GG Summer Playlist

GG Summer Playlist

Music is a summer staple.  At least, it’s always been for me.  I can hear a song and be taken back to the summer memories that surround it so fast!

This weekend, I asked my GGs what they’re top summer songs were and y’all delivered.  I compiled a GG Summer Playlist on Spotify for everyone to listen to.  There were a bunch of repeat suggestions and once the list hit 150, I decided that was enough.

I’ve already started listening to it and I love how it’s a great mix of different genres from all different time periods.

Click the list below to listen to the Official GG Summer Playlist!


2000 2000 Angela Lanter
  • Jennifer Alexander

    I haven’t heard of half of these songs! I’m so excited to listen to them.

  • Mindy Diegel

    Ooo excited to listen to these songs!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Hope you like it!!

      • Holly Blakeburn

        This playlist is so good! I was listening and dancing to it while making my own kids lunch today!

  • Shayna Staggs

    Thank you for the playlist! So many awesome songs everyone picked out❤

  • So many amazing songs to choose from! Thanks for making the playlist!! ??

  • Veronika M

    Thank you again Angela! You go above and beyond with your community. So happy to be part of it.

    I am so thrilled you did include Dimash. He is the best vocalist born in the very long time and kindest soul. But due to his origins, he is not very known or popular in the US (yet). The song included is the only summer themed on Spotify. But he has large variety of songs showing his range.

  • Tracy Meldrum

    This is a great idea angela! I liked your playlist and can’t wait to listen to it at work tomorrow ?

  • I love this playlist, my new favorite!
    Thank you so much, Angela.

  • Catherine M. Shively

    Can’t wait to see what my fellow GG’s came up with!!!
    Good for walks and yard work listening.

  • Brittany Boisseau

    I can’t wait to listen!!!! ❤️

  • Christina Snyder

    I will 100% be using this for my new workout mix. Thank you!!!

  • I’ve listened to a little bit and it’s great so far!

  • Gemma Louise

    This is great! My husband and I do ‘disco nights’ for at hom date nights every once in a while. We take turns choosing a song to play and just dance and sing madly round the house ? We’ll be able to use this list for song suggestions!

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