Hello Baby Ep 26: Registry Fails

Hello Baby Ep 26: Registry Fails

Hello Baby Ep 26: Registry Fails

Registering for baby gifts was such a fun part of the pregnancy process.  But with that fun came a lot of time, thought and research.  Oh the things that I know now, that I wish I’d known then.  I would have created the registry to end all registries.  Basically, the template for all expecting moms to follow.  Wait, that’s a great idea!  I should totally do that, lol.

In this week’s episode of Hello Baby Podcast, we’re on Episode #26 and we’re chatting about registry fails.  I combed through our baby shower gift list and let you know exactly which items were a total waste.  We also talked about some items that were must-haves.  If you’re an expecting mama, check out our lists below and learn from our experiences.

Listen to this week’s episode:

Hello Baby Ep 26 Baby Registry Fails

15 Registry Fails:

Dockatot (A really great product, we just didn’t use ours much at all)  |  Nap Mat  |  Too Many Blankets  |  Too Many Sleep Sacks & Swaddles  |  Activity Gyms (buy this one, don’t buy this one)  |  Too Many Newborn/0-3 Months Clothes  |  Too Many Newborn Baby Shoes  |  Too Many Burp Cloths  |  Bumbo  |  Bottle Sterilizer  |  Faucet Cover/Thermometer The Wrong Bathtub (for your sink size)  |  Sound Machine (buy this one, don’t buy this one)  |  Backseat Car Mirror (buy this one, don’t buy this one)  |  Baby Carrier (we love this one; it grows with baby)



  1. Chelsea
    September 24, 2018 / 2:51 PM

    Hi Angela! Thanks for this list! I remember on this episode you mentioned you don’t use your “regular” pack n play much, because you have a travel one you use when you go places. Which travel pack n play did you end up getting? And do you love it? Thanks!

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