HELLO BABY EP 13: Sleep Training 101

HELLO BABY EP 13: Sleep Training 101

HELLO BABY EP 13: Sleep Training 101

I’ve gotten so many messages and emails from other new mamas out there wanting all of my tips and tricks for sleep training.  Moms, I heard your cry!  There’s nothing that new parents need more than sleep.  So if you have a new parent in your life, skip the meal delivery (don’t get me wrong, that’s great too!) and just offer to go hold that sweet little one of theirs while they sneak off and catch a nap.  I can feel the collective “Amen” that all my sweet mamas all saying right now.

More on the sleep topic…  I read books, I tested out every hack, method, secret and tip and guess what?  We found our baby bedtime “secret sauce” which is exactly what we’re sharing in this podcast episode.  We’re breaking down our entire bedtime routine, which products we love and use, and what exactly has worked for us.

Let’s chat about bath time real quick.  MacKenlee’s favorite time of the day is 100% bath time.  A warm bath settles her down and gets her ready for a good night’s sleep.  We’ve been through three different baby bathtubs already and this is the one that works best for us right now

ASOS maternity sweater third trimester Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Cherish The First Six Weeks book

Moms On Call book

Snoo Bassinet

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Owlet Smart Sock

Towel Warmer

Baby Bathtub

Favorite Baby PJs (ON SALE!)

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