Testing AT HOME DIY Lash Extensions

After this quarantine is all said and done, a ton of of girls will emerge with crazy roots, badly manicured nails and toes, and unibrows.  Hopefully, I’ll give you some ideas for keeping up on your beauty routines at home.

First up, lashes.  I love lash extensions, but I can’t wear them due to allergies.  I’m happy to report that this product did not cause any allergy issues for me!

In case you were unaware of how desperately I want the look of lash extensions without the allergies, I wrote this post about how I fake them.  I also have sang the praises many times about my favorite magnetic lashes.  Check out this post.

When I heard about Flutterhabit, I immediately reached out to them.  I had to see for myself how you could possibly apply lash extensions at home.  Turns out, they don’t have the lifespan of true lash extensions, but in a pinch, they definitely get the job done.  And did I mention that they are literally a fraction of the price of lash extensions?  At less than $11 a pair, you can’t beat the value for the price.

Watch my video to see how to apply them at home:



Would you try lash extensions at home?  Once you get the hang of application, they go on quickly and smoothly.



  1. debbie fligor
    / 9:52 AM

    what eyelash curler do you love

  2. Tracy Meldrum
    / 6:52 PM

    They look awesome. How long did they stay on for?

    • / 7:47 PM

      This first attempt stayed on for two days. Now that I know how to apply and take care of them, I think I would realistically get about 4 days of wear. The cool thing is that the pieces are reusable!

      • Rachel
        / 12:01 PM

        when you reuse them, do you wash them between uses? how do you wash them and do they maintain the curl?

        • Angela Lanter
          / 2:08 PM

          I don’t wash them. They don’t last long enough for me to do that.

  3. Anoushka
    / 4:21 PM

    Now that some time has passed, how do you feel about Flutterhabit as opposed to your go-to magnetic lashes? I’m also curious what you think of the One Two Cosmetics magnetic lashes.

    • / 6:08 PM

      I prefer my magnetic lashes at this time. To be fair, I haven’t tested the Flutter Habit lashes thoroughly.

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