Hello Baby Episodes 22-24

Hello Baby Episodes 22-24

Here’s a quick update with our past three Hello Baby episodes.  First up, we have Episode #22: Parenting Fails.  This was one we’ve been talking about for some time.  We have a special appearance made by Matt’s Sister, Kara.

Next up we have Episode #23: Sleep Regression.  This was my most dreaded stage and with good reason…  It left me totally exhausted.  We’re tackling the oh-so-scary sleep regression topic.  We tried several methods and finally found what worked for our baby.  Listen in to see how we handle her several weeks of bad nighttime sleep and even worse than normal naps.


Today, we released episode #24 and we’re chatting about hospital bags.  Specifically, what we packed in mine, Matt’s and MacKenlee’s bags.  In case you missed it, I filmed this video of my hospital bag must-haves.



Baby Sun Hat 
Nest Camera 
Baby Sunglasses
Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag
Boppy Pillow
Gel Soothies 
Calpak Suitcase
Nursing PJs
1400 502 Angela Lanter
  • In regards to episode 22: Parenting fails:
    My mom accidentally hit my forehead with a pot full of boiling water when I was 4 years old. She was carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room around the corner. I came running and we crashed on the corner as she was turning and so was I the pot hit my forehead and the boiling water poured all over my face and chest. She freaked out and I of course am screaming my head off. In the process of her freaking out, her first reaction was to wipe the water off my face but when she did that, she took all my melted skin with her. I ended up with second and third degree burns all over my face and chest.
    My uncle came running in from next door and picked me up to carry me to the hospital. I remember seeing the doctors and nurses cut off the hanging skin from my face and my dress that had adhered to my skin. I remember everything so vividly as if it was yesterday, I’m 35 years old now. To this day, mom still feels horrible about it, but the good news are that mom followed my grandma’s wise advice and would apply the pulp of the aloe vera plant and tree bark called Tepezcohuite to my wounds constantly. After a few days, my entire face and chest was one giant scab, you could only see my eyes and lips. Thanks to aloe and Tepezcohuite my face healed to normal with very minimal scarring. Tip for you guys, look for Tepezcohuite and have it on hand, it can save your skin from burns and other skin related problems.

    • Angela Lanter

      Oh my word!! That is horrible!! I’m happy that you healed ok!

  • What is the nail file you recommended in the parenting fails episode? We file out newborn’s nails (our doctor recommended not clipping before 6 months), but it seems so slow. The auto file sounded like a good solution. Thanks!

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