Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupe

Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupe

The Balboa Pottery Barn swivel chair is a great statement chair for many different rooms in your home.

If you have an empty corner that needs a little fun added to it, then the Pottery Barn swivel chair is a great option.

The price point can be an issue for many. The Balboa swivel chair can run upwards of $1500, which isn’t exactly budget-friendly for a lot of shoppers.

Balboa Pottery Barn Swivel Chair
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

What is the Balboa Swivel Chair?

The Balboa is an upholstered swivel armchair perfect for an empty corner. Accent chairs are always a great way to add coziness to your home, especially if you are a regular entertainer.

Enter: Walmart.

I LOVE a good Walmart find… I always have.

So, I have been a fan of the Beautiful Collection by Drew Barrymore since it released in Walmarts stores. Remember when I fell in love with this white air fryer from Beautiful? I now own two of the air fryers and multiple other Beautiful pieces.

When I first found the Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore online, I had to have it. The problem was that it sold out so fast.

After a couple of months, it came back in stock and I snagged one for my bedroom.

Pottery Barn Swivel Chair dupe Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore, Cream from WALMART BY LIFESTYLE BLOGGER ANGELA LANTER

Is the Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupe Good Quality?

Yes! The Drew Chair by Beautiful is covered in a stain-treated boucle fabric which makes the swivel armchair look and feel so cozy. It’s a light cream shade which is the perfect neutral shade for any room in your home.

I personally prefer a cozy, soft fabric on my upholstered furniture (especially in my living room and bedroom!) as opposed to leather. Leather furniture just always feels so cold to me.

The Drew Chair also comes with three throw pillows that match the cushions and chair body.

Is the Beautiful Drew Chair the Best Affordable Swivel Chair?

In my opinion, yes. Now that I’ve had my Drew Chair by Beautiful for almost a year, I believe that you would be hard-pressed to find a better quality chair for under $300.

Are These Chairs Considered Barrel Chairs?

Yes, the style of both the Balboa Pottery Barn swivel chair and The Drew Chair by Beautiful are barrel style swivel chairs.

Bottom line: if you’re in the market for a gorgeous neutral chair, save your coins and go with the Walmart option. You won’t be sorry!

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