how to arrange grocery store flowers

how to arrange grocery store flowers

how to arrange grocery store flowers


I picked up quote a few new skills and hobbies during the Covid quarantine.  One of my favorite new past times is creating my own flower arrangements.

Chances are, your local grocery store is stocked full of beautiful options for floral bouquets.  My personal favorite place to buy both flowers and greenery is Trader Joe’s.  Their prices can’t be beat.  I picked up a dozen roses for $6.99 and 20 tulips for $9.99 just last week at my local TJ’s.

Here’s a quick video showing how I arranged my Trader Joe’s finds.


Other stores that have beautiful flower options are:

The Fresh Market



Giant Eagle

and please, please, please don’t forget to shop small.  Your local floral shops, general stores and health food stores often have gorgeous options to choose from!

The below arrangement I created using a $10 bouquet of 100 mini roses (yep, I said 100 for $10!!) that I snagged at The Fresh Market.


frequently asked questions


Where did you get your vase?  My vase was from a local florist.  This vase and this vase both appear to be almost identical and I may just order one myself because my favorite white square vase has seen better days.

What is the grid in your vase?  I made the grid myself and it’s simple…  Just use clear floral tape and create a grid.  The grid helps to keep your flowers separated and in place in your arrangement.  This simple step makes a world of difference!  There’s a quick video tutorial on how I make these floral tape grids in this blog post.

Is there a cage in your vase?  No, you’re not seeing things and yes, there is a cage inside of the vase.  It’s just a piece of chicken wire that’s shaped into a ball and placed inside the vase.  This is yet one more way to ensure that your flowers and greenery are anchored into your arrangement and won’t move around.  There are devices that you can buy to put inside your vases but I find that the easiest and cheapest way is just using a small piece of wire.

How do you get your flowers to live longer?  I have a few tricks up my sleeve that really work…

  1. Trimming your roses under running warm to cool water makes them happiest.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard and it seems to be accurate as far as I can tell.
  2. Be sure to use the flower food that comes with your florals.  I use one package per arrangement.  I like to pour out the powder on a small dish then dip my freshly cut floral tips into the powder before putting them into the water.  I then pour the leftover powder directly into the water, being sure not to waste any.
  3. Trim all stems at an angle.
  4. Remove all leaves and petals below water.  Anything besides stems below the water will only cause bacteria which will make your flowers die faster and make your water STANK.
  5. Add new water daily.  Flowers are thirsty, so be sure that you are keeping the water full in your vase.
  6. If your flowers start to droop, trim the stems above any mushy sections and change the water.  Add new flower food.
  7. This is my true secret weapon: I add my favorite household cleaner, Force of Nature, to my flower water.  I just pour in a small amount and I swear it’s my magic potion.



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