Habits I’ve Started in 2020 | Girl Talk Tuesday

Habits I've Started in 2020 | Girl Talk Tuesday


Last week on Girl Talk Tuesday, we chatted about 7 ways to start healthy habits.  My ideas and suggestions wouldn’t be worth a flip if I didn’t implement them myself.  This year, I’ve been working on starting healthier habits in my life.  Here are a few that I have already started…


Daily Bible studies.  I’ve always had good intentions about reading my Bible.  Somehow, I’ve just always fallen off each time I started a new study.  I decided to stop setting goals for myself and instead just decided to begin each day with Jesus.  I’ve found a study in the Bible app that breaks down one chapter per day for me, which I love.  So I listen to the 8 minute teaching, then read the chapter for myself.  Next I read a daily devotional I subscribe to via my email.  The combination of the three things plus some quiet time while drinking my coffee has become the most peaceful start to my day.  I really enjoy this time.  Now, when I wake up each morning, I grab coffee and go straight to my Bible routine before I allow myself any access to social media, emails, etc.  I love to wake up slowly with my Creator instead of fast and furious with social media and the onslaught of negativity it can bring.

Stop touching my face.  Sounds silly, right?  That’s because it is.  But it’s so annoying and something I can’t seem to stop.  So I’m working hard on being mindful of touching my face, trying to nip this dumb habit in the bud.

Take my vitamins daily.  This is one a ton of us struggle with.  For me, it’s simply because I forget.  I’m working on a habit of memorizing that certain supplements are to be taken at specific points in the day, so that it’ll just become habit for me.

Water intake.  This one isn’t new for me, it’s ongoing.  I try to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.  Most days I do because it’s become a part of my every day.


What about you?  What habits are you working on this year?  Please comment below so we can chat!



  1. Bonnie Frankenstein
    / 7:31 PM

    I too have trouble maintaining the goal of reading the Bible daily. I think you have the right idea about doing it first thing in the morning instead of doing it before bed, I tend to be too tired by then. So I think I will start that. I will have to put the dog out first and then I will read it. I also have the habit of walking once a day because I have to for my dog who i just recently gotten in November, it’s been hard lately to get up and do anything this past week as my cat who was my best friend and who saved my life a few years ago just passed away at 16 years old. I knew this was coming soon back in November and is why I got a dog because I have to have an animal to feel loved and needed on this earth. Unfortunately it’s my own family who has made me feel so unloved, unwanted and unneeded.

  2. Maritza Torres
    / 7:06 AM

    What app you have for the bible. There are so many. I, too want to devote sometime to Gods words of wisdom. I do go to church on Sundays. 🙂

    • / 9:37 AM

      I use the Holy Bible app, which I believe is the original one. 🙂

  3. Em
    / 9:30 AM

    This is totally me in this season. After attending a retreat not too long ago, the Lord revealed more to my walk than I had ever known. With that it has me searching and wanting me to seek Him more and more. He’s been meeting me on a daily. Even though some days can me a bit “hazy” for me, but I know through His word and what I’m going through reminded me in how important it is to stay in His word on a daily. His will for my life and the steps I’ve been taking every morning have been aligning in Him. Which makes me jump for joy because I always thought to myself “oh come on Lord! You’re hilarious. You and I will never reach the level of intimacy.”

  4. Kristin
    / 11:43 AM

    It’s good to re-evaluate your goals at this point because a lot of us tend to fall off of our New Years resolutions by March. It’s nice to reflect once a quarter.

  5. Brittany Blackburn
    / 2:56 PM

    One of mine is learning how to set healthy boundaries in my life. I’m currently reading “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Lots of good stuff!

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