Outfit of the Day!

Outfit of the Day!
Here in LA, we’ve been having the most amazing weather the past few days.. It’s been just about 80 degrees! Needless to say, we haven’t needed to bundle up this week. Here’s a few photos of the outfit I was wearing this evening.
Today I’m wearing my faux black leather leggings from Zara, nude & black super high heels from Charlotte Russe and a mint green cutout sweater from a little store here in LA named Style Code.
Hope you guys are keeping warm! Tomorrow is our last nice weather day and the rain is moving our way. Hope you had a blessed Tuesday 🙂


  1. / 6:26 AM

    Hi Angela! Today I saw your new post, you're just a rock star))))) looks amazing!! Who are you taking pics A professional photographer? Looks that way)))))) I want to ask you, how much are your shoes, they are just magnificent)))))) A cashmere sweater or silk it, I could not understand the pic? And I'm still waiting for your new post about your make-up in your bag.))))
    Best wishes from Russia))))))

    • / 6:26 AM

      Hi there! My fiance is my photographer- he's so amazing! I bought my shoes about a year ago- I think they were like $30. The sweater is just a regular cotton sweater I believe- nothing too fancy! Thanks for reading!

  2. / 8:27 AM

    I love this- super cute. did you sing "you're the one that i want.. oh oh oh!" when you were done? You're so dang adorbs. 🙂

    • / 6:28 AM

      Haha I tried to talk Matt into being Sandy & Danny for Halloween!!!! That's only my all time favorite movie (except Dirty Dancing of course lol!)

  3. / 5:29 PM

    i love the pants!!! simply gorg!

  4. / 2:34 PM

    You are GORGEOUS, I'm sooo jealous! Love your blog, it gives me inspiration! Keep it up – Love from Norway 🙂

    • / 9:00 PM

      Aww thanks so much! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. / 2:03 PM

    your heels *0* You are really inspiring for all your readers 🙂

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