Apple Watch vs Fitbit

Apple Watch vs Fitbit

This week’s Girl Talk Tuesday is a little different.  Something that we’ve been seeing a lot in DMs lately is questions about my Fitbit.  A lot of you want to know what I think about the Apple Watch vs. Fitbit and which model Fitbit I have.  So I thought this would be a fun topic to chat about.


GTT: Apple Watch vs Fitbit


Since we can’t go to the gym and we’re spending a lot more time at home lately, I think a lot of us will start to notice unhealthier habits and weight gain if we’re not careful.  I have already gained 6 lbs myself since quarantine started.  Yikes.  My tracker is something that makes me aware of how much I’m not moving and makes me want to do better.


apple watch


I was a die hard for Apple Watches when I first bought mine.  I was blown away with all the cool stats.  Sep trackers weren’t new to me, but I loved seeing my steps on my watch and my phone.  You know all of the pros about Apple products, they’re just darn cool.  What I’m most interested in sharing is the cons…

The sleep stats just aren’t there.

I experienced numbness.  Yes, you’re reading that right.  My left arm and hand experienced numbness and tingling every time I wore the watch.  It didn’t happen at first.  But when it did start to happen, I was super freaked out.  Once I figured out it was the Apple watch, it was an easy fix…  I just stopped wearing it.  This issue may be distinct to me, but regardless, I thought I should share.

It’s dang expensive.  As are all Apple products.

The watch face is bulky.  It’s not as slim and sleek as I would like it to be.

You have to be careful with it.  If you don’t watch yourself, you’ll end up calling 911 by accident.  I was carrying shopping bags and accidentally called 911.  I didn’t realize it until I heard the 911 operator on my watching saying, “Hello. Helloooo. What’s your emergency??”




I have a Fitbit Charge 3 and I love it.  I love it so much that Matt gave up his beloved Apple Watch and switched over to a Charge 3 with me (he also wears a Whoop on his other arm).  Both my mom and my mother-in-law have Fitbits now too.  Let’s compare pros and cons with the Apple Watch…

The sleep stats are awesome.  I’m not here to debate how accurate the sleep stats are.  What I can say is that they feel very accurate to me most days.  There are off days, but for the most part, I think they’re right on.  I love seeing how much deep sleep and REM I’m getting.

It’s lightweight.  I like how small the watch face is.  The Apple watch has that big square face that I just don’t love.

The pricetag.  The Fitbit is way more budget friendly than the Apple watch.  The price is literally hundreds less!  It hurts a whole lot less replacing a Fitbit than it does an Apple watch.

I’ve never experienced any bad side effects.  I have yet to experience any numbness or tingling in my arm from the Fitbit.

As for my Fitbit band, I use a magnetic metal band from Amazon.  I like that it makes it look more like a regular watch than a tracker.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll fill in any other questions you may have!


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  • Krista Timm

    i have a fitbit versa 2 switching from the fitbit alta which I loved. I’m really love all of there products and anytime I had any issue with them they were so helpful.

  • Lori Leung

    I have owned fitbits for years and love them. I love that it keeps track of my sleep and steps, plus I receive texts and tells me when a call is coming through on my I-phone.

    • Angela Lanter

      They are the best!

      • Megan Brewer

        I love my Fitbit Charge 3. I’ve have a Fitbit for over 5 years, I started with the non-watch style but then realized that I actually wanted a watch and got the Fitbit Alta, then when I hit my 30s and became more interested in the amount of time spent in fat burn and my heart rate got the Alta HR. I upgraded to the Fitbit Charge 3 in December and love it. It’s fun to see how many flights of stairs I get a day. My sister-in-law, sister, mother, and mother-in-law both have Fitbits and we’re trying to get my husband to switch from his Samsung smartwatch to the Fitbit. I think it is interesting to see the amount of steps I get a day.

  • I got my fit bit last year and I’ll be honest its much better than having the Apple Watch and I always thought I’d got with apple cause I have alot of apple products but the fit bit is much more productive so I am on your side fit bits all the way

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Great post!

  • I currently own an Apple Watch and a Fitbit. I started out with Fitbit in 2013 but in 2017 I bought an Apple Watch because omg I could read texts and take calls and how cool is that?! Well, it was cool but I missed my sleep stats. So I wore both the Fitbit and the Apple Watch because of sleep stats and because I didn’t want to lose all of my data I’d built over those four years. I have randomly stopped wearing my Apple Watch and went Fitbit only, and vice versa. My only real complaint about Fitbit is I have had to buy several devices over the years because they’ve stopped charging for me over time. Only once has that been within the year warrantee Fitbit gives, otherwise it’s been after I’ve had the device for several years at least. The other thing I like about Fitbit is that it holds a charge several days longer than the Apple Watch. It’s not a hassle to charge it every night but it’s not something I love having to remember either. Another pro for Fitbit for me is all of the competitions you can do on it. I seem to know a lot more people that have a Fitbit so I have a good number of friends on there and I am part of multiple Work Week Hustles every week. They really help keep me motivated. When I see someone I know wearing a Fitbit I’m a lot more likely to ask them to be friends so we can compete. You CAN compete on Apple Watch but it’s kind of awkward to ask someone because you need their phone number and for some reason I can’t make myself ask acquaintances for their number if I don’t already have it ? I’ve gotten funny looks from friends when I say “hey! you have an Apple Watch. we can compete!” If my Apple Watch ever stops functioning I can’t imagine myself buying another because, as you mentioned, they are so expensive. I love both devices but Fitbit sort of edges Apple Watch out of the way.

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