Whistler Travel Guide

Whistler Travel Guide

Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel Guide


When we lived in Vancouver (2016-2017) we fell in love with Whistler.  We took multiple weekend trips and celebrated (American) Thanksgiving in the snowy little town.  We traveled back this past September and had a little getaway, just the two of us, and loved every minute.  I’ve gotten so many requests for travel guides, so I decided to finally sit down and compile our Whistler faves all in one spot.



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where we stayed

Whistler, BC Travel Guide

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We always stay at the same place in Whistler: The Four Seasons.  I’m well aware that I’m a hotel snob.  My husband reminds me every time we travel.  Here’s the thing…  The Four Seasons in Whistler is incredibly affordable when you go off-season.  Don’t believe me?  I just threw in some random dates for check-in into their website and was quoted $163 (USD) per night. At THE FOUR SEASONS!

There’s a couple of reasons why we love this resort so much…  First off, their breakfast buffet is incredible.  Like, I actually still dream about that spread.  Second, the rooms (and resort as a whole) are so cozy.  Third, the spa is heavenly.  For real, I walk in and hear angels singing.


what we ate

Whistler, BC Travel Guide

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I like to eat, especially when I’m traveling.  Here are a few of our favorite spots that we hit up every time we’re in town.

Earl’s:  I fell in love with Earl’s living in Vancouver.  We had one walkable from our house and I always had the same thing: BC salmon.  The sauce it comes with still makes my mouth water!

Rimrock Cafe:  We only just discovered this restaurant our last visit and Matt declared it to have been one of the best meals of his life.  It was beyond delicious!

Stonesedge:  Pictured above is a giant delicious burger and little ole me.  The real showstopper?  Those fries.  Oh.  My.  YUM!

Four Seasons:  I said it before (scroll up, y’all) and I’ll say it again…  Their breakfast buffet is incredible.  Don’t miss it.  Even if you’re staying elsewhere, make the trip to FS for breakfast.


what we did

Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel Guide Whistler, BC Travel GuideWhistler, BC Travel Guide

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There’s so much beautiful scenery to enjoy in Whistler.  Around every corner there’s an exciting new place to explore.  One of our favorite spots is Joffre Lake.  The milky blue lake is worth every second of the 45 minute drive.  You can also hike to see an spectacular view, but be warned, it’s a four hour round trip hike.

On our drive back from Joffre, we always like to stop in to Nairn Falls.  There’s a small hike involved, but the milky blue river views, steep cliffs and ultimately, Nairn Falls are all breathtaking.

Green Lake is located right inside of Whistler and a great photo op.  Depending on the time of the day, the water changes hues.  When caught in the right light, this lake is also that gorgeous Canadian milky shade.

If you love outdoor sports, Whistler is the place for you.  In the winter you can ski or sled.  In the summer you can swim and hike.  Bikers especially love the area during the warmer temperatures.  Don’t miss the ski lift ride to the top of the mountain…  You may just see some snow!

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities like zip lining, rock climbing, ice cave tours and more.

Shopping is also another thing I love to do while I’m there.  I always stop in at Aritzia and get myself into trouble.  There’s tons of outdoor and activewear stores to also pop into.



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  • Brittany Blackburn

    Thanks for this travel guide! There’s a new destination on my bucket list!

  • I love this travel guide! Your posts about Whistler have put it on my must travel to list, thank you! Please continue to do more travel guides; I love them and they give me so much wanderlust!

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you! Check out my Nashville guide that just went live! 🙂

  • Yes! ?? I just found out that I will be going to Whistler early August for work and this guide couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Thanks for the recs. Now to convince my employer to let us stay at the Four Seasons ?

    • Angela Lanter

      Four Seasons should have great rates in August!!

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