3 Women Who Inspire Me | International Women’s Day

3 Women Who Inspire Me | International Women’s Day

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“She has fire in her soul & grace in her heart.”

Happy International Women’s Day!  I wanted to take the opportunity to use today to celebrate the incredible, fierce women in my life…  Especially now that I’m raising a little woman of my own.  We women are such miracles.  It’s amazing what we can do…  Grow a child inside of us, nurture and love our families, work to provide, create a warm, loving home and so, so much more.

When I think of strong women, my mind immediately goes to my Mawmaw.  She was the matriarch of our family and was widowed at a fairly young age.  She embodied characteristics that I can only hope to one day also display.  Her strength was surpassed only by the love that she had for her family.  And if you weren’t family?  That didn’t matter, because she welcomed you into her life with a warm hug and some “sugar.”  My mom has followed in her footsteps and also treats everyone with that same compassion.  I hope to be just like them both.

I know most people are going to use this day to talk about women in our modern world…  But the women who have left lasting impressions on me are from a different time and a totally different world than what we live in now.  I’d like to use this day to commemorate women that I look up to.  These are the women that I have learned life lessons from and hope to teach MacKenlee about while we help to shape and mold her little personality as she grows.

3 Women Who Inspire Me:

  • Ruth from the Bible:  Ruth left her home and everything she knew to begin a life with her husband in a foreign land.  Think about that for a second…  There were no phones, she didn’t even have a mailman.  She left and most likely didn’t know if she’d ever see her family again.  Then the cruelest scenario became her reality; her husband died.  Not only did he die, but so did his father and brother.  She had a choice: go home like her sister-in-law or stay to live and care for her mother-in-law.  Not many would choose the path she did, but one of my favorite verses came from this story: “For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge.  Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.”  She trusted in God’s calling on her life instead of heading back to the home and people she knew best.  Can you imagine being that selfless, putting someone else’s needs before your own?
  • Corrie ten Boom author of “The Hiding Place”:  I attended private Christian schools from 1st grade until graduation.  In middle school, we had a lot of required reading that secular schools wouldn’t even have in their libraries.  At the time, I hated it.  In hind sight, I’m thankful.  If not for these assignments, I wouldn’t have read “The Hiding Place” at such a young age.  This book began my interest in the WW11 era and, more specifically, The Holocaust.  This book details the ten Boom’s quest in hiding and protecting Jews from the Nazis.  Corrie and her sister were sent to concentration camps and used a hidden Bible to teach others about the Christian faith.  This story is raw, heartbreaking and makes you thankful that we live in a country where our religion doesn’t have to be hidden.  Her faith in God through the trials she endured amazes me.
  • The Proverbs 31 Woman:  I know she wasn’t actually a person, at least we have no proof that she was…  But I believe this scripture was written based off the characteristics that the writer saw embodied in multiple women and that’s what I find so beautiful.  The woman described is perfect (in many people’s opinions) and we all know perfection isn’t a reality or even attainable.  But we can strive to do our best.  We can try every day to live our dreams, the dreams God has placed on our hearts.  I pray to have a servant’s heart, just like the Proverbs 31 woman.  To put my husband before myself.  To be my best self every day.  Many will argue that these verses and lifestyle are outdated; but the principles stand true to this day in my opinion.

My role models are all Christian based, but regardless of your faith, there’s something you can learn from each of them.  Our current world celebrates those who are most outspoken, most bold and most shocking.  A lot of times, these individuals receiving attention aren’t getting it for being positive or even doing good, and yet society builds them up to celebrity status (Jersey Shore anyone?)  I want to raise my daughter hearing stories of women who I hope to me more like myself, which is what inspired me to share these women with you.

Please leave a comment below with the woman who you are most inspired by in your life.

Photography by Kara Coleen.

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  • Courtney Munafo

    I love this so much! I have always loved Corrie Ten Boom as well. She was an amazing woman! Happy IWD!

  • Goodness!! This is amazing! Thank you for blessing me with reminders of biblical women who have such strength. Angela, you truly inspire.

  • Gissane Sophia

    This was such a beautiful article. It’s always so gorgeous to read about women being inspired by their faith. We wouldn’t be who we are without His love that’s within us. I agree wholeheartedly about Proverbs 31. It’s the very woman I’ve always aspired to be and it’s always given me the courage to believe in myself and all my fellow women as well to uplift them. Other than that, my mom. She’s widowed, has been for 10 years now, and I’ve never seen someone carry as much as she does on her shoulders and she’s done so with so much love and grace, it’s beautiful. She’s always by my side to remind of Christ’s strength and love that resides within all us. When I’ve been sad or discouraged, she’s lifted me up — basically been the kind of light every girl needs in their lives. My aunt. My best friends. I’m constantly just so inspired by the women in my life and all the things they’ve done to be examples of kindness, grace, and nobility. Happy International Women’s Day, gorgeous. Also, you look phenomenal in those pictures. God bless xxo

  • I love this so much! I hope and pray more women find strength and inspiration from Biblical and/or Godly women. My great-grandmother and her daughter (my grandmother) were and are truly examples of Proverbs 31 Women. My greatest inspiration in life is my great-grandmother who grew up during the Great Depression, helping her mother to raise 6 younger siblings. She never lost faith in Jesus and lived her life to serve Him until the day she passed away at almost 100 years old. International Women’s Day is about so much more than the modern woman, and it’s a beautiful time to remember those who have gone before us. Thank you for being inspiring! God bless.

  • Brittany Blackburn

    I love, love, love this post, Angela! Thank you for sharing these amazing women! Besides my mom of course, my person is my discipleship leader at my church. She has helped me grow so much in my faith & guides me in falling more intimately in love with Jesus every day. Her unwavering faith & relationship with Jesus is one I look up to. She’s always quick to listen & slow to speak, a quality I highly admire. I love her so much & thank God for blessing me with her!

  • You are truly amazing and I have no doubt that your daughter will grow up to be an amazing and inspiring woman just like you. I don’t comment on your blog posts very often (I’m really bad at that) but I read them all and I love how open you are about your faith. Ruth is one of my favorites and so I was very happy when I saw you chose her as one of the people who has inspired you. You and your blog always inspire me. ❤️ May God bless you, your husband and your beautiful daughter!?? Happy International Woman’s day!?

  • Leslee Ann

    This, by far, was my favorite post/blog/shout out for International Women’s Day. I admire your faith and walk with Christ and the confidence to be a voice and influencer in our world, unapologetically, in your faith.
    I absolutely love these women and Godly role models you chose as your top three inspirations. Ruth is, by far, my favorite woman in the Bible. So often I hear Esther as the favorite and, although I find her story inspiring, Ruth has always been my favorite.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your heart, for standing out from “the norm”, for being transparent and vulnerable with your followers, for being a role model/example women and young girls can look up to in how to be confident, classy, and Christ-like, and (most importantly) for leading by example.
    I admire the relationship you have with your husband. Though we don’t see every area of your relationship, and we don’t need to, you both exude such a love and respect for each other that I only pray, one day I find in a future spouse. I’m almost 34 and still single and I’m okay with that. If waiting leads me to the one God has for me, it’s all worth it in the end. 🙂
    Again, I find myself rambling. Thank you again!
    God Bless! ❤️

  • Kassandra

    Thank you for this post! 🙂 I have been a Christian my whole life and I have to agree with you regarding Ruth. There are many women in the Bible who stand out to me and help me through this journey as a woman. My mother is my inspiration in many ways. I have a hearing loss and this life has not been easy at all. But my mother put her kids needs before mine and taught me to be he Godly woman I strive to be everyday. I’m expecting at any day now and I sure hope to be the Godly woman to my son 🙂 and thank you for being that inspiration to all of us women!

  • Those are great women to look up to. I actually have a book called Lilac Girls that I plan to read soon and it’s about these 3 different women during the holocaust and what they did for people and they were real women, so I’m excited to read since it’s from that era and it’s about heroic women.

    I would say a woman I look up to is Audrey Hepburn. Her compassion for children and who she was as a person is so inspiring to me.

  • Sarah Clemons

    I have always loved Ruth’s story and am patiently still waiting for my Boaz, my top 3 women who have inspired me would have to be my grandma, 82 years young…grandma’s aren’t made this way anymore…I strive to be like her everyday. My Sunday school teacher Mrs. Hooten she is humble and wise, and lastly my music ministers wife, Mrs. Little (she is also the pianist for our church) she has been fighting a gioblastoma for the last 3 years and has continued to faithfully serve the Lord, the tumor is still there but it is shrinking…the doctors are amazed. Through all of her fears and anxiety she continues to trust in the Lord.

  • I love how you are so passionate and open about your faith. Many people are afraid to talk openly about their faith. The biggest woman in my life that inspires me is my mom because she has provided so much for herself from nothing and she has always had such a sacrificial heart that i hope to be able to do as well. You are another woman who inspires me. You inspire me to pursue my faith more. I used to be a lot more involved in my faith, going to church frequently and constantly serving, but then I had a few things in my life happen that caused me to stray away a little bit. I never stopped believing in God and his presence in my life. I just stopped being as involved, going to church, serving, reading the Bible, just spending time with God. But every time you talk about your faith and how you incorporate God into your life it really inspires me to do the same. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman and I wish you and your family the best!

  • Litia Chaparian

    This was so refreshing to read!!! I’ve seen so many #InternationalWomen posts today and this is by far my favorite. I’m also a Christian, in fact, my dad is a pastor. I related to your post so much! One of the women I admire is Lydia from the Bible, whom I’m named after. Her servamts heart for the Lord and others is truly inspiring. She was a devout woman and her faith was strong.

    Another woman would be my mom! She came to America when she was 19, with only a high school education. She stayed home and raised my brother and I while my dad worked full time and went to school to continue his education (since he was also an immigrant). When the time came for my brother and I to go to school, my mom homeschooled us (which I absolutely loved and till now preferred over going to school in jr. High and high school). She would stay up at night and teach herself the material so she could teach us in the morning. Growing up my family was very poor. Others would bring food and clothes for us. And through it all her faith in the Lord never ceased, she never gave up, and till now she supports my dad as a pastors wife, with love and grace. There’s so much more I could say about her. She is definitely an inspirational to me.

  • Love love love your family and ur views on inspiring people to chase Jesus

  • This was beautiful Angela! I never thought of faith based women when thinking of the women that have shaped me and that’s a little strange that I didn’t, my middle name is Teresa after Mother Teresa and I believe my parents gave me a beautiful woman to look up to. This post makes me want to learn more about her.
    My mum is definitely an amazing woman in my life, I know it’s cliche saying she’s my best friend, but as I grow older and older and close eans closer and I’m so happy to have such a strong friendship with her.
    We both challenge each other and sometimes don’t look eye to eye on certain things but our conversations about these things help us to grow and learn from each other. The world needs differing opinions and when we share our views and listen to others we become smarter and that’s why women are AWESOME, we talk we listen and this year I’ve been so inspired by all the women speaking up and being passionate and having conversations!

  • Cathy Wright

    Your such a breath of fresh air on social media. Thank you for expressing your truth and reminding us that woman rock with grace and strength. Your faith in God makes you glow!! And I have to say I have complete hair even too!!!?

  • I love love Ruth! Personally there’s been (specially recently) a woman who has impacted me so much with her simplicity and the position of her heart. Mary, but the Mary from Luke 10:38-42. I think what amazes me the most is in 5 short verses she captivates my heart because of her heart. Although they don’t talk much about her, what is written is that in the now, In the moment that was most important she knew she’d rather be still, listening and sitting at His feet. Which makes me think to the kind of woman I desire to be.. and it’s exactly that, that no matter what busyness and distractions are in front of me, that I’ll never lose the notion and importance of just being still and sitting at His feet.

    You are such a babe! And I love who you are xoxo

  • Love this! I read “The Hiding Place” for the first time last year. Where has this book been all my life?! ?

  • I loved everything about this post! These Christian women you mentioned are such role good models. Thank you for sharing!
    My mom is a woman who inspires me. She never stops supporting and encouraging me and my dreams. She is absolutely amazing.

  • I was really inspired and loved your take on International Women’s Day. It was a different take on that and as a Christian it was a good reminder of great women to look up to.

  • Ashton Renee

    Ruth has always been somebody who is I look up to especially because I had to leave my family to support my husband and his work. And at first it was hard for me because I mean I’m a mom of two young boys I have stage four cancer and battling that and then not to have any family around I knew it would be a struggle but I had to go to the Lord in prayer and see if that’s where he wanted me to be and I dove into the Bible and God showed me what to do. And then the second person of course is my mom because despite the travel despite the distance despite her work schedule which is crazy busy She still takes every day she can even if she only gets to be here for four hours because she has such a long drive back she comes as much as she can to help with chemo or housework or the kids she is amazing and I wish to be half the mom that she is.

  • Angela, this was such a heartfelt blog post. Thanks fo shedding light on biblical truths and the women who continue to teach us through their remarkable stories they left behind.

  • Sydnie Rhoades

    HAPPY international women’s day. Hope ur daughter the best 🙂 and your going to inspire her just like you did with all of your fans and followers we all love you;)

  • Man lady, well done! Love the three women you chose to hold up for us. Especially love how you brought out who often gets the attention now, and it’s not usually for the right reasons. Loud may get the attention but is that really what we are/should be aiming for? I keep going back to the verses that proclaim the truth that God sees us as of great value, gentle spirits, not without a voice at all but with the right kind of voice. I see that in your posts and so appreciate the uniqueness of your powerful but gentle voice in this day of “be loud”. May we all be more like Corrie and Ruth and that woman who provided, taught, and spoke well of her family. Xo

  • Corrie ten Boom’s story is also fascinating to me. And I love how she presents her sister, Betsy, as the real hero. Corrie was honest with the struggles of the path they chose. Speaking of that book, as your baby gets older, she will love the Focus on the Family radio theater version of The Hiding Place! I have 5 kids, and they have all listened to it several times. There are lots of other great productions by FOTF Radio Theater too! The Narnia set is just amazing! I played those in the car from before my kids we’re talking. Oh! One more recommendation while I’m at it ha! The Scriptute Lullabies: Hidden in My Heart series is my absolute favorite peaceful scripture-based music. So so beautiful and inspired. God bless you as you raise your little woman! ❤️

  • The woman who inspired me the most and still does to this day is my mother. She raised myself and younger brother by herself. She worked 2-3 jobs sometimes and still found time to have adventures with us. She still amazes me at her strength and determination. She is currently working on her Masters in Gerontology and also works for a non-profit Food Distribution company in North Georgia who takes fresh food to communities with little or no access as well as to the elderly, and the low income schools. She amazes me everyday with her drive to work full time and go to school full time. She truly makes me hope that my kids will look back and see all our memories that I have passed down from my mother to my daughter and son. She is the biggest and brightest star to me.

  • I LOVE your choices! As a young mommy of two little girls, I couldn’t agree more with these role models! You’re doing a great job, mama!! ❤️

  • Lila Watkins

    This was so amazing to read! I love the 3 women you chose, all which are an inspiration. Corrie Ten Boom has always been someone who has left a lasting impression on my heart and life as well.
    Thank you for your beautifully written and uplifting blog. Loved it.

  • Beautifully written. I love Ruth, what a strong woman. I would love to share about 2 woman who are an inspiration to me. My father’s mom who became a widow very early and had to raise 3 kids by herself without any support form anyone close. Her youngest sister moved in with her and did it marry to support her in raising her kids. Both the grandmothers also raised me and my 2 younger sisters. There are many stories of their life which I wish I could share. They were strong women of faith, raise their kids and grandkids in love for Christ. My grandmother went to her home at the age of 93 past October. I miss her so much, she was my best friend. Her sister who is also my grandmother (not by blood) stood strong in her faith fighting with cancer, always smiled and praised God even when she couldn’t speak because of pain. I was privileged to serve both of them in their old age. What a blessing to me and my sisters they were and a wonderful example of God’s faith. Thanks for reminding us to look back in our lives for these strong women.

  • Yes happy international women’s day sorry I am late the women who inspired me is you Angela and my mum inspires me your so much fun to fallow. I know you iell be a wounderful mother.

  • Emily @ Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt

    I love the women you chose. One of mine would be Esther, I love her story in the Bible and the courage she shows in the face of death. In my own life mine would definitely be my mom. I hope I can be as good of a mom as she is!

  • Thanks for sharing! What a good reminder of the type of women I strive to be. I am grateful for your light and spirit!

  • I simply adore your top three inspirational women and am inspired myself to share these stories with my own daughter. You bring forth such a beautiful light into this world and you express your faith with true grace. Thank you for sharing such a refreshing perspective!

  • I’m normally a silent reader of your blog but there was just something about this post that made me want to leave a comment. It seems to me that kindness is the trait which is so admired in these three women and it’s something which I often think is not valued enough, not true kindness anyway. Here’s to more women like these. I love your blog by the way and MacKenlee is so precious!

  • Love this post so much, Angela. Thanks for not being afraid to share your faith so boldly — it’s such an encouragement to me. My inspiration is my mother who has always been honest with me about her faults and just as honest about her need for Jesus to give her strength to deal with them. I’ve watched her give love to people, even truly difficult people, without faltering over the years, and it moves me to follow in her footsteps as I love my 3 daughters and my husband and others around me.

  • This is a lovely post. It was so interesting to see you list Ruth and the Proverbs31 woman as your inspirations ♥️, this too inspires me.

  • Jaime Jo Wright

    Loved this post! Like. So much.

  • Your faith and ability to articulate yourself with such grace is inspiring. God bless you! Also, thanks for the book recommendation 🙂

  • Hi Angela, just joining you on this journey tonight. I was blessed to see and hear whom you picked. Your little one was definitely chosen by God to have a home where she could have her parents point her to places and people of depth and insight. Enjoy each season of life and know that all things work out for His good and inherently our good! I hope to visit your blog again some day and can see how God has done amazing things in your life and your family’s.

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