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Master Bathroom Reveal and Organization Details

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: ASOS [c/o]  |  Heels: Charles David  |  Lipstick: MAC “Yash” (ON SALE!)

When we bought our house, one of my favorite rooms was the white marble bathroom.  I’ve always dreamed of a bright, white bathroom and I’m so thrilled to have that now.  I knew I needed to make the most of the drawer space I had in the bathroom, while keeping it as functional as possible.  The best way I found to do that is by using drawer organizers.  I chatted about the process originally in this blog post.

Organization can get pricey fast, so here’s my routine to keeping the prices down:

  • First shop at Homegoods and T.J. Maxx for your organization essentials such as acrylic trays, drawers and drawer dividers.
  • Second, shop online at places such as Amazon, Target and Wayfair for the pieces you weren’t able to find in store.
  • Last resort: The Container Store.  They have everything you need for a perfectly organized space…  But it’s the most pricey option.

Under my bathroom sink, I used multiple types and sizes of plastic baskets and acrylic trays to keep the space organized and functional.  Below is my organization process based on product type.

Hair Products:

I grouped together the hair products I don’t use on an everyday basis in a bigger basket towards the back left.  The hair products that I reach for daily are grouped together in a basket in the front left for easy access.

For my curling iron, I use the Classica & Lillie Curler Caddie to keep it neat and easy to reach.  I secured it to the inside of my cabinet door but it’s made to suction perfectly on your vanity mirror. It suctioned perfectly to my cabinet door, but didn’t on my tile. It can also be used to store your straightening iron. Because it’s made of silicone, it won’t melt and prevents burns to your surfaces.  Save $2 on the pink or blue Curler Caddies with this link, but hurry…  There’s only limited quantities available!

As for my hairbrushes and hair clips, I used acrylic trays to keep them separate, but still easily accessible.  I try to clean my hairbrushes out after every use because I can’t stand having hair in my drawers… GAG!  I also learned how to wash my hairbrushes to keep them clean and nice longer from Mawmaw.  If you’d like me to do a post about how I clean my hairbrushes, combs or even hair extensions, leave a comment below and let me know.


I divided up my skincare based on usage.  I keep my every day and night products in my drawer that I organize with trays from Homegoods.  I use a silverware organizer to keep my cotton round pads in a neat pile that I can grab easily to apply my toner and the two smaller trays to separate my eye products.

My face masks and speciality skincare products are stored in the trays under the sink and in the grey basket in the open shelves.

Q-tips, soap bars (we use Dove) and cotton balls are all stored in the glass jars on the counter top.  Because they’re all white, they make for a pretty display while still being functional.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bathroom light fixture for over the bathtub.  Once I put the finishing touches on the bathroom, I’ll show the room in it’s entirety.

Photography by Kara Coleen.


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Bathroom Reveal and Organization angela lanter hello gorgeous



  1. I love the colors of your master bath, so pretty! We recently redid our master bath, we painted the cabinets navy blue and got a white marble countertop, I adore it. It’s one of my favorite things we’ve done to our house.

    • / 12:27 PM

      Thank you, Emily! That sounds lovely!!
      Don’t forget to enter to win a Curler Caddie! 🙂

        • Jenn Pennell
          / 11:25 AM

          Hi Emily! You’re a winner of one of the Curler Caddies! Please email us at asst@angelalanter.com so we can get your shipping info! Thanks!!

  2. Katie Molchan
    / 8:29 PM

    I never clean my hair brushes! Would love a video on it, so i can start!

    • / 12:27 PM

      My Mawmaw cleaned hers regularly and they stayed in brand new condition for years!
      PS- don’t forget to enter to win a Curler Caddie! 🙂

  3. / 8:33 AM

    So beautiful! I love a good white bathroom as well. When we redo ours we are doing white cabinets and marble with pale green walls (making it beachy since we live near water). Yes, I would love to see a post on how you clean your hair brushes!

    • / 12:25 PM

      That sounds beautiful! I love beachy decor. 🙂
      Don’t forget to enter to win a Curler Caddie!

  4. Justina
    / 11:46 AM

    I’ve always dreamed of a marble white counter too! Your heels and makeup are beautiful. I’m subscribed to your newsletter, podcast, and youtube channel – the podcast makes me laugh all the time. I’d love a spa blue Curler Caddie

    • / 12:25 PM

      Thanks for entering and following along, Justina! 🙂

  5. Stephanie Marino
    / 12:12 PM

    Hi! Beautiful bathroom! I am a newsletter, instagram and YouTube subscriber:) I would love to win the Pink Blush Curler Caddie. Thank you!

  6. Ekaterina
    / 1:28 PM

    Hello Angela!Cute bathroom! I am a newsletter, instagram and YouTube subscriber too!;))) I would love to win the Pink Blush Curler Caddie. But im from Russia, its OK?;)

  7. Gwen Higgins
    / 1:31 PM

    I recently moved and have been meaning to organize my bathroom, so this post is perfect! I would love to have the Pink Blush Curler Caddie…it seems so convenient and definitely a product I would use!

  8. Erin
    / 4:05 PM

    Love the bathroom! I would want a white kitchen and bathroom!! I agree that TJMaxx has amazing deals on organization bins and such. Sadly don’t have a HomeGoods where I live. We are getting a Burlingtons soon, so excited for that.

    Matt did a great job distressing and spray painting the lamp for the nursery!!

  9. / 4:08 PM

    I’m already a subscriber! I’d love the blue, for my baby boy ?

  10. Lucia
    / 4:09 PM

    Hi!! That is absolutely beautiful!!
    I’ve already signed up for the newsletter and I would love to win the Blush Pink Curler Caddie. Your dress and makeup are also so cute 🙂
    Have a great day!

  11. Meg Staub
    / 4:10 PM

    Such a beautifully decorated & organized bathroom! so simple & cute! I am subscribed & would love a chance to win the giveaway in pink blush!

  12. Zulmara Caraballo
    / 4:12 PM

    Wow, I love how white is your bathroom!!! TJMaxx is the best to find good deals!! I would love to win the Pink Blush

    • Zulmara Caraballo
      / 4:13 PM

      Btw, I signed up for the newsletter!

  13. Whitney Johnson
    / 4:14 PM

    Love your bathroom! I’m subscribed and would love pink blush!

  14. Marina
    / 4:16 PM

    Angela this bathroom is everything! It’s so bright and fresh and I loveee marble. Great organizing tips! I’m already a subscriber, I would lovee the blush pink, it’s super cute! I’ve been literally organizing everything in my house with this baby due next week. I’m nesting like crazy!

  15. Leigh Broome
    / 4:25 PM

    Signed up and would love Spa blue! ??‍♀️

  16. Jordyn
    / 6:03 PM

    Just signed up. Your organization is gorgeous! The spa blue is calling my name!

  17. Lilly
    / 6:33 PM

    Love the bathroom!! The white is so beautiful, and I love the organization. I would love the blush pink!

    • Lilly
      / 6:34 PM

      I am signed up for the newsletter

  18. Holly
    / 6:41 PM

    Your bathroom looks like a dream! I’m already signed up for the newsletter. I’d love the pink one!

  19. Brittany Blackburn
    / 6:45 PM

    I really love your white bathroom, Angela! My mom uses a silverware tray in her bathroom to separate items! I’d love to learn how you clean your hairbrushes! You’re so sweet with your giveaways! I’ve been an email subscriber forever! Blush pink would be my pick!

    • Jenn Pennell
      / 11:30 AM

      Hi Brittany! You’re one of our Curler Caddie winners! Please email us at asst@angelalanter.com so we can get your shipping details. Thanks!!

  20. Jenna
    / 6:49 PM

    Signed up for the newsletter. Blush pink 🙂

  21. / 7:20 PM

    This is absolutely gorgeous Angela! I love your sense or organization. I wish I pocessed that skill! You make want to try to embrace that skill. I also signed up for the newsletter I don’t know why u haven’t before I follow everything else of yours. My curling irons are just in a bunch in my bathroom cabinet so the caddie would be a huge step in the organization category. I’d love the spa blue curler caddie.

  22. Samantha Martin
    / 7:41 PM

    Beautiful!!! I’m signed up & Spa Blue

  23. Holly
    / 7:46 PM

    I’m signed up for your newsletter. I like the blush pink curler caddie! I really enjoy your blog!

    • Jenn Pennell
      / 11:28 AM

      Hi Holly! You’re one of our winners for a Curler Caddie! Please email us at asst@angelalanter.com so we can get your shipping details! Thanks!

  24. Gabrielle Foster
    / 7:47 PM

    Blush pink, gorgeous!

  25. Torie
    / 7:53 PM

    Your bathroom looks beautiful! I’m enjoying listening to Hello Bump! I’m due Jan 6th so it has been fun to go along the journey with you! Pink or blue for the curler caddy, I’m not picky!! But I am having a girl (pink) like you!

  26. Denise Johnson
    / 8:22 PM

    Wonderful! I would love the blue one.

  27. Abby Oberlin
    / 8:28 PM

    Beautiful bathroom!! If chosen, I prefer the pink 🙂

  28. McKenzie Sahlfeld
    / 9:05 PM

    So gorgeous! I hope that whenever I am blessed with a pregnancy that I look half as beautiful as you, Angela! I would love the blush pink. ??

  29. Krista Tran
    / 10:54 PM

    Hello gorgeous mommy to be! I’m subscribed and would love the blush caddie.?

  30. Mel
    / 12:40 AM

    Looks so good!
    signed up and subscribed and the pink is my favourite!

  31. Sarah Casserly
    / 6:23 AM

    Your bathroom organization is goals!!! Just moved into a new apartment and these ideas are so helpful! I’d love a blush pink curler caddy. Such a cute idea!

  32. Erica Bolding
    / 11:16 AM

    Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! I recently signed up for your newsletter and also follow you on Insta and YouTube. I started off as a fan of your husband, I love the show timeless. Being his fan I wanted to see who we was married to (fan girl) and quickly became a fan of yours as well. You two make the most darling couple. Cannot wait to see your sweet baby girl. I would love to win the blush pink caddy!!

  33. Allison
    / 11:25 AM

    I am all signed up 🙂 Love following your pregnancy journey – I am 26 weeks!

  34. Grace
    / 6:21 PM

    Your bathroom is beautiful! I loved seeing how you organized your bathroom. So many great ideas!!
    I’d like the blush pink curler caddie and I’m signed up for the newsletter!

  35. Brooke
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    I signed up, and I would love the spa blue! Love your blog, and your Instagram stories!

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    I just recently started following your youtube channel and I love it! Just signed up and would love the blush pink curler caddie!

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    / 7:26 AM

    thank you! spa blue 🙂

  38. / 7:50 AM

    I’ve been signed up!! xoxo I love your bathroom it’s fabulous!!! I totally need one of these curling iron caddy’s and I’m putting it on my xmas list haha. Please Please do a post on cleaning brushes, I clean the hair out of mine, but looking at my wet brush this morning, I was like yuck. I either need a new one, or figure out a way to clean it!!

  39. Michelle Peterson
    / 4:19 PM

    I have been subscribed for a while. Love your organization system. I would like blush pink please! ?

  40. Valarie Barnes
    / 7:57 PM

    I have been a follower for a few years now & love everything about you! I feel like if we knew each other in “real life” we’d be great friends! ? (not trying to be a weird stalker or anything lol) Anyway, I can’t wait to see the post when you have your baby girl! I have two! They are 3 and 4! (The first year of my youngest is a blur—a one year old and a newborn ?) but they are my greatest blessings!! Your bathroom is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it all! If I happen to be the winner of the caddy, I would love the blush pink!

  41. Cadie Blaser
    / 9:01 AM

    Hi Angela,

    I’m always looking for new organization tips and love love love your finish choices. I have subscribed to your news letter and would love a spa blue curler! 🙂


  42. Tori Spice
    / 9:37 AM

    I’m signed up and I’d love a pink one! 🙂

    P.S. Your baby bump is so cute! <3

  43. Camille Miller
    / 9:08 PM

    Subscribed! I’d love a pink one. It was so nice meeting you back when you were in New Orleans! I’ve been following your blog ever since and love it!

  44. / 7:53 AM

    Love your post!!
    I would love to share with you some of my secrets for saving money and shopping online!!!
    I use shop.com/racheleden and still shop at all my favorite retailers ?

  45. Lydia
    / 1:50 PM

    Hi! Love this all white bathroom. That is my dream. Love all white for the entire house. 🙂 Where did you find the hand towels? The ones you linked don’t look exactly like the ones pictured. Thanks!

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