Welcome to the World Baby Girl

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Welcome to the World Baby Girl Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

This past Saturday, December 30th, 2017, at 8:38 pm we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world.  I’d like to introduce you to MacKenlee Faire Lanter.  She made her entrance weighing in at 6 lbs. 11 oz and 20″ long.

We’ll be recapping my birth story as well as the meaning behind her name on upcoming episodes of Hello Bump.  MacKenlee never did turn from her frank breech position, so I delivered her via Cesarean after laboring for more than 13 hours.  We stayed in the hospital until Tuesday and have been recovering at home since.  Our sweet baby girl is so perfect with her head full of spikey, dark hair and the most beautiful skin tone I’ve ever seen.

Mama and MacKenlee are doing so well.  We have a house full of family in town visiting and taking good care of us.  Daddy is so in love with his new baby girl.  It melts my heart when I see them together.  Matt is already the best daddy, pitching in however he can.

Thank you for following along on this pregnancy journey with us.  The past nine months have flown by and now our sweet little angel baby is already here in our arms.

Photography by Kara Coleen.


  1. / 7:49 AM

    Sooooooo excited for you too! You have such a precious little angel! She just barely made it in 2017. One more day and she could have been a 2018 baby

  2. / 8:13 AM

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your journey, and I’m so happy to hear that Mackenlee is healthy! Congrats, and enjoy lots of quality time with the family! 🙂

  3. Erin Sloan
    / 8:59 AM

    OH MY GOSH!! So gorgeous! Congratulations to you guys, so happy for ya’ll. Welcome to parenthood! The most exhausting but most rewarding thing you will ever do 🙂

  4. / 9:02 AM

    I KNEW IT!!!! I had a feeling she was already here around New Years! CONGRATULATIONS!! She is beautiful, you look great! Welcome to the best role in the world – being mommy. Also, she was the same weight as my baby boy, Charlie! He was 6’11” and 19in! I cannot wait to hear your birth story, I love reading them! Enjoy every second of everyday, it flies by so fast…

  5. María Alejandra Aristizabal
    / 9:27 AM

    So happy for you, guys! She is beautiful!

  6. Katie M
    / 9:34 AM

    Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!!

  7. Marina
    / 9:35 AM

    Oh my gosh I literally just commented on your last post last night saying I can’t wait to see her and I wake up to this! Haha how perfect! She is absolutely beautiful. So much hair! Welcome to the sleepless nights. And our babies are 9 days apart! How fun! Congratulations guys shes perfect! What a beautiful unique name. Enjoy the family time!

    • mercedes schmidt
      / 10:09 AM

      How many weeks is your daughter.

  8. Kelly
    / 9:50 AM

    I am so so so excited for you! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and you look amazing! I cant wait to hear your birth story. Congrats!!


  9. Donna
    / 9:54 AM

    She is a little beauty. And so are you! Congrats!

  10. Jitka
    / 9:58 AM

    Oh my gosh! Congratulations, she is so pretty! What a great family photos. Little miss Lanter is incredibly beautiful. You and Matt are going to be wonderful parents. Enjoy each moment with her, the time flies so fast. I can’t believe my kids are already 5 years and 2,5 – it feels like yesterday they were born. ?

  11. Erin
    / 10:16 AM

    Congrats Angela and Matt!! She is so precious and beautiful!! I am happy that she is healthy and both of you are doing well! My son is 3 and time goes so fast! ❤️?

    Many blessings to you all!

  12. Stacy
    / 10:22 AM

    oh my goodness! this news makes me tear up. mackenlee faire is such a sweet name for such a precious little lady. she is surrounded by love and has the best parents in the world. so happy to hear the joyous news! mackenlee wanted to ring in the new year with her mama and papa. i pray your new family is greatly blessed in the new year as you create new memories with your little angel. love and hugs to you four (including soka). xoxo

  13. / 10:22 AM

    Congratulations you three! She is beautiful and look at her gorgeous locks! You look amazing as well, you both have that new parent glow!! Good job Mama!

  14. Blaire Kelly
    / 10:25 AM

    Congratulations to you both! I’ve been following along with since the early Hello Gorgeous days and I’m just so sincerely excited for you. Welcome to the greatest adventure of your life! Becoming a mom is just the biggest blessing and you will see life differently now. You’ve got yourself a beautiful girl, just like her mama!! Congrats again!! So so happy for you!

  15. Kellie
    / 11:05 AM

    So many congrats to you all! I sincerely hope Matt is getting enough time off from work to enjoy these precious days. I know you will be the best parents ever to this pretty girl. When my first was born and all the family went home and hubby was back to a regular work schedule, I went through major anxiety. If that happens, remember that God has got you girl! The Serenity prayer became (and still is) my “Mommy Mantra” for the hard days. Sending you much love! XOXO

  16. Sarah Willett
    / 11:16 AM

    Congratulations!! What beautiful pictures. And what a sweet head of hair! Hope y’all recover quickly and enjoy this time together!

  17. / 11:49 AM

    Ahh congratulations! Welcome to the best time of your life! It may get stressful, but looking in those sweet babies eyes makes everything worth it! Enjoy every second!

    Welcome to mommahood!

  18. Ana
    / 12:43 PM

    She is not even one month old and is already looking the most beautiful little human ? Congratulations Angela and Matt!

  19. Clo
    / 12:44 PM

    Congratulations Angela and Matt you are a gorgeous family ❤️
    Enjoy every moment the time goes very fast, my “baby boy”is 6 now but he is still my baby but i remember his birth like it was yesterday.
    Take care of you too Angela
    lots of love from France ??

  20. Allie
    / 1:34 PM

    So happy for you! I’m crying tears of joy and remembering when I had my baby just 7 short months ago. She’s beautiful with all that hair and those perfect little baby lips!! Congrats momma!

  21. Congratulations to y’all!! I’m so glad everything went well with your labor and c section! You are a rockstar for laboring and then going through the c-section. I hope you are recovering well and soaking up this special time with your precious little girl. Those first few weeks are exhausting but they go by so fast! I love the name and that head full of dark hair! My daughter had a ton of hair too, I loved it!

    Can’t wait to hear the birth story on the podcast and all about the meaning of her name!

  22. Amy
    / 2:20 PM

    She is so gorgeous! Congratulations to you and Matt <3

  23. / 3:51 PM

    Congratulations! I love these pictures so much – they have an amazing atmosphere of love and joy. And honestly – you look stunning on every single one! Wishing your cute family lots of happiness and beautiful moments in 2018 <3

    With kindness,

  24. Maura Gripp
    / 5:14 PM

    Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. It must have been a great way to end the year. She is absolutely beautiful and the perfect combination of both of you.

  25. Brittany Blackburn
    / 5:41 PM

    Welcome to the world, MacKenLee Faire Lanter!!!!!! She’s absolutely adorable, Angela!!! ??? I just want to hold her in my arms! I’m so happy that y’all are doing well! Congratulations to you, Matt & Soka! Love you!!

  26. Carla
    / 4:54 AM

    Congratulations! She is so gorgeous. 🙂 You look amazing, Angela.

  27. Leila
    / 4:13 PM

    Congratulations! And I love the name. I come from a family of unique names and love when others find ones as well. I was really hoping she turned but happy mom and baby are healthy. She is a cutie and looks like the 2 of you combined. I know the next few weeks will be slow going, but you get that much needed rest. Us Gorgeous Girls aren’t going anywhere.

  28. JoEllen
    / 6:12 AM

    Congratulations and welcome to your beautiful little MacKenLee! I love her hair! Both Mom and Dad look terrific! So glad you have family there to enjoy her and help out! Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us!

  29. / 11:27 AM

    Congratulations! She is perfect! That full head of gorgeous hair!! I was bald until I was 2! lol I can’t wait to read all about her and see all kinds of gorgeous photos of her!

  30. Jackie
    / 9:13 AM

    Congratulations, Angela! Your baby girl is so precious. God is so good <3

    I listened to your interview with Cheryl Scruggs and you mentioned that your aunt used to give you books on marriage to prepare you to be married one day. I was wondering if you could suggest a few books on preparing for marriage? I'm reading The Right One by Jimmy Evans right now and it's really helpful and eye-opening but I would like to read more books on that topic. I appreciate your help 🙂


  31. / 7:26 AM

    Such a precious photo! I Also love your robe. I have a couple different robes, and they are some of my favorite pieces of clothing that I own. xo

  32. / 7:48 PM

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