Benefits of Eye Masks

Benefits of Eye Masks

I wear under-eye masks almost every day. Here are some of the benefits of eye masks and why you should add them to your regular skincare routine.


Benefits of Eye Masks


I try to wear some sort of face mask every day.  When I am up on my daily masks, my skin looks it’s best.  When I’m not able to, I like to wear an eye mask at the very least.

I get more DMs about my mask-scapades than pretty much everything else combined.  Except Jeeps.  Those DMs are in a category all on their own, lol.

I wanted to break it down to my top three eye gel pads that I think make the biggest difference and I kept them to the more reasonably priced products.  I do love me some PTR masks, but $75 a jar is a lot more than most people want to spend.


for brightening…


The Pixi BeautifEYE hydrogel patches wake up and brighten my under eyes so well.



I actually brought these on vacation with me and wore them this morning.  You get 30 pairs for only $24 and FREE shipping when you spend $25.



for puffiness…


I have been using these collagen pads for several months now and absolutely love them. 



I don’t feel that they brighten so much as they so hydrate, smooth depuff and plump fine lines.  They are absolutely wonderful for hydrating tired, dry skin around your eyes.



They are miracle workers at only $0.06-$0.08 per wear.  You will be hard pressed to find this quality of under eye patches for this price point.



If you are looking for added hydration in your smile lines (crow’s feet) or under your eyes, I really think you should give these collagen eye masks a try.



I love applying them every morning and then applying a sheet mask on top.  Talk about all the extra hydration!




for puffiness + dark circles…


The Patchology eye gels are another fave for me.  They make many different types, but I’m partial to the Perk Up eye gels. 



They are infused with green tea and give your under eyes a little jolt, helping tired eyes to wake up real quick.



how to properly use


Eye gels are most effective when you do a couple of things…

  • Use them on clean skin
  • Do not wash off the serum after use.  Instead, tap the remaining product into your skin for added hydration.
  • Apply in the morning before makeup.
  • Use daily.
  • Store in fridge to keep cool, will help depuff even more!


Like everything else in life, consistency is key.  I believe using gels every day will keep that delicate area on your face happy and hydrated.  I file these babies under beauty hack, because the happier your under eyes are, the more awake you’ll look, the younger you’ll look and the less concealer you’ll need.  WIN WIN WIN.??


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1080 1200 Angela Lanter
  • Ooooh that’s a good tip! I have it stored in my bathroom… need to put it in my fridge

  • I definitely need to try these out! Are they okay for super sensitive skin?

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Great ones to try!

  • Mindy Diegel

    I will have to try these.

  • Thanks for sharing I have never tried any of these so can’t wait to give them a try
    Shy –

  • I’ve never used eye pads but I wanna look into them to try out cause they look very refreshing

    • Angela Lanter

      It makes such a big change in your under eye skin!

  • Christina Snyder

    Thanks for the recommendations, I never know what brands to trust!

  • Erin Core

    I have never tried eye gel masks but I am curious about these products. Maybe one day I will buy an eye mask one day.

  • Gemma Louise

    I LOVE keeping my masks in the fridge. Feels so much nicer when you put them on!

  • I just bought patchology from Nordstrom on sale. I wanted to try them out. I also use the jade roller that I keep in my refrigerator. I also have sensitive skin so that is why I started with a roller. Wish me luck that it takes away puffy under eyes and not cause hives and more puffiness.

  • Great review! You are always saving me. Knew in the long run!

    • What? Should have checked that first. I meant to say “you are always saving me money in the long run.”?

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