5 Things I Love About Spring

All Saints Cargo Leather jacket, zara olive green button-up shirt and urban outfitters black jeans

All Saints Cargo Leather jacket, zara olive green button-up shirt and urban outfitters black jeans

All Saints Cargo Leather jacket, zara olive green button-up shirt and urban outfitters black jeans

As you probably already know, we’re currently in Vancouver while Matt shoots his new pilot, “Time” for NBC.  While we were walking to grab dinner tonight at this fabulous little Italian spot, we stopped and shot these quick photos of my outfit.  I switched out my shoes before dinner because I didn’t feel like sneakers were dining time appropriate.  I spent the day on set with Matt today, hence the super casual dinnertime look.  It’s so fun getting to go see your man in action doing what he loves to do.  Soka and I are going back to set with him for the entire day tomorrow.  I’ll be snapping as much as possible while I’m in Vancouver this week so be sure to follow me on SnapChat (@angelalanter).

The real showstopper here is the fresh blanket of cherry blossom petals.  Vancouver’s streets are lined with these stunning cherry blossom trees and they are now fully in bloom.  It’s like springtime paradise as you walk along one of these beautiful tree-lined streets.  I love that God loves us so much that He took the time to make beautiful things (like cherry blossom trees!) as decorations just for our enjoyment.

It is such a chilly night here that it doesn’t feel like spring at all.  It feels like the dead of winter in my opinion.  I guess I’ve lost all recollection of what a true winter is now that I’m approaching my 5 year LA anniversary this July…  How is that even possible?  5 years has blown right past me!

Since I love Spring and I love making lists even more than this pretty time of year (I seriously make at least one to-do list every. single. day.  Just ask Matt!)  I figured, why not list my top 5 favorite things about springtime.

1. Pastels

I love pink/blush all year long, but there’s no better time to rock those Easter egg hues than during this glorious season.  I love that I can rock an all white look and never once get asked if I feel weird about wearing white after Labor Day.  And just so we’re clear, I never feel weird about wearing white.  Ever.

2. Spring Cleaning

I have OCD tendencies.  If you know me even a little bit at all, then you already know this to be true about me.  To me, a clean home is a happy home.  I purge my belongings constantly.  I’m always looking for something to donate.  It’s who I am as a person.  If I’m being totally honest, I spring clean all the time, it’s not something that happens only once a year.  But there is something special about spring that gets me even more motivated than usual to clean.

PS- I recently read the book, “The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up” and it had some really interesting ideas and perspectives on keeping a tidy home.  Some of the authors ideas and beliefs weren’t my cup of tea, but overall I really enjoyed this read.

3. Easter Sunday

As much as we associate winter with Christmas, I associate Spring with Easter.  I have so many fond Easter memories, some new and some old.  The Easter Bunny was never really nice to me growing up.  Waking up on Easter Morning and looking for my Easter basket always turned into a major hunt.  My basket was never sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me.  Instead, it was hidden under the front porch or on top of a ceiling fan…  You know, the total opposite of where a little girl would think to look.  As an adult, I know associate spring with my knight in shining armor’s (aka: Matt) birthday.  His birthday falls on April Fools Day and I try to make it special for him every year.

4. New Beginnings

As winter wipes away the old, spring brings forth fresh new life.  I love seeing all the beautiful new flowers and trees bloom after months of cold weather.  Waking up to hearing the baby birds chirp away in the trees always puts a smile on my face.  The warmer temperatures let us know that summer isn’t far away.  These are all signs that spring is here.  Gungor’s song, “Beautiful Things” always reminds me of this time of year and reminds me that Jesus makes all things new.

5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs & Cadbury Creme Eggs

You didn’t think I would talk about my love for Easter, the Easter bunny and Easter baskets without sharing what my favorite candy is, did you?  Dessert isn’t dessert unless is consists of peanut butter and chocolate.  I may have a problem, I love Resse’s eggs that much.  Cadbury Creme Eggs are a close second.  Don’t get it twister though, my Reese’s will always hold the #1 spot.

What I’m Wearing:

AllSaints Cargo Leather Jacket  //  Zara Oversized Shirt in “Khaki”  //  Urban Outfitters BDG Black Jeans  //  Vince Camuto Franell Booties (similar)  //  No Show Socks  //  Express Leopard Print Haircalf Belt  //  LC Lauren Conrad Bow Stud Earrings (UNDER $10!)  //  Kendra Scott Gold Shelton Necklace  //  Henri Bendel Soho Medium Crossbody Bag  //  Nude Nail Polish

Sizing Info: Wearing Jacket in size US 6/UK 10, wearing shirt in size XS, jeans in size 26, belt in size Small and booties in US size 7.

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  1. Sylwia Faal
    / 8:49 PM

    Beautiful the way you write all your stories . When I read I imagine you smiling and then I wanna smile and my dat loiks much better. It’s like blow of fresh air. Can’t wait for another post.

  2. Kate
    / 3:14 AM

    That’s too funny about your Easter basket being hidden on a ceiling fan! And Reese’s eggs are the best….they’re so much better than the original!

    • / 6:06 PM

      Omigosh it was hidden in the worst places every single year!!

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