perfect gift for a mom that’s on the go.  I just got this set in rose gold and it’s so pretty in person!  There are four different colors to choose from and the price point is fantastic for three different sized bags with spinner wheels (which are a must!)

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  1. Emilie
    / 4:20 PM

    Just signed up! Love all the organization tips. The blue is my choice 🙂 we are currently remodeling our bathrooms, so this post came at a good time!

  2. Shannon
    / 4:32 PM

    Angela!! Thank you for this opportunity for the giveaway ❤️ I just signed up! Absolutely loved the ideas for the bathroom! Blush pink is my favorite! Thank you for always giving us great advice and inspiring us with awesome ideas 🙂

  3. Jessie Taylor
    / 5:10 PM

    I signed up a few weeks ago, and absolutely love your blog!! I would love the blue curler! Thanks Angela! ?

  4. Brittany Blackburn
    / 6:52 PM

    These are wonderful gift ideas! My mom already sent my sister’s & me her list, but maybe ideas for next year!

  5. Emily Theriault
    / 9:25 PM

    I’m signed up! I would love the blush pink 🙂

  6. Abby
    / 9:36 PM

    Just signed up! Blush pink please 🙂

  7. Jenna Cappalli
    / 10:50 PM

    I’m signed up! Love this post. My bathroom was just re-modeled and I’ve getting everything organized. & Blush pink please 🙂

  8. Alejandra orrala
    / 10:17 AM

    Already following 🙂 Your restroom is a dream, love it! i love the organization since i have a small restroom with only a cabinet sink. I would like the blush pink. Thank you for another get tip.

  9. Ashley Puente
    / 8:38 PM

    I’m already subscribbed to your newsletter:), also I absolutely love how you decorate your house!!This bathroom is so nice and I love the marble! Also if I am chosen to win I would love the spa blue caddy I would use for my straighter!?

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