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Hello Bump-Date | My Life Lately

Hello Bump-Date | Pregnant Life Lately Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Hello Bump-Date | Pregnant Life Lately Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Hello Bump-Date | Pregnant Life Lately Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Hello Bump-Date | Pregnant Life Lately Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Hello Bump-Date | Pregnant Life Lately Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Hello Bump-Date | Pregnant Life Lately Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous


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Leopard Sleeveless TopForever 21 [$12!]  ||  CardiganForever 21 [$15 and SO comfy!]; similar

Maternity Jeans: Madewell [c/o]  ||  Handbag: Dagne Dover Simone Satchel in “Bone” [c/o]

Shoes: Madewell Gemma Mules [c/o]  ||  EarringsKendra Scott Daria Earrings [c/o]

Today’s post is a hodge podge/hybrid of an outfit post, life update post and podcast review.  Basically, you’re getting a three-for-one today, lol.  We’ve got a whole lotta catching up to do with Hello Bump.  I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted on the blog since Episode 12, probably because I have so much going on in my life lately.  Feel free to skip ahead and scroll to the bottom of this post for the podcast episode guide.

Here’s a quick update of all that’s been going on in my life…

  • We traveled home to Ohio for our first baby shower, then to Georgia and Tennessee.  Now there’s no more travel until Miss Lanter gets here!
  • My kitchen counter stools and master bedroom sofa finally arrived.  It feels so good to have big pieces in place because it’s starting to make our house really come together.
  • Speaking of kitchen stools, I’m now on my third set of stools and we finally got it right this time lol!  I can’t wait to do a full reveal for you guys to see.
  • I finally got our closet completely organized, finished the switch to all velvet hangers and the nursery closet entirely cleaned out.  Now, I’m just waiting for two shelves to be installed in the closet before I do a full reveal for the blog.
  • I packed away all of my non-maternity clothes that I can’t wear until I’m back to my normal size.  This made such a difference in closet space for me.  I also took that time to purge my closet and donate a bunch of clothes.
  • I’ve been an organizing fool lately.  I showed all the acrylic organizing trays I purchased from Homegoods a month or so ago on Insta-Stories and I’m still working on converting all of our drawers over to this system.  I’m finally done with the bathroom drawers, and I found a new solution for the under sink space in the nursery that I’m super excited to share with y’all.  I also showed my kitchen sink organization on Insta-stories this weekend and it made such a difference.
  • Our baby crib and dresser/changing table have arrived and we think we found the prefect rug!  It feels so good to be making all of these big nursery decisions.  We’re working with someone to create the perfect nursery for Little Miss and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see an inspo post for the nursery here on the blog.
  • I reorganized my pantry and labeled my containers.  Let me know if you guys want a pantry post in the comments below also.  I’m ordering new labels for my baskets, so those need to arrive before I share the finished product.
  • In case you missed it, I posted a pregnancy announcement video on YouTube as well as a first trimester must-haves video.

All in all, I’ve been spending as much of my time as possible getting the house in shape before the holidays.  I really want the nursery to be completely done before Christmas.  We also broke out the Christmas decorations for the front room, so I’m working on getting the mantel fully decorated.  I’m also running around today to get everything I need for my Thanksgiving tablescape.  My current centerpiece is lacking life, so I’m heading to the craft store to pick up some greenery.  I’m looking for the perfect buffet for our dining room and I feel like I’ve exhausted all my options.  If you have a furniture store suggestion that I probably don’t know about, please let me know in the comments.  I’m not 100% in love with anything I’ve found so far.

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1300 867 Angela Lanter
  • The word “kaka” that you used in a few podcasts ago is actually an arabic word that means poop haha! My family is from Egypt and when I heard you use that word I smiled to myself – I love your podcast I wait every week to listen to it on my way to school. I love when y’all bring on your friends I get a good laugh and it gives me chills when I see how God individually worked in their lives.
    I’d love to see a pantry and nursery post!

  • Would love to see a pantry and nursery post! I love the cardigan you are wearing. Recently bought a burgandy one from Old Navy and love it. I have been debating if I want any other colors besides black and gray. Thought about white but afraid it will get dirty easily.

    You should do a post on deciding how to purge old clothes, and organizing your closet. Maybe you already did and I forgot.

    Your baby shower pics are adorable! I loved my baby showers and meant so much that my family and friends took the time to make a beautiful shower for me and my son. Seeing all the cute outfits, toys and gear that you need as a parent was so fun.

    Cant wait to see your Christmas decor in a post or insta stories! Best wishes to you and Matt ? ?

  • Britten Harmon

    So I was already a fan of your YouTube channel but now I am LOVING the podcast and I’ve almost caught up to the latest episode. I have 3 kids of my own – 18, 16, and 11. It’s fun to remember my pregnancies as I listen to you guys go through this for the first time. I find myself laughing in my car at the banter between the two of you and I wish I could comment on each video. The two of you are so cute together. Something I discovered recently is the YouTube channel #IMomSoHard. I wouldn’t recommend it for you yet, but once Baby Lanter is a toddler, you will be able to relate to these women SO MUCH! There are many episodes I have cried tears of laughter because these women tell it like it is, just like you!! SO SO FUNNY! But who knows – you might want to check them out now just for the comic relief. (And I know we share a similar sense of humor because Golden Girls is one of MY FAVORITES EVER too!) Believe me, these women on #IMomSoHard will make you feel like you are not alone when life gets super crazy with kids, my friend!

    Another thing I wanted to tell you guys is that I am really hoping you continue this podcast once Baby Lanter is here because that’s going to be the thing we’ve all been waiting for! Now that we have heard what the pregnancy has been like for the both of you, we want to hear what parent life is like for you too! You might not be able to do it every week because you will be tired but maybe once or twice a month? Anyway, I hope the birth isn’t the end! We love you guys!

    p.s. You guys are going to think I am a super nerd but sometimes as I am listening to the podcast, my Star Wars geek comes out and I like to imagine that this is what it would have been like for Anakin and Padme during her pregnancy had Anakin not turned to the darkside. *sniff*

    • p.s. You guys are going to think I am a super nerd but sometimes as I am listening to the podcast, my Star Wars geek comes out and I like to imagine that this is what it would have been like for Anakin and Padme during her pregnancy had Anakin not turned to the darkside. *sniff*

      You and me both. 🙂

  • Brittany Blackburn

    You’ve been busy! I love being busy! I’m 10 Hello Bumps behind, I’m sorry to say but I will catch up! I’d love nursery and pantry posts!

  • Michelle Johnson

    Love your update! I would like to see everything that you suggested! We are going to start “trying” next year after we get married so anything you have to offer I would love to see. Plus I just love seeing other people’s homes and how they organize and decorate everything! lol

  • You look adorable bumpin around! I hope I look this good if I’d ever fall pregnant.
    Love, May

  • Laura McGriff

    Park Hill is a great company and I think perfectly your style!

  • I am now catching up on your podcasts. And don’t worry about the negative comments. You are both doing great and you know your beliefs and where you stand and that is what matters. I could tell from your blogs and podcasts that why you took the test was never about making a decision like that. I do ASL and work with and have worked with those with Down Syndrome and they are the most loving people ever. It warmed my heart that you had discussed adopting a child with DS. So sweet of you both.

    Now back to catching up.

  • Ashleigh Duncan

    Hello Angela & Matt! Im a little behind on listening to your bump podcast, currently listening to episode 17! I’m not pregnant nor have I ever been pregnant but I wanted to comment on your mention of sushi! I am a military wife from Arkansas and we are currently living in Japan and I must say their sushi is AH-mazing! I have always heard that you shouldn’t eat it when pregnant, yada-yada, however their diet is most def fish based and most of it is super raw! My thoughts are on this matter is that perhaps in America with it being shipped from other places it has a higher risk of getting exposed to nasty bacteria and here in Japan its extremely fresh! There is a restaurant here where you can fish for your own food and they will prepare it for you, cooked or sushi style! Pretty awesome! Anyway, that could be why your doctor doesn’t “highly” recommend it, but I bet you could come visit over here and it would be a lot safer to eat! 😉

    Keep up the amazing podcasts! <3

  • I am thinking about ordering the velvet hangers but I wanted to check and see if you are still loving them. Do the leave bumps in the shoulders at all? Especially thinner material like modal?

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