Barefoot Dreams Dupes

Barefoot Dreams Dupes

I have yet to meet someone who’s not a fan of Barefoot Dreams.  Now a fan of the Barefoot Dreams price tag?  Not so many of those, lol.  Since I love their stuff so much, I’m always on the hunt for great Barefoot Dreams dupes, and thought this would make an awesome blog post for y’all.

Today, I received my latest Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe in the mail and it’s maybe my favorite one yet.  This $25 blanket is so good, I want one for every room of my house.

I’ve since purchased more for gifts because who doesn’t love the gift of the softest blanket ever?



I bought both of these throw blankets to test out.  The $25 option from Target is probably the best solid color dupe throw blanket I’ve seen to date. Target Barefoot Dreams dupes tend to be my favorites.

The $24 dupe from Amazon is really good too, but is made from a thinner material.  It did have a bit of a smell when it arrived, but once washed it was totally fine.  This turned out to be my toddler’s new favorite blanket that she sleeps with every night.

These are both dupes for the CozyChic Throw Blanket which sells for $147 at Nordstrom.  The only difference is that the dupes measure 50″ x 60″ whereas the CozyChic measures 54″ x 72″.



My first dupe blanket was this animal print blanket from The Styled Collection.  I know have it in several colors and sleep with it every single night.  This seriously makes the best gift ever!



One of my favorite things ever is my CozyChic animal print robe that Matt bought me for Christmas last year.  It’s a super pricey robe, so I totally get wanting a dupe for it.

I found this robe at Target last week and it’s the best Barefoot Dreams dupes robe that I have found to date.  I love that it’s under $40.  This would make an excellent Christmas gift!

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1537 1920 Angela Lanter
  • I think I’ve seen this blanket at Target and it truly felt like heaven! I love blankets, well really comfortable blankets that even after a few washes still feel amazing!

  • Julie McCarter

    Love this!!! We can never have enough cozy blankets. I cannot believe the Amazing price for this blanket. Such a great deal!! **adds to cart** I just placed a Target order last night.. now I need to place another, lol! Time to get the Holiday shopping done early! Blankets make the greatest go to gift for anyone, love it!!!

  • Who doesn’t love to be cozy especially on a cool fall or winter day??!?? I know I do! I love blankets

  • I love that you find these affordable items and share with us. Thanks ? so much for all you do.

  • I havrnt read one of your blog posts in a longtime. I love your blog posts. They are my favourite. Could you add your blog post link on stories when you write new ones? Its much easier.

    How is it all going in Ohio?

    Many thanks

  • Merriann L hiett

    These are great dupes but Vera Bradley makes some great dupes as well. I love their blankets , throws and Robes.

  • Jessica Armstrong

    This looks amazing!! Wish we had a target ?

  • I have to go and get some of these blankets. These would be a good Christmas gift for the family.

  • Heather_Silver22

    The styled collection dupe blankets are my FAVORITE! I am ordering another one this year, they are so cozy ?

  • I’m going to have to check Target out for this blanket. My niece just had a baby girl and I want to get her a blanket that is soft. I just don’t want to buy an expensive blanket right now that she will just spit up on every day.

  • Can you tell me about the sweater you have on in your photo?!

  • Is this a barefoot sweater in photo?

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