My Favorite Bras & Bralettes

My Favorite Bras & Bralettes

Favorite Bras & Bralettes angela lanter hello gorgeous

My “Reasons to Love Having Small Breasts” blog post was easily one of my most popular posts.  If you missed that post, read it here.  Many of you requested that I put together a list of my favorite bras and bralettes for you to check out, so that’s what today’s post is all about.  Let’s get started!

Everyday Bras:

An everyday bra would be one that has normal straps (not strapless or convertible) and can be worn with regular tops and tee shirts.  I typically always shop for these at Victoria’s Secret because I know exactly what size I wear and which styles I love.  I have worn this bra for years and really love it because it’s so comfortable.  It has begun to stretch out from wear, but I’d have to guess it’s about two years old, so that’s pretty normal.  I picked up this bra earlier this spring and love the fit and comfort even more.  It doesn’t have any gapping issues, which is very important to me.

Size Info:  I wear a 34B or 32C in these bras.

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Favorite Bralettes:

I recently starting really wearing bralettes and I haven’t looked back.  I prefer this lace bralette from Anine Bing because the eyelash lace is so pretty and feminine plus it peaks out a bit when you wear a low cut top.  SAVE: Here’s an almost identical eyelash lace bralette at a lower price point that comes in multiple colors.

I also love bralettes with detailed backs for open back tops.

Sizing Info:  I wear an XS in my lace bralettes.


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Favorite Strapless & Stick-Ons:

My favorite strapless/convertible bra is from Victoria’s Secret, but this one from Nordstrom looks like an exact dupe.  I prefer nude for strapless bras because it’s so close to your skin tone that you can’t see it underneath, whereas white can stand out under a white top.

As for backless options, stick-on bras are the best.  I typically pick mine up at Target for $25 in this style.  I just purchased these nipple petals for tops that are low cut, since the stick-on bras attach in the center.

Shop Strapless & Stick-Ons:

Shop Favorite Sports Bras:

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  • I have the same strapless bra and absolutely love it!
    Where do you usually buy your underwear? And what styles do you like most?


    • Angela Lanter

      I usually only buy my undies from Victoria’s Secret. My favorite comfy panty is the Body by Victoria seamless panty, but I only see the thong online. If they discontinued those, I’ll cry! I love them because they don’t ride up at all.
      I also love these because they’re so comfy:
      I rarely wear thongs or fanny floss as I like to call them (I hate having baboon butt!) but when I do, I love these because you can’t feel them:
      I’ve bought a couple pairs from Urban Outfitters recently and really liked them at first, but they wear out super quick so I wouldn’t recommend them because they’re the same price as VS.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • I’m thinking of trying that backless bra from target. I have a lot of summer tops that have an open back and sometimes I don’t want to wear a bralette. Does it give your nice cleavage?

    • Angela Lanter

      You should definitely give it a try! It give awesome cleavage because you control the center clip!

  • Thanks for your post on being small chested and this bras post. I love Target’s bras, where get mine at. I have seen the pasties and nude backless bras but never tried them. So now curious to. I love sports bras when working out. Wear them underneath tank tops. I love Old Navy’s sports bras. They are comfy and stylish, well ones I got. Plus got them on sale for $7.00 while back. I have never tried bralettes but think I want to try them as well. Sometimes the underwire is annoying on bras. I love your blog posts and cant wait to see what videos and posts you do next. Thank you being so real and awesome. Love how your taste in fashion, beauty, etc is fairly reasonable in price. Since not everyone can afford high end.

    • Angela Lanter

      Target is the best, isn’t it?
      I haven’t tried Old Navy bras before. I love to snatch up my sports bras from Victoria’s Secret during a great sale. 🙂
      I hear ya on the underwire. My Mawmaw would never buy a bra if it had underwire in it.

  • I love those everyday bras!

  • Something that I don’t see enough posts is wearing the right and comfy bra when you sleep. It would help reducing putting pressure on the breast, especially for belly sleepers.

  • Stephany

    What is the VS everyday bra you posted? The web site says the page is unavailable. Would you mind sharing the style name? Ps love your blog!

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi Stephany! Here is the link to the VC bra:

      This bra from Nordstrom is an exact dupe:


      • Have you worn the bra from Nordstrom at all? The reviews say that the cup size runs small and I was wondering if that was your experience as well.

        • Angela Lanter

          I haven’t worn this particular bra, but I wear the Victoria’s Secret bra basically every day of my life. 🙂

  • I just discovered this new brand! In europe but the shipping time was worth the wait.

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