My Favorite Bras with Support – Girl Talk Tuesday

My Favorite Bras with Support – Girl Talk Tuesday

Welcome back to Girl Talk Tuesday.👋🏼 I realized that I haven’t talked about bras since 2020 here on the blog so today, I want to chat about my favorite bras with support.

When it comes to underwear, I gravitate towards one brand in particular, Soma.

I first fell in love with Soma several years back when I discovered their Cool Nights line of pajamas. Quickly after, I started buying their undies and bras and haven’t looked back.

Don’t get me wrong, my undies drawer definitely contains other brands, but the majority of my everyday pieces consist of Soma.

Pre-baby Angela only wore push-up bras with underwire.

The bigger the ladies looked, the better in my book. Water bras? Sign me up!

Post-baby Angela is a whole new woman.

Give me all of the full coverage bras with wireless support. But most importantly, make them comfortable.

Now that I’ve experienced the world of soft, comfy underwear there’s no turning back.

Please don’t get it twisted… I still have push-up, extra cup size, all the padding imagineable bras in my collection, but they very rarely see the light of day now.

My Favorite Bras for Support.

Let’s break it down by category, shall we?

My Everyday Bra.

There is one particular bra that I wear almost every day of the week: The Enbliss Wireless Bra from Soma.

Bras with Support by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

Enbliss Wireless Bra

I own the Enbliss bra in at least three different colors, it’s just that good.

Five reasons why Enbliss is the best everyday bra:

  • Wireless. I hate the feeling of a wire poking my ribcage. The wireless design makes this bra feel like it’s a part of you… Like you’re wearing nothing at all.
  • Fabulous coverage. You get the full coverage you want and need.
  • Shaping. I can’t stand a bra that leaves my breasts looking pointy or misshapen. Worst of all is when I have an “overspill” that can be seen through my shirt, showing that the bra is too small. The Enbliss gives a beautiful shape all around.
  • Super soft fabric. The fabric feels so great against your skin.
  • Padded. But not over padded, still looks totally natural.

My Go-To Strapless Bra.

I regularly get questions about strapless bras. I get why too- it’s difficult to find the perfect strapless.

I have two favorites…

First, we have the Embraceable Multi-Way Strapless from Soma.

Embraceable Multi-Way Strapless Bra

Reasons to love this bra:

  • Comfortable underwire support. I know, I know… Comfortable and underwire don’t go together, but hear me out! The way the cups are shaped with the deep-U shape somehow makes it feel like you’re not really wearing an underwire.
  • Multi-Way design. The straps on this bra allows you to wear it five different ways.
  • Full coverage.
  • Foam cups. This gives the tiniest bit of padding so you can’t see nips, but also lightweight so it doesn’t weigh the bra down.
  • Speaking of lightweight… This bra is so light that I never have an issue with it slipping or sliding down throughout the day as I wear it.

The second fave of mine in this category is the Cosabella Evolution Strapless.

Cosabella Evolution Strapless Bra

Why I love the Cosabella Evolution:

  • Smooth. The fabric and design is so smooth that you can’t see a single line through your shirt.
  • Lightly padded. No nipple exposure here! But again, super lightweight.
  • Stays put. The lightweight design keeps things in place.
  • Wider cups. The underwire design is wider on this style than the Soma strapless and better for fuller cup sizes.

If I had to choose between the two above bras, I would go with the Cosabella. The sleekness of the style and the microfiber material makes for a better wear in my opinion.

Best Amazon Bra Find.

I’ve seen quite a fuss online about the Warner’s Easy Does It comfort bra.

Warner’s Easy Does It

I ordered a size Small and it fits a little tighter than I would like, which is odd seeing on how I wear a size 32 in my other bras.

Why this bra is so hyped:

  • Side smoothing panels. This allows the underarm area to be smoothed and not look lumpy or bumpy.
  • Many color options. 18 to be exact.
  • Allover stretch. The fabric on the entire bra is stretchy which makes for a comfortable wear.
  • Seamless.
  • Wireless.

Personally, I don’t love the sizing. I prefer to order a bra in my exact size to know it will fit, so this may make the Warner bra more difficult to get right upon first order.

It is, however, the most reasonably priced bra in my entire collection. The regular price is $42, but you can currently buy it on Amazon for only $16.99.

The Warner wears most like a sports bra than any other bra I own (outside of my actual sports bras!) so if you like a sportier wear, feel, and support, then you will LOVE this bra style.

With almost 44,000 ratings and almost 5 stars on Amazon, it is highly reviewed and very loved among women. It is the #1 best seller in everyday bras on all of Amazon.

I think it’s a great everyday bra and a fabulous sleeping bra, if you prefer to sleep with support. But I actually prefer…

The Sharicca Pro Seamless Bra

SHARICCA Pro Seamless Bra

Somehow, I stumbled across the Sharicca pro seamless bra while shopping on Amazon and it immediately caught my eye because of its similarity to the Enbliss bra I love so much.

I especially loved that it was only $24.99 and came in multiple colors.🙌🏼

I ordered the size Small in “Beige” and fell in love. This bra is 1000% better than the overhyped Warner’s bra above, I don’t care what anyone else says.

The cups are soft and removable, the straps are very comfortable, and it looks better under your clothing than the Enbliss bra does because there is no extra stitching on the band around your ribcage.

This Amazon bra is now in the mix with my Enbliss bra for everyday wear.

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  • Thank you I have been looking for a new bra with support. I have the Enbliss by Soma, but I want something different and that doesn’t stretch out after wearing it for 8 hours.

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