How To: Spring Clean and Organize Your Pantry

How To: Spring Clean and Organize Your Pantry

Can organization be a love language?  Because, if so, it must be mine.  Why do I think so?  Because a neat and organized space speaks to my soul.

Remember how perfectly organized I kept my pantry in LA (see this blog post)?  I didn’t organize it once then let it get trashy.  I actually kept it looking that way.  Always.  Since moving here to Nashville, I had never really taken the time to make my pantry look its best, so this project has been a long time coming.


How To: Spring Clean and Organize Your Pantry


The steps to do it right are:

  1. Empty everything.
  2. Deep clean your entire pantry.  Shelves, floors, walls, everything.
  3. Figure out your flow.  Know where you want things to go.
  4. Stock your shelves.  What is this, a grocery store?  Well, yeah, it kinda is, lol.  But really, put your items back on your shelves in a visually pleasing way.

Watch how I do it in the video below:



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  1. Brittany Blackburn
    / 6:22 PM

    I love these types of posts!

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