11 Body Changes During Pregnancy | Girl Talk Tuesday

11 Body Changes During Pregnancy | Girl Talk Tuesday

Body Changes During Pregnancy | Girl Talk Tuesday angela lanter hello gorgeous

Body Changes During Pregnancy | Girl Talk Tuesday angela lanter hello gorgeous

Body Changes During Pregnancy | Girl Talk Tuesday angela lanter hello gorgeous

11 Body Changes During Pregnancy | Girl Talk Tuesday angela lanter hello gorgeous

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As women, we see bodily changes our whole lives.  We see our first major change during being puberty and then the opposite at menopause…  But what about pregnancy?  Obviously we grow this tiny human inside of us, but what about all of the other crazy bodily changes we experience during that time?

Leave it to Miss tell-it-like-it-really-is over here to shed some light on the subject.  If you’ve been listening to our podcast, Hello Bump, then you already know way too much about my body.  You probably feel like we’re close, personal friends because of all you know about me at this point, lol!

I’ve really missed my Girl Talk Tuesday series and have been wanting to pick it back up for a while.  I hopped on Instagram Stories today and asked if I should bring GTT back and 90% of you were a yes…  So, here we go!  I thought today’s topic would be a great way to fire it up again.  Whether you already have babies, are currently expecting or want to have one someday, this post will have something that you can probably relate to.

The Truth About Your Body Changes During Pregnancy:

  1. Skin stretches, big time.  Us girls are basically Stretch Armstrong.  It’s amazing what our bodies can do.  Our skin stretches beyond anything you think possible and it really doesn’t get enough credit for the hard work it’s doing.  Knock on wood, I haven’t seen any stretch marks yet, but I’m super diligent about using my in-shower body lotion.  I’m also pretty good about applying Bio-Oil or Honest Belly Balm daily.  If I get a few stretch marks, it’s (obviously) not the end of the world or anything, but I am trying to prevent it.  See more of my pregnancy favorites in this video.
  2. Boobs drastically change.  I expected my breasts to get larger and more tender, but it’s so much more than that.  Listen, I’m not complaining about a larger cup size, lol!  What I didn’t realize is how vein-y and heavy they would become.  I have more veins in my breasts than I ever knew possible.  They’re so heavy that they just lay on my stomach.  The biggest problem is bras are just so uncomfortable right now.  Leave a comment below if you want me to do an updated undies and bra post for pregnancy.
  3. Nipples change too.  Your nipples get larger and darker whether you like it or not.  I’ve read it’s to allow your newborn to easily find your nipple to nurse, since their vision isn’t clear after birth.  I think it’s incredible how God took care of little details like your nipple color to help with nursing.
  4. Leg cramps.  “Cramps” doesn’t seem like a big enough word to describe the pain those stupid Charlie Horses cause.  I’ve had leg cramps once a week for multiple weeks in a row and they always wake me up at 5:30am.  The things I’ve found that help prevent the cramps (and they’re also not as bad lately) are doing calf stretches right before bed and taking Natural Calm with Calcium.  My dr. was the one to suggest magnesium and calcium at bedtime and it seems to be helping.  The nights that I get the cramps, I find that I’ve usually forgotten to do one of my two bedtime rituals.
  5. Pimples.  I’ve heard about “the glow” forever…  I personally don’t feel like I have a glow at all.  Instead, I have zits all over my chin.  My esthetician says that my pimples are under the skin and hormonal, so not much we can do for them without opening up my skin.
  6. Body acne.  I’ve been lucky to not have a back acne flare-up with pregnancy like I’ve read about.  But the weirdest thing I’ve noticed is that I have pimples for the first time ever under my breasts.  I’m sure it has everything to do with their weight, but it wasn’t something I ever expected to experience.
  7. Pelvic and leg pain.  I constantly have inner thigh pain.  I’ve been told it’s because I’m carrying all of my weight in my belly and it’s putting extra pressure on my legs, especially my thighs.  My chiropractor also said my belly is causing me to take shorter strides, which is also causing the pain.
  8. Back aches.  This is because of the extra weight plus the fact that you should sleep in only one position: on your left side.  In my case, it’s not just low back pain, it’s different areas of my back at different times.
  9. Discharge.  TMI?  Of course it’s TMI.  The truth is, discharge is a big part of pregnancy that no one warned me about.  In my case, I have a lot more than pre-pregnancy, and based on what I’ve read, that’s the general consensus.
  10. Swelling.  I started noticing swelling in my feet around the 24 week mark.  It’s not enough swelling that anyone other than me or Matt would notice.  It only happens after a long day of standing, but I think it’s my body’s way of telling me to take breaks more often.  I also noticed that I only get swelling in one foot at a time and it usually happens after a leg cramp episode.
  11. Hair.  I’ve always heard that you don’t shed your hair like normal while pregnant.  This hasn’t been the case for me whatsoever.  My shedding has stayed the same and I haven’t noticed a difference.  Nioxin has helped keep the thinning areas around my face fuller and my breakage/flyaways tamed, but overall, the shedding is the same.
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  • Yupp, i can relate to almost all of these lol I don’t have any leg cramps but the restless legs at night is the worst. I’ve grown up with restless leg syndrome. This pregnancy has made it unbearable at night. I started taking magnesium every night before bed and it’s working great. Now if I could just get my bladder under control and not get up 3 times to pee, I might actually get a full nights sleep lol and the boob veins. So true. This is my 3rd and with the other 2, I had a giant one in the same place both times. My husbands first thought when I got pregnant…oh man here comes the boob vein lol oh the joys of body changes.

  • You are just so beautiful pregnant and I’m so excited for you!! I got a lot of Siatica nerve problems during my pregnancies, which was prob due to the back pressure I had. I ate so many weird things that I still love now too haha. It’s so funny how so many women aren’t in the know about all of these changes, I definitely wasn’t and didn’t really notice them as much until the second time around. I love this post for all the mommies and women who want to be mommies out there! xo, Nikki

  • Yep, the changes of your body while pregnant and soon you’ll see the changes postpartum. My hair didn’t shed until postpartum and wow did it shed! Another thing you’ll notice is your feet grow, which is very odd but common.

  • Sleep in whatever position gives you the best rest! The not being on your back/right side/etc thing is not that important. 🙂

  • Amber Zwart

    Magnesium does help with the cramps! I had a lot of swelling of my feet at the end of my pregnancy. All I could wear were uggs about a size bigger than normal. My wedding ring didnt fit anymore and stretch marks were a minimum due to bio oil, but the last month it didnt matter anymore!!! Suddenly had them all over!! I was also “leaking breast milk” from the 7 month!!! Totally weird how nature has everything on auto pilot Haha

  • Thanks for sharing!
    Your face looks like you have that ‘glow’ I can’t spot a single pimple on your chin.
    Love, May

  • Risha Bates

    Yes! to all of those things, and yet I did it x4! The pelvic/thigh/back pain though??… oh man. My pelvic ligaments loosened earlier and earlier with each pregnancy causing a lot of shifting in my sacroiliac joint and symphysis pubis (the joint at the front of the pelvic bone) which made it painful for me to sit for long periods of time and lift my legs (stairs were out of the question). I totally had the pregnancy waddle going on because that was the only way I could move my legs to walk at all!

    I totally stopped shedding hair during pregnancy. And then usually when I was about 2-3 months postpartum, my hair would make up for lost time and clumps would just fall out every time I showered. The worst was that since I was BFing, this “hair falling out hormone” must have been in my milk, so each one of my babies would lose all their cute, soft baby hair during that time, too!

    Ah, the miracle of life! And yet, it truly is a miracle, and God is so good in the way that he uses our bodies to grow and nourish a new little life. So exciting to keep following with you on this journey as the end is drawing closer! It won’t be long now!

  • Jenilee Brazauskas

    Get ready for the hair shedding after she is born! I still have spots that are slightly bald when I look at my scalp it’s insane! I’d empty my brush twice a week and my bathroom floor looked like I could make a wig. For about a year it was awful!

  • Love how you keep it real. I’m a huge proponent of calmag for leg cramps. I swear by Shaklee Calmag. Be ready for the strange way your belly looks post baby. It was startling to me but does firm up…praise Him! You look gorgeous!!

  • Oh those leg cramps are the worst! I had them pretty consistently with my first pregnancy but I have been fortunate enough to not have to deal with them this time around. I actually have been taking magnesium this entire pregnancy so maybe that is the key!

  • I would love an update on the bra situation. I am a few months behind. Thanks for all that you do!!

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Looking forward to having all these changes myself one day! ? Yes to an updated bra & undies post! You should check out Lane Bryant for bras if you haven’t! They’re a little expensive but very comfortable and support so well!

  • Thats quite the list! But you look amazing and to the outsider looking in I never would have guessed you had all that goin on ;D

  • Jessica | PetiteStyleScript

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ll pass it along to my friends who just announced they are expecting!

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