How to Apply Magnetic Lashes for Beginners

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes for Beginners

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes for Beginners (1)

Confession time: I don’t recognize myself without lashes.

Let that sink in.  That means that I am now used to wearing false lashes everyday.  How and why would I ever do that?  It’s simple…  Magnets.  No, I’m for real here.  All that hype you’ve bee hearing about magnetic lashes?  Yeah, it turns out it’s true.  With one exception: the lashes need to be accents.

Okay, am I speaking Greek?  If so, let’s have a quick Lash 101 class.  Full strip eyelashes are just what they sound like, they are a full strip of lashes that span the entire length of your eye.  Accent eyelashes are a section of lashes (usually half the eye length) that do what they say they do, they accent.  And lastly, there are individual eyelashes, which are stunning, but ain’t nobody got time to do those babies on a regular basis.  I wore an entire pack of individuals on each eye on my wedding day.

If you recall, I filmed this video a while back about my first ever experience with magnetic lashes.  I crashed and burned, then cursed magnetic lashes for all eternity.  But then I started seeing these Ardell accent lashes and got to wondering if maybe, just maybe, I should give them another try?  Another try I did, and I fell in love.

Now, even my husband is used to seeing me with them on.  They immediately elevate any makeup look and make me fly, like I just got a fresh spray tan.💁🏼‍♀️

My cousin, Jen, is a lash virgin.  She’s never attempted to apply false lashes of any type, so she was the perfect guinea pig for my experiment.  In the video below, I’m showing this lash virgin how👏🏼it’s👏🏼done👏🏼. #YASSSGIRL



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